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tv   [untitled]    June 26, 2017 9:00pm-9:06pm EDT

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floor, continued criticism of the affordable care act. this comes as the congressional budget offer -- office estimated fewer people would be covered under the replacement measure which the senate is set to work on this week. >> seven years ago, the democrats forced an unfair health care system on our country. they called it the affordable care act. it turned out to be anything but that. they told americans that would lower their premiums, but obamacare has increased premiums on average 105% in the vast since 2013.states unless we act, we can expect similar trending for years to come. they told americans it would expand choice in the health care --ketplace, but obama and
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obamacare left a americans with little or no choices for insurance this year. unless we act, we can expect things to get worse. they told americans it would allow them to keep her doctors, their plans, and their ability to make the smartest health care decisions for their families. it is dead, obamacare force and soft the plans they liked and forced millions into plants they did not want or could not afford. americanswe act, more will be left trapped, forced by obamacare to buy insurance but left without the means to actually do so. madam president, is the obamacare status quo as millions of americans have come to not. it is unacceptable, unsustainable. the americans need better care which is exactly what we are working to bring through dozens
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of meetings and conversations with members of every conference who have had opportunities to discuss many ideas and approaches for bringing relief from obamacare. ultimately, we found there were a number of areas where we all agree when it comes to what the critical issues we need to address our. and, how we can do that. those solutions are what make up the draft legislation released last week and will continue to work to consider now. better care will preserve access to care for patients with pre-existing conditions, , and allowmedicaid children to remain on their parents insurance through the age of 26. at her care will lower costs from where they are under obamacare by, among other thegs, eliminating taxes on middle class, giving americans
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more power to control and reduce medical costs and out-of-pocket expenses and giving significant new tools to drive down premiums. will free americans from onerous mandates under obamacare by repealing employee or mandates that reduces hours and take-home pay for too many workers. i repealing the individual mandate that forces americans to buy an affordable obamacare insurance, allowing them to create the best choices for their families with plants they want and can afford. will help a lot of insurance markets that are collapsing under obamacare by implementing stabilization policies and carefully transitioning away from obamacare completely somewhere families are not harmed by its collapsing markets. thene observed just today, this bill "will markedly
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increase the stability of the individual market and moderate premium increases." of that i am sure today, madam president. we should move forward today in an open amendment process here on the senate floor. i encourage all 100 senators to participate because the american people need better care right now and this legislation includes the necessary tools to provide it. >> in senator mcconnell speech this afternoon happening shortly after the congressional budget office released its analysis of the senate replacement ill today, cb of projecting the legislation would reduce the federal deficit over a 10-year time by $21 million but increase the number of people uninsured by the year 2026. you can read more, we have linked to the cbo score on our website. now that the cbo has given its
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estimate, a procedural vote could be taken tomorrow although some senators, including the senator made inks she will not vote for the motion to proceed on tuesday, possibly wednesday as well. senate democrats plan to hold the floor this evening talking about efforts to repeal the affordable care act, in fact is finishing up on the senate floor moments ago was senator elizabeth warren of massachusetts. you can follow the senate live in speeches is evening over on c-span2. >> to defend this piece of legislation, it does not surprise me even what is in need legislation given what we have heard of the last


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