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tv   HUD Secretary Carson at Habitat for Humanity Project  CSPAN  November 25, 2017 11:36pm-11:48pm EST

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go to the student or team with the best overall injury. for more information, go to our website, ♪ announcer: ahead of the thanksgiving holiday, housing and urban development secretary ben carson stopped by a habitat for humanity building site to assist with other volunteers. at one point, secretary carson also gave brief remarks. this is about 10 minutes. >> good morning. i'm corinne mcintosh douglas, chairman of the board of habitat for humanity of washington, d.c., or d.c. habitat. we are pleased you can join us to see what goes on behind the scenes at d.c. habitat, where we have been building homes for low to moderate income families for
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nearly 30 years. we are very excited to be building with a volunteer team from the department of housing and urban development. you are here with our americorps volunteers and crew leaders, d.c. habitat staff and family partners, all of whom are an integral part of our projects focused on revitalizing the district. the homes hud will help build our 1 are three-bedroom townhomes in northeast d.c.. they are energy-efficient, suitable for larger families, and will provide 13 additional opportunities for homeownership in the nation's capital, where most residents, in an area of the nation's capital where most residents are renting. as thanksgiving and the holiday season approaches, it is especially important to share the dream of homeownership with
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our neighbors who need a safe, decent place to live. most of us will be experiencing warm celebrations of family and friends, but many of our neighbors are not as fortunate. that is why d.c. habitat is committed to providing housing where families can strive to build better futures for their children and create their own warm holiday memories for many years to come. we have had a long-standing relationship with hud over many years, over a number of different administrations. would like to introduce our secretary for the u.s. department of housing and urban development, dr. benjamin s. carson. secretary carson was recently keynote speaker for d.c. habitat's women build celebration in september. we are very pleased to have him back today, demonstrating hud's continued commitment to providing affordable housing for families in need. secretary carson, we know you
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share our philosophy about providing a hand up, not a handout, and understand the important foundation a stable home provides for families and their children. thank you for bringing your team of 15 volunteers to help build d.c. habitat homes and for being willing to volunteer yourself. please share a few remarks about why the ask areas -- why the experience is important to you, your organization, and the team you have brought here today. secretary carson. [applause] i just have some very brief things to say so we can get to work, we have a lot of work to do. it has been a busy day today already, with the national academy of sciences early today, giving remarks to the offices and stuff to do after this. but nothing more important than this. this is what it is all about,
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finding a way to help our fellow man and to develop the people of this nation. i want to thank habitat for for the and d.c. tremendous work that has been done here already. the energy that you have put into it, and for 40 years, habitat for humanity has been doing things not only here in d.c. but around the country and around the world. i also want to thank our hud team for coming out. they work so hard, so diligently every day, frequently behind desks, but to actually come out here and get some exercise, this is really good. it makes you healthy, also. i'm fond of saying, if everybody ate three well-balanced meals a day, drink six to eight glasses of water, exercised regularly, got regular sleep, and didn't
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put harmful substances in their body, most people in medicine would be out of a job. but i think medicine is a good career because people aren't going to do that. [laughter] but as thanksgiving is right upon us, it is a good time for aboutstop and to reflect how grateful we are. first of all that we live in this country, and i have been privileged to visit 58 different countries. kidsof the places, scratching in the dirt, looking for coins to buy some food. sometimes i don't even know who their parents are. we're extraordinarily blessed in this country, and we're even more blessed to be able to give back to other people. the bible says it is more blessed to give than to receive.
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it is something we need to be thinking about, as we think about thanksgiving, we think about christmas, we think about being home for the holidays, but how many people don't have a home for the holidays? together, we can give them a home for the holidays. and we can make those possibilities into a reality. so thank you all for what you have done. [applause] this concludes our program. thank you for your participation in support of this vital construction project. now we will have two group photos. the first will be secretary carson, hud senior leadership, myself, and hud volunteers. the second photo will be
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secretary carson, hud senior leadership, myself, hud volunteers, d.c. volunteer staff, americorps, and volunteer crew leaders. after these photos, secretary carson, hud senior leadership, and media representatives will be escorted on a tour of the build site. we hope you enjoy the two are and the rest of your team build experience, and i hope many of you will volunteer in the future to come swing a hammer. thank you. [applause]
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announcer: we will hear again from housing and urban development secretary ben carson on monday, when he joins veteran
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affairs secretary david salkin to discuss efforts to address homelessness among veterans. that will be live at 11:45 a.m. eastern on c-span3. you can also watch online at, or listen on the free c-span radio app. announcer: monday night on "the communicators," the newest member of the federal communications commission, brendan carr, joins us to discuss net neutrality, the justice department's effort to see at&t over its plan to buy time warner, and media ownership rules. he is interviewed by a technology reporter. >> do you have hope in the independence of doj antitrust authorities, and how do you see that overall? a pretty big situation to be unfolding. >> my general view is the fcc has a pretty limited role to play in mergers. when a transaction comes before
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us, we take a look and say is there a transaction specific harm? if there is, we try to find a narrowly tailored remedy for that harm, and if that addresses the harm we identified, we can move forward with the public interest determination. do thing you saw the fcc over the last few years, a christmas tree where you can hang whatever regulatory agenda you want on it, that is not my approach, and that is not the approach that lawfully they should take. announcer: watch "the communicators," monday night at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. announcer: former presidential speechwriters from richard nixon to barack obama were part of a writer's conference in washington, d.c. they talk about their experience of communicating the president's message, and how the media landscape has changed over the years, specifically the rise of social media. they also talked on the messaging strategy.


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