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tv   Sen. Grassley - Preview of Gorsuch Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing  CSPAN  March 18, 2017 12:26am-12:38am EDT

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today's events in just a moment. next week, a three-day confirmation hearing will begin next monday for u.s. supreme court nominee neil gorsuch. c-span spoke to members of the cease -- of the senate judiciary committee on how they are approaching the hearing. >> chairman grassley, how many supreme court nominee hearings have you been through? chairman grassley, how many supreme court nominee hearings have you been through? >> this will be the 14th. >> and your first as chairman? >> yes. >> is the preparation different? procedurally it is different because you have to be on top of it and that make sure everyone understands what the rules are and how you conduct the meeting, but as far as the questions i ask the candidate, they are no different than if i was doing it as a member or a chairman of the committee. >> what is the process like in the preparation, whether it is this one going -- or going back?
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>> it is usually the same. you read all you can about individual. the lawn lawyer that i am -- nonlawyer i am come i realize i can rely on people who read the 250 some decisions that he has written, but i like to read about him. i have briefing papers i get from my staff in preparation of it. i also give direction to the staff as to the kind of question i want to ask, like for instance of what they think about the original intent of the constitution writers, the extent of which they give deference to administrative bodies on writing of rules or interpretation of law, in other words i want to know that they are going to be a powers,of separation of and there are certain executive responsibilities and certain legislative responsibilities, and i want to know how they
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approach that and how they divide the line, because i see them as a referee of our constitutional system, and the final voice in regard to what is constitutional or not and whether or not administration leaders follow congressional intent. >> how much of that you feel like you can learn in the meetings you have had in meeting -- with a nominee beforehand, and what do you need to learn in a public hearing? x in the private meetings that i have had with the nominee, you try to understand -- >> in the private meetings i have had with the nominee, you try to get the point with them as an individual. try to get in the weeds of the law. maybe some members have. and the nominees i have done that, but with this together nominee it was just kind of understanding where he comes from. also, i knew about his reputation for a year because he
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was on president trump's list out.came out some of them came out march, the list came out in june. you had a feeling of the type of that president trump, if you were president, would put for the senate -- before the that wered then you found them, kind of cropping up as possible nominees at the last time, you zero in on those three or four and i can surely see why president trump picked this nominee as opposed to some of the other three or four that were prominently mentioned. >> is there any opinion he has written that you expect to zero in on with him? >> it will give you an example saw the chevron case. supreme courtthe
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gave deference and great power to administrative bodies not accept, the courts to the finding of fact that back up a regulation but also their interpretation of the law. scalia took the view that that -- what theyld do should do, the administration should do and later on he was changing his view. he did that because he thought people in the elective branch of government ought to have more authority over what the law says and what the judges interpret congress to mean. so i think that he has, we have seen gorsuch question the chevron case in there ought to indicated it out to be changed and i am an advocate of the change for the chevron case. it is very bad when congress
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writes a law that you expect the courts to interpret that law according to what congress wrote but all of a sudden, through judicial writings they say it is ok for us as a court, we ought to accept the administrators' judgment of what that law, what --gress intended to intended. iswhat do you see your role as chairman? >> to see that it goes smoothly, that people stay within their time limit, number two, that when they asked question of the nominee, he ought to be able to give an answer without being interrupted, and to make sure things go smoothly. >> what advice would you give to some of the younger members on the committee who may be in their first supreme court hearing? >> yeah. surevice would be to make that you are asking very basic
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questions about the role of the judge. >> thank you for your time. have live coverage of the three-day hearing starting 11 on c-span2 and you can find it online at and streaming on the c-span radio app. back at the white house today, members of the republican study commission in the house met with president trump in the oval office. >> we appreciate president trump having us here to the overall -- of office to talk about the improvements have been made. the president said ring us your best ideas and these are members of the republican study committee and worked in a diligent way to get to our yes on this bill with the changes that the president has asked us to make that we are going to make in the bill and with that
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we want to lead it off to the chairman of the republican study to many, mark walker. >> it is historic knowing we are getting a couple of important things to the steering committee members, work requirements throughout the country and something that we call block grants which allows the states to be empowered. we believe they should be able to hold the reins when it comes to managing their population. we think this would provide more coverage for the sick and disabled. we are excited about it today and that is what we came to celebrate the american health care act moving forward with a yes. these are folks that were either a nomura may be. we had a nice meeting. this happened over the last 20 minutes. this has been going all night long. we are doing some incredible things. i want everyone to know i am 100% behind this, i want everybody to know that the press has not been speaking properly about how great this is going to be.
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they have not been giving it a fair press. the press is as you know in many cases, i call it the fake news. fake news. this is going to be great for people. i watch, i say that is not the bill we are passing and i also want everyone to know that all or potential no's are yeses. we made certain changes. frankly very little although the block grant is important because it with the states to if the money and run the program if they want to run it. they can do it better for -- than the federal government. they are better equipped. obamacare is dead. it is a dead health care plan. it is not even a health care plan, frankly, and i watched a architect of the plan where he said the american people are stupid to have voted for it. i watched bill clinton saying this is the craziest thing i've ever seen.
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only because everyone knows it is on its last dying feet. the fake news is trying to say good things about it. fake media. and there is no news about obamacare. obamacare is dead. unless we gave it massive subsidies and a year from now or six months, it is not even going to be here. when they say more people are in the plan, there is not going to be any people on the plan. half of the state has no insurance company and the other half is going to lose the insurance companies. people do not know what to do. it is a disaster. obamacare is dead. nothing to do with these people, nothing to do with me, it is on respirator and it is just about ready to implement. we could wait for six months or year and let it happen. it is not the right thing to do for the people. this is a great plan, this is going to be fantastic, you're ding on oneve bid
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level by the insurance companies, the member this, the lies are going to come out, you will have bidding by the insurance companies, plans will come out that no one has thought of, they will be devised i the insurance companies to take care of people. we are going to take care of people at all levels. i want to let the world know i am 100% in favor, these folks and they are tough, and they love their constituents and they love this country. no's, mostlyere no's yesterday. now every single one is a yes. i want to thank you, we're going ishave a health care plan going to be second to none, it is going to be great and the people will see that. by the way, it will take a little while because before it all kicks in and welts together it takes a little while. with obamacare it got worse and worse.
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the premiums went up 106 team percent, they went up 58%, the governor of minnesota said the affordable care act, obamacare is no longer affordable. that is what he said. the affordable care act is no longer affordable. he is a guy that, he is a good democrat, he wanted obamacare, he said it is no longer affordable. obamacare is not an alternative, it is not there, it is dead. i just want to say thank you very much, i really appreciate it. are yeses and's some were strong no's, we had a couple that were mixed. i want to thank you folks and we will have a great, great health care plan. thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. president.


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