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  Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  March 1, 2016 5:24am-6:04am EST

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they should know what is going on inside it. holds a donald trump rally. chief endorsed i nascar's executive and several of the drivers leading into the super tuesday contests. mr. trump: wow. cheers] and mr. trump: you people are amazing.
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i love you. i love georgia. georgia. here's the story. outside, we have 12,000 people! and, we set up speakers. would anybody like to give some of the people outside your position? lee's raise your hand, we will get you out of there fast. right? ok, i am only kidding. we are a lot of good news today. cnn just came out with a pole. just came out. trump, 49%. [cheers and applause] mr. trump: little lightweight marco rubio 16%. ]boos mr. trump: outlying ted cruz, 15% will stop good guide ben carson 10%, and kasich 6%.
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49%.e are at can you believe it? we got the endorsement yesterday of a senator. incredible. and we have sarah palin. so many incredible people. , jerry, i will tell you falwell, junior. we are winning at every level with evangelicals. maybe that is one of the reasons we've had such help what the evangelicals, the tea party people, we are winning with old, young, highly educated. [applause] right? we are winning with a little less the and highly educated. which is ok. i love you. and we are winning with the veterans. i love the veterans. we are winning with the military.
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in other words, we are winning with everybody. to thank want everybody. who would've known this was going to happen? so, i have a special treat. i love nascar. do we love nascar? i love it. so we had an endorsement a , little while ago and my son is very friendly with the folks over at nascar. especially brian. how good is brian? is this guy a winner? and the family is so incredible. some of the nascar folks came over here because they are endorsing donald trump. can you believe it? [applause] ere because they are endorsing donald trump. can you believe it? [applause] if the people that like and watch nascar vote for
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donald trump, they can cancel the election right now. nobody can win. [applause] mr. trump: i will bring them up owner oflly but the the whole deal, the big guy, brian france. come on up. [applause] mr. trump: he's getting pretty dapper. brian, we love you. do you want to say a few words? >> i've known donald for over 20 hiss and you know about winning in business and success. he wins with his family. he does. you leave on one other thing, any of his children you would be proud to have as her family. that how i measure a winner, how someone raises their family. [applause]
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greatump: one of the drivers of the world in history, the great bill elliott. come on, bill. [applause] mr. trump: we love bill. >> i don't know what to say. for what he can do for our country, i'm all for it. we need a change, that's all there is to it. i think he's the man for the job. trump: do these guys have guts. i want to go about 60, that's
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enough. we have ryan newman. ryan. [applause] come on up here, ryan. mr. trump: we have david reagan. david, come in. and bill and his incredible wife had a son. upsete sun -- will you be if he turns out greater than you? to be thrilled. that's a good father. chase elliott.
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the hottest young driver in the world. [applause] >> i'm just happy to be here. this is a great demand. i think he's the guy who can do some great things for us. thank you. [applause] >> [chanting] trump. : they just said keep the wall going. we are going to keep the wall going, believe me.
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it has been an amazing time. that is justing incredible. these are incredible people, incredible athletes. in the job brian has done is legendary. i just could not be happy or that we are here. i just want to discuss a few of the things. tomorrow is a really big day. we have to get out and vote. you know, i don't want your money. i don't even want brian's money. brian is good for some money but i don't want ryan's money. i want everybody. talking about a movement. i said what are you talking about. where is david?
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andid such an amazing story he's talking about a movement. this is not like me. this isn't about me, it's about all of us. i'm just the messenger. they had said i've gone calls from a lot of the biggest writers. they are terrible. good. them are 80% are bad. 40% are disgusting. i will tell you one more time, andill talk about the wall
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not getting ripped off in trade and taking care of our veterans. [applause] : that means nobody will say i gave you a contribution and you have to the pharmaceutical industry or you have to help me with something. bidding, we are the largest purchaser of drugs in the world. i mean drugs like to make you better. if you go to get some drugs that are local pharmacy, the government is paying a similar amount of money. we would say billions and billions of dollars. all of these guys i'm running against are all taking care of by the pharmaceutical industry, by all the industries.
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it's a bad system we could save as much as $300 billion. that gets to be big money. fraud, waste and abuse in the system are incredible. we will take care of social security. are getting. we're going to cut the waste and fraud and abuse. we will save your social security without cuts. mark my words. [applause] i deal with these people. i've met with politicians all my life. i have gotten zone changes. doing a hundred and 14 projects all over the world.
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i have dealt with politicians. worldwide. they will never get you to the promise land. they're never going to do it. this little marco rubio. i call him lightweight. you saw chris christie endorsed me the other day or at? tough guy. the debates are brutal. it's enough. we have another one coming up on thursday. the last one i was double teamed and i still want every single poll. one every single poll. i see the backstage. then backstage. i have been in the middle of
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these debates from the beginning. that is the one who is winning. right from the beginning. they are bothhere behind me shaking hands like his of this wonderful. every single poll. drudge is an incredible guy. i have always been number one with all the crazy debating. i've never done this before. i'm not a politician. all these guys do is talk. they debate, they talk, nothing gets done. they go to get campaign contributions. that's what they do. convinced that our country can be greater than ever before.
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that's why i'm doing this. greater than ever before. i do a lot of business with the chinese. i have the bank of america building because the chinese. i have 12 ninety ave of the americas, 6th avenue in new york. a massive building. ,he largest bank in the world 400 million customers, they are a tenant in one of my buildings in manhattan. dealing with the chinese is fine. their leaders are too smart for our leaders. they are killing us folks. carl icahn is one of the great business people. i have the greatest negotiators in the world. we use political hacks to negotiate these huge trade deals. bigger than any jail. we lose every year with china.
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$500 billion. this is going on forever. we always lose. we got to start winning. [applause] these political guys are in there because they gave campaign contributions or whatever. mel is here but i you his last name. he raises a lot of money for politicians. he said can i raise money for you? yeah how much money i turned down? i would've made jeb bush is $148 million, i would have made that look like peanuts. i turned down money after money. it's not my life. my whole life has been money. i was greedy. i want more money. now they come up and they want to give me money.
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i say i don't want it. now i am going to be greedy for the united states. i'm going to take, take, take. [applause] we're going to become rich again. we will become great again. a wonderful woman came up to me. she said i'm going to vote for you. but please don't say you're going to make us rich again. that doesn't sound good. it sounds good to me. we can't be great and lest we make ourselves rich again. we have to make ourselves rich. we are losing all of our jobs to china to japan. the cars coming in by the millions. theos angeles they have largest ships you've ever seen
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with cars. it looked like a nascar track. chase could drive the car as fast as these guys drive off the ship. they come off like you have never seen anything like it. we get nothing. we give them beef. fraction.ny talk about a trade imbalance. you know what they do with the beef, they sent the votes back. they don't even take it. they sent it back again. by that time it is all rotted. they sell it as kobe beef and they charge you 10 times more. the imbalance that we have. everybody talks about the wall. the wall is going to be built folks we're going to have a strong border. [applause]
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who is going to pay for the wall? "mexico!") on tv thee a fox was other day throwing out the f bomb. can you imagine if i did that? i would be up here tonight. wes saying there is no way are going to pay for the you .now what wall i watched the anger. you know why he's angry? no.dy has ever told them nobody ever tells him no. he can't believe it. a guy named trump. he even got the pope after may. the pope was after may. me. i love nevada. i love south carolina. i love new hampshire.
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i promise to the people of new hampshire we will stop the heroine from flowing into this country. they have such a problem. we are going to stop it. here's the story. we are ready to vote in south carolina and i am doing great. say the pope, that his big-league let's face it. is that bigger than brian france, i'm not sure. that just made a big statement about you. this is like eight hours before the election. they said it's really bad. i said this can only happen to may. the pope's hitting me. just before the election in south carolina.
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he didn't like the idea that you are building a wall. wall off the united states from mexico. tremendousunderstand criminal elements are coming in. tremendous drugs are pouring in. people are coming into this country illegally. he doesn't understand. we have to explain it to the pope. the pope corrected the statement the following day. just in time. just in time. that was a close one. .ow i like the pope again ok with this guy fox, i watched the anger in his face. mexico. you tell they have gotten their way. i respect the mexican leaders. is the chinese leaders, the mexican leaders, the japanese leaders, they are too smart for our leaders.
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they are killing us. they do you value our currency. i know the game better than anybody. that new transpacific partnership. it is so bad. the biggest thing they have is devaluation. even covered in the agreement. that is how they beat us. they don't make a great product. they make a good product. excavator buys caterpillar. he sees me fairly recently and he is depressed. happened, is your wife leaving you finally? trouble with be in him when he hears this. hopefully she is not watching. she would know exactly who are talking about. this relationship is going to and. maybe the worst ever seen. i am doing a big favor.
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he said i just ordered a tremendous amount of komatsu equipment. it is good. it is not as good as caterpillar. yen have so devalued the that i only to my family and i were to my company and i would to my employees. i have to do what is right for my company. he bought this komatsu tractors excavators. he was very upset. take a look at caterpillar stock. a lot of bad things are going on. these companies in these countries they do evaluate like grand chess masters. china doesn't best of all. china is killing us. it is the single greatest robbery what china has done to the united states. i love you too darling. the single greatest robbery.
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in the history of the world. china. rebuilt we don't have the right people negotiating for us. we have the best business people in the world here in america. and is going to and folks. folks. i am a commonsense conservative. i am actually very conservative. we are to get rid of obamacare. going to get rid of obamacare. [applause] [applause] ("trump!") we will get rid of common core and our education will be local
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again. i have seen it. common core is a disaster. world, wees in the are last in education. we are number one in costs. we spend so much more the number two you might offer get it. denmark and sweden and china and norway. the united states is number 30. and yet we are number one in costs. that's a lot of cameras. they are always live. stumpnever make the same speech. these other guys go out there and read the same speech. everyone is sleeping. you can't do that if iran on live television every night. it's nice to have that ability.
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you want teleprompter presidency again, do we? [applause] it's too easy. look at what is going on in the world. it will change so fast. we can do things so fast. my campaign, i spend less money than anybody else. and i am by far the front runner. by far. [applause] don, where is he? where is my boy? where is don? come here. my son don and eric and ivanka. my boys working on a big project on pennsylvania avenue. he loves his dad.
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they know i want to be on pennsylvania avenue. administration, i got the most valuable site. the most heavily bid on site in the history of the general services administration. it is called the old post office. it was built in the 1880's. we are converting it into a hotel. one of the best statements they have ever seen. we had a great concept. a super luxury hotel. it will be one of the great hotels of the world. they did the right thing. they chose trump. two years ahead of schedule. going by government schedules. the people at the gsa are terrific people. if they didn't choose me i don't know if i would say that. with over 100ut bidders. all the great hotel companies. and we got it.
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because the statement of because of the concept. don gloves that project. loves that project. they know i want to live on pennsylvania avenue. and if i don't make it to the white house i can still live on pennsylvania avenue. [applause] don: as i've traveled across the is incredible to see the outpouring, the warmth. we are just excited. i love what my father is doing here. he really loves this country. [applause] the family it has given him, the opportunity and has given him. he wants to give back. he could sit back and play golf. he doesn't want to do that.
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wants to put what he has done in business and make it work for you guys. we'll do a phenomenal job. he's going to cut the nonsense. he is going to make america great again. i couldn't be more proud of him. thank you very much. [applause] donald trump: a lot of people ask me to speak on success. people otheressful people with great families. not the most money but the people with the great families. i will interject this between trade and the second amendment, which we will keep and solidify. [applause] it is the people with the great wife was a great husband and the great children who love their children and adore their families, those in
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the happiest people. not the people with the most money. cherish your family because there is nothing more important. now back onto trade. amendment is under siege. christianity is also under siege. i have had tremendous support from pastors. and ministers. i am winning all the evangelicals. if you look at south carolina, ted cruz was supposed to win that. i won in a landslide. i won the evangelical vote. got up andll junior talked about his father. they all go through liberty university.
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the candidates. came out and endorsed me. a really great thing. said i most remind him of his father. he tells the story that in theory jimmy carter should've been endorsed by evangelicals. they loved ronald reagan but jimmy carter was perfect. he was a sunday school teacher who knew the bible. a good person. ronald reagan who was a little bit different. jerry falwell thought ronald reagan would be a better president. he was tougher, he was stronger, he was much more into the military and protecting this country. went out and took a lot of heat. the it and. he endorsed ronald reagan. it turned out to be a great
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decision right? [applause] they don't endorse. they don't get involved. paula and sonynd people, iso many different love the evangelicals and we are going to do good things together. that came up by the way which i think is very important. i was at a meeting with many many pastors and ministers. god bless america. i like to hear that. it is christmas we are going to start saying merry christmas again folks. [applause] you better believe it. did you ever notice the stores
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they will have a red wall and there will be anything on it. i have friends that aren't christians. i am presbyterian. they like saying merry christmas. you go to macy's they don't have merry christmas. we are going to have merry christmas in those stores again. [applause] with 55 or 60ting pastors and ministers. let me ask you a question. how many christians are in this country? people.ured 260 million as a political bloc that is bigger than women and is bigger than men. why is it that we get pushed around? i made the statement about
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muslims. i said we have to do some thing temporarily to find out what is going on. we can't let the syrians come in, we don't know who they are. we don't know where they come from. [applause] we have to figure out what is going on. we have terrorists. paris and los angeles. the event that took place in california. the woman who radicalize the guy. something is going on. you have such power. you are afraid to use it. why is that? during the lyndon johnson administration the power was taken away because they were to lose their tax-exempt status if
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they get a little bit political. you have people that are incredible pastors and ministers and they are strong people and they are afraid to go out and fight for christianity in the true sense of the word. a man or woman on the street has more power than you do and you are a minister. that is something wrong. we are going to work like hell to get rid of that legislation so that you can have your power back. you have to have your power back. we are going to get that done. i don't have this was allowed to happen. the most powerful group of people in this country by far. they are not treated properly. christianity is being destroyed. we are to get it back folks. just remember what i said folks.
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the second amendment is very important those 14 people were killed. if there were guns on the other side of the room. that guy right there, the big guy with a beautiful beard. almost as good a had a hair as i have. better hair. if we had a couple of people in that room. .s an example ("boo!") quiet. get them out.
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thank you. whether you are republican or democrat, we want certain things. we want to have a beautiful family. good safe borders. a strong military. that areo have jobs being taken away from us left and right. there are six or seven things you want to have. freedom of religion. you want to have certain things. you would think that people would all be the same. every once in a while you have that happen. paris is the toughest in the world to have a gun.
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the early ones who have the guns of the bad guys. you have the strongest gun control laws in the world in france. you have these thugs, this garbage. they walk into three or four different places. if we had a few guns firing bullets in the opposite direction, it would not have been that way. [applause] 130 people dead. many people gravely injured. many of whom are going to die. you wouldn't have had seen. will protect that second amendment. it is not going to be touched. [applause] closing, you have to vote. tomorrow is the big day.
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i want georgia to lead the pack. we are going to have a lot of success. i love georgia. i want you to lead the pack if you can. we'll win anymore. we don't win on trade. we don't win at the borders. we don't win with our military. the greatest military in the world. we can even be isis. we are going to knock isis out so fast. [applause] our health care is horrible. highly expensive and it doesn't work. it is going to be terminated. we don't win anything. we don't win with education. you are going to look back on this night and you're going to say in two years or three years years,r years or in 20 this was an amazing evening.
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that was an evening when donald , she stood up and he said will be a great first lady. evening when we really became great again. we are going to win at every single level. with health. with education. at the borders. our military. win [applause] we are going to make america great again. greater than ever before. go out and vote. thank you georgia. we love you.