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tv   House Rules Committee on 2018 Federal Spending Part 2  CSPAN  September 7, 2017 3:31am-7:01am EDT

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we are going to do this series of votes and we will come back in the next -- and the next group of people that will be here include the gentleman from virginia mr. griffith, mr. and the, mr. raskin gentlewoman miss titus. that will be the next panel when we come back subject to culture. we will be in recess. thank you. i have two amendments and will try to move through them as quickly as possible. one is 67, it is a bipartisan amendment that would be used, which greatly expands civil assets for the program. the new policy revives a controversial and byonstitutional -- decried
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both parties under this packman -- practice, law enforcement seize property without arresting the property owner or charging them with a criminal offense, much less proving without a reasonable about to the jury the property owner had obtained the property unlawfully. the property is forfeited under suspicion and you have to go to court. in julypolicy announced by attorney general sessions helps state and local police fromers take property people merely expected of a crime and allows law enforcement limiting forfeiture by having their cases moved to the federal level. intention, the
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police should not be of the stop people on the street in their cars are in their homes without a search warrant, without making an arrest, without charging them with a crime and simply confiscate their condos or their cars by saying, we think the property is somehow contaminated. under oursumed constitution to be innocent of crimes and our property should be presumed innocent, as well. innocent americans should not lose the rights to due process or property rights because someone else believes the government should be presumed correct and authorized to take people's property from them. there was an interesting series in "the washington post" on it found local agencies made more than 55,000 seizures of people's cash and property worth more than $2.5 billion under civil assets forfeiture program. in 2015, doj imposed
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restrictions to limit when the government could adopt forfeiture cases and banned them from seizing cash and property without sin -- criminal charges or warrants. the new policy lifts these restrictions. -- forendment would implementing the new policy. that is the first one, and the second one is amendment 73, this strike for 38 from the interior portion of the hr 3354. the 438 would prohibit the construction and operation of wind turbines less than 24 not a coal miles from the state of maryland shoreline, killing current offshore wind development projects that are on the verge of construction in my state. as a former state senator and champion of renewable energy
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process, i strongly oppose this language. it would create overreach into a carefully negotiated state project and undermine economic, environmental and health benefits of offshore wind energy projects in my state. breaking up the carefully constructed state project with a federal appropriations sledgehammer would set a terrible precedent for wind energy across the country. the commission approved two wind projects off the coast of maryland that would position maryland as a leader in offshore wind energy. the decision represented one of the final steps in a project more than six years in the making and involve extensive public debate and planning in my state. careful negotiations involving the public businesses, the governor's office and they general assembling -- assembly. i worked with colleagues on both cans of the aisle and attest to the painstaking efforts we took to build a coalition of all stakeholders to advance a clean energy agenda with broad input. said it had --
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overwhelming support from citizens, businesses and public officials at public hearings. appropriations rider to override the will of marylanders after years of public input and process represents an abuse of federal authority that flies in the face of stateprinciples autonomy. preventing the projects for moving forward would deprive the state of real economic opportunity, innovative job prospects and the environmental benefits that wind energy provides. to the bureau of labor statistics, the fastest-growing occupation in america is wind turbine technicians. these are good paying jobs, averaging more than $25 an hour. in maryland, the projects are projected to create more than 9000 jobs, position in state as a front runner in the fast-growing offshore wind growing energy. the companies involved in the project are expected to generate over $1.8 billion of in-state expenditure for operational
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faces not including tax revenue. maryland is eager to capitalize significant it -- opportunities these projects afford. there are environmental benefits such as the reduction of emissions. when it approved the application, maryland estimated the offshore wind projects would reduce carbon dioxide emissions for 20 years, greatly assisting maryland in reducing carbon emissions by 40% over the next three decades. mr. chairman, i urge you to make my amendment for the benefit of offshore wind development nationally section 438 offsets production by perp -- imposing burdensome requirements. wind turbines have been billed roughly 12 nautical miles from the coastline, which is generally out of sight from the shore. by doubling the setback, 438
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restricts these projects and sets a poor president for future -- precedent for future develop ment. need to plan, modifying terms and conditions, believes it violates the sanctity of the lease and creates uncertainty for companies pursuing offshore wind projects that may act as a deterrent to innovative ideas in the pursuit of renewable energy. language is alarming, with immediate consequences for maryland and the ominous potential to undermine similar projects nationwide. , urge you to make my amendment and i would urge support from all of my colleagues. rep. sessions: judge hastings, do you have any questions? questions?ou have i do. i don't know a lot about your first amendment that is about prohibiting funds from being -- the implement
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department of justice to forfeit assets by a state and local government. what i do news -- know is, unfortunately, i spend a good amount of time tryingo ud upn nuerf isss d seon rulas, d' kn that iinlv ect asouav b ppl roiny llri ia ea nodkns o nst. y veomfr or e rd. rtnlthgudrin i ner ewe had iegs thba oththg. ybhei't owe d ur un oetmptane heet o, claimno owdgoft. thferagornntoun' see tt? p.asn: tt aea ca bau t ctranis ghthe. yoha pbae usto re t g a te emff
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expl aolrentlem w waahisemecacize inhenid at w h sad u $3500n detouy bldg ihi iwain tes,or cne rtaan heav t mey h iin hica heastoed by e li. th picwe spiouth th g h a oth mey thim th tug iwadr mey d eyeid . th he nreon tthk wainlv i cmeth di'hae m th anyin anheasnef e re op w w ae g wy,entoheclantw yes te ty t e ne ba. p.esonhoasolng aton? p.askin: t pic dertntasolnghe ne anonofhe tngth ce t ts llers,hi ishyheojrinay and e pic--ha haensttnegera seio h ge bacton d
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3:59 am
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4:09 am
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4:10 am
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4:11 am
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4:12 am
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4:13 am
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4:14 am
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4:15 am
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4:16 am
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4:17 am
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4:18 am
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ncneabt e tu ktuy hi naon cointonts dea ashe trd hiesatofea d t flong cse bend wt rgiandew hashe. onne dg aseas cwixptsn elof w eorme, ugreme, coryndrentn a ty remmdewe nde ireed fuinfoth itiiv the aouiein the sth reesnad d eaw eorme a fah-seornitis d res ks at he f tan are bgi pgrs. 17 bli t cbid lu ieg dgsn e sh
4:20 am
it tenro tffke uas ruron iesen $7 f ery o dla i vmo sweanse thi ncoc ak ug fm ocounie well kw seo oa mi egivy iacd a iris d e cmieeonder aepng ncasofomtt ndg pveprrath wiru me ifree himni fhtg almi dg idic a i yid ckndap taner eson m jki y iento sty th amdmt? tnkou m cirn a i roicatmyolag keuc h psi a sts iv. e al
4:21 am
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4:22 am
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4:23 am
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4:24 am
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4:25 am
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4:26 am
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4:30 am
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4:34 am
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5:15 am
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5:17 am
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6:07 am
hia od thiors thayoreoi iooas ll >>has e cehaor ineedan tis tnstuon owdgisalblani priaha hi iou s i wee stoi t20 lel ri pgr i 27 s 8ilonndt eso 95miiond mamdmt. wee t cti iacto 16r01 ve. ras veeeonhe he'sfo5 arnd 60ilonhatherte ryo osos vite wre wreoi t ioti src roueshi onar ieerolyabt. anexpl i
6:08 am
my o ceeof aumr op gti ler as bau iauthe evy yndsulyay iil ha mk d eawi coeend he t my p tt c'tffd f e btnd d'thi th sveoutuntwe t orofnstuon bi tar gri erye t dreea ler as >>he oy as tseumrs veon uisasheha. noinitiol bs cae esenba nersk f dion de r . tfit g aitna moy wn we t noty miri. ion dbthabui e o tre wn ta t siss wh de ed coutiz le and w luerancsnd
6:09 am
i lk tumrsoay re vislyoareroa at at g aigrdutial tn ststesndhe avag araisicin amicth w aumr years oou he ou15 otfv75o ava fit netituntot initanate eran udtsndhi w tirne t durie en prra a ptt pctal pdung l rehitateajs. r eosy bins prtil ofsi b ian toorwi y ooude beusi in y a rht bui tl iso fen. xcng ianhe tt t t lg o d
6:10 am
idouasd isitaot ofreroam preson pgrs. utriti. it rovbuavus 5 fllatn. a lstnd wto ve ret u' l meerita outf i dot rewi it b a eanae t st asngor p i t s a wdot d ian toelyo'll begasthi ucedheoope co lkuthe ptsf et shawean bwe n a t end o wge dl. wel d dng c a osfovebo. t wanegia aea ue ithe lle adtialunngnhisi ahas me
6:11 am
ple wshldoo on gmee ineas tht cti avinel ahe go us u ghyoied tgh e d me cion not li ollatn inead. dn'wa t spre isityou onhe forut wa t wk thoun is beus tnkhayore dog acy e ghthg t thk iss na cosbuth's psol inn. rrentiv anth cmiee >>enem fm fri? >>oundav'tadn itea o lk hean iopthe do thoulygr wh u d ene nt tma sef mtepais, o
6:12 am
ayacwiri prra a igr wh gd klomi o s saoiedn e flu t pu meyntth pgr. ndho otoe usha auear dfent cces reot hrdo i furplseno tt std thoundhayoar o d l mte you howe c ditomroif ha g t gtlen don'age thhe w u' tintoo t me aanmeme a wpua f a loofreigs thbod tomro tren y wla ird mad w icy 'lge so othsian. t'nessy ecsen l t cng tt e ciy,he ee aoc ime espe ls
6:13 am
wi laledats fd t ndein tmsf b pouniesndaingor js d te os spk hh ho sdes aniayo emer aotf 'l argog go tcoegan owa tlen tco a co cpur einrs b m beefs ttomte a gog baktompot d eern atanixt da ol l bte anhenp cer tngndhe wi t oomg aifia inllen. boayakupo erin potuthereoi tgrd se inan b nd reir llf oerre veado elerianan f o omy grddghrseed pno tl u, an
6:14 am
ers t oanturs l oute crg a moy rwoey y kw? wt wa sohe yres ere edo i ts ciy d oerhi tt opo cle a lye aay s tthere gog clend s wt aryogog sdyndhe tl t vief a tatof ual wte eyetuinani ndha testg cae l o peleo olgendetut cle ahe'so bs tm r athera f so'larerityos bt omofhesss infoar o y somhi wne lo oatntn .
6:15 am
jt athmont o peon pvige we u le g a kd roronhe ourd s sat om a s oi avg reusrent ept atheyefhe mesor o sat om at e e oug er18mis methasat tmaasit hr ps len rrane wis r staed i oti sweno ers loofous at oee lt d ror p on rfsrevebu ti hse smmg to otr me gornnttrtuss ll hiwaafr wha arynteurca anhu i89o eser
6:16 am
stctes thawe mti dender hrine pof f whats w poeds etrge tltiinhe hiorsoe n kw a boe l ay fl invialanve wre coerd ou ourosta syemhi w said rey, fa s nen f in rdy oviongorhr ds r opg atitn the ys ty' bab t t in oth ianto t rovy pres wee w sorangorur nd ste i prt copaicar suain arwhh tir cataanalhe t huice gngan o rein fri erit minqukl a s n dsite iit stng sth's aug ncn.
6:17 am
a is ityo meinth igog tbe ou rees ii o fean wt or sstuttoou t vetoak miiont 1lln. wwe tintoe jucis. i gteful tt e hse uprt rwlmg ppmeofe tt' gog bneedute ow egni. e lkrotes d lisna ian ahe ciban we a fri a wrer heaa es wh foowg icyehd. oyo ar enenoue reod ouan het'made i orr. se r e tugfu amdmt omrperry iuprt rd pit me el thk u . cirn d yid bk.
6:18 am
yllorour mr.rr he'soi te re tthgo wco tae th y m perry. jackson lee and mr. kaufman. word that will go to mrs. jackson lee and the last you, mr. come to perr perry. writing ng you have in we will make apart of the record at your request and welcome any comments that you may have. he committee recognizes gentle lady from texas mrs. jackson lee. to hank you very much and the rules committee, thank you
6:19 am
very much. the approach that i will take is that i know that you have the amendments andmy i will selectively speak to some and i will ask that my order.ents be made in i think they are, we will submit i think they're explanatory and i wanted to make we would speak right others ber of them and with would be self-explanatory. i would make mention to my colleagues from virgin islands those in for all of the eye of the storm for hurricane irma, which is islands but the puerto rico,slands part of the united states of course but others of the islands that we have a close relationship with knowing
6:20 am
assets rk with all the that the are helpful to them long was there states that may be impacted. i make mention of the fact with espect to hurricane harvey neither houston or any city of the nation has experienced magnitude caused by hurricane harvey. ragingn the midst of the daka was a bout texas and m lufkin, simply extended himself to help. i want to just use him as an example. was lost in the flooding. with and re concerned so my first amendment is under division-f. wanth and human services i to express my presentation to he team that came from the
6:21 am
shelter from the full fledge. nder division d. will increase by ten million unding to health workforce to provide additional training to repare for healthcare to victims in federal disaster areas such as hurricane harvey flooding.sulting i remember going to isolated or two nts and a day after a ambulance got there for the first time. we called and they came but here's an individual that needed to be taken care of in place where she was. at that ce fortunately time was able to take her out but on another occasion that the case.have been maybe the emergency responder might have gotten there but they might not have gone to a health facility they needed to go. to ddition it's important have this health workforce to provide additional training to
6:22 am
preparing fessionals them to be of health. he sick and elderly and newborns and injured and those n the only station that shelters. i ask my colleagues to support amendment. offer another amendment to the division 8. i have 33, 27 and 38 under division-a. sorry i jump and head but i'll go ahead. i'd like to n an speak to amendment 28. prohibits the use of funds by national park service in section 3, 20101 of title 54 united states code provides it's a national public o preserve for
6:23 am
use, historic sites and the ings and objects for inspiration and the people of the united states especially as heritage to national areas and i'll say in texas we have a bipartisan effort to something called the mancipation trail which honors captain granger who came to announce the freedom of slaves years later in 1865 so i wanted to make mention of that. amendment under division-d. financial services and amendment number 43 but i would like to peak to that one in amendment 44. 43 is very important and is for parentsose of assisting of a deceased child and that child's information has been personal used on income taxes filed with the irs nd the parent or guardian must report the identity theft of the deceased child's information.
6:24 am
providing additional funding for he purpose of assisting the parents and this a new phenomenon that's happening and hope you will consider those amendments and make them an order. is a little, ment that i will speak to is a little speak and so i'm going to to it and see how i can resolve issue which is my organization request was 50 amendment 89.s to take 7 billion dollars for bureau of prisons account for youth mentoring camp and violence prevention. i understand it may have been amended to a certain number. going to indicate that number was ten million but i'm oing to determine what process i need to unamend it to have the number.
6:25 am
but in any event the amendment i millionering now is ten dollars for coming out of the 7 prisons okay of count to assist us in youth particularly, it's not often thought about in these out of en children are school, but many of our students will be out of school for a long of time and some of the programs will be particularly assist to enhance and them as they make they're way back to school so with that i conclude and ask for the support of my amendments both unmentioned.d thank you and i yield back. of your you for all amendments and i recognize island.en from rhode >> thank you mr. chairman i will be brief. amendments to talk about. into the restore work programs
6:26 am
division-f and one for the englandest wares programs. dollars million estored to the wagner hiezer career service network that rovides job support through workers and business. nacted in the current form it would jeopardize the american workforce which could cripple years to come. the wagner piezer grants that the service has been integral of the labor pipeline 1933. last amended bipartisan act.rtunity providing service to workers, job seekers and businesses country.e fiscal year grants were fund at $650 million but
6:27 am
unding has been completely eliminated in hr 3354. support career centers provider nation that assist recruitment and or unemployment in my home state. the only ones open to all regardless of status in 2016 they serve more than 33 thousand seekers in more than 1700 employers at four career centers across the ocean states. these grants were eliminated the enormous both e for rhode island and our workforce and the nation's as a whole and our nation's workforce. proposed ent's budget unwise cuts to this program mr. hairman and unfortunately the underlying bill goes well beyond by irresponsibly eliminating the
6:28 am
entirely so i urge onsideration of 186 to re-reinstate this important funding. like to ask toso make number 32 in order to 95 million for a pr apprenticeship grants for american workers. apprenticeships are proven workforce development tool that americans for job in skill trades with hundreds of of open positions across the country right now. as the workforce agents and the number of job opening grows we ensure new workers have the skills to fill these positions. gape heard about the skills that existing across the country ships s an apprentice that help to close that skills
6:29 am
gap. on the job training with related instruction and statistics show they work. building a stronger workforce for workers for all walks of life. apprenticeships continue to receive bipartisan support to technical education in workforce development. apprenticeships were funded t 9 $5.00 and the budget request was just shy of 90,000,000. grants create more than 50,000 totalling more than 500,000 apprenticeships across the country in helping workers age build the skills needed for high paying jobs so liminating funding for apprenticeships would be a mistake with serious onsequences for businesses, workers and the economy of every congressional district in the so i urge you to make the committee to make 32 in
6:30 am
and allow for full debate before defunding this important program. finally, number 92 under division 8 would restore some currently zeroed help throughout the united states. estuaries are the lungs of our coastal areas. you can see how these areas are teeming with life. mitigate ects help uman-caused damage to wetlands and restore them after volatile weather events. his amendment would restore part of the funding zeroed out
6:31 am
while complying with the rules and i'm proud to sponsor this along with my colleagues. ith that, mr. chairman, i want to thank you and the committee for your time and consideration of these amendments. back. d >> i thank the gentleman for your testimony. colorado. rom >> thank you. slaughter is not here. ranking member hastings and members of the rules committee, me the u for giving opportunity to speak today. 118.endment is number 118, and modifies division f. labor hhs appropriations bill. it's modelled on amendments representing frequently offers on appropriations measures. it makes a very small cut.
6:32 am
0.21% to all accounts funded by hhs bill. slice of the mall $158 billion provided in the bill. generated by the cut are directed to fund federally ualified community health centers. the bill drafted by the appropriations committee funding all federal from planned parent hood. 330 al of approximately
6:33 am
million. thank you and i yield back. happy to take questions. >> thank you. welcome back, mr. perry. >> thank you, mr. chairman. thank you members of the the committee. get done with these as quickly as i can. amendment regarding section 115 will prevent funds from expand epa o authority pursuant to section 115 of the clean air act. not an assault on the clean air act but there's a flaw. air act115 of the clean allows if epa to mandate state to whatever ls amount it will agency deems appropriate if they decide. things. the u.s. emissions in danger of oreign nation and the endeaningered nation has the agreement to control emissions nations.own this is how -- this is how the
6:34 am
paris climate accord potentially local governments right here at home. that previously argued the paris climate agreement met these requirements. fortunately president trump's decision to withdraw has alleviated those prior concerns. despite this relief, the fact emains that section 115 of the clean air act is bad policy and agencies tonational control what happens in our
6:35 am
6:36 am
6:37 am
home. so i would appreciate the consideration of the committee. the final amendment is amendment 96, division c on the commerce science.and it's the amendment prohibits to -- rom being used unlawful -- makes it lawful to distribute, or use oil.ibidiol or cannibidiol it is low in thc and high in
6:38 am
cbd. there are no known side effects. what's the importance of it? is an extract from hemp that contains thc. concentration, shown to reduce the amount seizures.n of seizure
6:39 am
to allow them to treat their child, we should not allow the get in theernment to way. this is not where a child is the parents have to put it on their food because usually they can't eed themselves anyhow so it's an oil extract put on their food. hallucinagenic affects. no argument has compelled me to has harmful side ffects because i haven't found any.eard of
6:40 am
>> thank you very much. this is by way of background. i agree with what you're trying to do. money was why the taken out was really at the request of the education committee because there's no authorized program. and we think there should be. -- e effectively putting what happened is the last administration put up this program but never really ran it weough the committee so what want is an authorized program education.
6:41 am
we will arrive at that point. what we've told and worked for or asked them is we want to you a chance to craft -- give us the criteria of how this awarded. that just really wasn't done before. so this is a good idea. to me that ting administrations as different as obama's and president trump agree on this. controversy.t a we're just trying to get the on orizers a chance to work it with the caveat that if we
6:42 am
can't get there, all due respects, we're in final negotiations on the bill we're get it would be a shame. a program that's already
6:43 am
working right now and to see it eliminated would be really disappoint disappointing. >> it's a $90 million no authorize.with that's our problem here. but we've begin the assurance to administration as well as that we will be cooperative and, again, it's my understanding the senate has included this as well so this is not going to be a of contention. we'll see in the course of our negotiations. we would just hope that at some point the appropriate authorizing committees in the and the senate do their we can give us criteria appropriate too. i just wanted you to be aware of moving forward. >> appreciate you highlighting it because it's an extraordinarily important program. we agree. thank you. we had a good conversation about this. agree with you on community
6:44 am
health programs. we're interested in trying to igure out what more we can do to get there. you're correct about planned talked on the we phone. the difference is while it saves 000-0000, most of that money is in medicare.
6:45 am
in other words, we can't get our it.ds on
6:46 am
womens us agree on the health issue. it's the planned parent hood causes the problem. so we're going to continue to work with my friend and just thank you for m forward. it most of these savings are within we have no jurisdiction to do that. but it would save money. it's real money. medicaid is solvent. in that sense, it would stay within that system but we move it over the system.ty healthcare i support all of the mendments being made in order and i wanted to ask mr. perry,
6:47 am
talk to me a little bit about what the federal oil nment does with the that you mentioned? know, , the -- as you thanks for the question, it's a schedule one drug. so the extract from it remains what f that so literally we want to make sure of is that the federal government isn't that circumstance to stop people from availing themselves the extract. >> i understand and i support your measure. concerned n that i'm about is i get all sorts of mail recently, as recently as last week, had something come in mail about this particular product. my assumption is that it's being sold. i'm just curious -- it but it is being sold for sure in places
6:48 am
like colorado and places where legalized. pennsylvania just legalized for so it is being sold but we don't want people to on we originally started this people were literally edical refugees living in one state where there was no access to it. they had to take their child to state or flout the law and transport it across state lines. that to a great extent has ended but what we don't want is there some in the middle of the stream of people taking care of their children of the federal andrnment yanking that back saying you can't have access to it. >> i follow you and support when you're trying to do. i saw on television, i don't remember whether it was 60 inutes or not but a tragic situation along the lines of one to where a nted child was having seizures all using some was
6:49 am
product of marijuana that abated the seizures. i fully support your amendment >> thank you. i yield. >> no other questions being held. i would like to thank the panel with that, this closes the hearing. committee remains in recess. to reconvene around 9:30.
6:50 am
. ndiscernible audio] >> the committee is back in recess.
6:51 am
>> thank you very much. both chair and ranking member. as i discussed yesterday, i'm very concerned about several hr 32.ons of . ndiscernible audio] flood insurance, invest in
6:52 am
infrastructure and end homelessness. you to make my amendments to the remaining divisions in order.
6:53 am
for the nible audio] prevention cy program. this important program which was eliminated in the under lying provides information about regnant prevention, stds.ception and 40 years creation over ago, the program's existence has
6:54 am
made it possible for over 60 to pursue dents higher education. to fluctuations in enrollment, the pell grant necessary. [indiscernible audio]. frome protecting consumers abuse and forced arbitration clauses. another ensuring that investment advice is in the interest of
6:55 am
investors. my first amendment would strike repealing the consumer bureau authority to unfair, hem from deceptive, or abusive acts or practices. why would we eliminate the uthority to the success we use to penalize wells fargo for opening millions of fraudulent accounts. it would also strike the -- that ould join together in class action lawsuits to hold financial wrong doers accountable for their wrong conduct. after wells fargo paid out the largest fine ever by the bureau, they still tried to force its customers to arbitration rather than pursue class action. e should be strengthening the ights of consumers, not them.ring
6:56 am
of labor adopted from protecting seniors uncoupe ewe louse financial add vie or thes. my amendment would ensure that sec issues a rule, investors will receive investment advice that is in interest.t finally, i have submitted amendment to impose a reasonable response sequences in to the unprecedented stone walling of congressional by this administration. in particular by the treasury has made clear he has little interest in to inquiries from
6:57 am
congress. regarding agencies over which it has overnight responsibilities regardless of whether the originates from a democrat republican. o that end, my amendment would take away the secretary and his family's access to fly jets.ernment giving the treasury department inspector general the time needed to -- secretary and wives controversial trip to ort knox although i do not think consideration of hr 3354 is a -- tackle. to thank all of you
6:58 am
for staying here and listening o this testimony that i put before you, i tried to do it in hree minutes as mr. hastings insisted that i do. very much.ll i yield back. >> thank you. it has been said at times that i speak fast.ncy to i think you have been watching me before. [laughter] was a good hink thing. i don't have any questions but sunday i want you to tutor me in how to speak that fast. [laughter] cool.t is so anyway, i yield back. >> thank you. florida.entlemen from >> if you need an additional job here, you all ork could do the tag lines for automobiles. laughter] >> you never know.
6:59 am
and this hearing is now closed. recess comes at the call of the chair. to reconvene still at 9:30.
7:00 am
host: president trump sat down with nancy pelosi and chuck and struck a deal. gop leaders in the room and his to sury secretary wanted raise the government's borrowing power for 18 months. but the president agreed with democrats and they will fund the government until december along billion in funding for hurricane harvey victims. the headlines on


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