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tv   U.S. House of Representatives Rep. Green Tribute to Barbara Bush  CSPAN  April 21, 2018 11:02am-11:06am EDT

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bush family, as i am trying to today, our great respect for barbara bush's life. president bush, george h.w. bush , has sent a response to those of us who sent our condolences. i would like to close with the presidents own words about his wife, barbara. this is what george h.w. bush said, i always knew barbara was the most beloved woman in the world and i used to tease her that i had a complex about that fact. the truth is, the outpouring of love and friendship being directed at the enforcer, president bush's words, is lifting us all up. knows in heaven and we life will go on.
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cross the bushes off your worry list. >> mr. speaker, i rise to speak from the well of the house of representatives. today, mr. speaker, i would call to our attention the fact that there is a time when we should put all politics aside. this is such an occasion, mr. speaker. i rise to extend my condolences and my sympathies to the bush family. i rise today because i want the world to know that i have great respect for the family. politics aside, mr. speaker, barbara bush, the first lady, not currently, but in my world,
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once a first lady, always a first lady. ladye because this first demonstrated something that this country can be proud of. left a a person who has legacy of respectability as it relates to being a first lady of the united states of america. she respected herself. she has standards. she had principles. she had boundaries. there were certain things she would not do and not allowed to be done while she was a white house. respectability. she respected others. which engendered respect for her. most. because she will be i rise because -- she will be missed. i rise also because, as a
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neophyte, newly elected to congress, i received an indication that her husband wanted to speak to me. i went over to speak to him, i had no idea as to why he would ask for an opportunity to visit with me. i did visit with them and thought it would be a five minute meeting but it went longer than five minutes. he obviously was in one party and i in another. we did not know each other. but we spoke at length. the thing that i remember, as we were bringing our meeting to him causingemember my attention to the fact one of my greatest challenges in congress would be to develop an agenda for myself. there are many people who will have agendas for you.


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