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tv   President Trump Receives Tropical Storm Update in Austin  CSPAN  August 29, 2017 10:05pm-10:14pm EDT

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[simultaneous conversation] >> all the rescues going on in the state. pres. trump: and there are a lot of them. thank you very much.
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>> we honored to have you here in the lone star state. we wish it was not under these circumstances. we are able to be where we are today in the aftermath of this catastrophic storm that we have faced. it has really been two storms. it was a hurricane that turned into one of the most immense floods ever suffered by the united states. peoples' lives were on the line. i have been able to see your care and compassion for the people of texas. you've had the opportunity -- or those who only get to see what happens on the frontlines, you need to know what happens behind the scenes. behind-the-scenes, the president has shown both care, compassion
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and direction and commitment from the very beginning when the storm was still way out in the ocean. he helped texas get prepared, provided us every resource and tool that we needed, so that we respond toa plan to the catastrophe that was coming. and th after the hurricane came on shore, we were in communication, either you and i almost every day, or you and myself and your tremendous cabinet members. they bend over backwards to assist us. and then on our flight from corpus christi austin, you could see his genuine compassion as we saw videos of what was going on in houston, texas with the rising waters and texans suffering. the president was heartbroken about what he saw.
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he's committed to ensuring texas will rebuild, because that is the american way. we take care of each other. we see that with texans helping texans, with americans helping americans. mr. president, we are stronger, better and prepared because of your leadership from the very beginning. [applause] i want to say, fantastic job. brock has been incredible. the whole group -- and steve, who i just met, the job they did. number one, they like each other and number two, they respect each other. the job all these guys have done in getting along in terms of coordination has been incredible. everyone is talking about it. the sad thing is, this is
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long-term. nobody has ever seen anything this long for this much water. the water has never been seen like this, to the extent. it's maybe someday going to disappear. we keep waiting. we have four of our great congressman here. we appreciate you being here. we will be working with congress on helping out the state of texas. it will be a question of opposition. probably ted cruz is here. we will be working with these characters over here, and i think we will come through with the right solution. but probably there has never been anything like this in our country's history. there has never been anything so historic in terms of damage, in terms of ferocity as what we witnessed in terms of harvey. it sounds like such an innocent
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name, ben? le,lso want to thank my peop ben carson and linda mcmahon. this is not small business, linda, this is big business. you will be giving away many millions of dollars to help people out. and tom price, you have your people in the field. in fact, you may say a couple words and then i will ask linda and ben. and then we get on to brock and everybody. >> mr. president, this is a historic proportion storm and flood. we are getting resources to the individuals that are stranded right now. our a hhs standpoint, responsibilities are medical and rescue. the challenge we have in the long-term is most individuals who suffer from ts suffer from
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not being able to get the medical care they need after the -- when the sun comes out. we are trying to make rtain we have pharmacies staffed, make certain folks are getting electricity to their homes. disease, just chronic making sure folks can get to their doctor in their home towns and making sure they get the treatment they need. we have four federal medical stations, two are up and running with two on the way. we have another four or five after that, depending on where folks need them. pres. trump: thank you very much, tom. linda? >> sba has its office in the dallas-fort worth area. we have 900 there permanently. fromually did get a note
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the plane. we made the first home loan approval from this disaster. i am glad we are already up and running. we will be making home loans, business loans. we will be making loans for those folks who have lost income and also the opportunity to property, equipment, and inventory. we are ready to go. pres. trump: thank you very much. and ben carson. >> thank you for your learship and to the first lady also, thank you for your compassion. it has been great working with everybody. and governor, one of the people i admire the most. brock is doing a fantastic job. everybody we have been working with is fantastic. what we have been trying to do is make sure that we go from the phase of rescue and reaction to
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the phase of recovery and a smooth transition. be reallocating federal assets to disaster relief, looking at granting immediate foreclosure relief, insurance, mortgage insurance, as well as insurance for rehabilitation through the sect ion 203 program. section 108 loan guarantees for infrastructure, for economic development, and for a host of t hings. and also, disseminating information, which is so critical. the masses frequently become confused. we're working very hard to get rid of some of the regulatory burdens, so we can get thigns done quickly. linda and


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