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tv   Washington This Week  CSPAN  February 20, 2016 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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hillary! clinton: thank you, so much. gratefulhrilled and so to all of my supporters out there. us, but weve doubted never doubted each other. this one is for you. i want to congratulate senator sanders on a hard-fought race here. i want to thank each and every one of you. in every corner of this state with determination and purpose hotel and casino workers who never wavered. [applause] students with too much debt, and small business owners who never go off the clock. tens of thousands of men and
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women with kids to raise, bills to pay, and dreams that will not die. this is your campaign. is a campaign to break down every barrier that holds you back. ofwill build ladders opportunity in their place so that every american can go as far as your hard work can take you. to the thousands of volunteers and organizers who worke dso hdo hard in this state. to the more than 750,000 people who have gone to could,tributed what you the vast majority giving less than $100. and the millions of people across our country, who are supporting our campaign, thank
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you from the bottom of my heart. you, we see you. we are incredibly grateful to you. we are in this together. we look at our country and see so much that is not working the way that it should. we see grandparents forced to choose between paying rent and buying medicine because a prescription drug company has increased prices 5000% overnight. we see african-american families denied mortgages at nearly three times the rate of white families. we see small towns and rural communities hollowed out by lost jobs and hope. we see a rising generation of young people, coming-of-age in a world where opportunity seems out of reach. we see children growing up in poverty, or pain, or fear.
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a brave girl told me how scared she is that her parents could be deported. in south carolina i met kids trying to learn in crumbling classrooms. then there is flint, michigan where children are poisoned by toxic water because the governor to save a little money. americans are right to be angry, that we are also hungry for real solutions. [applause] you have heard, a lot about washington and wall street. we all want to get secret, unaccountable money out of politics. and start with appointing a new justice to the supreme court.
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protect the right of every citizen to vote, not every corporation to buy elections. reetlso agree that wallst can never be allowed to threaten mainstreet again. exective too big to jail, no bank too big to fail. the hopes ando heartaches of hard-working people across america, it is clear that there is much more to be done. the truth is, we are not a single issue country. we need more than a plan for the big banks. the middle class needs a raise and we need more jobs.
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we need jobs that pay well and cannot be outsourced. .obs and provide dignity we can do it with new investments in manufacturing infrastructure, and clean energy , especially here in nevada. [applause] some countries will be the clean energy superpower. probably they will be china, germany, or us. i want it to be us. to makehave to do more it easier for parents to balance work and family. to break down barriers to keep so many people on the sideline of the economy, especially women. don't you think we have waited long enough?
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it is time for equal pay for equal work. you think it is time to face head-on the reality of systemic racism? that is the community that has been left out and left behind? that means reforming our criminal justice system, our immigration system. withing that people disabilities have the same opportunity to work and fully dissipate in our society. it needs to, make sure that nothing holds you back, not d ebt,not discrimination. nobody can get this done alone. theeven the president of united states. it has got to be the mission of our entire nation.
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we all have to do our part. let me say this to the men and women who run our country's corporations. if you cheat your employees, exploit consumers, pollute the environment, or ripoff taxpayers, we will hold you accountable. if you do the right thing, and invest in your workers and contribute to communities, we will stand with you and go into the future together. we will need more jobs and more opportunities. i know what you're up against. if you left college with a ton of loans, it is not enough to make college more affordable. you need help with the debt that you already have.
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planis why that i have a to cut your interest rates and cap payments so you never need to pay more than you can afford. this. you to think about it cannot be just about what we are going to give to you. we're to be about what going to build together. generation is the most tolerant and connected that our country has ever seen. we willays ahead, propose new ways for more americans to get involved in national service and give back to our communities. everyone of us has a role to play in building the future that we want. washington is never going to have all the answers. for every problem that we face, somewhere, someone in america is
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solving it. we need you to be part of that exciting journey. we need the community activist who decides to run for school board. the entrepreneur who stays and builds instead of leaving a hometown that has seen better days. the millions of teachers, nurses, police officers, and firefighters who get up every day and do quiet, heroic work to make our country a safer place. it will take each of us working together, growing together, looking out for one another, and lifting each other up. there is a basic truth about america. it is something that bill and i have been the than officio race beneficiaries of, and can only hope to live up to. when each and every american has
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the chance to live up to your potential, too. when noif tomorrow, child grows up in the shadow of discrimination, or under the specter of deportation. every child in every zip code gets the education that he or she needs or deserves. child canere every find a good job and every parent or grandparent can enjoy good retirement. where big businesses play by the rules and give more back to the country that has given them so much. where hard work is honored, families are supported, and communities are strong. with your help, that is the tomorrow that we will build for our country. go to or text t now.o 47246 righ
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let's do this together. [applause] i am on my way to texas. bill is on his way to colorado. the fight goes on. the future that we want is within our grasp. thank you all, god bless you! [applause]
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state,er secretary of democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton declaring victory in the nevada caucuses winning with just over 52% of the vote compared to 47.5% for senator sanders with 83% reporting. our phone lines are open. 202-748-8921 for republicans. for democrats 202-748-8920. if you are an independent, 202-748-8922. polls in south carolina have been closed for the last 13 minutes and we will begin to get those numbers within the hour. it is a tight three-way race between donald trump, senator rubio and senator cruz. will get the actual numbers again within the next hour.
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speechestuated with from the candidates. we heard from senator sanders in henderson, nevada. henderson is just outside of las vegas. clark county accounts for 75% of the democratic vote. let's get to your phone calls. roger is joining us from arizona . good evening to you, sir. believei just do not that they have called the nevada caucuses with 83% of the reported vote in. that leaves an awful lot of voters uncounted. host: what they are looking to is the trend in the demographics
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and where hillary clinton was able to win, certainly in the las vegas area, and the vote totals still to come from elco and reno, nevada. these numbers have been pretty consistent. 4% for then up 3% to now we areurs, and seeing some of the results from south carolina as well. caller: well, i'm sure that you guys are confident in that, but it irritates me because i am sanders or bernie not going to vote at all because i do not like hillary clinton, at all. the point of it is, i was hoping to see 100% of the vote. senator sanders has already conceded the race, i should point out. he called hillary clinton to congratulate her on the victory in the data. caller: all right, thank you so
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much. host: roger, thank you for the call from arizona. diego is joining us from san antonio, texas. i wanted to comment on something that a lady said earlier. is aentioned that hillary person who can do a man's job. i think it is quite ignorant to believe that we should vote for a person based on their gender. it is not a question of whether a woman can do the job, but who can do the job right. i think it would be smarter to based on whatne the record is rather than, "they woman, i should vote for them." host: thank you for the call. democrat line, good evening
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margaret. caller: i truly believe that mrs. clinton can do any job. she is more educated than those who are there. i still hope that everybody votes for her. female, i truly want to see her there. i voted for her back then. i went ahead and voted for who is there now and i truly want to see her there. and stands qualified for a lot of the stuff that i too stand for. host: joining us on the phone is michelle rundell covering the story for the associated press. now that more than three quarters of the results have come in, thank you for being with us to add some perspective. guest: thank you for having me. host: give us a sense of what you saw through the course of the day as we saw it unfold.
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precinct in at a -- it was areas pretty hispanic area. andction of clark county las vegas county. what i saw at the precinct that i was at was that divide between the younger generation and their parents. that about two thirds of my precinct went to hillary, one third went to bernie. all of the bernie supporters are young kids in their teens and 20's. moms and older family members are on the hillary side. the hillary campaign was very organized and getting all of their supporters shirts,
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stickers, providing food for caucus-goers. then the bernie supporters have some buttons, but they do not have many of the things that come with a strong clinton organization. based on our conversations with the bernie campaign, they scrambled after a narrow loss in iowa and a huge win in the new hampshire primary and tried to move people to nevada to organize relatively quickly. the polls a month ago showed hillary clinton had a strongly sometimes up by 30 percentage points. she was closer than initially accepted a few weeks ago. my question is, what happened? influx ofsaw the bernie staff and supporters. i think that a lot of people in the past few weeks, especially
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watching what happened in the other states and seeing that bernie had a chance, you did see a lot of voters turned toward bernie supporters. at the same time, clinton really didn't let up. she packed her schedule and casinos with great workers and surprised businesses. a rigorous schedule. a real emphasis on the latino vote. i think what you are seeing among hillary supporters is a lot of loyalty. that was too much for the sanders operation to overcome. host: in looking at the results, and i should point out we have them on our website, hillary clinton essentially mirroring
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what happened in clark county in 2008. her win tonight in clark county which is the las vegas area. that really propelled her victory across the state of development because she won by such a healthy margin. for hillary, clark county is her stronghold. a lot of folks there are loyal to bill and hillary. sanders didg that win in other areas and seemed to have one the reno area. rural's, we were seeing a slightly for sanders. clark county is where the bulk of the vote is. host: we want to welcome our c-span radio audience. the results from the nevada
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caucuses with hillary clinton to caring -- declaring victory tonight. senator sanders called her earlier this evening to congratulate her on a narrow win. he will be in greenville, south carolina tomorrow. storyle, what is the coming out of these caucuses tonight? with the republicans, things are more unsettled. we are all watching south carolina to see how that goes and if there are any dropouts. strong there's organization for cruise -- for ted cruz, rubio and tromp. -- trump. seen that it can reward
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candidates who have made a vast amount of ground but when trump is polling so high, it is unclear how much of a difference it will make. host: do you know the turnout for the democratic caucuses? guest: we are learning it is about 80,000 which is below 2008 when we had obama and hillary. some people are blaming the lower turnout on the culinary union not endorsing this time. last time they chose obama. this time they stayed out of the fray and are focusing on their own negotiations with the casinos. they are not mobilizing their workers in the same way as 2008. that may be part of the reason why you're seeing a lower turnout. host: the reason why there is the democratic caucus is because of the senate democratic leader harry reid.
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what behind-the-scenes world did he play today? guest: harry reid has stayed neutral, publicly. will and/or's in the coming days after the result of endorse in the coming days after the result of this caucus. there was a move to him change nevada to the primary and he was behind the scenes and 2016. caucus forit the that to him. it could have been different this year. host: back to my earlier question, what is the story? what is your headline for the associated press? i think that the hillary organization won today. i think you saw the team that
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has spent the most time here, invested the most resources and really done the most events. they were the one that one tonight. people that put in all that work are feeling the fruits of their labor tonight. host: michelle's work is available online on the associated press. thank you for joining us from las vegas with the results from the event caucuses. our phone lines are open. 202-748-8921 the line for republicans. 202-748-8920 for democrats. will hear from you through the course of the evening and we will hear from the candidate. sal is joining us. you can register same day in nevada, did you participate in the caucuses today? caller: i did not. i have been out in nevada.
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actually i am a transplant from the east coast. but i am very actively involved in the party. i was on the east coast for a while over the last month or so so i did not take the time to caucus but i was definitely watching to see what would happen. i will not say my last name because i am the ceo of a tech company, but secretary clinton has finally narrowed down the field enough for me personally that she definitely gets my vote. she can definitely go to the white house, and it is time that everybody buckles down as a party. i think she can beat anyone on the republican side. i'm very happy about the turnout and i think it is a sign for what she will be able to do in general. what she said but tech companies and entrepreneurs is important to us because we are a tech
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company and a solar company. the fact that she made an "mid to solar power was hooked, line, and sinker for us. i feel like there was some disenfranchisement in the democratic party and they need to address this. i would like to see secretary clinton address it as well. the fact that members of the democratic party and the orthodox jews were dis enfranchised because of the sabbath. there was a time when we can have a later caucus to accommodate that and it was not done this year. these are not primaries, they are caucuses, so they are run by the party, but with bernie sanders being one of the first viable jewish candidates, that margin might be a little different. supporter,a hillary but i think we have to be very "d."cratic with a little
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host: these are delicates going to the -- delegates going to the statewide convention. about 80,000 people actually participating, but unlike the republican caucus it is not a straw vote. nevada will award 43 delicates and three alternates. we will be there live with gavel to gavel coverage. the percent is a percent going to bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you are seeing the actual rot numbers from the associated press with donald trump leading in south carolina. there is a tweet from jeff miles who says it seems that donald trump can do no wrong in the mind of gop voters. david from greenville, south carolina. all of the attention next week for your party. caller: we are very excited.
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i am a proud hillary supporter, but today i chose to vote in the republican primary because it frightens me to hear what these leading three candidates have planned for our country. hillary is the only one who has a clear plan forward. i'm looking forward to see her continue to do great things. host: let's go to stephen from east greenwich, rhode island. you are on the air. caller: the reason that i i am a donald trump -- first amendment right attorney and i am extremely upset with what apple has done on the balancing of national security versus spree p -- free speech and the right to privacy. i find it abominable. i am familiar with what mrs. clinton -- she had problems with vince foster, benghazi, the
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server. i'm not going to over i don't like what ted cruz due to bernie sanders. my unequivocal support is with donald trump. can get the he nomination and win in november? my ambivalence is that i think he has leveled out at 33 or 35 percent of the vote among republicans. i think he can get some independence and some democrats to go with him. i think he can beat hillary clinton. i said to one of my constituents that if it looks like rubio will win i honestly believe that donald trump will go third party. many my friends in the law.


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