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tv   Presidents Weekly Radio Address  CSPAN  October 24, 2009 6:15pm-6:30pm EDT

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greetings from the twin cities marathon. as you may know the last four months i've been on a sort-of campaign to get in the best shape of my life by the time i turn 40 years old. it's been tough in many ways. but i decided to get a checkup on how i was doing from personal fitness trainer jillian michaels. let's go talk to her. for the first few days that i did this, again i don't count calories, but i was leaving food on the plate. i was definitely taking smaller portions. just really conscious. i was hungry the first few days. >> that's so hard. >> but i knew once i got beyond that and i had this whole -- >> did you get beyond the physical feeling of hunger? because when that happens i'll go with volume. so i'll get the salad this big.
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>> yes. >> fiber and water, nutrients and it's low calorie when i struggle with that. >> somebody told me that that thirst is often misperceived as hunger. >> yes. >> so you think you're hungry when in fact you're thirsty. >> you're dehydrated. >> a lot of us walk around chronic dehydration. now i just drink more water. and it's funny because i, jillian, like you i've studied this like to the core. fitness, exercise, physiology of all this. but some of the simplest things make the biggest difference. drinking water, pushing a plate away and exercising when i can. >> how are you doing with sleep? sleep really affects my hunger levels. >> i won't pass the jillian test on sleep. >> i know, because -- i mean you've got three kids and you're all over the world. how much sleep are you getting? and how are you finding that affects you? >> well, it definitely affects me. i can feel if i start to get more sleep i can be in a better groove. the thing i'm worried about the most now i've had this whole inspiring time of the last four months to do this, because 40th birthday. milestone. >> yes.
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>> an arbitrary milestone. how do i make this a hab id? >> you go to the gym every day after work. are you finding that manageable? if that's not manageable then it becomes, okay, if you can't get the fitness in, then you push the plate away and you eat less calories. you make the quality of your foods count as much as possible. you steal sleep on the plane if that's the only place that you can steal it. and you've got time. >> getting the compliment from you today. >> i mean, like i just was like wow, he looks great. not that i didn't think you looked great before! let me just clarify. you were hot before and you're hot now. but you just -- yeah, you look like you're just lean and mean. >> i feel great. and i really appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thanks so much for your help. >> obviously the key to all this is to maintain this for the rest of my life and hopefully the rest of yours, as well. we've got lots of great tips. also on twitter at sanjay guptacnn.
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>> that had to have been the most memorable segment he's ever done in his life. hugs from her and also you've got to wonder what was with the blazer over the sweatsuit. i'll ask him. now this. as we cover this story about the sweat lodge. new horrifying revelations. we're doing another account of what went on in arizona. three people died, we know that. today we're hearing from a woman who was right there, sat right in between two of the people who ended up dead. sydney spencer, she herself had major organ failure, liver, kidney failure. somehow she lived. she is lucky to be alive. she has a lawyer, who's on with us right now, ted schmidt, is going to relay her account, what happened inside that sweat lodge. also joining us eric chase, criminal defense attorney as we look at what could be the defenses of mr. james arthur ray and also joining us, a doctor, a critical care surgeon at we'll cornell medical center. and good doctor, what happens with our body in intense heat like that? first let's start with ted and
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how is your client doing? how -- the -- sounds like she really went through the wringer? >> she did. she was in intensive care for four days. she's now living at her sister -- at her daughter's home, convalescing. she's walking and talking. and she's -- >> is she going to be okay? >> well, we don't know. >> don't know? >> i mean she's -- she's -- she's definitely going to survive this. and, frankly, every day she seems to do a little bit better than the past. but she's going to be seen by a number of doctors and neurologists, and neuropsychologi neuropsychologists, and one of our biggest concerns is that she suffered some brain injury. she had respiratory arrest and as best we can figure out at this point, she was -- went for well over an hour without medical care before they could actually get her to the hospital. >> okay. what can you tell us, what is -- has she told you about what happened inside that sweat lodge? >> well, basically, the sweat
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lodge experience itself -- you know -- i think i should back up just a little bit. >> yeah. >> these people had just completed a 36-hour-plus vision quest. in other words, they were taken out in the desert, alone, without water or food and left there on tuesday night, until thursday morning. they were brought back to the facility, given a very short breakfast and then rushed into lectures that they sat in down and listened to for most of the rest of the day. they all thought that at the end of the lectures they were done. >> okay. >> but at the conclusion of that, mr. ray said, i have a surprise for you. we're going to do a sweat lodge experience. you have 15 minutes to go back to your rooms, change your clothes, and meet me out front. they then went in to the sweat lod
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lodge. they were told just prior to going in that the purpose was to have an altered mind experience. that they were likely to experience physical distress, that that was expected and intended. >> mm-hmm. >> and they needed to engur that. they needed to, as he likes to say all the time, play full-on, break your barriers. the way you're going to have the experience that we need is for you to stick it out. they went inside, she was in the very back row. >> she was in the back row? >> right. up against the wall of the tent, or sweat lodge, opposite -- not directly opposite, but fairly well opposite the one door in the lodge. which was covered with a -- with a flap. >> hey, ted, ted, let me stop you there. so we've got the pictures, when we come back we'll get to the details of what happened to his client. again, she had major organ failure. they said it would never last.
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