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tv   Medal of Honor Ceremony  CSPAN  March 1, 2016 3:45am-4:11am EST

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magazine. go and takeed me to pictures of officials in the state of ohio so i had about toen officials that i needed take a photographer around to and get some pictures so i went congressman john kasich's office. he didn't mean any more to me other officials on the piece of paper but i remember we laughed and smiled thehad a good time during photo shoot, went back to my office and a couple of months and it wasone rang congressman kasich who called to the magazineought turned out nicely. i thought that was nice, none of the other men called to tell me came out nicely. i was oblivious. and about a month later he called again and this time he asked me out to lunch and i just -- you know, i'm just out of college. wasn't really aware too much in the political world but i mother and i said this congressman asked me out to said, oh,, and she no. [laughter] she said, you pay no attention
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affairs, you don't know anything going on. what are you going to talk about? get "newsweek" magazine and start reading so to the day she "newsweek"nt me magazine for christmas. but the conversation must have gone all right because here we after 19 years of marriage with two wonderful 16-year-old emma and reese, and we're still laughing and smiling every day so i think things went well and i couldn't be prouder of the man i have watched grow over the last 25 years, from his time in congress as paul mentioned, when he was budget committee chairman and balanced the budget for the time and last time since man walked on the moon. when he was in congress for 18 years serving on the armed services committee, i watched as he detected waste, fraud and abuse, worked to change it, worked to ensure that the weapons we had available to and women in uniform were the weapons they needed at the right place at the right so proud of those efforts that he made and then he
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retired and went into the and i reallyr liked that. that was nice. he worked on wall street. c.e.o.'s.with he spent a lot of time helping people create jobs and learned a lot about what the economy has to do with why companies decide not.d jobs or and that was all wonderful until he looked at me and said, you know, ohio's in a death spiral and i think i'm the one that can oh, hered i thought, we go again. so john ran for governor, defeated an incumbent. inhink for the first time like 36 years that an incumbent was defeated as governor in the state of ohio. and as paul mentioned, turned the economy around. the budget. they've created more than 400,000 private sector jobs since he's been governor and he growth as aonomic means to lift all people, not just those that typically get those as john says live in the shadows, the drug addicted, the developmentally
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disabled, the working poor. he's put policies in place to ensure those people are lifted along with the rest. proud of his efforts. i support his run for president. uniter,e that he is a not a divider and i think the dividingas had enough and needs a man with a visionave going, strong america forward. so thank you. for being thank you for being here to hear my husband, ohio's governor john kasich. and i will appreciate your vote tomorrow. [applause] governor kasich: thank you all, really. i'm so glad you're all here because this is really something to see. seei wanted my family to what it is like here when i'm road. the and i want to tell you, i can't
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plymouth.'re in ok? i have been looking for pilgrims car. i got out of the and we saw one guy, my wife said, he wasn't a pilgrim, he a wash-ashore. you know what that is. you and i'ming at wondering -- what time is it, by the way? what is the time? 4:00. yes, ok, skipper. here?e all these people ok? that's the first thing. but why? know, listen, folks, my mailman.s a he carried mail on his back. ourelivered the mail to home and my wife said, stop hisng that your dad stuck nose into everybody's business. but my father knew everything about everybody on his mail route. celebrate with the families if their kid scored a daughter sang a
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solo, my dad there was with them. when they lost somebody or something, he cried with them. was incredible guy. my mother -- his father was a coal miner. of black lung, losing his eyesight as he got older. the real interesting story about my grandfather is when he would go down into the mine, he would was justguess it unbelievably hard -- and what he up, he felt he would get a good day's pay and they would say i'm sorry, you brought peat, not enough coal and they would give him half he expected to get. you know, total rip-off. no my grandfather had control over what his life -- his life.appening in and people could take advantage of him because he emigrated here and came as a little boy and that's the way we understand it.
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while,'t even, for a weren't even sure if his name was really kasich or if he had name of the family who he traveled with. could barelyother speak english and my mother was -- she was a remarkable woman. she was extremely intelligent and very, very articulate and you with her incisiveness. and i have been telling people on the road, she was a talk show pioneer. when somebody would say something on the radio, she would yell at root to correct them. then she really got into the businessk show radio and one day she was listening to the radio and got very, very excited about this heated debate was going on on the radio and we had two phones in our house. we had one in the kitchen and we had one in the -- up in their bedroom. and my mother got excited about this debate and she went all
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me. the house looking for and the last place she would look would be in her bedroom and she came into the bedroom and i the person on the phone. a i guess that's called foreshadow. the town where i grew up, people of work,mselves out you know, and today there are a americans, they're fed up. are're not sure their jobs secure. they haven't had a wage -- a decent wage increase in an awful long time. bills are going up except their own pay. ad then they've got a son or daughter living up in the attic debts andg college either can't find a job or has a job that underpays. they think about -- they go to the grocery store and scrape and buy and they see somebody on relief and they say that person's buying better than
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somebody'sey think coming across the border and that's why my wages aren't good arethe senior citizens saying they're going to steal my social security and the young betterare saying i got a chance of seeing a u.f.o. than a social security check. and then people are frustrated. frustrated with the way things are. and maybe the time has come to just throw everybody out and over again, ok. understandhat and i that. do you realize that if we do solvewe are not going to our problems. i mean, as frustrating as it gets -- i don't know if you've ever, when you were kids, you chess with your brother or checkers with your sister, really angry and you would think i just -- you just knock all the pieces off the thesboard or knock all pieces off the checkerboard, and game's over.he
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the game is over. anything?complish oh, maybe for a second you kind of felt good about what you did. but the game was never completed. can't have the status quo. but i think what we're lacking country today is vision, toughness, strength and leaders ownare willing to put their political hides at risk for the good of the people that they serve. now, i actually was there when that happened. i don't care what party you're in. democrats, i want you to cross over tomorrow and vote for me. i don't care what your party is. to tell you a story. i labored for 10 years against a republican president, for a
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it, to try to get our budget balanced. why did i want to balance it? first of all, if the budget's not balanced, people who create jobs are going to sit on their they think this debt will whack them in the head and they're not going to invest and thecaught in a bind debt gets rung up, our kids have to pay. there are a couple of reasons do i'll tell you one story. againstfering budgets republican president bush and dan quayle, remember him? hecalled me in one day or called me one day, he said the president's really mad at you because he read quotes in the newspaper about his budget. he's really mad, very angry. know you were misquoted and i said well, actually i wasn't. phone and ip the told him if he wanted to discuss more, we'll talk after business from himer did hear but i called karen and i said the president's really, really me, he's really, really mad at me. how do i get myself into this
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hourse, a couple of later, i got flowers delivered to my desk with a note that the president may be mad at you, but i'm mad about you. knew i had to marry her. [applause] i'm plugging along, plugging along, plugging along and i'm getting my brains beat out in this because i was stepping on everybody's toes. i started to make a little bit more progress and then we had an 1994 andin november of we leak -- elected a whole bunch of people that came to saying that they were committed to change. know, just had -- you we're looking now at this great player steph curry and saying my goodness, we've never seen anything like this, he's doing. we had the patriots and we said for many years, wow, look what they can just win. the determination of winners came to washington and they said
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hese and the determination of winners came to washington. we said we do not care if we ever get electd again. it was a magic time. newt was the speaker before things went downhill. we had a great team on the front line. i was budget chairman. during that period of time i watched politicians not give one single hoot about politics. it does not happen very often. i think we had a chance after 9/11 to have the same thing happen. i think the opportunity was lost. there is a saying in politics. never let an opportunity, when things are trouble go past because there is an opportunity when things barred to be able to strike a lot of things that are good whenever there is a moment of chaos.
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i was there in the 1990's when we got to a balanced budget, paid down half a trillion of the national debt. we cut the capital gains tax. let me remind you as we move into this century which was not that long ago jobs were up, wages were up. families were stronger. people were more optimistic. all because the economy was growing. i've come to learn over the course of my lifetime there are only three things that matter that a politician needs to focus on. their only moral purpose. three things. jobs -- what do you think the second one is? -- jobs. and what do you think the third one is? jobs. because when there are jobs, our families are stronger. our kids are more secure. our neighborhoods are bitter. that's what we needed to focus on. our neighborhoods are better. to balance a budget you step on everybody's toes. you're a farmer a teacher, a student, a senior, you're in the military, you're a
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scientist. it just affects everybody. and if you sit around and put your finger in the air, not just on that issue but on any and you are afraid to lead, get the hell out of that place and go home. okay? get out. [applause] so then i went to ohio. paul mentioned a lot of it. we're up over 400,000 jobs. our credit is strong. we're running a surplus. and if you're mentally ill, drug addicted, the working poor, we're devoting resources to you. if you're developmentally disabled we want to integrate you. if you're a member of the minority community, then we want you to believe that the country works for you and the state of ohio works for you as well. we know what it takes. we know what the formulas are to get us going again. but i am saying to you, if the people in this country and i'm
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just like paul revere, i'm in massachusetts. i'll be like paul rever. if we knock all the pieces off the chess board, if we engage in nothing but negativity, and don't focus on getting the leadership, improving the leadership in that town, we'll drift. and we're not going to be satisfied with where we're going to be drifting to. it's just not going to happen, folks. you can't have some weak-kneed person going in and trying to fix that stuff. that will not work. you have to have somebody that's got the guts, the tenacity, and the experience to get this done, because these kids, even though they don't know it, they're counting on it. and there is no time to be playing a political game with the powerful or the rich or the connected in washington. who gives a hoot? we go there to try to help you. we don't go there to try to suck up to them so that they can be in a position of calling
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the shots. okay? i hope that's why you're here today because i'm going to tell you when i'm elected president of the united states there will be nobody calling the shots. the shots will be called by you and not by a bunch of people in a far away town. [applause] now, a couple other things. a couple other things that i think need to be said. hat are we watching? [laughter] you know, we kind of laugh about it. but we're not electing class president. or class clown. we're picking the president of the united states, the leader of the free world. i want to tell you, folks, there are people that say, you ought to get in there and you ought to start hammering all these people. i would rather lose than
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degrade myself and call people names. [applause] you know, kids are watching this. and they want to believe that their leaders, you know, of all places in plymouth, where we learned about the history of people who had courage, the history of people who were willing to die for what they believed in, i mean, is there a place that has more history, more people who have conscience and courage and guts and willing to sacrifice for the next generation? i don't think there is. there's not a place where it matters even more. so what i would say is, let's
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get through this process. let's keep the faith that at the end of the day a vision, a positive message, and the reality of change and reform can really carry the day. i think it can. i believe at the end it will. or i wouldn't be standing here in this great hall and this great building with all of you here. i would just tell you this before we take questions. i'll do my level best. you see, because when i look into your eyes, i may not be perfect, sir. but i'm going to do my best not to disappoint you. okay? thank you. let's take your questions. [applause] okay. who wants to go first? we want to take some questions. right here, sir.
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yes. >> governor, first of all i want to welcome you back to massachusetts again. pleasure to meet you. >> great. thank. >> there are a lot of us who are very happy that you've taken the high ground in this battle. we hope that you continue that battle. it's a lot more mature than what's going on. we agree with you a hundred percent. i'm a retired firefighter here in the state of massachusetts. i recently donated to your campaign. after i donated to your campaign i got thinking i better find out if my conscience is correct in what i think about you. so i called some relatives in ohio. and i asked them what they thought of you. [laughter] it was good. >> okay. thank you very much for that. >> so being a firefighter, i wanted to know what your plan is to support the firefighters, the police officers, and the teachers, the unions, and the country. but especially fire and police because we're the first line of
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defense when it comes to terrorism and that type of thing domestically. what is your plan on that? >> well, i mean, first of all, we all know why firemen wear red suspenders, right? keep their pants up. i mean, come on. he's never heard that before. [laughter] look. i've had squabbles with police and fire in ohio. i tried to change some of the rules to get people to give more and support their own pensions and their health care. frankly, i think that it was a bridge too far. and i got hammered. okay? i got hammered. you know, i'm a big player. i like to shoot the three. okay? i'm not a guy that says, let's wait till tomorrow. let's go through the debris. but sometimes when you lose you weren't as much as when you win. frankly, i think probably when you lose you get more than what you win. the lessons that you learn. i would tell you that, look.
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everybody loves the police and the fire. you're the ones that are on the highway when we see a terrible car crash. you know, when we hold our breath. i know i do. because my mother and father were killed in a car crash. and so i -- i could just imagine the kinds of things you see on the road. i have highway patrol that travel with me as governor and the things that they tell me about what they see and the door bells they have to ring with the saddest news in the world or the firemen that are willing to rush into some place. you know, i think about 9/11. i went to ground zero very shortly after the attack at 9/11. i had a television show at fox called "heroes" and i went to try to profile the first responders. the things that they did, running up a building that's on fire rather than running out.
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so, sir, i think everybody in this room salutes you. and we need to make sure that at no time either our veterans, our police, our fire, our first responders must be honored in this country, and i honor you for your service and for your work. so thank you for being here. [applause] and, by the way, if you ever go to the new world trade center building, the freedom tower, they have a film. i don't know if any of you have ever seen it but they have a film in there, a short film. when you see that film, you'll always realize what these first responders have meant to us as a nation. there was another hand. yes, sir. right here. we'll go into the crowd here. maybe even take a couple back there. >> thank you, governor. i work with veterans. 22 veterans a day dying by suicide. what is your plan? how do we end it? >> well, i would tell you that, number one, when a veteran --
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when a combat veteran returns to america they should be able to get health care anywhere they want whenever they want it, period, end of story. kay? [applause] >> and, you know, why does it happen? it happens -- why do we see this? because they get so frustrated that they can't get their calls returned. the organization, itself, has to be completely redone. we need to put somebody in charge of the veterans administration who has credibility with the american people. and there's no question in my mind the va needs to be decentralized, broken into smaller parts. and let me tell you, i know the man who is running the va. he is a west point graduate. he loves america as much as anybody. but i think what happens in that job is they go in to change the bureaucracy and the bureaucracy, i don't want to say changes him, but has defeated him in many ways.
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and so it's clear to me we need a wholesale change. secondly, when a veteran is coming home, i believe that we should have the information that that veteran's returning to america and that we need to connect them with the veterans service organization and the job creators, not the job creators but the people who watch the jobs in a state and we need to connect the veteran with the job. because everybody wants to hire a veteran. why? drug free, leadership, flexible, strong. but we don't always do that. you know, the bureaucracy of the pentagon doesn't get the information to the states. we're trying to do this in ohio. i would do it nationally. that the veteran and their family needs to know that when that veteran is home there will be a job opening for them. here's the reason. there are many job openings in this state not filled. there are, i just saw the other day i think there's 186,000 job
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openings in ohio. lots of job openings. no one to fill it. the veterans, they would hire a veteran in a second. and we need to connect them. thirdly, when a veteran comes home, let's say they're in afghanistan and they drive a truck. from kabul to, you know, to anywhere in afghanistan -- to kandahar. okay? where doesn't matter. that when they come home to ohio, they want to get a c.d.l. to drive a truck from columbus to cleveland we don't make them make any test. we give them their license. they're already qualified. thi served in the military. we're not screwing around. here it is. you do what you want. if you're e.m.t. you go to work in the fire department. what, give you tests? you were e.m.t. in the military and we're going to put you through some rigmarole? forget it. we're also saying if you have skills we'll give you credit in college and the community college that acruise to your veteran for free.


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