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tv   Washington Journal Andy Chow on the Affordable Care Act in Ohio  CSPAN  July 7, 2017 8:46am-8:53am EDT

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you have to take the insurance companies out of the middle and let it be universal health care. you have to raise the wages of people and have a universal wage. i wanted to share that with you. it is about what party you put into office and the fair treatment for all the people. host: let's go to ohio. statehouse reporter with the ohio public radio joining us via skype and how this is playing out in the state of ohio. we just learned from the "cincinnati inquirer" after vigorous debate governor kasich's veto is not challenged. explain what happened and what pressure this is putting on senator rob portman.
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there was a showdown at the ohio house that led up to a budget process for the house and senate controlled by republicans in ohio put in the budget something that would free the enrollment of people into medicaid expansion starting next year. this is something governor kasich has been touting for years. it has enrolled 700,000 people in health care in ohio. it created a fight with republicans. governor kasich vetoed an enrollment freeze into medicaid expansion. the house had a chance to override the veto yesterday, and they decided not to. they had the vote, but they decided not to. otherid override 11 vetoes, but not that enrollment freeze. effect is the
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debate over health care having on senator portman? caller: medicaid is playing a huge role in ohio. 700,000 people are enrolled expansion. medicaid covers a lot of people in ohio. as the debate continues in congress over reforming the health care law and changing the health care law, more people are understanding that changing obamacare means changing medicaid. they're starting to understand the real consequences that could come with changing it. that is swaying public opinion a little bit. it used to be, i am against obamacare so i am for anyone that wants to change obamacare. more people are realizing that they themselves are benefiting from it or loved ones are benefiting from it. there are a lot of opponents to obamacare, but the fact that
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medicaid is covering so many people is playing a big role. host: what is senator portman saying to his constituents about what changes need to be made for him to become a yes vote? is ar: senator portman mystery. he has come out on record saying he was against the previous version proposed and was close to getting a vote on the senate floor a couple of weeks ago. he wants to see more of a phasing out process of the subsidies. more than like 20 million americans losing health care coverage and scaling back on medicaid. but he does want is up in the air. we haven't been able to understand exactly some of the solutions he is proposing. the big thing you have to
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remember for ohio politicians, looming over everyone from the state level to congress is the opioid crisis where thousands of people are dying of opioid overdoses. really go alars long way in ohio in helping treatment of that crisis. sen. in order to woo portman: the senator mcconnell is considering adding $45 billion to legislation to help with the opioid crisis. how is the governor responding? caller: the governor still wants something more. what governor john kasich wants is a more bipartisan approach. he wants democrats and republicans to find a way to which hashis program been able to expand medicaid coverage for people who have mental health issues, people who
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have lost their jobs, people who have drug addiction. adding morek just money will help sway governor kasich right now. i think that more of a bipartisan approach, more buy-in from the democrats will get more buy-in from the governor. host: not to be swayed by any additional opioid funding. the quote was the $45 billion being proposed, "that is like ocean." in the is senator portman holding town hall meetings? .aller: he is not well, yes he is, but they are events organized by his office. they are more controlled. you are not getting the true open community voice you are in other states at congressional town hall
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meetings. we're not quite seeing the real, open town hall meetings like in other places. he has been going to parades and holding events at different companies, but not a true town hall meeting. there are people now sitting in his columbus office because they are demanding a town hall meeting. host: senator portman serving his second term, he was reelected in the last cycle. thank you for letting us know what is happening in ohio. we will go to new jersey, next. joe, republican. good morning what is your message. wantr: i believe senators to do their job, and they want to address the issue. but, there are more stakeholders involved. it took three or four years to


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