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tv   President Trump Meets with Health Insurance Executives  CSPAN  February 27, 2017 12:35pm-12:45pm EST

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purdue for agriculture secretary. former indiana senator dan coates for national intelligence director. attorney robert lighthieser for trade representy. of iowa governor for ambassador to china. alternative david friedman for ambassador to israel. and form congresswoman, heather wilson, for secretary of the air force. today president trump met with health insurance companies' c.e.o.'s in the white house for racening session. he told the group he wants to work with them to arrange a smooth transition from obamacare to a republican plan. and that he hopes to work with democrats.
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>> you are the biggest of the big, right? that's very impressive. thank you. we just had a great meeting with the governors. the horrible effects that obamacare has had and we're going to change it and strengthen it out. we have a plan that will be i think fantastic. it will be released fairly soon. we'll talk about it tomorrow night during the speech. i think it will be something special. we'll talk about it right now. think we'll get you on and i think you'll like what you hear. again, thank you for being here. i want to thank also secretary tom price who is with us and is doing a phenomenal job on a very complex subject. a subject of health care. he's an advocate for the patients. tom is all about the patients. that's what he wants. he wants to have a great health care system. obamacare has been a disaster and it's only getting worse. last year alone obamacare premiums increased by double
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digits. since it has gone into effect, premiums are up by almost 100% in many areas. and i think that this year is going to be the year that's always been predicted, 17 will be a catastrophic year for obamacare for payments. you just take a look what's happening in various states like arizona. i believe it was up 116%. it's going to be worse this year. obamacare forced providers to limit the plan options they offered to patients and cause them to drive prices way up. now a third of the united states ' counties are down to one insurer. and the insurers are fleeing. you people know that better than anybody. since obamacare went into effect, nearly half of the insurers are stopped and have stopped from participating in the obamacare exchanges. it has gotten so bad that nearly 20 million americans have chosen to pay the penalty or receive an exemption rather than buy insurance.
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that's something that and he -- that nobody's ever heard of and they are actually doing that rather than being forced to buy insurance. we must work together to save americans from obamacare. people know that. and everyone knows that at this point. to create more competition and to bring down the price substantially. the chaos that obama care has created and for which congressional democrats, you see that, are responsible for requires swift action. i actually told the republicans that if we did nothing, just do nothing for two-year period, let obamacare totally implode, which it's doing right now, that would be from a political standpoint the best thing we could do. let it implode and people will come begging, the democrats will come begging to do something to help them out of the jam. once we start doing t. we start of inherit the problem. we take over the problem. it becomes ours. but it's the right thing to do for the american people. i think allowing this to go on, this disaster to go on, is a
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mistake. i'm asking secretary price to work with you to stabilize the insurance markets. and to ensure a smooth transition to the new plan. and the new plan will be a great plan toward the patients, for the people. and hopefully for the companies. going to be a very -- to be a very competitive plan and cost also come and downand health care will go up substantially. i think people will like it a lot. we have taken the best of everything we can take. it's our hope the democrats will stob the obstruction and resistance, and that's what they have. resist, resist. they want to resist everything, including cabinet members. i have many cabinet members that haven't been approved yet. people that are extraordinary -- all of whom will be approved. but they just take forever. it's called obstruct and resist. i hope i didn't give them a new phrase because their real phrase is resist. i think i just gave another word. i shouldn't have done that. i'm good at branding.
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you see that overwhelm out, obstruct and resist. at least i can take credit for it. we're going to hopefully work with the democrats because ultimately we're all people that love this country and we want to do the right thing. including reforms like expanded health care savings accounts, flexibility, and the ability to purchase across state lines. state lines are so important for competition. everybody's wanted to do it for years. what's not to do? that's going to be very important. i want to thank you-all for being here. i want to know and i want you to know that it's an honor to do business with you. it's great honor to have you in the white house. and we look forward to providing health care that is extraordinary. better than any other country anywhere in the world. we can do that. we have the talent. we have the capacity. and we have the people. we'll work on that tofplgt and maybe before the press leaves we can just introduce yourself and your company and the public will
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get to see what you're about. if things aren't working out, i'm blaming you anyway. you know that. we'll start with brad. >> thank you, mr. president. appreciate the opportunity to be here. i'm brad wilson, president and c.e.o. of blue cross-blue shield of north carolina. pleased to represent our 3.9 million customers here today. >> kirk chairman and c.e.o. of aetna. >> represent america's health insurance plans. we represent all health insurance plans in washington, d.c. including plans to cover medicaid and managed care. >> brew chard, c.e.o. >> pat, c.e.o. of florida blue, the blue cross-blue shield plan. >> steve, from the united health group. about 230,000 employees. we serve about 120 million americans. and we're contributing to jobs we have jobs 35,000 in the last
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five years. 10,000 in the coming year. we're mission driven. make the system work for everyone. > cigna corporation. >> blue cross-blue shield association. we represent 108 million subscribers. president trump: that's a big group, right? >> good morning, mr. president. joe swedish with anthem. we're in 14 states. representing 40% of the american public. we have 40 million members. and we have been involved with individuals both probably seven decades. and deeply embedded in the affordable care act situation that has evolved over the last three years. i don't want to miss the opportunity to thank you for the swift and decisive action that occurred most recently regarding some adjustments that have occurred in and around special enrollment. thank you very much. >> we had to step in. thank you. >> chairman and c.e.o. of keyser
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foundation health plan. we cover 11.7 million americans. we also are integrated delivery system. we both provide the coverage and the care. we have permanente medical groups that contract exclusively with the kaiser foundation. and we're proud to care for 11.7 million people. >> i'm dan, based in philadelphia. independent blue cross, we're in p 32 states in addition to columbia. for the large medicaid managed care population. we do -- we're the only player on the exchange in five county philadelphia area. and again i'd like to echo joe's point. we're thrilled with the initial steps to tablize the market. we look forward to working with you, vice president pens -- pence, secretary price, and making sure we have a sustainable program for years to come. thank you.
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president trump: thank you very much. the market as you know, we talk about stabilizing the market, the market is disastrous. it's going to absolutely implode. it's why we're meeting today. come up with something where not only will the market be great but the people will be taken care of. we'll work that out. i think quite easily. thank you very much. thank you, everybody. >> mr. president -- >> the choir of the house intelligence committee dismissed calls for an investigation into russian hacking and ties to the trump campaign. he spoke earlier today with reporters in the capitol complex. >> i want to thank all of you for being here. as you-all know it's long been a priority of mine to be a very transparent with all of you and to make sure that i'm readily available to answer any questions, especially when


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