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tv   Democratic National Committee Chair Election Results  CSPAN  February 25, 2017 2:53pm-2:56pm EST

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you guys are the grass foots, the feet of the democratic party, knock on the doors and build relationships every day and let's organize this party. there are people who need us, people who are desperate. people who need comfort and aid they need the democratic party. there's none of these community organizations, let us go behind the name of the candidates. it is the t that is behind that and that is you, and that is you. and we have to fight for it because we must win if we are going to protect our people. if you want to win elections and get back in power, i ask you for your support. my name is keith ellison, vote for me on your first and second ballot everybody. thank you very much.
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>> back live at the atlanta convention center. live coverage of the democratic national committee's winter meeting and going on right now, balloting for chairman of the d.n.c. the front runners for chair are tom perez, the former labor secretary and representative keith ellison.
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tom perez came within one vote in the first ballot of taking the chair, but he did not get at least a simple majority of the votes cast, so we are in a second round of balloting and awaiting the results of those votes here in atlanta at the d.n.c. meeting. while we wait for that, which we expect in the next 15 minutes or so, we are going to show you part of a speech by the missouri secretary of state and he spoke earlier today here at the d.n.c. meeting. cheers and applause] >> thank you, donna. how


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