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tv   [untitled]    July 31, 2017 3:49pm-4:03pm EDT

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favoring hillary clinton's nomination, was provided the opportunity for people that did to like that idea to leak wikileaks. host: the bernie sanders affect, two callers now. about what the democratic party has to address? is oneif there overwhelming message from the 2016 election is voters wanted change and did not feel democrats were offering change. they want to see some thing new from democrats.
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>> every single time, moderates have been the biggest group. they are 44% of the vote in virginia. 49% in new jersey. there is a real need for those candidates to win moderate. don't win moderate, they are not going to be able to get their governors and measures. no matter how made -- how many were energized by coming out. >> the moderates will be the maker that. >> you're talking economic issues. when the democratic party talks, the usually align with certain social issues, what do you do with those? >> we just did a big run a policy for voters in battleground states. what they said about social issues is that they were mostly fine with where the democratic party was. they said they need to focus on the day-to-day concern. they were both very
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supportive in particular of things like marriage for gay couples, they moved a lot on some of those issues. they didn't see it as the number one concern. they felt like it was being used to repeal certain groups within the electorate. they were saying what is going on with my job? what is happening with my paycheck and supporting my family? those thingssee focus on their priorities in a way that they didn't feel like happened in the last campaign. >> jacksonville florida. let's go to gregory. --gory, in silverstein silver spring, maryland. isgory: good morning, this for c-span. i love the program. you guys should have the name of the postwar moderator available at all times are us to see. just so we can remember.
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i think the last caller referred to you as ed. >> that's fine. >> i appreciate your feedback about this. this is a gerrymandered district as far as congress goes. that is locking up the system. a great point, a lot of people are focused on this, there is new organization, including ones for the attorney general. they were focused on redistricting. gerrymandering is a problem. i think what people don't realize is that it is not the entire problem. one is that democrats and more liberal voters started to live in symbol -- live in similar places.
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they concentrated themselves. if they are living in cities than it is hard to draw a district where they will be representatives. the republican voters have spread themselves out more. there inefficiently distributed. there is some spaces where redistributing is an issue. the democrats are looking to 15k up between eight and seats in the house if it were evenly distributed. but we have democrats that need to pick up 24 seats in the house. a magicwe could wave wand and fix the redistricting problems, there would be some persuasion and winning in some of those districts. i think the polarization that we see has even happened statewide. the senate polarization doesn't have anything to do with gerrymandering. who are running statewide who haven't had any districting at all. there are deeper problems that we have to deal with but
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gerrymandering is a problem and definitely one of the things on that menu. >> judy, you are next up. anotherwant to do at voice to the democrats who feel that they were cheated by the way that the democratic national committee handled bernie sanders. across the was board. what he was doing with was , minimum wage, job availability, health care, single-payer, everything -- press secretary sanders: good afternoon everyone. i would like to bring up national security adviser general h.r. mcmaster and treasury secretary steven .nuchin openingl each make remarks and then take your


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