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tv   Washington Journal  CSPAN  January 30, 2016 7:00am-10:01am EST

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in texas. harkin of iowa talks about his support for hillary clinton. caller: i have a short statement we will take your calls. at a question. basically, i have not made up my you can join the conversation on mind about who i will vote for. facebook and twitter. one person has been eliminated, "washington journal" is next. ♪ and that is hillary, of course. she released the statement wanting all the e-mails host: good morning. released, knowing they cannot be, so that is a mute point. it is saturday, january 30, 2016 my question for tim is concerning executive orders. . i know there are cases where 2 days from the start of the that is needed, but when it presidential election season. "washingtonhe host comes to altering the cause attrition, i feel that is wrong. journal. i want to know what you think about that. we will focus on your phone guest: i basically agree with calls with the ads the campaign what you just said. has issued. if there is a place for we will hear from guests in executive orders, they have been iowa. used by presidents of both you about somell parties, and there is a role for of our live coverage today on executive orders. c-span of campaign events in iowa. .er democrats, (202) 748-8000 i think this president has overused them, and the way in
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for republicans, (202) 748-8001. which they have been used has broad. ro for independence and others, (202) 748-8002. senator rubio has said the executive orders on immigration we have set aside a line for iowa voters. that is (202) 748-8003. that the president has issued, that he will undo immediately. you can join the conversation online as well. i think all of those executive orders will be re-examined. our twitter handle, send us a cspanwj. i think you are on target on that. we will get to your calls there is a place for executive shortly. we will first talk about presidential candidate hillary orders, but they can be abuse, and i think they have been. brother, former clinton with news made out of washington yesterday at a state arkansas governor, supporting mike huckabee. department briefing. here is the newspaper version. is there any family friction going on at family gatherings over that? guest: i respect him for his a headline online. we will reach some of that. loyalty to governor huckabee, the state department said it and totally understand that. would launch its own i have looked at the field, i investigation into whether top-secret information on think it is a lot different
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hillary clinton's e-mail server was classified at the time it challenges and threats that we had eight years ago. was sent or received. a dramatic reversal days before as i look at the field, i think the democratic front-runner these new challenges, new threats, we need a new faces the first nominating generation of leadership. contest. john kirby said 22 documents senator rubio offers that. no tension in the family. containing highly classified host: thanks for being here. information will be excluded from the release of ms. guest: thank you, bill. will have more from clinton's archive. 1300 of her e-mails have been redacted with portions blocked out due to the presence of classified information. this is the first example of e-mails being entirely withheld. iowa in a moment. we will be joined by the winner the first time state of the 1992 iowa democratic caucus. he is supporting hillary clinton. we will ask him why. department officials have said they have concerns about the classification level of some of the information on mrs. before that, a look at the campaigns and the gun rights clinton's servers. issue. >> we are just north of the we will look at one of the many stories in today's "des moines register." with two members a voter looks like she will vote of the liars club. for hillary clinton. she is 102 years old. roy jones, do you talk much that is from desm
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about the politics of guns when you meet for the buyers club? -- liars club? she is 102 years old of pleasant >> we do. hill and will vote in her 20th >> what does the conversation come down to? presidential election. >> gun rights. she hopes to vote for hillary clinton, whom she considers one having ammunition in the home. each one of us, members of the of the best candidates she has ever seen. liars club, have multiple guns. we will try to show you as many we are not limited at any point in time with what we hold. of the latest campaign ads from the candidates and campaigns as they come out. here's the latest from the hillary clinton campaign. [video clip] >> what do you think this >> one area i have been election means for gun owners like yourself? it depends on who gets interested in is children. >> all of us have a elected in the end. responsibility to ourselves, our i think they all have a children, each other. intend to be sure everyone different agenda. it is not just guns. we cannot remember to just talk in this room and child in this state is somebody. >> no matter where they are about guns. there are other things as well. warned, to whom they are born, our children's future is shaped >> what are the other issues that are important to you this by the value of their parents election? >> the economy.
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and the policies of their nation. it is time to protect the we were lucky. next generation. fill the lives of our children with possibility and hope. doors so every child we could save some money so we could come to this. >> have you picked a candidate has a chance to live up to his in this election? or her god-given potential. >> i have. >> i have spent my life fighting >> who is that? >> rubio. >> why? for children, families, our .> is not just guns country, and i am not stopping now. [applause] i am hillary clinton, and i he has other things, i think he will do a great job with. the economy. the isis thing. have always approved this message. host: the latest from the hillary clinton campaign. (202) 748-8000 for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. (202) 748-8002 for independen picked aave you candidate? ts. >> no, i have not. iowa, (202) 748-8002. >> what will come down to? >> health insurance. 2 days until the iowa caucuses. gun control. the tear from dave. the economy. good morning. caller: good morning. host: you are on the air. what their background are. their specific background in
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.eing an experienced politician caller: i want to know what it will take for the american people to apply logic. realis someone who has i don't really care of my politicians can shoot or not. >> what do you mean by that? systems and plans behind them as well as a proven record, not sensational, like the >> the politicians have to go to the table with people from other worlds. they can't put a gun to their current front runner on the republican side. head and tell them what to do. host: really do say on the republican side fits that no? they have to be able to negotiate and have experience to have a foreign policy, in my caller: someone who has run something before. someone who has had experience opinion. in their life. >> "washington journal" continues. doeone who used to host: joining us from our studio in des moines is former senator something, maybe sensational, to get up to the donald trump level and winner of the 1992 iowa for someone to pay attention. democratic caucuses, senator tom i think people should listen to john kasich. harkin. said her, good morning. chris christie seems very senator, good morning. logical in a lot of instances. someone who has run something two days ahead of the iowa before. caucus, what does it feel like? i do not see why we cannot look at the field to see who can make what is the emotion for you? their way with government as it well, a motion is running is.
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high. it feels like we have been of newsby an army host: we are focusing a lot of attention on iowa. by the time the primaries come to virginia, who do you hope to vote for? caller: i hope john kasich is on the ticket. and that he is the front-runner people all over -- from all over by the time it gets sorted out. the globe here in iowa. there is a flurry of activity going on all over the state of iowa. former president bill clinton is as americans, i watch c-span a here, of course, campaigning lot, but i am afraid that with the variety of things on with hillary. there is a lot of activity, a television that they are there lot of excitement. host: you are supporting the because people are watching them . i'm not sure enough people are hillary clinton campaign, why is that? guest: i am. being enough attention for us to i came out for hillary last make a difference -- to get someone elected that could do us summer. i'm supporting her strongly, both my wife and i are. good rather than someone who has i have known hillary since 1991. created soundbites for media attention. if that is what wins, maybe a which he was in the senate, we were in the same committee movie star should be up there. independenty on the together. i saw how well she works, not only with us, but with line for waldorf, maryland. republicans, and meaningful caller: how are you doing? host: fine. legislation. caller: i wanted to comment on
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the e-mails. then, i watched her as she these e-mails, that she had on brought america back up in the eyes of the world as secretary of state, especially when she her server, they say that they went around the globe, talking .ill reclassify them as secret about getting girls and women to be more part of the economic that is what she is trying to tell the american people. structure, social structure of --n the e-mails are led out, countries. you cannot imagine the impact hillary has had globally on let out, they cannot become top-secret after they have been let out into the public. saysther one is that she women's rights, and getting la girls enthused about getting educated and not being channeled ttled, as they are she wants to have everything released. moreieve that she has done in using her position to gain in many parts of the world. for her foundation and all of hillary clinton is one of the in those e-mails. most trustworthy, competent people i have ever worked i think that is what the fbi is with. she is best qualified to step investigating. into the oval office on day one anyway, i think it is a shame -- but anybody i have probably seen in my lifetime. i feel sorry for anybody who host: you have another colleague
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still supports her. thanks. running in bernie sanders. there is a conversation with you that says part of his popularity is that he is new. how does secretary hillary excitement into the host: talking about the story that has been generated by the announced yesterday by the state department, it has thrown a said his campaign? guest: when i said that burning wrinkle into the campaign two days before the iowa caucuses. john kirby talked about those with new -- as you can imagine, classified e-mails at yesterday's briefing. [video clip] >> i can confirm that the state department will be denying in bernie is a great friend of mine, both he and his wife, jane full 7 e-mail chains found in 22 , wonderful friends. we served on the same committee documents representing 37 pages. in the senate. the documents are being upgraded when i said he was new, he is new on the national scene. at the request of the new -- he has been in intelligence community because contain a category of top-secret information. congress 25 years, or 26 years, something like that. they were not marked classified at the time they were sent. on the national scene, he is we have worked closely with our new. he has a strong persona. interagency partners hear the dialogue is how the process is no doubt about that. he has tapped into the underlying apprehension of supposed to work. people all over america that the middle class is deteriorating. as to whether they were classified at the time they were sent, the state department is hillary has been on that too.
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for the last 15-20 years, the focusing if they should be classified today. focusing on classified if they , for 15ng press have will be focused on by years at least, then accusing the state department. the e-mails will not be produced hillary of everything with lies, online. i do not need to remind many of falsifications. you that in response to a not unusual to that takes its toll after a deny or withhold a document in speak toiot i will not while. it is easier to get a negative out in social media than a positive. the content of these documents. these people heard all this bad i understand there is curiosity. stuff, but they have not heard i will not speak to the contents sanders.about bernie of this e-mail traffic. host: john kirby. that briefing available on through all of this, if anyone response from the hillary watched hillary clinton in front clinton campaign written in the wall street journal. of the benghazi committee, that the clinton campaign has long that shed my feeling said that the documents did not contain anything classified. it is a bureaucratic struggle is the best person to be president of the united states. host: our guest is tom harkin. between different agencies. (202) 748-8000 the number to
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they say, we understand these call for democrats. (202) 748-8001 for republicans. e-mails were originated on the (202) 745-8002 for all others. unclassified system before they were shared with mrs. clinton and have remained on the isept for iowa voters, that unclassified system for years. (202) 748-8003, a special line in one case the e-mails involved information from a publish news set aside. article says a campaign flashback toplay a spokesperson. it appears to be overclassification run amok. about the iowa caucuses 1992 and hear what you had to say after hearing yourself some two days away, as the start of 24 years ago. take a listen. an all politics weekend on c-span. we look forward to your calls [video clip] and comments on twitter, we are @cspanwj. to see last year who had the highest opposition to policies.h's edwin says, this has been the longest election period and it guess who was number one. has worn thin. tom harkin from iowa. in fort lauderdale, good i'm proud of it. morning. i've had a record of not only opposing him, but a solid record caller: good morning. i would like to comment on the over 17 years, fighting for the working people of iowa, and this ad mrs. clinton did
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country. sticking up for the little involving children. i have heard her say recently person, the family fathers, the student, the elders. about the potential of every making sure the government works child in america and that she not just for the rich and will work to ensure that that is powerful, but the ordinary hard-working people of this realized. country. that has been my record, and i'm proud of it. however, she is endorsed by host: what do you think about planned parenthood. her record in the senate and all what you just heard there? guest: do we have to go through of her political career has been in favor of the version. that? [laughter] it is interesting what i -- of abortion. i hope the voters of iowa and just said because i saw a clip the other day. the nation realize that she is speaking with a forked tongue. tom brokaw was here. there is an institute in des that is why her reputation is so .ad regarding mistrust moines called the harkin institute of public policy at a lot of people think that she is a liar. drake university. disgusting-- it is we do policy research. tom brokaw was up speaking to some of the students at the the way she is handling that issue of life. institute. they played a clip of the first a republican on debate i had in 1991 with then line. andrnor bill clinton, you talked about trust. who is the candidate that you trust on the republican side? caller: i agree with the other others. tom brokaw had the first caller. i like john kasich. question to me about what
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chris christie i thought did a motivated me to run for wonderful job in the debate. president. i was talking about the erosion butally have not finalized, of the middle-class, the stagnation of wages, and how the i am leaning strongly to john country was separating to the kasich. host: eddie on the democrats rich and poor. here we are, 20-20 five years line from pennsylvania. welcome. caller: how are you doing? later, and we're still talking host: doing fine. about this. those problems have gotten caller: i would like to say worse, not better. think, had back, i about bernie sanders. he is a great man, but i do not we attacked those problems at he can put up to what the the time, maybe we would have a stronger middle-class in america. that is what hillary clinton is republicans will put him up against. all about -- rebuilding a viable we need hillary. middle-class in america. bernie is not strong enough. that is why i am supporting her bernie is great, but the as president. host: robert isn't arkansas -- republicans will destroy him. what could hillary is in arkansas. go ahead. caller: i'm a lifelong democrat clinton's campaign, learning from what you like about bernie sanders' campaign -- because i want to solve the
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cannot to be honest, you problems. have a republican in office, period. my question is, with response to they're all about distraction. donald trump, how tall will we built the wall? republicans are not concerned about what is going on in the united states of america. they are concerned about isis and other countries. was that just an appeasement to democrats are more concerned about the people in america. tell people we would do if you look at the republican something. subsidizentime, we party -- in michigan they are poisoning the waters. the republican governor is poisoning the water. businessmen's lunches, donald lunches. the republicans want to scare us to death. if we subsidize anybody, it no. we need a party in the white should be the same amount. most necessary to me is when house that will be concerned in thehat is going on they debated the affordable they areare act -- united states of america. republicans do not have anything to run on. what do they do? talking about the group of people who do not have that much they talk about what is going on in other countries. it is a distraction. money. to them, that is calling get
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socialism. for the very guys debating the host: here's where things stand bill, they are making way over according to real clear politics in their poll. $2000 a year. this was updated on the 27th. if we cannot provide health care the real clear average as for everyone, how much should a hillary clinton at 47%. person working for a partisan bernie sanders at 4.3%. 2.5.ead of nonprofit, the federal government, or anywhere where we i'm not sure they will not update those numbers sometime subsidize money, how much should this weekend. they make a year before those let's go to our independent line. good morning. subsidies stop? caller: good morning. bring this into perspective. obama isled with the the are picking on the lesser groups what we are letting the richer have the benefits. host: we will hear from senator sending a woman to negotiate harkin. with muslim countries. thank you. fingerrobert has put his they do not let women drive. why would you send a woman to on this. negotiate with muslim countries? i've always thought, in america, we have socialism for the rich. the rest are left out. can you name anything that hillary clinton did as secretary he focused mostly on health of state and eight years? i will care. take anything. i was in the senate.
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i chaired the health committee record, toabout her in the senate when we put the affordable care act through. it is working. the number of people who are you, would disqualify her from the presidency? uninsured has been cut in half since we passed that. caller: can you name anything that she did? more more people are cover that i will accept anything. had pre-existing conditions, can you name one thing she did the secretary of state? especially people with disabilities, the i worked so hard on in the past. name one thing. name one thing that joe biden your question is more how do we did in 8 years? ensure that every american is covered and has good health host: we will leave that open to another caller. i republican line. care. the formal care act will do caller: good morning. that. we need to lower co-pays and how are you? host: doing fine, thank you. caller: at to tell you something deductibles for people in this country. very important. those are some minor fixes that need to be made. hillary clinton has talked about that. they are all playing games. she has a plan to do that. that is the kind of approach i commoncalling in have no support. to expand the affordable care sense. the only way you can have common act so that no one is left out.
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you cannot be a democrat host: you raised some of your or republican -- you have to be an american first. concerns in an interview with with common sense, it would go "the hill." on as usual. see lawer in hindsight one guy comes up. was made overly complicated. he does not have to do anything. donald trump. i know the guy. he is fantastic and will do what he wants to do. so -- host: all right. host: you talked about the fixes is that it? caller: the whole idea is that you would recommend to senator to do this over clinton. that it is at republican congress, how likely and over again. are any of those fixes to get through? guest: i may have missed smoke then they want to be reelected. they are lying. and a bit about not doing before you hang up, i want to senator -- i used to say, anything. i was correct, and i stand by that, there were things we could have done to simplify it to make why are you lying to the people? it better. one i fought very hard for, but do know it is answer was? we did not get it. that was the public option.
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what do i care? you could have the private plans if they are stupid enough to vote for me, what do i care? ask? what senator did you out there, but it's someone opted for another option, they caller: he passed away. could have done that. i thought that would have set up a good dynamic so that you could i have been with him for 20 have the public option, cheaper years. i give him credit. in price, and the private he was telling me the honest truth. making impactrump option, may be more expensive, but with more benefits. the tube would balance off. the public option would be among union voters according to "the new york times." cheaper, to keep prices in .nion leaders are wary of trump check. the private option would have of all the voters that might be expected to resist the charms of more options. our opportunity to do donald trump, the service members international union would be near the top of the list. that. i know that hillary clinton is the union endorsed hillary for the public option. and is in november we will try to get that again in the future. regarded as one of the most progressive. again, when hillary clinton is elected president, congress will roughly the opposite of a trump change somewhat. rally. the president of the union i'm not so certain there will be an absolute republican congress -- house or senate -- the senate acknowledged mr. trump holds appeal even for some of her may turn.
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members. the house mr. republican. "there is deep economic anxiety id, when he leaves among our members and the people were trying to organize our tapping in to donald trump's message." is notear that mr. trump , and hillary as president, moving towards streamlining the affordable care act, and acting effectively countered has drawn to control drug prices, and to an unusually large number of union voters in a matchup. cut down on co-pays and (202) 748-8000, democrats. vegetables, and to put in the , republicans. you might see a- ndents.48-8002, indepe surprising shift in the congress. that will be very popular among people. congressman want to be reelected, you know. (202) 748-8003, iowa voters. i still have hopes we can do this. host: here is pennsylvania, host: let me start by saying -- republican line, james, good toler: let me say i'm happy morning. caller: my question for senator harkin is concerning hillary pay my time warner bill every integrity. month because i get all three c-span channels. host: thank you for the promotion. caller: the reason i am calling when she took $100,000 entered
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-- what she engaged in is that last summer i knew that joe biden would not go through the process of running, because i had a suspicion they would want to draft him as a result of taking a fried or money the clinton e-mail scandal. seehe last two weeks, i laundering, or both? would you explain why you felt obama starting to endorse hillary. for the integrity of someone who does not seem to have any. i believe he is such a shrewd politician he would be in the up, how the records turned position to say, i was going to adopt her until my justice to apartment -- justice department in the white house, when she was there. wrote this through. guest: again, this is part of of i think that it is poetic justice, or a case of karma, when hillary clinton got started and, innuendos that have come .ut against hillary in politics bringing down richard nixon in watergate when we had tape recorders. i don't know anything about it is poetic justice she is looking at the same dilemma cattle futures, or anything like that. richard nixon was looking at. host: thank you for the mention you about on c-span. not one classified e-mail was sent or received under that he talks about all three server. later on, they classified some
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networks. president obama's, turning the items. in fact, those of us who have page on politics. our book programming is underway served in washington, or the on c-span2. military, as i did, know that books by presidential candidates the classifier start stamping typically do not fly off of the shelves, though there have in them -- runfrom a from exceptions, including books by carson.rump and ben bernie sanders' big crowds have mok. a not driven sales. donald trump, 178,000 and 12-weeks on the market. hillary has said from the get go that she wants all the e-mails made public. carson, 200-4000. again, not one classify e-mail bernie sanders, from september was sent or received on the server. of 2015, 6500 books. wasndly,: pal, when he toeminder that we talked secretary of state had his own private e-mail account as well. no one seems to be talking about carlos lozano, a nonfiction that. editor of the washington post for their book section on our thisado about nothing, e-mail stuff. q&a program the week before last. you can find that online on an hour-long it is i suspect the reason they are doing this is because they have always suspected that she would run for president, and could be
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conversation. back to your calls about the iowa caucuses. elected president. democratsna on our if they could tarnish her enough, they could prevent that from happening. line. couple ofenue a morning -- --talking comments. i cannot recall hillary clinton saying that she was for about this e-mail thing, as though it is a criminal activity, and all this stuff. abortion. i recall that she wants to a poll drove the weight -- roe v. no, it is not because they were not classified when they were on the server, they were classified wade, which gives women a right .o their reproductive system later. host: let's go to michigan, and also people who believe everything that politicians say brian. caller: that is blowing a little -- they are politicians. they stretch the truth. smoke there. when you talk about classified i want you to know that i information, whether this secret, not secret, top secret, canceled my cable, but i listen to "washington journal" every or above. morning on the internet. this is ridiculous. theve to listem to she thinks she is above things. different opinions people have. getting down to the heart of the matter. ofhave had many hours often i do not agree because i
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am a democrat and i know a lot of republicans and independents testimony over benghazi. in libya offliving off call. i cannot do anything about the caucuses in iowa, but i would want hillary for president. the coast. where was hillary and the president on the night of thank you for c-span. host: thank you for watching or benghazi. you will say, we have studied listening. we go to the independents line. no, there is no hello. caller: good morning, sir. timeline. the last conversation between i have a question. the president and hillary was to have the legal 10:30 at night, and that was the end of it. we need to know what went on in benghazi because it does matter. server, why are we combing host: go ahead, senator. guest: anyone who watched the e-mails? why not take action and just put her in jail? benghazi hearings, as they were the e-mailsoing to called, and saw hillary sit if it is illegal to have the there for 11 hours, and answer server to begin with? .ost: tim is next everything oh question they throughout her -- threw at he is in michigan. republican line. caller: good morning.
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at who theou look spokeow that she democrats have put up, you have truthfully. hillary clinton -- who is under she left with her head held high, and her integrity intact. major fbi investigation. in the state department, they have security branches. this is not a joke. she has said repeatedly that it the campaign is saying that it in the security branch is a political witch hunt. i do not believe it is. charge of that. they were reporting to her. inthose need to be changed you have others saying that others have had or is no the future, ok, we can look at that. e-mails. they did not have personal somehow, to accuse hillary of servers, her own server. being complicit in the murder, that is the issue. the death of one of her close on friday, they said there's so much classified information they friends, and a good american cannot release that was on her server, that was huge. diplomat, is just beyond the i cannot believe a person the pale. host: what about her broader democrats have put up is running foreign-policy experience? for president who is under major a tweet says, hillary has caused fbi investigation. more damage in the middle east than any other six people second, they put up a combined. .4-year-old devout socialist that serves her if you go back and read and
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as president? guest: i am not an expert on the understand bernie sanders and do research, in his college days and his days in early vermont, middle east. i will be the first to tell you all of the organizations he that. from my vantage point in the belonged to were part of communist-held roots. senate and the appropriations committee that funds the state he has that believe. department, i can tell you that her tenure as secretary of state democratic best the rebuilds the image of america party can put up. around the globe. i think that by the time a devout socialist and a person president bush -- the second under fbi investigation. the country can do better. president bush -- left office, that is not the party of jfk. even bill clinton was a our standing around the world moderate. was very low. right-wingbout her work with girls, republican extremists? raising them up, it had ever there is extremism on the found effect changing the attitudes of around the globe on democratic side. host: two days from the iowa america. now, our standing as much caucuses. (202) 748-8003 is the number for stronger. iowa voters. donald trump will not ruin it. i don't think he will. phenomenon.ssing we are joined by james lynch, a political writer for the gazette
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she has showed that she can in cedar rapids great he is foreign joining us for a look at the caucus, it 2 days out. the reports have more interest relations. she has contacts all around the world. host: of view from the other in registration, people getting registered to be a part of the side on twitter. john tweeps, hillary clinton caucuses on monday. caller: there is interest, no has, for more than 30 years in public service, calmly and doubt about it. resolutely injured torrents of as we get to the final phase, vicious irrational attacks. people are ready to caucus. some are ready for it to be karen.a, democrats line, caller: first of all, thank you over. the secretary of state released numbers that shows that to c-span for having folks on the show that no washington. registration has grown in the past month. just talking to the i think it is very easy to have a candidate on the stage that has never set foot on the senate chairman of the republican party yesterday at a campaign event. the measures of floor, to make criticism about how washington works. interest that they see is people calling to ask about the caucus. anybody like trump, christie, who have not set foot in washington, they have no opinion signs are that there is for me. i am a hillary clinton supporter
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interest. at the same time, they are not because i think she has done the sure what the turnout will be. job. i find it offensive that people if it will exceed the records would pick and choose parts of her career to wage a campaign said in previous caucus cycles. against her presidency. the gop chairman is confident with congress,st that they will see a record. and who can work best in the democrats do not think it is foreign-policy. as likely that they will see the numbers in 2008 where you had bernie sanders -- clinton and obama competing. here are the numbers from getmber, you cannot the iowa secretary of state, tweeting the numbers and changes to the party in january. anything done in washington democrats to republicans, 924. without congress going through appropriate approval. democrats to republicans -- in,ink hillary has put work republicans to democrats, 640. i think she can bring congress democrat, 1960. together. the same thing with the world. up ink we get all caught it could indicate the nailbiter between mitt romney and rick the soundbites, instead of santorum. looking at reality.
7:27 am
areconditions on the ground the reality is this is about who will make the biggest difference. she has my support because she that citizens and registered has earned it. voters, are they largely the same? caller: the same as 2012? not whostart looking at it is hard to say. the field is so big. he is popular, but who has earned it, we will be on the rick santorum right path. i worked with hillary shooting past everyone else, or mike huckabee coming out on top. when she was in the senate. we were in the same committee together that i later share cha. ishink the general feeling that it will probably be cruz i saw her work with republicans. and trump. here is what i think. see someone rise to come think the extreme right wing of the republican party, the tea party, the right-wingers, the rush limbaugh's, those types -- close to third or fourth place. what they are afraid of is that i think that is where the drama will be. days andthese closing hillary clinton as president, will be able to work with moderate republicans, and arguments, what storylines are you following up? in cedar rapids, most of democrats, to actually get things done. that is what they are afraid of.
7:28 am
the candidates are passing through this weekend. .e are covering each candidate that inbeen able to do the past. one thing that you look forward freneench element of the to is, did they say anything new or different than they have said in the past -- six months over a republican party, they are year? afraid of that. , at this point, people are she will work with republicans ready for the caucuses. to get things done, and they don't want that to happen. the crowd that you see -- are host: to florida, the republican they excited? line. caller: good morning, senator sometimes you can feel the harkin. energy at this point. i have a quick comment and question. energydon't feel the i think people are asking about the benghazi hearing because when you are a candidate, that is a bad sign. they want substantial answers, looking at those things, and also, they are doing a lot of not what does it matter, who doorknocking this weekend. cares? i really want to find these people are out -- you see people right-wing media that you talk out knocking on doors with a about on tv because i cannot find them anywhere. hillary logo on their jacket. guest: on benghazi, all i can say to the caller is i wish, or those are just some of the signs that you look for. hope, you watch the 11 hours, or
7:29 am
the politicalnch, some portion of that, when writer with "the gazette" in hillary appeared before the committee, and answered every cedar rapids. question. you can read his report on for 11 hours. left was no stone you can also read his reports on twitter. thank you for the update. unturned. anybody who has a question about caller: you're welcome. , andazi, get those tapes look at those. you will have your questions be in cedar rapids answered. covering hillary clinton. she has a campaign event. as i say, i did not watch it , andi watched some of it she will be joined by bill clinton and chelsea clinton. they ask all of it. let's go to iowa. this is sharing. good morning. caller: good morning. availableof that is i don't know why iowa has to on her website, senator tim harkin, supporting have caucuses. us to vote like hillary clinton. the headline in "the washington everyone else and knock off the caucusing. pivots away from something else. i have been a democrat all my life. i am 69. attacking rival sanders." i am now really for donald trump.
7:30 am
he is not a politician like all the rest of them. they all have their soundbites. what is she doing different this time around? everything is written for them. what is the campaign doing different? guest: when she first came here that is the way that i'm going, donald trump. a year ago, in april, i was you don't let caucuses, you want donald trump to win. here. she immediately started going to small towns and communities, are you going to caucus? caller: i'm not going to caucus, which she did not doing 2008. i have often said, in 2008, the i don't like augustine. host: you have lived in iowa all was like ampaign your life? caller: absolutely. host: do people try to get you bombing over iowa, and the obama to come out to the caucuses? campaign was like the marines employee you -- implore you to hitting the beach and getting in come out? the weeds. caller: nobody has been up our street. she has taken that play from the no one. door-to-door. obama playbook here it she has no phone calls. been all over the state, especially small towns, small know who these people communities, people's homes. are calling or knocking on doors, but it isn't me. our whole block. she is so good in small groups. what the thin campaign has, host: sherry, thanks for that. which it did not have before, is a statewide basis. we mentioned a moment ago, covering hillary clinton. i have seen this. her statewide manager has done a
7:31 am
be covering to great job of having a statewide marco rubio, who has a campaign event coming up in iowa state this afternoon. eastern, age at 4:30 base in depth, all the precincts rally in ames, iowa. at 8:15, ready: 15 -- organize. people trained to get their people out on monday. that is why i say, without any fear, on monday, hillary will the hillary clinton event. here is rich on the independent line. win the majority of the caller: good morning. delegates here in the state of iowa. ishink the sanders campaign thanks for taking my calls. i'm an independent guy, i live in small town america. more focused in certain areas, if the american people cannot say,ay, in iowa -- let's see that hillary clinton is lying through her teeth, then in iowa, than the clinton campaign. they need to be educated on that is what she has done this what's going on. year. bill clinton lied when he was in people,meetings with office, that he did not have sex with this lady. come to find out, he couldn't all over the state. it has made her a tremendous dodge it, he finally agreed to it. candidate, much better than i have seen her in the past. these clintons are doing nothing but lying to the american people. that is why i'm confident on politics theyent get into office, all they care monday night. we have another candidate, martin o'malley, a great friend about is their own pocket. of mine, a great former governor they're going to do therefore
7:32 am
years or eight years or 30 years of maryland. and get a nice pension. he has his supporters out here for a small-town american people, we don't have that option. all we have is what is left of also. don't deny the fact that he will be a force to be reckoned with the american dream to be able to also in the caucasus, and down work hard, save money. but you can't do that now days. the road. host: a reminder of our coverage taxes are outrageous, it's crazy. plans. tonight, we will take you live to cedar rapids and a rally with the people who aren't established politicians, your trump and carson, the only two i hillary clinton. she will be joined by bill know of -- trump is a little bit clinton and chelsea clinton as well. over the edge, but something needs to be done with this isis problem. all this ahead of our coverage on monday, the iowa caucus is on all of these campaigns, all of these elections are going to getsdiddly squat if isis monday, getting underway at 7:00 eastern with our pre-coverage in here, which they already are, and try to do their caliphate here in the united states. .ere none of the stuff is going to matter. none of it is. host: here is bob and old fort, our independent line is next, michelle, atlanta. caller: yes. tennessee. republican line. but i: i like ted cruz, senator harkin, good morning. would like to also say i would yes. host: go ahead. like to see someone like trump you are on the air. caller: yes.
7:33 am
cruzther -- helping ted senator harkin, i am a hillary clinton supporter. i'm a black woman. run the country. it is so refreshing to hear you but now, like with hillary, i talk about hillary. it is so refreshing -- senator don't understand democrats how you can be so low and can have a harkin? guest: yes, go ahead. standard of somebody that just plain out lies. host: you are on the air. caller: senator harkin, it christian, how a amazes me how the right-wing can you stand democrats with the white supporters are for donald views of them? negroes,et th we've got to win by a showing that towards the people latinos, and muslims, they are are murdering these babies and the ones who hold the keys to a election. hillary will sit in the white the homosexuals. house. somehow, republicans have got to help these people. you know why i say that? not hurt them, but help them. donald trump is a threat to host: 10 more minutes of your every negro in america. phone calls as we are two days he has said he wants to wipe us from the iowa caucus. out, run us out of the country. a couple of tweets, you can send .s a tweet at @cspanwj gun sales in our neighborhood
7:34 am
have tripled because we see him as a threat. this is from jody, who says why , election day, all these white so much attention is given to a -- 16%re that only 19% in the republican party, of the voters participate. they don't want negro votes. we want our country -- wait to host: you have heard this from run our country. donald trump? caller: yes. he says bernie is more he said he could kill a n electable, he does better than republicans like they get -- egro, and get away with it. host: we will move on to betty. bigot boy trouble. caller: i'm for hillary too. live coverage of the caucus on c-span and c-span2. men have been running the country ever since presidents coming up at 8:00, we take you live to republican caucus on c-span. and a democratic caucus on began. it is time for a woman to run c-span2. you can follow all the coverage on c-span radio and the white house. we know the kitchen table issues, just like hillary clinton said. let's go to davenport, iowa, i'm so tired of the men bashing next. caller: hello. women. .onald trump -- i'm scared i've attended rallies for six people. just like the lady said before bernie on the democratic side, me, i'm really -- i'm devastated
7:35 am
, case againrum if donald trump gets in. it is all about him. christie on the rubble inside. i want to congratulate all the about how many people that are showing up these rallies. people are voting for him, this, that. first, the candidates. host: that is betty. i think they are doing a good job, helping our country. any comments from the two you one of the most painful experience i had was going to the trump rally. hillary supporters? guest: i don't think i have any you have to stand out in 22 degree weather for 45 minutes. comments on that. host: we hear next from idaho, jim. caller: i want to thank senator and then, you stand around in a gym for an hour and a half. that's a lot of work. harkin and c-span for giving me i want to say that i was this opportunity. impressed with three people. i would like to address the minimum wage that the liberals -- john kasich, are pushing for $15. i think it is very you and chris christie. think chris christie gives responsible. what does it do to the lower middle class? logical and direct answers to the questions people have. do they get a raise also? when i see john kasich, he has a good heart. and i think bernie's plan on what about fixed income? let me just say this. extending two years college
7:36 am
i favor of raising the minimum education -- i think that's a wage, in fact, i led the effort, good idea whose time has come. i just want to say congratulations to all the when i was in the senate, to get people of iowa that are showing the minimum wage so it would be up in this difficult weather, above the poverty level, and and all the candidates who can probably doing a lot more fun things. host: jack, whose rally was the then they index it in the future most fun? so never again would it fall below the poverty level. caller: i'm going to tell you. annie had sort of we did not quite succeed in doing that, obviously. i do think the minimum wage needs to be raised. entertainment venue, where he when you talk about social had some musicians come in and play music, folk songs, serious security, if you raise the minimum wage, that means the stuff. in americame earners but that was more fun. he didn't do really any questions and answers. from a question-and-answer point will pay more into social security, so when they retire, of view, i think chris christie they will have more income from social security than they really did a great job of otherwise would have. answering questions. host: when you leave these that is why raising the social security is so important for young people, especially women. rallies, are the campaign workers pinpointing your, pulling you aside and say hey, you're going to caucus for you? the majority of people in this caller: they do. country who are making minimum level, are poverty one of the better things they do
7:37 am
is, they tell us what the procedure is going to be, and what's going to happen. women. many of them are single heads of and how to approach the caucus. households raising children. and to show up a little early because there might only be so you can't do that on the minimum many chairs. wage we have today. anyone to get a chair where you get to sit down. we are the richest country in better it would help the world, in the history of the is alland the problem when they fill us in on some of those inside questions. to make life a little bit easier. the money is going to the top 1% sometimes standing in lines -- of the country. that can be a problem. i like the helpful things they give us. host: who are you going to caucus for? there are a number of things caller: if i were going to that we have to do. one of the most important is get the minimum wage up so it is caucus on the republican side, it would be for chris christie. never below the poverty level because i like his direct answers. again. if i decide to caucus on the our next caller from democratic side, it would be for bernie sanders. because i like his idea of making it feasible for everybody virginia. caller: thank you, c-span. to go to two more years of education. they probably have the same to the callers, please continue debates when they decided to to call so we can continue have high schools. communicating about what is going on with our political people would say we don't need
7:38 am
high schools. establishment. mr. harkin, how can a democratic nowadays, they think that two years extra from bernie, i think that ideas good. achieved get anything but chris christie really answers questions well, he has a if he does not solicit the good common sense attitude american people to bring in new towards drugs, and he answered congressmen, new senators, so the social security question the they can work with the new best way i heard. host: that is jack and president, whether it be hillary clinton, martin o'malley, or bernie sanders. davenport, iowa. a reminder fry will viewers, we will be taking your calls on a special line, (202) 748-8003. 2008rea of barack obama was believing that he could change those lifetime "washington post," talking about ted cruz saying he takes a pinpoint on iowa voters. politicians, career politicians, they wrote not long ago, he was leading donald trump in the d.c. without bringing polls. he had a rough couple of weeks, under siege from all sides. in new blood. guest: i think this caller has put his finger on something very important. we need to change the weight way districtshe are redistricted every 10 years. i point with pride to my own
7:39 am
state of iowa. host: here's a look at some of for the last 30-40 years, we the latest advertising in the have a nonpartisan system of ted cruz campaign. soting up our redistricting [video clip] i have never supported any efforts to grant i get that our districts are not based on partisan politics. legalization amnesty. iowa doeses it very -- >> marco rubio was part of a gang of eight, trying to secure it very well. district should not be drawn on amnesty. partisanisan -- along >> one of the architects of the plan, senator marco rubio. >> you're giving legal status of lines. it should not be done by people who broken the law. partisan committees. district line should be drawn >> it was marco rubio who was a member of the gang of eight, and without fear or favor from one ted cruz wasn't. party or another. >> i'm ted cruz, i approve this message. on theack to your calls we have districts that are solidly republican, solidly democrat. this does not work well for iowa caucuses. two days away. this is charles and the america. districts need to be more of a independent line. blend. i watch all this and i that is one thing that would go listen to a lot of people. a long way to making congress it seems like most people don't more responsive to the american people. i would hope that this would be really study the issues.
7:40 am
they don't understand what the a debate, discussion, then we would have in the near future. real policy is. the redistricting has gotten out a good example is trump, he of hand. comes out with a budget that's going to add $18 trillion to our host: a quick reminder for radio debt. all politics weekend. and nobody seems to say hey, wait a minute, what is this? our coverage this afternoon at 4:00-4:30, we will take you to a i think people, we've got to get ames.with marco rubio in away from fighting over hillary's e-mails and look at coming up tonight, a hillary what these people -- what cedar policies are really producing. for instance, on bernie sighed it will feature her husband, bill clinton, and chelsea clinton as well. and hillary side, if we all of this leading up to inflammation glass-steagall, monday, the iowa caucus. coverage starts at 7:00. which worked great, they would make a huge offense in america. the people are worried about that. they are worried about he's a at 8:00, you will see the republican caucus here on c-span ,ocialist, her e-mails . let's hear from mike. benghazi. 11 hearings on benghazi. caller: good morning. the guys working there, trey gowdy of these people were thing, therenghazi prosecutors. if there was something there,
7:41 am
was the sequester. they would have found it. there was a cut made to embassy in the e-mails, they would have found it. if you are looking at this, what security spending. bush did. could you tell the viewers how much the cut was and who did the cut? the cia spies. we've got to get away from this gotcha stuff and start one more thing. republicans have a hard time concentrating more on what's with numbers. we lost almost 3000 americans really happening, what kind of policies these people are going at trade look at the cbo and here in 9/11. republicans say, put your these nonpartisan sites that are political difference aside, hold scoring these policies. hands. i'm just sick of these what did they do? they point the finger at back-and-forth e-mails and i don't know. it's just nerve-racking to everybody. these guys were in a bad place with the middle east blowing up. listen to people. we should be coming together to try to state this out so we i never saw the don't have any more of this movie, but i will tell you all about it. going on. host: charles in fort collins. under reagan, look at what here's a headline from "the happened under him. hill," about some of the caucus state politics. host: tom harkin, some final thoughts on that? guest: remember, i was in headline says o'malley supporters in iowa are likely to pick sanders over clinton. the three little bit of the congress at the time when those 200 something marines were
7:42 am
says more than half killed. we did not blame president of democratic presidential candidate martin o'malley supporters in iowa would pick reagan. we did not blame his secretary bernie sanders is the second of state, or anything like that. choice, a new poll found about we said, what can we do to make 57% o'malley supporters would go with sanders compared to 27% who sure this does not happen in the would pick hillary clinton. future. you are right. , so manyhazi happened publicaccording to policy polling. here's matt in new york, republican line. hello. started pointing the finger at caller: good morning. hillary clinton, and blame her as though she caused it, or was complicit in it. i have to totally disagree with the last caller. i'm wondering if he really is nonsense. the on the pill -- beyond the independent. hillary clinton's e-mails are very important. pale, frankly. it goes to honesty, the best thing is for us to come trustworthiness, and for like 30 together, try to figure out why it happened, fix it, make sure years now, we have been having this thing with the clintons and it does not happen in the future. host: what to the next few days clouds over their heads. look like for you as a clinton totally -- i can't supporter? guest: i'm doing some things understand how anybody would put their faith and trust in with the clinton campaign. anything they say. today and tomorrow -- i will be go, i as the republicans like marco rubio. with president clinton tomorrow, where it, i'm not sure
7:43 am
a fresh face, he comes from an immigrant family, it's still is. sunday night, we have the final fresh. he understands what this country rally of the clinton campaign. was really supposed to be about. that, c-span might cover ideas, i think we at lincoln high school in des need a fresh face. donald trump, i like what he has moines. done, the bombast of the. monday, doing our final phone it has made it possible for calls, and making sure we get people to talk about some of the our precinct captains around the stuff they would have been afraid to talk about before. state. monday night, i will be going to my caucus and speaking for hillary at my own caucus. i really think he is out there on a little too far, but i do let me echo what so many of your like rubio. colors have said. i want to thank c-span. it is so refreshing to turn on and as far as hillary clinton and her e-mails go, people the television and watch an event -- and i watch republicans should keep talking about it, because just yesterday, they heads without talking said some of this stuff is so secret, they can't even release it. host: that's not in new york, -- telling you what you are seeing. i think the american people are matt in new york, a rubio smart enough to figure out things for themselves without supporter. the hill," writing about having someone tell them what they saw. i want to thank c-span for the buzz is growing on the ground in job that you do. iowa for marco rubio. host: thank you, senator harkin,
7:44 am
a former senator from iowa, many political watchers believe it is set for a stronger-than-expected showing joining us from our studio in at monday's caucuses. des moines. we appreciate all your calls and comments this morning. the program obviously continues tomorrow. we will be joined with jerry also chucknd a couple more calls. grassley. we go to boulder, colorado. we hear from kathleen on the conley also. democrats line. welcome. caller: an earlier caller, i you here tomorrow think it was jack from iowa morning at 7:00 eastern. expressed some of my views. have a great weekend. [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2015] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its voters, republicans, caption content and accuracy. visit] ♪ independents, we all need to keep open minds. i've listen to chris christie and agreed and like his directness, rand paul's foreign-policy. i want to encourage people to look at bernie sanders' records. legislation he has pushed for. i am a sanders supporter. based upon his pragmatic
7:45 am
approach, and his truth from his heart as well. the reason i stand against hillary is, based upon her foreign-policy decisions, her willingness to go along with -- give the green light to the bush and administration in regards to the invasion, and an earlier caller asked what she did a secretary of state. this aggressive, unnecessary, very deadly foreign-policy by pushing for intervention in libya, as well as arming rebels in syria, which both have ended up with hundreds of thousands of dead, injured, and millions of refugees. to look aton't want the results of our foreign-policy, how deadly it is. and then, her associations with wall street. to fight going
7:46 am
for the majority of the american public, whether you are republican, independent, or a democrat. i encourage people to go to your -- go to his website and find out how you can help. host: here's the latest from the sanders campaign. [video clip] >> one of the major banks that cause the wall street meltdown settled with authorities for the crisis that put millions out of work and out of their homes. how does wall street get away with it? millions in campaign contributions and speaking fees. our economy works for wall street because it is rigged by wall street. and that is the problem. as long as washington is bought and paid for, we can build an economy that works for people. -- we can't build an economy that works for people. , the number748-8003 to call for i will voters and will be throughout the program. at one point, the "new york voters spotlights rural that can swing the iowa caucuses. , they writean pope
7:47 am
that more than half of i was 99 counties makes it difficult to retain leaders. jordan pope is the chairman of the decatur county democrats, who in 18 years old is the youngest county chairman or chairwoman in the state. he spent his winter break from his freshman year at college at calling his way through his party's voter database in preparing for the caucuses. he also met with other, mostly older local organizers to show them how to use the new voting -- vote reporting system. a smart phone apps developed by microsoft that will instantly tally and submit the results. "the new york times," points out the closeness of the 2012 race. was write in 2012, 80% of i had fewerprecinct than 100 voters caucus. it was the margin in those tiny
7:48 am
precincts that ultimately delivered the victory to rick santorum over mitt romney by 34 votes. paul in stafford, virginia on the independent line. caller: i'm a martin o'malley supporter, i live close to baltimore, there's never been anything bad that about him. he's brought down violence there. he's bringing down violence. that's a big plus in the cities where you have trouble with violence and police shootings. too,nk that applies to him he would know exactly what to do. someone who isot going to be giving issues. host: that's who i'm supporting. do you think he will still be in the race? caller: it's hard to say. he hasn't had a chance to speak much. a president that you
7:49 am
don't hear anything bad of that you can put your trust in two, that's the way i feel about him. he's not going to try and lead people around with different kinds of things that are necessary. host: paul, thank you. more calls and comments ahead. today's to the iowa caucus here on "washington journal," we iowa university professor stephan schmidt. also later on we hear from arkansas senator and a supporter of marco rubio, tim hutchinson. former senator tim hutchinson on the marco rubio game plan. first up, as part of our campaign 2016 coverage, we talked to a well-known iowa volunteer who was working for one of the campaigns this year. >> we are inside the iowa campaign headquarters, joined by
7:50 am
a telethon consultant. for many years he was known as one of the super volunteers of the iowa caucuses. we haven't heard that term before, was a super volunteer? >> generally speaking, is viewed differently by different people. in terms of what would constitute that acronym. it's one who goes above and beyond what is normally expected of a volunteer to participate. with their activity. and commit an inordinate amount of time to accomplish the task in hand. and basically, it's done from all of theo gather information that is necessary to complete the campaign tasks. and just go above and beyond and commit for that. sense of how above and beyond you went last
7:51 am
campaign cycle, you were given an award by the state party for making 25,000 campaign phone calls. how does one make 25,000 phone calls in one cycle? >> there are number of ways to do that. you can make multiple calls at one time, sometimes i worked with two phones. is it different system with a landline system, you can do that. the callet through quicker, more efficiently. and go on to the next one. just take with it. it is stick with it that is most important. >> what makes it a good campaign phone call from your end of the line? >> it's having a good connection, being able to get the targeted voter on the phone with you. to engage that voter by correctly pronouncing the name. and then proceeding in a professional way to obtain their thatngs with regard to
7:52 am
information you want to extract from them. and then get it completed and noted in the system that you have. and then go from there. important?he name so >> a person's name is music to their ears. there's no greater unrest that a person likes to hear other than their own name. >> "washington journal," continues. host: two days to the iowa caucuses, and here on "washington journal," joining us from des moines in our studio in des moines, live from des moines and iowan schmidt -- state university political science professor, who has been on "washington journal," and c-span and number of other times in the past. professor, as we talked a moment ago with callers about the look at 2012 and the closeness of our race, how does the landscape -- the political landscape look for 2016?how is it different from 2012? commendation of the
7:53 am
personalities who are running that are different. i think the new technology maybe will help a little bit to establish some confidence in the ultimate results. but i think donald trump and bernie sanders have made this a fascinating year. there's a lot of speculation about how well they will do, how well their supporters likely turn out. then there are the parallels with barack obama in 2008. i think it's wonderful to have an open caucus year when both parties are trying to pick someone to run for president. that makes it more dynamic, it will drive up the numbers i think. i think it is going to be a record year. host: we had a caller who she had not received a phone call, not a knock on her door. job --doing the best republican side or democratic side, of really doing a get out the vote effort for caucus
7:54 am
night? guest: the interesting thing is that the parties themselves really don't play that much of a role. they try to do things behind the scenes and so on, but it's really the candidates who have the responsibility and also, i guess the motivation to find people, to talk to them, convince them, instruct them, and then get them to turn out. obviously, i think in the case of the candidates who sort of have a constituency that knows how to do a caucus, who have voted before, they don't have to train people very much. hillary clinton supporters are people who have voted before elections, and also have gone to caucuses. we don't need that many phone calls and motivation. in the case of the democrats, bernie sanders is the one who needs that. i think in the case of the republicans, frankly, donald trump is the one who needed to do the most, and we are not sure how well they've done this.
7:55 am
they've use some social media, have a fabulous website that a lot of people are using where they just type in their address, and it immediately pops up and tells them where the caucuses going to be held for the residents and their precinct. i think actually the ted cruz has done the best job. ted cruz brought in 500 volunteers from texas. he rented a whole block of dorms from a college that went out of business, put them in there. and they have been working day and night, working with steve king, who was a very sophisticated politician, he has been elected and reelected and never defeated, fourth district congressman who is the cochair of the ted cruz campaign. anything done a fabulous job. we'll have to see -- the polls in iowa don't tell you everything. i think what you are asking is about organization. the polls are one thing. organization and turnout is the other part of this.
7:56 am
steffen schmidt is a political science professor at iowa state university. also as a radio host, has an hour-long weekly show on w ally call dr. politics, outside of the caucus season. what is your program focus on? guest: the show's been change now, is now i will public radio. without this consolidation. i do several shows, one in new hampshire which is fabulous every thursday, concord, new hampshire, pacifica radio broadcast that in it's pure politics. 100%. i also do another show every jas i radio, the try show. -- trent rice show. it's like c-span, but only more local. host: we invite you to join this
7:57 am
conversation was steffen schmidt from iowa, joining us two days before the iowa caucuses. ,emocrats, call (202) 748-8000 republicans, call (202) 748-8001 , independents, call (202) 748-8002. frio residents, -- for iowa residents, (202) 748-8003. here is burning in deerfield beach, california. caller: mr. schmidt, not the politics. nothing thate that hillary clinton has done with her e-mails is illegal. at the time she used her personal server, as did colin powell before her. there was nothing illegal about it. she has called for their release. if she did something illegal, she would have been arrested. but she hasn't been. why do you people keep bringing it up as a matter of trust?
7:58 am
there is nothing to do with trust. she did something that was legal at the time. period. and of discussion. host: all right, bernie. steffen schmidt. guest: you have a great name. bernie and sega running against hillary right now. as you know, in politics, perception is probably 90% of reality. and the perception is that it is strange for secretary of state to have a server in a closet in their private home, and to manage the e-mails of the federal governments from the state department, from embassies and others in a private server that does not have the security and is not hosted and managed by government officials. that alone, at the beginning of the whole discussion, is strange and a lot of people have asked me why do you think she did this.
7:59 am
i have no idea, hillary hasn't told me anything. know whydly, i want to these things keep dripping out about e-mails that actually ran through that server -- many of which apparently now were so delicate and so -- let's call it risky, but they are being reclassified now is top secret. i think it was not hillary's fault that that is the case. but there's a question that i've been asked, even by democrats, of whether there was some bad judgment in using the server like that with information that appears to be extremely sensitive. they are, non as one is going to stop it. republicans love it because it helps to raise serious questions about hillary clinton. that's where we are at this moment. int: in your experience,
8:00 am
the iowa caucuses history, has there been one of these last-minute breaking stories or bombs dropped, you might want to say, for the caucuses that has had an impact on the turnout or the results? guest: not really. nothing like this. in a broader sense, the polls that we are looking at, for example, before the caucuses -- beforells and week out the caucuses actually turned out not to be terribly accurate because people change their mind, things come along that may make people reassess. and on caucus night, when they go in, often they go in thinking they are going to vote for one candidate, and then some but he says to them you know, you should change her mind because this person can't really win. neither the nomination or the presidency. news and information that comes along every day, right up to caucus night does influence the outcome of the caucuses.
8:01 am
know that new stories like the terrorist attack in paris change the whole dynamic. of the issues that were of importance. terrorism and the kind of things that happened in paris in california were much less important, and they had not risen to the top. sensitivees are very to events that happen. and the revelation about hillary clinton's e-mails, the latest, they keep rolling out every day -- and probably could have an effect on caucus night. i don't remember anything like this. in michigan.pat independent line. caller: yes. thank god for c-span. i would like to see something done down the center. if you go on one side, we're going to have a king. if we go on the other side, everyone is going to have a job and no one is going to be working.
8:02 am
i voted on the one side one time, one side the other. we have to keep it in the center, people. thank you. who: let's hear from mark is a democrat in orlando, florida. caller: good morning. --question for dr. schmidt in the last caucuses, they announced that romney had one. -- had won. then they had to back up and say it was santorum. i'm wondering what happened? it sort of seems that the perception that party establishments go through machinations to swing the outcome to their favor -- you see it on the democratic side with the debates over how many debates. influencingasserman things.
8:03 am
what actually happened in the last caucus is my first question, and my second question is what do you really think of the iowa hawkeyes? guest: [laughter] let me answer this way. number one, in iowa, we love all of our teams. and we prefer iowa state to do well, because that's where i work. but we support each other, and we love iowa. what happened on caucus night -- you have to remember. the caucuses are not a government run operation. they are run by the political parties. ,here are almost 1700 precincts and they come together sometimes in small places, but more and more and larger places, where people congregate on caucus night. and then they vote. the people who run the caucuses are not professionals. sometimes, they are not that well organized. not that, it they are
8:04 am
personally well organized. what happened is in a few precincts, the reporting just didn't come incorrectly. people didn't call in the right numbers. let me step back though, for a second. in iowa, in the caucuses, you don't have to come in first. you don't even have to come in second, you can come in third and still go on and get the nomination of your party in both the democratic and republican parties. and in some cases, win the presidency. gottenntorum might have a little bit more buzz if he had won the iowa caucuses, but he lost the new hampshire primary right away. i was not a place where he was going to score. because new hampshire is the second least religious state in the country. and rick santorum had a pretty good base in the evangelical and faith-based republican voters.
8:05 am
and rick santorum went on in won, and got some delegates. but looking at statistics, mitt romney in many ways was a better candidate, and got the nomination. i think you could've won the election. the reason he didn't win the election, number one, was he made an unfortunate statements that sort of demeaned it 47% of americans who are not working, who are welfare cheats and so on, that was not good. but the real reason i think that he lost was because his to report whotem had voted and not to precinct people who could then go out and find voters who had voted, it was called orca, crashed on election day. and that meant -- i know a lot of these people. some of them are former students theine who were working as turnout people, precinct captains and others in iowa to
8:06 am
get the voters out for the republican candidate. they were suddenly dead in the water. it was like their propellers stopped, their engines stopped, they were subject to the waves and storms of the ocean. they had to go to paper printouts to find the names of voters, and then call them and try to find out if they voted. that was a catastrophic disaster, as they were not able in call or find voters who may be needed a ride to the polling places and so on. and that was a huge mistake. many people think that rick santorum, if he had gotten the nomination, would have actually wellmuch for, much less than mitt romney did in the national election. let me answer the question this way. could there have been a few people who supported mitt romney in some precincts who said we are going to lose these votes from our precinct here somewhere, they're going to fall behind it the fireplace or the kitchen sink.
8:07 am
it's possible. i don't know. but it's possible. anything is possible. we mentioned this earlier, the "new york times," looking at rural voters in rural counties in iowa. ,hey write about the 2012 race in that 2012 or public and raise, 80% of i was 1766 precincts had fewer than 100 voters. and it was the margins in those tiny precincts that ultimately delivered the victory to rick santorum over mitt romney by 34 votes. 600 votes inby precincts between 50 and 50 people. more calls for steffen schmidt. we go to appomattox, virginia, republican line. it's roger. caller: good morning. life a democrat most of my
8:08 am
until seven or eight years ago in the country's are going in a different direction that it was now. it is always been my understanding that elected officials were supposed to do the will of the american people. upt's what we send them therefore. we have republicans and the house and the senate this time, they said they were going to do this and that. when they got up there, they have done everything backwards, what obama wants to do. just like obamacare. the majority of the american people did not want obamacare. court, i would like to know if john roberts was threatened to make the decision he made. we sent those people up there to do a job, and i watched a debate the other night i got so disgusted, i cut it off halfway through. adon't believe anything politician says. but i like donald trump. that was my question. we need somebody the answers to the will of the american people.
8:09 am
host: all right, roger. thanks for your call. absolutely. the wonderful thing about democracy is that if your representatives aren't doing what you want them to do, you vote them out of office. we have the choice every two years, we can go in there and fire the rascals as they say, and send some of the else up. strangely enough, incumbents almost always win. people who are already in office almost always get reelected. up in the 90 percentage for both house and senate. moreis missing is maybe lyrical participation. if people don't like with the representatives are doing, vote them out of office. but not enough people participate. that's especially true every two years, during the off election year when there is no presidential election. the voter turnout is really low.
8:10 am
people don't bother to participate. i've said this before. we need more people engaged, we need more people registered to vote, we need the parties and organizations out there to drive people to the polling places, take them there, inform them, get them to participate. that is what the system is supposed to be. is, ther problem american people did speak, and elected barack obama. and gave him a mandate, and then they reelected barack obama. he did get elected. the american people to elect him. he didn't take over the white house in a coup d'état. comment isler's extremely interesting and 2016. and the reason is that we have very interesting focus group information that shows when you ask democrats what do you want -- continuity or change? the democrats say we want
8:11 am
continuity. likehat means democrats obama, they like his policies. the majority or more than a majority don't want to have those things all change, which to me at least seems makes hillary clinton the candidate who is most likely to connect. but the republicans, by a very overwhelming number, want change. i think that helps us explain the trunk phenomenon -- trump phenomenon, and the ted cruz phenomenon. republicans really want to shake up. host: kevin schmidt joining us from des moines. terry branstadby yesterday for our newsmakers program would play her tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. and six a clock p.m. eastern. kevin schmidt, i want to get your reaction to the comments from the governor describes this year's caucuses is very unusual. historically, we say
8:12 am
there are three tickets out of iowa. this time, on the republican side, we have such a big field that i think there might be for five. i expect there might be more. it's an expectation game. it's not only who wins, but who beats expectations. it's one of the things i think everybody is going to be looking out on monday night, is who beats expectations. it's a very different situation this year. it's kind of an outsiders year. amazingly, everyone thought it was going to be a coronation for secretary clinton. now we see bernie sanders has really surging. that race is going to be very gross -- very close. the democrat rule is if you don't get 15%, you're not considered viable. a lot may hinge on who to be a mallee people go to they don't have 15% in their caucus. that may determine who wins on
8:13 am
the democrat side. on the republican side, we have the trunk phenomenon. he has drawn huge crowds, he skipped the debate, and a lot of people -- i say conventional wisdom says that wasn't a smart thing to do. but he has and a lot of things done a lot of things that conventional wisdom would say is not smart. he seems to be holding up as a leader. i guess time will tell when people ask to and vote in the caucuses on monday night. i do think the level of interest is higher than ever. the turnout for the candidates has been tremendous. i'm expecting a record turnout for the iowa caucus. host: all of that conversation with the governor tomorrow on our newsmakers program at 10:00 eastern here on c-span, also at 6:00 as well. kevin schmidt, iowa state political professor. what did you think of the governor's political analysis of the situation in iowa? guest: he's a friend of mine, i served in his first in
8:14 am
administration back in the 18th century. i was a commissioner for one of his commissions. he has been reelected six times. governor youngest elected at the time i served on a commission as the chair of the commission. and now he is the longest-serving governor in the history of the united states, the only governor ever to serve that long in two different centuries. i never underestimate his ability to sort of way and analyze things. that thetainly right republican field is not only to large, but it is also large and their candidates who actually inld consolidate and surge third place, fourth place, maybe even fifth-place. that's a phenomenon we haven't seen before. iowa is not when we get out quickly enough. owing it out weekly enough. trumpiavelli.
8:15 am
he understands that in politics, everything goes and that you have to move very quickly to game the system and to improve your strategic position. by doing that, he is thrown every buddy off. you through the entire news media off, who dismissed him from the very start. "the des moines register," told him to withdraw and not run after his first controversial statement. his poll numbers went up right away as soon as the register did that. that is something we don't want to deal with at this point. we don't understand how someone who has completely changed the rules of the game in politics, in terms of what you say and what you do -- not only is ahead in the polls, but has risen in the polls and is ahead in the polls frankly in almost every state. i'm a resident of new hampshire as well as iowa. and of course, he is very much ahead there. he's ahead in florida, he's ahead in california and so on.
8:16 am
very interesting. the republican party itself doesn't know how to deal with trump, as we all know. they are divided. some of them are saying if trump is going to get the nomination, we need to begin to work with him. maybe he will moderate and work with us. and be the guy. republicansvative have come out and tried to basically run him off the rails by issuing issues of very conservative journals that are entirely dedicated to destroying donald trump's campaign, i've also never seen before. with ourmore minutes guest, steffen schmidt, iowa state university professor. (202) 748-8003, the line for iowa residents. here is martha and mary and, iowa. caller: thanks, c-span. i have a couple comments from some of the statements this
8:17 am
gentleman has said. first of all, in my opinion, bernie sanders is the guy. his mentality is for change. were saying continuity versus change, the democrats are more for continuity. i conclude we disagree with that. the other thing he commented on was that the gentleman who called in and commented on saying that hillary clinton is guilty by perception, 90% perception. people aren't guilty until proven guilty. that kind of mentality needs to go away. also, regarding legalization of marijuana -- our country is in dire need. first of all, if it can help
8:18 am
, victims of rape and sexual abuse in our military, personnel who are coming back and are suicidal -- if that can help them, and also cancer and all this research they are doing nowadays since they have opened up the research in our government and our laws -- host: martha, thank you for that. steffen schmidt, is that an issue of marijuana legalization an a winner? guest: it's not at the top of the list. neither is ethanol. there are lots and lots of issues. it's a complex country. is on people'ser minds is a horrible national crisis. let me step back a second until none of thehat things that i say are my opinion. i'm just a messenger. i'm just reporting to you what
8:19 am
the polls and focus groups are saying about continuity versus change. obviously, bernie sanders has gotten incredible, energetic, gigantic, maybe unprecedented numbers of people coming up to his events. and those people are entirely cheering for change. and hillary clinton is the establishment candidate. her campaign has been poorly run, frankly. we can go into that if you have another hour of c-span, i would be happy to go through all the things i think of gone wrong with that campaign. 70%h is why she went from to not even beating bernie anymore. host: tell us the one quick thing that she has done, the campaign has done wrong, the hillary clinton campaign. guest: the very rollout of the campaign with the scooby doo armored car coming to iowa, meeting with a small group of people surrounded by secret service -- leaving the iowa democrats, who were hungering for canada -- there was no
8:20 am
canada yet. -- they were hungering for a candidate. there was no candidate yet. it was a huge disappointment to a lot of democrats who wanted to see a democratic candidate motivate them, get their adrenaline going. she should have come and done some very big rallies, invited democratic activist and sent them off on a mission to win the election. instead, it was dribbled out on the little listening to others tours.intening it was bizarre, not very successful. if you wanted one example, that would be it. first impressions really make a difference. it was dark and stormy night, that's a good way to start a novel. coming in scooby doo is not. host: in vero beach, florida, nash is our republican line. caller: thank you for taking my call.
8:21 am
on a retiree, i will never vote for hillary clinton because she is a copycat of obama. [indiscernible] i don't have much, but i can get because i from my ira can sell. i borrow money from my son. the market is down, was of job loss, lots of trouble, including myself. was with obama in egypt, she supported the muslim brotherhood and now we have ic in libya -- isis in libya. host: let's hear from chicago
8:22 am
next, on the democrat line, this is albert. caller: good morning, c-span. and thank you. i have two quick points to make, i will try and be as brief as possible. the first one is dealing with these e-mails that were just march top-secret yesterday. i'm wondering where's the story in this, where's the controversy in this? as a state department spokesman said, none of these e-mails were marked classified or top secret at the time mrs. clinton had anything to do with them. also, none of them were on her private server. where's the story in this? my second point goes to the supporters of bernie sanders and his agenda. aggree with bernie sanders' enda. i agree with single pay, i agree with free college tuition, i agree with breaking up the big banks. i tend to lean toward socialism. but these ideas have no idea getting through the republican-controlled congress.
8:23 am
how are you going to get single-payer for a republican-controlled congress one obamacare barely made it through democratic-controlled congress? how are you going to get breaking up the big banks they were republican-controlled congress when don frank barely made it through democratic-controlled congress? host: i think steffen schmidt, we address the e-mails little bit. how about his last point on bernie sanders? guest: what am going to addresses the fact that this caller is brilliant. brought up the biggest single issue in the united states for democrats. they are losing elections at the state level. they are losing house races, they are losing senate races. they are losing races for governor, they are losing races for state houses. i'm not going to cite statistics, i could grab a nice chart and hold it up, but i'm not going to do that. i'm not ross perot. downemocrats need to go and figure out what they're are doing wrong at the state level. south dakota has no more elected democrats at all. and why is that?
8:24 am
there are lots of democrats in south dakota. i'm would be up there giving a talk. what is the matter was set to go democrats that they are not adjusting their message and picking candidates who can connect with south dakota voters and get them elected? unless that happens, you are right. the president can we do executive orders and hope to work marginally with congress if it's in the opposition in the opposition doesn't want to work with you. the challenge for the democratic party, and debbie wasserman schultz i think should retire pretty soon. they have not had a national strategy for building the party from the bottom up. is a catastrophic disaster for the party. republicans may have lost the presidency, but they have one every other battle and race. and that is why they continue to get the message out that they have. it seems to be connecting with voters. host: even on the conversation on twitter, send us a tweet at @cspanwj. a tweet from mad men across the water to says sadly, americans
8:25 am
elected a criminal in 1972 over a good man. what would be really karmic if hillary is elected, impeached, and resigns. sanders does not talk about how to pay for education or other social programs. from does not provide any policies, just attacks. cane the wonderful says only say i can barely wait for next week when i don't have to even hear the word iowa for a few years. in a week from now, most people will go back to thinking iowa is in nebraska. we go to iowa next, and rob is on the line for iowans. but hear from riverside. good morning. caller: good morning. you are a great representative for the smartest state in the union. thanks for being on. i have a comment and a question. i think hillary and the administration should served served under is responsible for a lot of our problems, today, the refugees, the isis problems, and frankly,
8:26 am
i don't think they respect a woman. i think sometime in the future that a woman should be elected president. but now is not the time it. and especially hillary, with her background. -- do you think a lot of the voter apathy today is due to executive orders from mr. obama? even gors really don't to the polls anymore because a lot of their ideas are going to anywaysd? nixe and a lack of guts from republicans in office. that's dismayed me. thank you. guest: there are a lot of different reasons why we have low voter turnout. look at your voter turnout for school board elections. in some cases, it's 5% or 6%. americans just have not developed the habit of voting.
8:27 am
number two, there are too many elections in this country. there are elections constantly at the state level. andkinds of bond elections school board elections and state races and this means that people will have to spend 24 hours a day figuring out when the next election is. it's not a great thing. elections are great, but if you have too many, people don't have the time it. i think people get confused about what the issues are, and how to solve them. what is the solution to isis? do you have a solution? sense,are, in a discouraged. because the problems we throw at them, in the 24-hour news cycle, the social media adding on to that, literally 24 hours a day. the problem seems so huge that i think people are discouraged. and they stay away. obama got elected. whether you like it or not, he got elected and reelected. if you didn't like his policies, you didn't have to reelect him.
8:28 am
apparently more people like his policies than not. we can't get away from that. and hillary clinton does represent some extent the continuity of obama and people still like obama's policies, which i don't know. they will elect her. are the biggest factor. november,h no party, they are the ones who in most states makes a difference between who wins or loses. as with the candidates need to play too. they need to play to those independent voters. because republicans will vote for the republican nominee, whoever it is, and the same with the democrats. but the independent voters, they are fickle. they could go one way or another. iowa is a battleground state. iowa has been red and blue. we sometimes go through public and candidate -- vote for the republican candidate. as a person who is sick and
8:29 am
tired of hearing iowa, and will be happy not to hear it, there's a button on their clicker for the television set, where they can actually switch to another channel. and they can watch wrestling or football or something else. if you are tired of iowa, stop watching the news. this is a caucus season, you're going to hear a lot of it. you can get away from it if you want. but think a lot of people are masochists and they want to know what's going on in iowa. sadistic with us. host: steffen schmidt published books, and a co-author of a textbook. a couple more calls to old forge, pennsylvania on the democrat line. this is robin. hello. good morning. caller: good morning. i just want to say, i am totally amazed at the people who want to vote for hillary clinton. first of all, hillary clinton thanks that jobs -- thinks that job is hers. she things obama should hand her
8:30 am
the keys to the white house. she for what she has done, nothing was done for security sake. benghazi was a disaster. come on, people. to vote for donald trump. i am shocked how people will vote for her. i really believe she thinks this job is owed to her. thank you. it is an interesting comment because a lot of people is theat hillary clinton winral person who will this, her approval rating with 70%, she would get the nomination and walk away with it. it would be a coronation. to that extent, i think the caller is right that hillary clinton really thought that she basically had this in the bag. it turns out she didn't. whether people will vote for her or not, we don't know that yet. we have not seen -- caucus night
8:31 am
will determine whether iowans will determine if she should be number one or number two. if she is number two, that is still fine. if she gets the nomination and runs against the republicans, we don't know the outcome of that. this will be very exciting. we will have to watch iowa, new hampshire, south carolina and the rest. i know c-span will cover this, so people should be there to be set on c-span because that is where the good stuff comes from. and we will know the results of iowa, new hampshire and later the general election. that is how a democracy works. ofple of different opinions candidates and we have a lot, which is fabulous. this year is a treasure trove of candidates, especially on the republican side and that is excited. host: a quick question. on twitter, friend asks, are you concerned about donald trump supporters intimidating caucus going or caucus-goers?
8:32 am
they have shown violent behaviors and his meetings. .uest: who knows i doubt it very much. they're going to go to the caucuses and do what they do. inepublican caucuses will go and say, and then everybody fills out the secret ballot and the numbers are sent in. there is no intimidation. on the democratic side, they will not be there because they are only going for the republicans. there is no way to intimidate in the caucus. are pretty strong people and opinionated. they are not intimidated pretty easily. us, you can joining follow some of his comments on politics.t dr thank you for being with us. guest: thank you. host: two days until the iowa caucuses and our coverage continues on c-span. as we continue, we will hear
8:33 am
from former senator tim hutchinson. he will join us from des moines, iowa. he is a surrogate supporting marco rubio. we will also hear from former senator and winner of the 1992 iowa democratic caucuses tom harkin and he is supporting hillary clinton and we ask them why. first, we take you to a shooting range in islet that has become a popular stop for candidates on the campaign trail. tom's general manager in johnson, iowa, nds opened up several -- nds opened up to several candidates. >> we had governor bobby jindal come by, and he did not shoot that day, but folks cannot to see him. we had governor mike huckabee back here in may of last year and he shot a variety of handguns and a rifle as well. then we had senator ted cruz twice. this is from the first time he
8:34 am
came in june and he was here in december for a big second amendment coalition announcement. we have had mrs. huckabee as well. we had senator rand paul that came out a couple of weeks ago and gave us his thoughts on the federal tax code. >> of all the candidates who came by, who shot the best? >> they all did pretty well, they know how to responsibly handle a firearm. i have to taper marksmanship, mrs. huckabee, the first -- the former first like of first lady in arkansas shot the best. to comethe candidates by, they often talk to your customers about the issue of gun control. what are your thoughts on the message they are giving? >> very much so. they're interested in letting the folks know where they stand on their side of the aisle. they are conservative, staunch defenders -- staunch defenders of the second amendment and the liberties of what the united
8:35 am
states has town for and where that fits in. >> obviously, this is a bigger issue in the wake of the president issuing his executive orders on gun control recently. your perspective as a general manager of the shooting range of a gun store, how has that impacted you and your business? asobviously, positively everywhere else in the nation. folks are concerned about those executive administrative actions the president has been taking and insights healthy debate on whether this issue could go or not go, but people are concerned about that and the fact that he is not openly seeming to a knowledge of the threat of terrorism on u.s. soil and in our own land. you can combine that with the fact that he talks about controlling guns and taking the boy from the 99.9% of andabiding citizens -- taking them away from 99.9% of law-abiding citizens. the issue is [indiscernible]
8:36 am
i think we have too many problems in this country right typeo continue having this of thing. i am here supporting governor chris christie. program and power we are very proud. we recognize all the good stuff we have been trying to fight and come up with a better solution. [indiscernible] >> "washington journal" continues. host: tim hutchinson spent four and six the u.s. house years in the u.s. senate representing arkansas. joining us this morning, part of the white house coverage,
8:37 am
senator hutchinson, you are a supporter of marco rubio. a lot of choices. what brought you to supporting senator marco rubio? guest: first of all, good to be with you today. glad to be in iowa, supporting my good friend. in junior high school, 1964, i heard ronald reagan make his speech. that is what really propelled me and inspired me to get into politics. i think marco rubio is the most -esque figure on the political scene since ronald reagan. challenges and he can bring your night the republican party. when i do get the field, and it is a good field, marco rubio the person i think who can best do that. host: when you look at the challenges in the state of iowa trump and ted cruz,
8:38 am
what does marco rubio have to do? where does he have to finish, if he does not finish first, or does the showing you are looking for from senator marco rubio? guest: i don't know. -- i will notk make a lot of predictions. i think he is searching at the right time and he will surprise people. he is going to be -- this is going to be a long campaign, and while i hope we can place third, placed second in iowa, i think marco rubio is going to be in this until the end and will win the nomination. host: as a supporter and with capitol hill experience, what sort of offense have you been attending in iowa? what have people been asking about marco rubio? guest: in all honesty, i arrived last night in des moines, and we
8:39 am
ate with the locals and had a steak, ie and iowa have not had a lot of time to do focus groups. we are going door-to-door this afternoon and doing phone banking this afternoon. i will hopefully then have a better feel, but right now, i cannot tell you what is necessarily on their minds. i think it very much reflects what you are seeing the cost the nation. frustration with the lack of any accomplishments in washington, a great anxiety about the national security threats that face our nation, and i think that is where marco rubio's great appeal this. he can be a uniter in the republican party, but he is the one who brings great credentials when it comes to national security and the threats that face our nation. people are worried about that and the paris attacks, san bernardino, these really change the focus of a lot of campaigns,
8:40 am
the anxiety for the american people looking to the forefront. host: our guest is a former senator and member of the u.s. house and support of marco rubio, to hutchinson. we welcome your calls, (202)-748-8000 for democrats. (202)-748-8001 for republicans. independents and others, (202)-748-8002. voters in iowa, (202)-748-8003. how about the other side of things for marco rubio? fundraising? how deeply are you involved? i am doing all i can. my wife and i have given all that we can give. i have put in calls and i'm getting a good response. i think there is a real openness to senator marco rubio. i am getting a good response in my approach is raising money for him. it is that kind of challenge. senator marco rubio, unlike some
8:41 am
candidates, he did not grow up wealthy, he did not inherit money, he cannot self fund, he is the son of immigrants, so he can really relate to the struggles of the average american on living paycheck to paycheck. to have thes going resources he needs to get his message out and that is the key. you have to reach a certain level to ensure that your messages conveyed to the american people. sender -- senator marco rubio will get that. host: let's go to iowa, angeline , thank you for waiting period you are on. in jacksonville, florida, democrat line. caller: thank you. weant to reveal a statement and then ask a question. mr. hutchinson, i have some good news and bad news for you about your candidate. they --ing that felt
8:42 am
bets all day and i'm looking at one of them right now on my right. it says, is the elections were , it would be marco rubio versus hillary clinton. 60% she from 10% to would win. -- 10% to 16%, she would win. they investigated the clips hundreds of times, please, tell you found any one of them guilty for a crime. when marco rubio was in the taxpayers florida trusted him with the state he ran for, well,
8:43 am
the senate and it showed the balance of over $400,000 and it defaulted. they have covered this numerous almost half a million dollars. via talk to him, tell them it would be great if he could pay us that money back and he could get that off the list. host: we will turn it over to tim hutchinson. thank you. guest: thank you for getting up early and calling. are in errorfacts regarding his record in florida. but let me focus on electability. one of the reasons i am supporting marco rubio is because i think of all of the republican candidates, he is i far the most collectible.
8:44 am
to be elected, you have to unify the republican party and senator rubio can do that. able to beve to be on the same platform with the democratic nominee from a generational standpoint, eloquent standpoint, marco rubio is the person who can win. i have a lot of democratic have a, work with a lot, lot, and they tell me the person they don't want to run against is senator rubio. i think he would be the strongest nominee the republican party could put out. host: in pennsylvania, phil, good morning. caller: when i was younger, i was a democrat and when i got older and started having to pay my fair share of taxes for my unfair share of taxes, i became a republican. we elect these republicans and they don't do what we elect them to do.
8:45 am
now, i am an independent. lately, this argument about rubio and ted cruz about the , it is immigrants obvious that rubio has been lying. when he joined that gang in washington after we sent him were, he decided that, no, are going to let all the illegal immigrants eventually get citizenship, so i am leaning toward donald trump and i think donald trump will shake it up in washington like it has never been shook up before, but i want to tell everybody out there, go see that movie about benghazi because my wife and i saw it last night and it will change people's minds. host: before you answer on immigration, i wanted to play the comments of senator rubio in the box debate the other night. he was questioned about his stance on immigration. >> when you ran for senate in 2010, you may clear you opposed
8:46 am
citizenship and legalization for illegal immigrants and you promised he would oppose it as a u.s. senator as well. here are a few examples, watch. >> i never have and never will support any effort to grant lincoln legalization amnesty -- to grant blanket legalization amnesty for those illegal in the country. >> the reality of it is this, it is unfair to the people who are legally entering the country to create an alternative pathway for those who entered illegally and knowingly did so. you cannot grant amnesty. if they see as current amnesty, they will never again support illegal immigration and that is wrong for our country and bad for the future. years of getting elected, you are cosponsoring amnesty. having you proving you ha cannot be trusted? >> i do not support blanket amnesty. >> you said more than that.
8:47 am
you said earned passage citizenship is go for amnesty. you supported earned passage citizenship. andhe context was in 2009 2010, or the last effort for legalization was an effort done in the senate, led by several people that provided almost an instant pass with little obstacles moving forward. this issue does need to be solved. they have been talking about this issue for 30 years and nothing ever happens. i will tell you exactly how we both deal with it when i'm president. number one, keep isis out of america carried if we don't know who you are and why you are coming, you will not get into the united states. number two, enforcing immigration laws. i am the son and grandson of immigrants and i know securing our border is not anti-immigrant and we will do it. we will hire 22,000 new order agents incident irs agents. we will finish this 700 miles of fencing and walls our nation needs. we will have mandatory e-verify, entry and exit tracking systems, and until that is in place and
8:48 am
working and we can prove to the people of this country that illegal immigration is under control, nothing else is going to happen. we are not going to round up in the portfolio people, but we are not going to hand out citizenship cards either. host: how do you think marco rubio responded to the question on immigration? usually does, pretty impressively. it is hard to follow my own candidate. i think you said that excellent. the whole controversy about the gang of eight, people complained that nothing gets done in washington and the when you have a senator who is actually trying to get something done, he gets criticized for compromise. of thoseake any amendments, it happens all the time and they make tv ads on the the process issues in the u.s. senate and turning them into 32nd ads to distort someone's position. i think senator rubio was pretty forthright in what he said and what his position would be and how he would approach the issue
8:49 am
of immigration. he is absolutely right. you are not going to get any kind of immigration reform until the american people are satisfied that the issue of illegal immigration has been addressed. he said it will not beat century cities and he will secure the borders and he would deal with the overstay zombie says, our employment system and how they verify -- overstay the visa system, our employment system and how they e-verify. he is the one, i believe, who can truly make outreach into the hispanic community and republican party has got to do that if we are going to be majority party in this generation to come. to the white house coverage continues this afternoon with senator rubio speaking that i what state in ames, iowa. we will have that on c-span and c-span radio at 4:30 eastern ahead of the iowa caucuses. our coverage monday night starting at 7:00 with your
8:50 am
comments, calls, text, tweets and covering the republican caucus on c-span and the democratic caucus on c-span2. both getting underway at 8:00 p.m. eastern. back for calls in virginia, randy on the republican line. caller: good morning. and trumpublican supporter. i just read an op-ed in this morning's freelance star in fredericksburg. it describes how the republican party of virginia is going to all republican voters in to votearies sign republican. that trampleays give you a nomination. what do you think about that? guest: that is a good question. i reside in the junior these
8:51 am
days. i come from the state of arkansas and represented arkansas. arkansas has an open primary, so you don't have to register party. you can go in and declare your party affiliation at the time you boat. i think that has been a debate that has gone on a long time. should the party be able to control who the nominee will be by having the members of the party select a nominee? i think there is a strong top republicans selecting the republican nominee and not having democrats crossover or independents influence the nominating process, but i think that is a debate that the people with honest opinions can disagree on. it's not something that will divide is too much and i hope it won't. will get aator rubio lot of democratic support as a
8:52 am
go into the general election and i would be confident with him regardless of the process being open or closed. wille primary process, he attract the support necessary. i go back again. one of the key attractions to sender rubio -- to senator rubio is his ability to unite. i understand the anger that is in the country, the frustration with the government that is not working, it is dysfunctional, but i also know that we have got to have a uniter if we are going to win the general election. we have to have somebody who can inspire a nation, not to fight a nation. i think senator rubio is the man who has those qualities. host: let's go to the democrat line in michigan. line in paris, michigan. go ahead. good morning. caller: good morning. senator hutchinson, this is more of a value question regarding
8:53 am
this intense effort to solicit the evangelical vote in idaho. i guess my confusion is, i am not sure what the difference is that to evangelical christian and regular christian, but i assume the common denominator is christ. i listen to how the republican candidates talk about their they heldnd how militias -- republicans held children at the border, terrorizing them, and they were refugees from south america, but those are things christ i don't think everyone have done. the kinds of things donald trump is saying, i don't think christ would have ever agreed to that. everything i have read about christ, so it is really a value
8:54 am
issue. i typically do vote democratic because there is more compassion for people. you know, the health care. it is not a great hill. it could up in a much better bill, but it is not the great bill, but your party would allow it to be a great bill. look at the people, people cannot get coverage. what kind of the country are we that does not have any compassion for their neighbors and the communities? am in michigan and it is run by republicans, from governor, legislative, supreme court, we just poisoned our children with light -- with lead. host: we will give tim hutchinson and chance to respond. thank you. i think the of all, question of value is very important and i do think one of the great christian virtues,
8:55 am
whether you are evangelical or some other brand of christian, is compassion. the republican party believes in limited government and is not believe government is the solution to every problem that faces society and they always have the challenge of, how do we show our compassion? in many cases, we have a better way of caring for people and meeting the needs of people and that there is not necessarily rely on a government solution. when i look at senator rubio and i follow his career closely, followed his life closely, i think he displays the values that i want in a president. he has said frequently, you can better influence your life and your politics, and i am glad directs and faith influences the way he thinks and his worldview. first time i met marco rubio was at a fundraiser.
8:56 am
he was an outsider, given little a governorhallenging in the republican primary for the u.s. senate. it was at a dinner, and in the middle of the dinner, he said, would everybody excuse me for a few minutes? he stepped away and got on his cell phone. i did not know what he was doing . but it explained to me that every night, no matter where he he willat he is doing, call his family and put them to bed before carrying on with his business and that is a priority. i think that tells me something character.alues and he has the kind of character and values i want to see in a president. host: the comment on twitter on issue, erinion tweets, until employers are held accountable for hiring illegals, by imposing big fines or jail time, the problem will never be solved.
8:57 am
tim hutchinson supporting marco rubio. we go to tennessee. jimmy, independent line. caller: good morning. thank you for talking about compromise. unfortunately, when it comes to their compromise, the people end up losing. that is like trump is doing so well. they compromise to benefit themselves and the party. people liken with they were talking earlier, making them vote for the party. tim hutchinson, is compromised a bad word for republicans? [laughter] guest: it has become a bad word. ison't think that compromise mutually exclusive from principle. rubio, to my knowledge,
8:58 am
has never compromised his very deep principle position on issues. if you are going to get anything done, there has to be some give and take and there has to be a willingness to work with colleagues. i think senator rubio has struck the right balance. he is a principled but he gets along with his colleagues. that cannot be said of everybody running. again, i totally relate to what the american people -- their anger, the senator has told me that he came back from the august recess and he says, i understand trump a little better because they are mad as hell out there. at some point, you need to have a principled leader that you know will shake things up and change washington. in order to do that, you have to be able to at least talk to the other side. i think senator rubio struck the right balance on that.
8:59 am
i do not believe he has compromised his deep held believes while in the senate, but he shares the frustration of the american people. that is why he is running for president. at some point, he said, one person in the senate cannot change the system. we need a president to lead. he took that step. it is a big step for him and his family, but i do believe he is the person who can transform the dysfunctional government that the american people are rightfully frustrated and angry about. about 15 more minutes with our guest from arkansas. tim hutchinson is going out to do door-to-door, knocking on doors, calls per marco rubio later today. "the new york times" says -- "in need of strong finish, rubio ," and theyrbanites
9:00 am
are known as the perfect college-educated middle class, ages 30 to 35 with mortgages, car payments who live just outside of des moines. "the new york times" says that interviews show that mr. rubio's campaign here has put the slice of the electorate at the center to exceedort expectations in monday's caucuses. the rubio campaign will have contact with these voters anywhere from five-15 times by caucus day through a targeted series of phone calls. calls, tailored pieces of mail, social media postings, and television commercials. you know, that is very interesting. i certainly do not fit the profile for the perfect voter.
9:01 am
i have sons that fit that profile. and, i have a grandchildren. the reason i'm volunteering my time, and i'm supporting marco rubio is that i'm very concerned about the challenges and threats that face our country. i'm concerned about what kind of country those grandkids are going to have. that's why i'm here tried to help marco out a little bit, doing my part, wherever they sent me this afternoon on the door-to-door work. host: here is charlie. go ahead. first, i have been a rubio supporter for about five years. when i heard on c-span -- i love c-span -- i heard marco rubio give his farewell speech to the florida house of representatives. it was very moving.
9:02 am
i'm just a middle-class type of guy. i am a political junkie, and i've been watching this trunk movement, andump i really think a trump-rubio to would anyonening my house to who wants to talk about rubio. it is a populist movement. something i have never seen. thes with nancy reagan at first ronald reagan inauguration. this is something different. i actually campaign for george bush senior against ronald reagan, and then ronald reagan picked bush as his vice president. host: we will get a response.
9:03 am
guest: thanks for picking the winner early. thank you for the kind words you had for senator rubio. i hope they are listening and will give you a call to come down. i'm glad i already have a room in cleveland. i'm sure you will get some takers. as far as the ticket, i just -- i want senator rubio to be at the head of that ticket. i will let him decide on vice-president. there is no doubt that trump is feeding off of the anxieties, angers, and frustrations of the american people which are very justified. i believe that senator rubio is the one who can best address the frustrations the american people have. anger will only take you so far. host: next is georgia, democrats line, dorothy. caller: good morning to both of you.
9:04 am
i would like to ask you a andtion about marco rubio his use of the credit card. there was a caller who called a few calls back. he asked you about the government credit card that had been given to mr. marco rubio, and there was a $400,000 balance for personal purchases. you never adjust that issue. does he have an arrest record? i read that the other day. i would like to know what is the truth about both of those issues . i don't see him as being a good president because i don't think he does have a genuine heart for the poor people that he speaks about as immigrants. let me take the last
9:05 am
thing first. i think he does have a heart. of all the people running, on both sides, there is no one who and up with the challenges the needs that most americans experience daily. he did not grow rich, he grow up -- grew up in a poor family. he knows what it is like to face student debt. he knows personally what it's like to live paycheck to paycheck. spreadre lies, innuendos deliberately to try to tarnish reputations. the allocations are resolved. thehas the allegations --
9:06 am
qualities i would like to see in the president. host: jerry is in tampa, florida. caller: the guy from michigan was right. the republicans have the house, senate, supreme court. guess their distrust of management is their own management. marco rubio is a nice kid, but just a kid. my question is how long do you think ted cruz would have had to have lived in canada to become eligib in eligible to be presidf the united states. i will hang up and listen. guest: that is a legal question that the courts will have to resolve. to my knowledge, they have not made a ruling on this. i think this option has been that he is qualified as a natural born citizen to be a candidate for president. rubio being educated,
9:07 am
kid,oks young -- being a he looks young, but i think he is older than jfk was when he was elected. , i think, the energy, the vision that he has for likeca is something that i , that i think is attractive, as an old guy. i'm looking at that next generation, and i want to see a next generation of leadership. he is the next generation leadership for the gop. host: senator marco rubio earning the endorsement of "the des moines register." their headline, "marco rubio can chart new direction for gop." they say, can he learned from in reforming immigration and persuade his party to agree to a system that
9:08 am
bounces enforcement with economic interests and who to meditate -- and humanitarian values? how would you answer that question? guest: i think he has demonstrated that he learns quickly. .he whole debate was a lesson as he said in the debate the other night, it is very clear that you are not going to have any broad comprehensive immigration reform until the american people are satisfied that the issue of illegal immigration is addressed with ,ecuring the border verification, thanks ray cities -- sanctuary cities. until the american people have a real confidence that the american government has addressed the issue of immigration, you will not see a broader addressing implemented. he has shown he is a quick learner, and demonstrated that in the immigration debate.
9:09 am
host: we will be covering marco rubio this afternoon. live coverage at 4:30 on c-span and c-span radio. he is speaking in iowa state. our coverage monday starts at witheastern here on c-span our preshow looking at the caucuses coming up at 8:00 eastern. s, will take your calls, text comments. a few more calls for tim hutchinson. to iowa, don, go ahead. caller: good morning. my main criteria for somebody who is applying for the most important executive job in the experience. i'm a trump supporter for that reason.
9:10 am
that -- it seems that an executive apply for that position should have done something. rubio is a nice young man. he has done some things in the senate. i think he is to an experienced for the position of president. trump-rubiohat the ticket would be the ideal ticket. that would give rubio some executive experience in 4-8 in 4-8 years, i think he would make a good president. what about his experience,
9:11 am
caller points out? guest: if you look at the resumes of the various candidates, senator rubio has more governmental experience that anybody running. i found that when i was in the house, the best members of congress were those who had served in state legislators, the you get invaluable experience there. of course, he did not just serve, he was speaker, which gave him -- utilized political skills that he has demonstrated. we have a different of opinion. obviously, executive experience can be an asset. making work again is not like giving orders as chief executive of a company that you own. congress does not work that way. the federal government does not work that way. our founding fathers decided we would have three branches of government, and no person would give an order.
9:12 am
that is the problem with president obama, he has given too many of those executive orders, believing he has force of law. i want somebody who will make it work. i don't think his age should be held against him. once again, his energy and judgment -- he would be a great president. host: tim hutchinson spent two in what are the sorts of issues you are working on these days with your firm? guest: i work across the board education, technology, health care, a whole host of things. life does not get boring. it is interesting every day. host: a couple more calls here.
9:13 am
north carolina, democrats line. jeff, good morning. caller: good morning. host: go ahead. out a: tim, you pointed lot of things in reference to the country today, how mad the country is. i understand that. i think the country is mad, not because of what our president has done. it is what the republican party has done to this country. they have not admitted the president to carry out things in the manner in which he should carry it out. ish marco rubio, i think he a good guy. i worked in party politics in the city where i met. i registered a guy, a republican
9:14 am
-- i'm a democrat -- i registered the guy, he wanted to register republican. badhere use billing is how the country is today. yes, the country is mad. the country is mad because of the way the republican party left this country from 2000-2008. barack obama had to come into the office and did this country hole.f a w nobody in this country has given him credit. host: thanks for that call. guest: well, we have two parties for a reason. there are very different visions is the kind of america that seen for our future. republicans in congress have been the loyal opposition.
9:15 am
they don't share a lot of their vision and things that president obama has tried to do. they have tried to stop that. that, to a great extent, has led to the gridlock and lack of accomplishment that you have seen. a lot of places you can point fingers. the american people do want to see this country move forward. dif will be two very contrasting visions for the future. i like the one that marco rubio is articulating to the american people. tohink it will be attractive the american people. as he said in the debate the other night, we don't want to be another country, we want to be the united states of america. i think he is the one who can lead us back on the right path. host: one more call. let's say good morning to sharon
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