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tv   Question Time  CSPAN  December 20, 2015 9:38pm-10:01pm EST

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establishment of blood read which will mean all phones are able to get that interest. that was a decision made by the last government and we are putting in place. >> with congress on holiday recess, we feature now a full -- full eveningpear lineup. collingwoo
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republican candidate for john kasich is a town hall in ohio. then come author craig shirley on the last act of the ronald reagan presidency. british prime minister david cameron takes questions from house of commons. >> republican presidential candidate, ohio governor john kasich held a town hall meeting in portsmouth new hampshire tonight. the politicalt environment in washington, job creation, the economy, combating terrorism, and u.s. foreign-policy. this is just over an hour.
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gov. kasich: come over here and think ruth griffin. she is the best thing that happened to me in new hampshire. [applause] gov. kasich: john, we got some really good news. where's john? we didn't think about this. losti became governor, we 350,000 jobs. since i have been governor, we 385,000 private sector jobs. [applause] gov. kasich: so, this is my daughter aemma. this is -- reece is
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sleeping on the bus. she's sick. they brought their friends. the reason why my wife and i are back in business again is that when i think about 385,000 jobs, families.out 385,000 i mentioned earlier, today, at a house party, that i grew up in a eatce where people eac goodbye. people, -- fixing fix it people. family inhite collar the whole crowd. when i look at that and think about it, and i mentioned
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earlier as i have said many times, i think about a father who goes home and sits down at the dinner table with the family and says, "i lost my job today." can you imagine how that would feel, how tough that would be, how that makes the kids feel? back in the days when i was kids, it was always just the dad working. when i think of today, what is the hardest job you could ever woman,hat is a mother, a whose husband walked out the door on her, who has a couple of kids, or three kids trying to make it. can you imagine how tough it is? can you imagine, at times, how much a woman has to put up with?
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so, what i always think about when i think about jobs is dead going home-- dad going home and "i got ao the family, job today." shrimp we can have a cocktail, we have a little money." the mom can say, "we can have a good christmas." i have always considered creating the environment for work as the most important thing that any public official to. -- can do. i've been around politics for a long time. i thought for many years, 10 years of my life, to get us to a balanced budget when i worked in
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washington. 10 years. up the mountain, and they knock you back down. you keep climbing. i did it, because i knew that if i could get my spending under control, it would provide certainty to the job creators. if you think the economy is bad and people are not working and there is no demand, or that we have a health care plan that is going to add to your costs. -- costs, you will sit under wallet. when you give job creators certainty, when they know the earth, and you wonder, how i can jobs from the loss, how is it that they're going to -- growing faster than
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the national average, here's why. we give businesses certainty. you're a small businessperson, we will not regulate you out of business. you're hero, you were a job creator. you get people to work. --knew that certainty, top coupled with tax cuts, get people to work. in the late 90's and into this century, in the beginning, we were doing really well. ?m i right it was strong, then a lot of nonsense happened. we spent money we can have. -- we didn't have.
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it scared the job creators. they moved out of america. it was better to go somewhere else where shareholders could get more. formula ofthat balancing budgets, creating sort , led to atting taxes stronger place, a stronger america. i spent 18 years of my life on the defense committee. do you worry about national security? i did it all the time in washington. who did i work with? people you may think i didn't know -- may think and know that much about the fence. -- may think didn't know that much about thdefense.
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very goldwater, john powers-- barry goldwater, john powers. absorbed for 18 years and grew older, wiser, foreign policies not something you learn on the job, not by shouting people --eign-policy is complicated at people. foreign-policy is complicated. you can't spend six months figuring out where the bathroom is. you have to hit the ground running. the fact is that if you don't understand the complications of foreign policy, it is hard to learned on the job. -- learned on the job. it on the job.
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i worked in politics for 10 years, it was fantastic. wife i go back into public life, and she said, "that's just great." [laughter] gov. kasich: today, she is involved in keeping kids healthy , whether it is food or exercise . abouts raised marcaine candy and vending machines than any woman i know in america. kids need to be healthy, all the kids. not just my kids, all kids. helpingnvolved in people who have been human traffic. trafficked. how old are you abby?
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17. 13-year-old and 14-year-old kids in my state and them.eatinading did you know about this? this.nd out about people in human traffic, we are labeling them as criminals. real throwing the criminals in jail and helping these ladies get up on their feet, get reformed. my wife went down to the courthouse with the judge who t get with these witwomen them on their feet. they say, we can't believe you're here. she says, i can't believe you
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would allow me to be here. now, she hosts them every year at the governor's residence to honor their graduation, to celebrate the fact that they are on their feet. they have been their addictions. they are free. to go back she did not like it. it is a bad business. she said, you go back in. we've got jobs open, we have everybody back on their feet and do you have a kid that autistic -- that is autistic? today in ohio.ce do you have mental illness? we are able to do these things because we have got jobs,
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prosperity. same formula. balanced budgets. common sense relations. i don't want anybody to be left behind. i don't want any young person to grow up without having an opportunity to be special. it has happened. i did not know i would run for this job. i've only been a candidate for five months. this is my 43rd town hall meeting in five months. i know on getting started. -- i am just getting started. i tell people, there's 1.2 million people in new hampshire, and i've met them all twice. i'm only halfway there. same formula.
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we have a formula, we have a plan to give to congress. congress passed a bill over the weekend that violated all this stuff they said they would not fight. -- violent. violate.ould not there's no leadership. this is not that hard. it is the politics that hard -- that is hard. it's not hard to realize the world needs america. .e have to lead as americans it is not hard about the budget and grow the economy. i know how to do it. it takes leadership.
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don't worry about democrats and republicans fighting if i'm president. i forgotten in the work together all of my life. to fix problems. do you know how you do it? you grab them here and say, you did not come here to take up space. you came here to improve people's lives. are you with me? they never say no, they always say yes. last 40 or 50 days, whatever we have left, i'm not i'm notoud statements, into banging my fist on the table. i'm not into calling names. country into fixing the . i've done it before with a great team of people, like my great
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andnd johnson in her -- doug scammon. -- again.o it fo we believe no one behind. [applause] gov. kasich: thanks for coming out on sunday. i know i you are here, because the patriots aren't playing. [laughter] children have your two , i have mine. young people have more skin in the game when i look at the tally than anybody. how do you draw them in? they will carry the wagon. whichasich: the way in young people come in is that you tell that there is purpose in life. that you can change the world. it's not about promises, it is about vision. , dos about saying to kids
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you know how special you are? do you know that you can change the world? this has to be dealt with, because if it isn't, they graduate from college and have .o job you have to deal to work. we need to get this under control for your kids, my kids, .ll kids in the country john, it is not that hard, we know what it takes is very common sense. we have to get people out of their own way. that's all we have to do. when we have certainty, when budget can get
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, they will not put --pid rules on me, shook me, my taxes, thatut is what gets them to say, let's invest. let's take a risk. let's create jobs. it is an amazing thing that happens in ohio. we are the seventh largest state. this is not a bucket shop over here. i have 11.5 million people. my credit rating is strong, not weeks. -- weak. i don't use gimmicks. i don't make stuff up when i come to the meetings. my people will say, "promise than this."
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-- them this." i don't promise anything. i want people to believe in this. we passed a bill this last weekend that broke all the spending rules they have. it didn't surprise me, but they are a flock that wonders aimlessly around. they need a shepherd. >> and a cattle prod. [laughter] gov. kasich: maybe one of those too. reese, come on out. she's doing her best to support her dad. [applause] gov. kasich: a cattle prod. [laughter] gov. kasich: here's the other thing you've got to know, i will give you the insight, you can't beat people up into doing what
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.ou want them to do once in a while, with a few, but the u screen, the more you burn rate, the less result you get. if you're a schoolteacher, you cannot yell kids into a good grade. you unlock them. you figure out what motivates them. when you raise kids, you can yell at them all day long, but that only go so far. it's fun to talk about the cattle prod, and i will let you come to washington with that. but what we need to do is to remind them of their purpose. are a member of the united states congress, the day i was elected to congressman, i was 30.
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my mother and father were in shock. my dad carried mail, and my mother's mother couldn't speaking whispered i thought, i'm going to washington to work with ronald reagan. --somehow they forgot it. we will remind them. they will get the act together. come down, i will have you stand outside the fence of the white house and scream if this does not work. i'm an independent looking for a candidate that makes sense to me, not someone trying to scapegoat the issues. someone who's coming up with solutions. i'd like to ask a history question.


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