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tv   La Pierre on CBS Face the Nation  CSPAN  October 8, 2017 2:18pm-2:20pm EDT

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i hope americans would step up and say enough is enough, congress should do something. was avent said, this well-to-do man, he was not mentally ill, not a criminal, not a juvenile, not a gang banger, and he was able to buy time, have 12r gun stocks, lined them up and break through to windows in his atel suite, and take aim over 1000 people at a concert. it was such a cross-section of america that it really struck it everyone of us that this could happen to you. we want to stop it. >> could any law passed that would have stopped him? >> no. he passed background checks registering for handguns and other weapons on multiple occasions.
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>> it is illegal to convert a semiautomatic to an automatic. it has to beis done on legislation. is the nra position that it can't be done or where are you on this? if i'm aeer: republican or a fan of the nra, do i want to say no or yes to the legislation? you ought to tell atf to do its job. they need to get the job done but not let dianne feinstein, which is which wants to do, turn this into a christmas tree on allhill where she brings the anti-gun circus she has been on this. do for years let's do something meaningful. the outrage they are trying to stir against the nra, yes the mental health system which has completely collaed


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