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tv   U.S. House of Representatives  CSPAN  September 30, 2009 10:00am-1:00pm EDT

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two major earthquakes in less than 24 hours. first on a u.s. territory you see here. then hours ago in indonesia. how this all could be worrying some people in u.s. quake zones across our country. then there is an amber alert for a pregnant 12-year-old gone missing. she disappeared with her sister and step father last week. now she is on the list for missing and exploited children. plus, how your floor mat could put you in danger. we'll tell you which recent recall points to this problem. all that this wednesday on "morning express." good morning. we have breaking news. two powerful earthquakes rocked the pacific in just 24 hours.
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in just a moment, the latest on a quake that triggered a deadly tsunami in the samoa islands. first in indonesia. we just got the first injury reports. at least 13 people were killed and hundreds more injured when a buildingolla after the earthquake hit, which happened around 6:00 a.m. eastern time. it had a magnitude of 7.. state-run media reports hundreds of buildings were destroyed including houses, shopping centers and mosques. the underwater quake triggered a tsunami about a foot high. officials say that threat is over now. that quake comes just one day after a tsunami hit samoa and tonga killing more than 100 people. american samoa is in american territory in the south pacific. a powerful quake yesterday around 1:00 in the afternoon triggered three separate tsunami waves and flattened entire villages and left them under water. president obama sending c ining
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condolences. >> i'm hurt, you know. i'm hurt for them because they are my people. especially for the older folks. those, you know, and the children. they're helpless. >> this morning, the coast guard set out to take fema members to american samoa. the team includes debris and housing experts and disaster relief specialists. we'll watch both of those developing stories this morning for you here on hln. now to other news for you. chicago police are looking for three more suspects in the beating death of a 16-year-old boy and $6,000 in reward money is on the table at the moment. investigators asked the secret service to enhance this amateur video you see here of the fight that killed darien albert. they may charge people who participated in this fight, even if they did not come into
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contact with albert. >> the culture of no snitch is unacceptable. on thursday, an innocent young man with a promising future lost his life. he lost it to senseless violence. yet few have come forward. we must do better. >> so far four teens are charged with first degree murder. the mothers of the two of them spoke out in their defense yesterday. >> i say that to them. that's not my baby. >> they had to defend themselves. the young man that lost his life wasn't just standing there. he was fighting also. >> police say they're going to increase patrols before and after classes. chicago public schools will also offer free bus service to some students there. authorities have issued an amber alert for two missing girls and one is due to give birth any day. 12-year-old keara hess is nine months pregnant.
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she and her sister disappeared last week with their step father and legal guardian matthew hess and her pregnancy requires urgent medical attention. they think the father of hess' child is around her age. to the president's health care plan which has taken a major hit. opponents rejected efforts questioned to include gft-run health insurance in the plan. there is a slim chance the so-called public option you heard about could come back, but key members of the senate finance committee say the only way to get any kind of bill through this year may be to drop that provision all together. now there are two more hurdles coming probably today. republicans will push for amendments to beef up the language from preventing illegal immigrants getting subsidized health care and make sure there is no federal funding available for abortions. it is toyota's u.s. biggest recall ever for a potentially deadly problem that affects the top-selling camry and certain other models. this has to do with floor mats.
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yeah, richard. you might think floor mat, how dangerous can that be? really dangerous. if this is your car that is affected, take it in. we are talking almost 4 million cars here. the floor mat can creep up and jam the accelerator pedal down. suddenly your car is taking off. there have been over 100 reports of this happening. five people died, 17 people have been hurt. there have been 13 crashes involved here. if you have one of these cars, you want to take the mat off. don't get a replacement mat and go to the dealer. by the way, if you have this car, you don't manage to get the dealer and this happens to you, try to pull the mat out if you've got time or they said step on the brakes with both of your feet. some of the models being recalled, some of the big sellers, the 2007 to 2010 camry. we have the whole list at
10:06 am scroll down to important websites. >> you would never think a floor mat would be a concern. 4,000 more u.s. troops will come home from iraq next month. the military's top commander is expected to announce that on capitol hill this hour. he says attacks are way down from two years ago and there are fewer al qaeda and foreign fighters, but he says there are still security concerns there. he is also saying the u.s. is on track to end the combat mission by next september. bob joins us with his weather map out. what you are looking at right now, i guess, is what's happening in the idaho falls area? >> we've got the snow coming down. there are winter storm warnings coming down near salt lake city. wasatch mountains getting snow. it's above 8,000 feet. that's the elevation where you see that rain/snow line develop today. it should be there most of the afternoon. big area of low pressure. you can see with the clouds. there is a low.
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that transfers energy off the rockies later today into the plains. then we are setting the stage for problems with some severe weather. more on that in a second. i want to show you the warnings and advisories first. warnings for winter storm stuff. winter-type storm this afternoon. looking for about six to 12 inches of snow above 8,000 feet. all the rest of the blue-shaded areas are advisories for snow and will be in the higher elevation with valley rains. back over to the east little farther as that low goes down the slope of the rockies into the plains later today, the warm air rises ahead of that and the cold front kick up storms. some of these are going to be on the severe side starting late this afternoon through the evening and overnight tonight. not a morning event or early afternoon. you have to wait until later. areas near nebraska, watch out today. maybe an isolated tornado. you see the showers coming in across western colorado, more rain in northern utah. turning into snow at the higher elevations. north farther, you see the rain
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going in towards idaho and getting back in towards areas by montana. we also have the fair weather, that is a red flag warning, all the areas shaded in pink. let me show you an i-report we got the another day from yellowstone park. this was taken by a national park service web cam. that is an unbelievable photo. this fire has been burning for about two weeks. not threatening any structures, which is good. they are going to try to let it burn out more to get rid of some of that fire fuel. >> and strangely beautiful, actually. >> it looks like a giant old faithful. >> exactly. a lot of wind in the west might affect folks traveling perhaps? >> we have the wind out there, the rain and snow. >> all right. the feds just took unprecedented action against a company that runs call centers. it's accused of putting kids as young as 13 to work in these call centers. you heard of "jon and kate plus eight." it's got kate, the eight, but doesn't have jon anymore.
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straight to this hearing that's starting right now. you can see senator lieberman there talking. he and other senators are taking a closer look how safe we are from terror attacks. there are those three alleged terror plots we told you about on friday. one in colorado, one in texas and one in illinois. that's, of course, top of mind for many law makers. homeland security chief janet napolitano and robert mueller will testify. this will be the first committee meeting for ted kennedy's replacement as new senator paul kirk. john travolta expected to be back on the witness stand this week. two people are accused of trying to extort $25 million from him
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while he tried to get medical help. jett travolta died after a seizure. this is a liable form for an ambulance company. yesterday lawyers testified saying the document could the detrimental. utah-based western watts faces a $550,000 penalty, the highest of its kind in u.s. history. investigators say that 13-year-old kids were manning phone banks for market research and political surveys, and they were overworked, 14 and 15-year-olds, as well, involved in this case. western watts disputes the fine and is appealing it at the moment. let's talk about a california woman who says her bank raised the interest rate on her credit card for no good reason. that's what she said, but she did not accept it quietly. in fact, she decided to take this to the public forum in
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greek style. >> it is the new court of public opinion, shall we say. she went on youtube. she was mad. she said bank of america hiked her credit card interest rate from 13% to 30%. she called them and called them, the bank wouldn't budge. she said she was staging a revolution. she took her rant to youtube. >> you are evil [ bleep ]. you have reaped ungodly profits and then lost only to turn around. >> her video has been seen more than 370,000 times, as you can imagine. bank of america didn't necessarily like that. people hearing all about that people weren't going to pay their bills. they did reach a resolution with her. since then she posted a new video where she is less furious
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about it. >> clearly she got a better deal. it makes you think that is a way if you feel frustrated and powerless, maybe that is a way to do it. i don't necessarily recommend you curse while you do it or that you threaten not to pay your bills. because legally, that won't fly, but maybe it's a way if you make a persuasive argument, you can get help. how could a drop in the economy get to be good news? when the drop gets to be smaller? the government says the gross domestic product, this is a number with so many moving parts they take a whole bunch of snapshots of it. this is the third take and they say it was down 0.7%. it looked better than last time they measured it. it's the spring quarter, right? >> april to june, right. >> second quarter. that's technically the summer quarter, right? no, spring quarter. anyway, for this quarter it was down not nearly as bad as the previous quarter. >> we'll take that. and the whole kit and caboodle
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in one number there. >> it's the best gauge we've got looking at the whole economy. it's not helping the market today. >> i will take that. jennifer westhoven, thank you. i feel sorry for this guy. the best-known polar bear knut growing up before our eyes. he met his potential made giovanna. it wasn't love at first sight. she slapped him and went away to swim by herself. he was spurned. knute is not sexually mature yet. >> they need to manscape his beard. >> it's tough work. keep at it, my friend. two suspects are on the run after leading police on a high-speed chase.
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we've got a new dash cam video showing a high-speed chase coming to a crashing end. police in ohio say the suv got up to 90 miles per hour before
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republicaning down a bank and disappears. the driver took off running towards a hotel and has not been caught. the passenger got away, too, from this high-speed chase. director roman polanski is getting celebrity support. they say he fled decades ago after having sex with a 13-year-old girl. martin scorcese saying polanski should be released immediately. they are upset because polanski was arrested on his way to the zurich film festival which honored him this year. actress deborah winger is a festival leader and talked about her outrage. >> we came to honor roman polanski as a great ar, but under these sudden and arcane circumstances, we can only think of him today as a human being,
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uncertain of the year ahead. we hope today this latest order will be dropped. it is based on a three-decade-old case that is all but dead except for a minor technicality. we stand by and await his release and his next master work. thank you. >> many others say polanski supporters are down playing the seriousness of this crime. the director of the california women's law center telling "the l.a. times," quote, it sends a message that the rich and powerful can get away with crimes that no one else can get away with, end quote. now we'll swoop over to rafer weigel. olympic officials are days away from deciding who will host the 2016 games. things are getting tense among the bidding cities. we've got the obamas going. >> michelle obama just arrived in copenhagen not too long ago. president heading over there for tomorrow. the stakes are high.
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the ioc basically told the bidding cities, stop criticizing each other. go into time-out is what he told them. this is after rio de janeiro complained about comments chicago mayor daly made when he said he liked chicago's chances because rio is hosting the 2014 of soccer. it's not that bad. chicago protestors line the city streets saying the city is too in debt. >> and the chicago mayor, come on. >> i'm partial. i like mayor daly. we've got an update on running back steven johnson who underwent seven hours of emergency surgery after he dropped a 270-pound weight on his throat. doctors expect him to make a full recovery. he gave a thumbs-up and is communicating through writing, however, he cannot speak and it is unclear when or if he will
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ever play football again. have you ever been upset with referees? you might get more frustrated after labor contract talks broke down again between the nba and the ref's union. replacement refs will take the court. rasheed wallace, very critical of the referees. i'll be interested to see how he handles the new guys coming from the developmental league, so says the nba. >> lastly, some kids caught on camera at the yankee game. this is how you put a foam finger to use. there's one, there is two. there you go, down he goes. look at the dad trying to get the photo. can you do it one more time? meanwhile, yankees will play minnesota or detroit and red sox will play the angels in the american league. >> that's like you and bob in the hallway. >> nobody trying to take our picture. >> thanks. one family's house is totally trashed thanks to a bear who broke into their house all summer. why this family thinks it keems coming back. )$)$)$)$)$)$)$)$)$)
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we've got breaking news for you this morning on two powerful earthquakes that hit the pacific in 24 hours. on your screen you see what happened on tuesday. that's an 8.0 from american samoa, big earthquake. around four hours ago, a second major earthquake, a 7.6 hitting indonesia. that happening about four hours ago. we are watching what has happened as a result of those two earthquakes this hour. we'll start though in indonesia to give you at least more details there. these are some of the pictures we've got. at least 13 people were crushed to death by buildings that collapsed after a quake there. indonesian officials saying hundreds more were injured in the 7.6 quake. widespread power and phone outages are making it difficult
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to assess the damage there. then we take you to the tsunami in the samoan islands and tonga killed more than 100 people and flattened entire villages. this includes american samoa. look at these pictures of damage. deadly waves hit yesterday after a powerful earthquake. >> completely demolished. they were all shattered to timbers and floating in the water. they were still looking for some missing relatives. i've never seen something like this before in my whole life. >> it's cut into half. >> it was so strong. it was so strong. i thought the earth would be broken on its surface. >> after that 8.0, they have since seen two more major aftershocks of over 5.0 on the richter scale. president obama declared american samoa a major disaster
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area. representatives from fema are on their way to help out. we are watching a terrorism suspect accused of planning an attack in new york city pleaded not guilty. najibullah zazi was arraigned yesterday. investigators say he plotted to make explosives from household chemicals and possibly blow them up on the 9/11 anniversary a few weeks ago. a former democratic fund-raiser will spend more than 24 hours in prison for fraud. norman hsu swindled people out of at least $20 million and told some investigators their money would be in jeopardy if they didn't donate to candidates he supported. president obama and hillary clinton returned hsu's campaign donations or gave them to charity. those are some of the stories we are following for you. it's a busy wednesday. i'm richard lui on "american express." this is what happened in samoa. we've been telling you about the
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deadly tsunami. we are getting more and more pictures. we are getting an i-report from somebody who is also contributing to hln. the i-reporters have shown us this. >> now it's over here. you can see a lot of debris on the roads, glass. have a look over here. everything is completely wiped out. check out this house. >> more than 100 people were killed in the tsunami. if you are an i-reporter, we appreciate your contributions, but of course, be safe when you can be. we had two major earthquakes in the pacific in the past 24 hours. bob has been watching what's happening here. as we look at this, we heard the time "ring of fire" we heard the
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term of them being connected somehow. how do you put this together, if at all? >> i think one is probably an aftershock. even though it's a distance away, when you get a major earthquake like that on a faultline, you are going to see another one pop-up shortly. we talk about fault lines, the entire earth has a bunch of plates in there. one is a pacific plate. that's the ring of fire one. very active. this pacific plate butts up to the indo-australian plate. that is where the american samoa lies. we also had that plate connecting up to the north american plate. that is called the "ring of fire" as well. that goes down through san francisco. there is the san andreas fault. you always have two a day around california. i don't think we have to be worried about this. i don't think you can connect the two from one side of the continent to the other side. the "ring of fire" is out there.
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that's where the american samoa lies. >> i always get nervous. they talk about those folks in the american samoa having to go to sleep and it was dark. i was in san francisco for the big one. >> long story short, you can't predict it, but you can predict there will be an aftershock. that is on the other side of the world. we'll look at that and the weather coming up. >> thanks, bob. the obama administration wants to eliminate texting while driving. right now safety experts and law makers are gathering in washington to discuss ways to prevent highway deaths caused by texting and other electronic distractions. the insurance institute for highway safety says 18 states have laws against texting while driving and seven states banned hand-held cell phones behind the wheel. new developments in the caylee anthony case. there was a stain in the mother's car in the shape of a
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child. documents show no dna was found in the stain. this morning, a lawyer for casey anthony's parents says he will release evidence that raises questions about this case. nancy grace will have more tonight on hln at 8:00 and 10:00 eastern. we are getting more details in the case of the american dad jailed in japan for trying to get his kids back. we told you yesterday that he went to japan after his ex-wife violated their custody agreement and moved there. international agreements on child abduction law are not recognized in japan. his lawyer says these abductions are common. >> it's time these abductions of american kids to that country end and i'm pleased for one thing. that is this case is horrible, it's horrific, it's the first time i heard of one of my clients to be arrested over there. it shows you how desperate he was. that happens all the time. it happens every month to so many fathers and children here and it just needs to end.
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>> savoie's lawyer thinks the chances he will get his kids back are pretty slim. the united states would lose a lot of money if schools closed because of swine flu. there is a new report that finds it would doss the u.s. between $10 and $47 billion if all u.s. schools closed for just one month. the government told schools to close only as a last resort. some schools have already shut down. some women are walking around in pain every day and have only themselves or at least their shoes to blame. how you can make life happier for your toes. >> also ahead, michael jackson's spiritual advisor recorded hours of jackson's deeply personal thoughts, not all of them are so nice.
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good wednesday to you. there could be hope for three u.s. hikers who were detained in iran. two senior u.s. officials say iran is allowing a representative from the swiss government to meet with them to check on their condition. we've got video of one of the hikers for you here. they are accused of illegally crossing into iran from iraq. they say they accidentally crossed into an unmarked border. jen westhoven is here for you. there might be a silver lining in what we call bad financial times? >> it's a counterintuitive story, right?
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when they said recession is good for your health, i thought, what? i think you would think that the stress would be bad for you. researchers, they look to people who live through the great depression and they found that americans who did that actually lived longer. if better health is an unexpected benefit, that is a good news in a bad economy. university of michigan researchers say life expectancy went up six years during that time. part of it was people were working less. back then work was more physical so they were less likely to get hurt. they were getting more sleep. they had less money to spend on things like alcohol and tobacco that can be bad for your health, as you know. and they spent more time with their family and friends, which can decrease your stress levels. if you are looking for extra work and extra money to help make ends meet, the holiday season is coming. you know that means all the holiday hiring. a lot of stores will be hiring.
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they need extra people to handle the holiday shopping. the hiring may be down from last year, but this morning toys "r" us said they are going to hire 35,000 workers. mostly part-time jobs. if you are interested, don't wait too long. there will probably be a lot of competition for those jobs. that's the big holiday. what about the holiday coming right up, halloween. how much are you planning to spend? the national retail federation says the average american is cutting their halloween spending to about $56. maybe there will be less loot in your kid's plastic pumpkin. done cheat the kids, cut back on lawn decorations and the stuff that goes nsidethat's spooky. >> and the market down just a wee bit today. >> thanks for reminding me that. off 100 points is the dow. part of the reason we had this run-up and getting close to 10,000, hope that the economy is going to turn around. today we had a report that told us about factories in chicago. not doing so great.
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people are trying to get a sense of how the fall is doing. >> hopefully just a little profit taking and folks will come back. jen, we talked earlier and i thought of you. this one is about shoes. women are putting themselves through a lot of pain for their shoes, evidently. that is the conclusion of a new study in "the new york times." not that you needed that study. >> i know ladies in new york where i think some of this fat yij is -- those are my shoes. these are comfortable. my shoe are not that bad. >> jen only likes to wear comfortable shoes, but heels here at work. >> i get teased for my comfortable shoes off the air. >> the study is saying more than 60% of women say they wear shoes that cause foot pain later in life. they do it anyway. it includes high heels and slippers and sandals.
10:44 am
don't buy shoes just because they are cute. i guess you agree with that, too? >> i do. health first. >> thank you. bob has been known to wear heels around work. >> comfortable boots. that's not true. >> let's move on. >> don't start rumors. >> only on saturdays. >> you can't prove it. i couldn't squeeze my size 11 1/2 in one of those things, are you kidding me? >> you know i'm joking. >> let me show you what's going on. if you are traveling outside today, first major storm of the season is coming around. winter-type weather associated with it. here is your low, a surface low and upper level trough. it will stir up a lot of severe weather late this afternoon through the evening hours. that is something we'll be watching. winter storm warnings. you'll find that in salt lake city, mainly in the wasatch above 6,000 feet. severe weather rolls into the plains in the later part of the
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day today. you see the possibility of an isolated tornado, gusty winds and large hail across central nebraska first. down the pike into oklahoma. look at the rain in western colorado. more showers around salt lake city. it's been mainly rain across the valleys. it's going to be all snow in the mountains. that rain stretches to idaho, western parts of montana getting decent rain and that shower activity will taper off some time tomorrow as the whole thing moves over toward the east. full details. >> thanks for being a good sport, as always. >> i know. >> have a good one. actor hugh jackman was caught off guard on stage and he called out a member of the audience for breaking his concentration.
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we are just getting this in here at hln this hour. we are getting reports a bomb threat is forcing officials to close several schools in princeton, minnesota. police are investigating a number of suspicious packages around the city, including at the post office. several streets are blocked off. soon as we get pictures on this, we'll get it to you. students at a high school and elementary school were evacuated. everyone is okay. we'll keep you posted as we get more information. that just into us this hour. michael vick now calls himself an animal rights advocate and is warning people to stay away from dog fighting. really transforming himself here. >> certainly trying to repair his image, richard. it's part of the campaign he's been trying to do it. he's been trying to do it between games. with a bye week coming up, he was addressing a small crowd at
10:49 am
a washington, d.c. church. telling them dog fighting is pointless and he doesn't know why he risked his lucrative career over it. this appearance was sponsored by the humane society. he add ed wants a dog for the family. >> hopefully the judge will grant me the opportunity to have a dog in the future and i would take care of it with the best of my ability. that's only if it's in god's plan for me to have one. i know my daughter wants one. >> unfortunately for his daughter, it's not in the legal system's plan. as part of his sentence a judge ruled he can never own a dog again. "the new york times" reports a study commissioned by the nfl shows former nfl players are 19 times more likely to have alzheimer's disease or memory issues compared to others, among men ages 30 to 49. the nfl long denied there is any proof of any cognitive decline in former players. a league spokesman did criticize the study and added there are thousands of retired players who don't have memory problems. you've seen him on "dancing
10:50 am
with the stars." future hall of famer jerry rice will take his moves to the golf course as a professional golfer. rice will host and play in a nationwide tour event in given exemption and i'm told in an episode of "one tree hill." my producer said he was good. >> having a great retirement. >> doing a lot. lastly, wackiness for you. the red bull soap box derby races in los angeles now in downtown l.a., none of them could get this ramp. thank goodness for the hay bales. this is going to need a chiropractor. he was okay. but they all couldn't seem to do that ramp. >> i'm surprised this is not in england. >> no. this is downtown l.a. which i don't know what's weirder that they do this or l.a. has a downtown. that's sports. >> two or three. >> i love the brain. my favorite. >> with the big eyes. thank you. there's an exciting addition to our lineup.
10:51 am
"the joy behar show" premiered last night and airs at 9:00 eastern here on hln. last night she chatted with bette midler. >> i was on a cruise where before i had "the view," i'm on this crews and i performed and i walked around, i talked to people. then i overheard someone say how could they afford bette midler? that was at the end of the cruise. >> hilarious. >> true story. >> i went to paris on a holiday not so long ago. yesterday i got back. >> did you see roman polanski? >>dy not. i got to a lieu and i'm standing in line and a lady says you look like bette midler and i said imagine. she said i bet you wish you had her money. >> that's a good story. >> you can catch "the joy behar show" at 9:00 eastern here on hln, always talking to interesting folks, at least from the first night's indication. michael jackson's spiritual
10:52 am
adviser says he reported hours of jackson's thoughts. what jackson revealed to him about being so famous. then looking at the stocks. down about 100 points. maybe not liking the gdp that came out.
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what is the most provocative entertainment news on television? it's "showbiz tonight." it's next so stay tuned. tomorrow morning be sure to watch morning express with me, robin meade. right now on "showbiz tonight," big news breaking. a jon and kate shocker. jon gosselin fired today from "jon & kate plus 8." tonight, the great mystery, was jon fired because of his partying and apparent womanizing? and "showbiz tonight" has got to ask, should the whole show be canceled? the outrage over roman. legendary director roman polanski fights back after his arrest. can he be forgiven for having
11:01 am
sex with a minor? tonight big stars speak out and say leave roman alone. >> we hope today this latest order will be dropped. >> tonight, the explosive great debate, should roman polanski be forgiven? plus, crazy over the kardashians. khloe kardashian marries a big nba star. the obsession with the other kardashians. tonight, the big kardashian case of being famous for nothing. tv's first most provocative entertainment news show starts right now. hello. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. tonight jon gosselin, you're fired. really. you're fired. from your own show. jon gosselin was fired today
11:02 am
from "jon & kate plus 8" after months of nonstop reports of partying, womanizing and basically not acting like the kind of guy you would want to lead your kid's boy scout troop. why now? will kate go on. what about the eight kids. questions that led to big news breaking today. hey jon, don't let the door hit you on the way out. jon gosselin canned. today, it's a brand new bombshell announcement in what was a summer of jon and kate gosselin bombshells. first they announce their divorce. >> kate and i decided to separate. >> then jon's womanizing escapades on magas around the world. wait. there's more. then women started coming out of the wood work claiming jon is a major player. >> it's a shame that he's a liar. >> today tlc announces we won't be seeing much of jon gosselin. tlc announced that as of
11:03 am
november, "jon & kate plus 8" will be re-invented to become "kate plus 8." bye, jon. >> i think this is a pretty big shock in a lot of ways. people grew to love this family as "jon & kate plus 8." >> tlc says they are evolving with the statement. in a statement tonight they say given the recent changes in the family dynamics, it only makes sense for us to refresh and recalibrate the program to keep pace with the family. the family has evolved and we're attempting to evolve with it. we feel that kate's journey really resonates with our viewers. will people miss their incessant bickering, constant drama. if the ratings are an indication the answer seems to be yes. in june at the height of their drama when jon and kate announced they were getting divorced almost 11 million people tuned in. but as jon and kate settled into separate lives and the drama
11:04 am
died down viewers tuned out big time. by september, ratings dropped 84% to 1.7 million viewers. >> interesting also in the statement from tlc they said they are working on a kate project for 2010, so perhaps she is trying to kind of streamline this into a bigger career as a talking head or talk show personality. >> kate's been flying solo for a while now. there is the teary media blitz in august where she gave interviews like this one on the "today" show. >> sorry. >> that's okay. >> then there are reports she shot a talk show pilot with paula dean and we can't forget about her gig as a guest co-host on abc's "the view." >> when i don't have custody i'm in hiding. >> joy behar and newest member of the hln family told me she was okay. >> she was pretty good. she was particularly good when she was talking about herself about her stuff. >> what's interesting is that her appearance on "the view" didn't generate a lot of cheers
11:05 am
from a lot of critics. however, the fact is people do seem to identify with her. i think she does have a fan base. >> as for her spurned exlover tlc says jon won't be totally out of the picture. he'll pop in now and then to hang with the kids or pick a fight. what's he going to do with his career? aside from what appears his main gig as an international man of mystery and father of eight, jon's not ruling out a new reality show with michael lohan called divorce dads club. he says it's up in the air. >> are you going to do that show? >> i don't know. i mean, the contract and all of this stuff, that's why i have a legal team, why i have management. they have to work it out. >> tlc may have other plans for jon. in their statement they stress jon still works for them saying tlc will continue its exclusive relationship with jon gosselin and he will continue to appear on the show on a less regular basis. today's announcement raises new
11:06 am
questions about the future of jon gosselin's career as reality show king. and whether the re-invented kate plus 8 will be as successful without jon there to generate drama. >> i think people will give this show a chance. will it get to the 10 million viewership, probably not. >> so is jon gosselin in deep trouble here? joining me from hollywood is kim serafin, there she is, a senior editor for ""intouch weekly." and so there you have it. tlc giving jon the big old boot. i got to tell you i'm not surprised. what about you? >> no. the show needs a shake-up. you have to do something. i don't necessarily think the show is in trouble. i mean, you have two parents raising eight kids. how do you top that, bring in bigger ratings? a single mom raising eight kids. i think the show has potential
11:07 am
to go back up again. >> well, i think it's something a lot of people can relate to, more than all of the drama that came from all of the tabloid headlines. what do you think, were you surprised? kate rhymes with eight better than jon does. seemed like the right thing to do. >> that's true. why didn't they do that from the beginning. i was surprised, although you look at the way those ratings have dropped and 84% drop in ratings, that's huge. people were not tuning in. people didn't care so much about the kids cooking with emeril. they cared about the conflict between jon and kate. whether it was building up to this divorce announcement. people wanted to see that. they didn't care about them separately. they didn't care so much about kate doing a movie on the lawn for the kids. they wanted to see the fireworks. so, again, i think people will tune in initially. but i just don't see it ever becoming as huge as the "jon & kate plus 8." >> this news struck a chord.
11:08 am
as soon as we posted the news about jon being fired we put it on the "showbiz tonight" facebook page. it was like a fire storm, the response was unbelievable. let me read a few. i feel this is great move, the show was supposed to abfamily show about raising eight small children. jon's actions since their separation has certainly taken away from any family values being seen with a new blond almost every week. this cannot be healthy for the show's values and certainly not for those poor children. thank you, belle. did jon's wild behavior and the fact he was hanging out with several women since he and kate split really detract from the e he had on the show to the point that people couldn't separate the two? >> absolutely. i mean, those 10 million viewers, i think it was unrealistic to maintain throughout the course of the show. it still is one of the highest rated shows for tlc, so if they can keep it there and take him away a little bit and still keep that hard core audience, that's what they have to cater to.
11:09 am
i think that's what they are trying to do t. jon gosselin spin-off show is coming. they said hey, we own the rights to you. he'll be fine. they're going to bank on him as well. >> i bet there are betting pools in vegas right now how soon till jon pops up on his own reality show. it's inevitable. we have a lot of comments saying right on to tlc for firing jon but also a lot of them that were targeted at kate as we. this is wando s. writing. they need to cancel her completely and immediately. i presume she means the show. she needs to focus on her eight kids, not the cash cow. people are outraged that tlc is continuing with the show at all, kim. are they right? you think that maybe this is a signal it is time that kate get the boot as well and they call it quits? >> well, it doesn't sound like they are going to call it quits. as they say in their statement they are working on a kate project for 2010. you would have to imagine this might be that kind of you type
11:10 am
of show she's reportedly been interested in. the fact is people will care about jon and kate for sure but this is their cash cow but also how they make a living, pay for that beautiful house they live in. this is how they pay for everything. so, i think you know, to criticize it as just a cash cow is kind of silly. this is their job. they both admitted that. they can't stop doing this, this is how they make money. >> there are plenty of jobs for people. maybe the economy's rough but there are ways to make money. people do it every day with big families. people do it every day, kim. >> here's the thing, kate is not oblivious to what's going on, she's not in the dark when it comes to comments like the one i read to you from our viewer wanda. when she could hosted "the view" kate addressed the fact that people think she should stop doing the show for the sake of the kids. watch this. >> so many people are so funny and they say just stop, just pull out. >> could you? >> no. i could stop and still have all of the flack and the lack of
11:11 am
paycheck. let's face it, i have to support my children. i'm a single mom and now more than ever i need to work hard. >> break it down for me. you think kate is out there celebrating? look at. this she gets rid of jon from the marriage, she gets rid of jon from the show and most importantly gets to keep the paycheck and stay on tv. >> careful what you wish for. it all depends. if this pans out for her and the numbers stay or go up and this was the right move and she can celebrate. but if the show ends up going downhill without jon her relationships are going down without jon, might not have been a good move. >> yeah. good point. thanks, guys. appreciate it. over to you, here is our "showbiz tonight" question of the day. john fired from jon and kate, should the show be canceled? big news breaking. outrage over roman polanski, the legendary directighting back over his arrest. big stars are speaking out
11:12 am
saying leave him alone. but, is hollywood out of touch? should polanski be forgiven for having sex with a minor? this is the great "showbiz tonight" debate. why do so many people go so crazy over the kardashians? i don't get it. chloe marries a big nba star and there is a bat it over their photos. can someone explain the obsession with the kardashians? anyone? bueller? why are they famous for nothing? and did you see this. the itsy bitsy spider who crawled up the pope's arm. >> as the pope spoke the spider kept reappearing, going down the pontiff's arm, and then back up again. >> you can't make this stuff up. the pope versus the spider caught on tape. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. now the "showbiz news ticker."
11:13 am
11:14 am
11:15 am
11:16 am
welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer. did you see this. first it was obama versus the fly, now the pope versus the spider. a spider actually hitched a ride on the pope while he was giving a speech in the czech republic. the story is being spun all over the internet. here is jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." >> substitute "pope" for water spout and you'll have the picture. only in this case no rains washed him out. >> this is no simple answer to the question. >> as he spoke the spider kept reappearing. ♪ down came the rain and washed the spider out snoelt >> going down the pontiff's arm. ♪ out came the sun and dried up all the rain ♪ >> then back up again. ♪ the itsy bitsy spider went up
11:17 am
the spout again ♪ >> who could pay attention to the pope's words when the spider's dimensions so mesmerizing whether yoyou call itsy bitszy or eensy winsy. he swatted at it. the camera cut away and missed his swat. it's probably a good thing for the pope's image not to have pulled an obama. >> nice. >> reporter: of course the spider that made a papal visit was endlessly revisited on youtube, folks adding the music from "jaws" or some misspelled commentary. gave way to arachnopopia. not since an arack mid stole the show has a spider caused a stir. this just in, we kid you not t
11:18 am
vatican issued an itsy bitsy statement on the spider. in the words of father lombardi, the pope had no problem that the spider wanted to take a walk on him. actually, it even walked out with it. whether you find spiders scary or cute, at least the pontiff didn't spout this. >> i got the sucker. >> amen. that was jeanne moos for "showbiz tonight." that wasn't the last of the not so itsy bitsy spider, later seen hanging from a web as the pope left the medieval castle. we got it all here for you. aton of calls coming in about director roman polanski being arrested and possibly being shipped back to the u.s. to face a sentencing hearing for having sex with a 13-year-old girl. a hearing that he skipped out on 30 years ago. we got a call from dan in
11:19 am
arizona who think this is is all a waste of time. >> to heck with this escaped felon garbage. that's a witch hunt by the state of california and the feds. it's a witch hunt saying oh, this guy got through our fingers. we're going to make an example of him. well, the girl doesn't want to press charge, therefore there are no more charges. it makes us all look like fools. and wasting our tax dollars again. >> i appreciate your call. we heard from mike culling in from california. mike thinks that roman should definitely be held responsible. >> i think roman polanski should come back. what he did was terrible, and i don't think it's right that people should just be let go because they ran away and now they got away with it. he should come back, face the music, he should have done it years ago and it would have been over with. >> thank you, mike. call us and let us know what you think about this or anything else on your mind. the lines are always open. this is the number.
11:20 am
tonight there's big news breaking about roman polanski's arrest. i can tell you big stars are speaking out and defending him. >> we came to honor roman polanski as a great artist, but under these sudden and arcane circumstances we can only think of him today as a human being, uncertain of year ahead. >> a lot of people are saying hollywood's out of touch here. roman had sex with a 13-year-old girl. why are so many stars rushing to support him? it's the great "showbiz tonight" debate. also making news right now, sarah palin's new attempt to make oodles of money and she's going rogue to do it. i'll tell you all about palin's new venture. adam lambert, remember him, the runner up on the season's american ile doll. i can tell you that adam is beating out madonna, even the beatles. now the "showbiz news ticker." not long ago, this man had limited mobility.
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last month, this woman wasn't even able to get around inside of her own home. they chose mobility. and they chose the scooter store! if you or a loved one live with limited mobility call the scooter store! no other company will work harder to make you mobile or do more to guarantee your complete satisfaction. if we pre-qualify you for a new power chair or scooter and your claim isn't approved, the scooter store will give you your power chair or scooter free. that's our guarantee. they were so helpful and nice. they filed all the paperwork, and medicare and my insurance covered the cost. we can work directly with medicare or with your insurance company. we can even help with financing. if there's a way, we'll find it! so don't wait any longer, call the scooter store today.
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we came to honor roman polanski as a great artist, but under these sudden and arcane circumstances we can only think of him today as a human being uncertain of the year ahead. now on "showbiz tonight," roman polanski strikes back. hollywood's biggest stars speaking out defending the legendary director. should roman be forgiven for having sex with a 13-year-old girl? tonight, the great debate. and crazy over the kardashians. the battle over the pictures of khloe kardashian marrying a big nba star. why? what's up with kardashian mania?
11:31 am
and the shocking facebook threat suggesting that president obama's life could be in jeopardy. and more stories breaking from the showbiz news ticker, tv's most provocative entertainment news show continues right now. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." it's 30 minutes past the hour. i'm a.j. hammer broadcasting tonight and every night from new york city. the worldwide outrage over roman polanski's arrest in switzerland and why are so many hollywood stars rushing to support a man who pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old girl over 30 years ago? here's the big news breaking. legendary director filed legal papers today to be released from a jail in switzerland. he was arrested on saturday under a extradition request from the united states. more big news breaking tonight as some of hollywood's biggest stars organize a huge petition to set him free.
11:32 am
but big backlash as they were accused of being out of touch. the "showbiz tonight" debate. should roman polanski be forgiven for having sex from a minor? wait until you hear the results from our poll. the results just came in. joining me is carlos diaz, for extra, also joining me in hollywood, robin sax, a former sex crimes district attorney. if you want to get to the heart of this you have to hear about this blog. as we know polanski was heading to a zurich film festival for a lifetime achievement award. when he was arrested, listen to what reverend reese wrote. imagine if the knights of columbus decided to give an award to a pod file priest who fled to avoid prison. victim groups would demand the award be withdrawn and the organization apologize. why is there not similar outrage
11:33 am
directed at the film industry for giving an award to roman polanski who not only confessed to statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl but fled the country prior to sentencing. carlos, off to you first. fair to compare roman polanski to a pedophile priest? >> any time you use the word pedophile, anything after doesn't matter. you say somebody's a pedophile, a gardener or pedophile carpenter. pedophile is bad enough. i think it's wrong because of the fact pedophile is one of the worst things you can be. a priest, that exemplifies the truest form of innocence you can try to attain, so those two juxtapositions, that's where you have it being a bad thing. should he be compared to a pedophile priest, being a pedophile is bad enough on its own. >> i hear what you're saying. robin, i want to get your take on the analogy. i think it's a pretty fair analogy for this reverend to
11:34 am
make in this blog about roman polanski. >> absolutely. absolutely agree. roman polanski, if it wasn't roman polanski, if it was a priest, it was a gardener, a teacher, anyone else there would be huge outrage, not even just about the award, that's one component but it's about absconding and evading justice, then having the entertainment business come together and rally around and support that. you would never see that in any other kind of case. >> to play into that, part of the reverend's argument is so many in hollywood according to him seem to have their heads up their you know whats, and today some of hollywood's biggest stars and directors circulated this petition that is demanding polanski be freed from custody. let me read a couple of the names. woody allen, darren aronofsky, and over in the zurich film festival, deborah winger is speaking out on behalf of a
11:35 am
five-member film festival jury. >> we came to honor roman polanski as a great artist but under these sudden and arcane circumstances we can only think of him today as a human being, uncertain of the year ahead. we hope today this latest order will be dropped. it is based on a three-decade-old case that is all but dead except for a minor technicality. we stand by and await his release and his next master work. >> yet he still had sex with a 13-year-old. carlos, a lot of people will say hearing that and seeing this petition t outcry shows the too many in hollywood are out of touch. >> i think having a co-worker, if you had a co-worker at "showbiz tonight" that you knew well and found out some deep dark secret hopefully after knowing him for decades you might want to defend that person making a mistake. i do not think, and i'm in no
11:36 am
way saying what he did was white right. what he did was a terrible thing. might not want woody allen on the list. yeah. exactly. but the fact of the matter is, hollywood, these people aren't out of touch, they are defending their friend. >> i hear that as well. but then when you stop to think about it, they are defending their friend against what crime that he committed, having sex with a 13-year-old. late today "showbiz tonight" received a statement from harvey winestine saying we're calling every filmmaker we can to help fix this terrible situation. robin, is it just wrong to show such forgiveness to a man who had sex with a 13-year-old no matter how much time has passed or how legendary a filmmaker he is. >> you can forgive anybody you want but it's a lot better to forgive them once they have accepted responsibility. the fact that these directors and these people coming together and rallying around him, and using the power of the media, which should be here to support
11:37 am
victims, should be here to hope that people come forward instead are using that power to rally and defend someone who committed a crime who admitted to the crime and also got a benefit of a fantastic deal that he should be jumping up and down and taking right now. >> everybody's talking about this. we're getting a really good sense here at "showbiz tonight" of how you the viewers are feeling about this. late this afternoon we received this. the final results of our poll which had an unusually large response. we asked this on air and on line in our question of the day. roman polanski arrested, should he be forgiven for having sex for a minor. look, 23% said yes. 77% said no. he should not be forgiven. carlos, do you get why so many people are unwilling to forgive polanski even though so many are willing to put this behind them including the victim? >> i completely agree with that poll. that poll is -- i completely agree. he should be behind bars for what he did. but on robin's point about the
11:38 am
media being involved in this, the media got involved in 2003, larry king put the victim on his show and the victim in this case who is now in her 40s, said that she doesn't think and didn't think at the time that roman polanski should spend any time behind bars. she didn't seem maladjusted by the encounter, and i know people say you're not a psychiatrist. all i'm saying she has come forward on several occasions and says that she forgives him for what happened on that one night. >> now she also says she want this is to go away because every time it comes back in the news there is a lot of attention on her family and you know she's living quietly without this now. so you can sort of understand where she's coming from as far as all of the attention to her family is concerned. the debate also playing out at showbiz on call association many calls on both sides. let me play crystal. >> caller: if that man has served time whether in prison or a mental institution regardless
11:39 am
he's served his time. it's done, it's over with. i understand there's no statute of limitations on this but he has served his time. it's done and over with. let it alone. leave him alone. he's done served his time. >> crystal, i appreciate your call. i'm not sure, robin, we're hearing this from people but does our caller have that right or is she way off? >> that is incorrect. he only served 42 days in jail and pled to a crime that had a range of 16 months or three years. in the state prison. it was up to the court and up to everybody else at the time to decide what amount he was going to get and once the date of sentencing came which would have been the day that he would have found out what his sentence was and had to turn himself in, that's when he absconded so he hasn't paid the time. >> i think it's important. something we'll be debating for days. people are talking about this. it's important to know the facts. i appreciate your insight. thanks so much. so tonight, sarah palin is hoping to get really rich by
11:40 am
going rogue. the startling news revealed about the former governor of alaska's next great venture. could this be just the ticket for her to become the top of the next republican presidential ticket. you know i love the stars, but can somebody explain who wha is the deal with the kardashian wedding frenzy? khloe kardashian marries an nba star. now there is a money bidding war over wedding pictures but why? i don't get it. tonight the bizarre fascination with the family famous for nothing. the shocking facebook threat suggesting that president obama's life could be in danger. the unbelievable coast-to-coast investigation that's got facebook fans on high alert. this is "showbiz tonight" on hln. time now for the "showbiz news ticker." more from the "newsroom" making news right now.
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two big stories breaking. we know the cause of dj am's sudden and tragic death. the medical examiner confirmed that dj am, adam goldstine died of an accidental overdose. the dj was found dead on august 28. also breaking today, mel's startling plea. mel gibson reportedly asking a judge to wipe his record clean of the 2006 drunk driving arrest that spawned his infamous anti-semitic rant. mel's lawyer got the ball rolling saying he deserves to have it erased. mel begged for forgiveness for his rant where he went off on a cop after he was stopped for speeding and said the jews are responsible for all of the wars in the world. welcome back to "showbiz tonight." i'm a.j. hammer in new york. tonight, the kardashian craziness. i got to ask, what the heck is going on here?
11:45 am
an all-out war today over the wedding pictures of reality show star khloe kardashian and nba star lamar odom. why in the world would those pictures be worth up to half a million dollars? while i'm at it. what is the deal with the obsession with the kardashians, are they the ultimate example of being famous for nothing? joining me is kim serafin, a senior editor, also in hollywood it's hila, an entertainment journalist. and i brought you both here to help me understand the kardashian craziness. you have khloe kardashian marrying lamar odom in this star studded wedding after knowing each other for you know, a m. we're going to see this wedding thankfully on the kardashian family reality show. and the paparazzi seemed to follow them everywhere they go. hilla, give me assistance.
11:46 am
are the kardashians the perfect example of being famous for doing nothing? >> first i want to say congratulations to the newlyweds, those are my girls, i love the kardashians. they are famous for being really good at self-promoting themselves and marketing. and not to mention being sexy. okay. for anyone who says they don't have talent they don't know what they're talking about. that's their talent. they are really good at it. most celebrities in hollywood would die to be able to be as skilled as they are at self-promoting. good for them. >> hila i hear that and that's a diplomatic way of saying they are famous for no reason that one should be. can you help me out? >> they are sexy, beautiful, that helps. they have the bruce jenner connection, so the sports connection. there is even that o.j. connection back in their family. they have a reality show and they are good at promoting themselves but also willing to kind of put it all out there. they are willing to let us, the viewers, in on the details and
11:47 am
very intimate parts of their life. that's what makes them so fascinating. these days when celebrities are doing that when tmz comes along they are opening up and willing to put themselves out there and let us in so we feel like we're part of the kardashian clan. >> i guess it's -- it's not fascinating to everybody. >> say that again. >> i said brad pitt he wasn't famous at one point. you know, this show made them famous and this is why. don't take that away. >> it's confusing to me. kim, you reference their late father who was part of the o.j. trial back in the '90s. we should give credit to the kardashians, i suppose, for what you're saying that this money making machine, khloe is selling wedding photos that could get up to a half a million bucks. kim gets paid to show up. and courtney making money off of her unexpected pregnancy. i suppose they are laughing all the way to the bank, aren't
11:48 am
they. >> exactly. you know, it's no surprise that the day of the wedding all of a sudden news hits the blogs that kim and reggie bush are back together. this is calculated, the drama with the pictures i'm sure is calculated. i'm not going to hold them accountable or anything against them for trying to make a buck and make it in hollywood. >> let me say good for them. let's move on. another big story breaking today. sarah palin goes rogue. we learned sarah palin's memoir rushed to book stores, the title is "going rogue, an american life." kim, they have preprinted over a million copies. this is going to make palin super rich. just what she's wanted it seems. >> well, yeah, you mentioned they are apparently printing 1.5 million copies, the same as ted kennedy's autobiography released posthumo posthumously. sarah palin nobody heard of a year ago going up against ted kennedy. the facts is people have been writing sarah palin's political
11:49 am
obituary since the day that john mccain appointed her as his running mate and the fact is she keeps coming back. people are fascinated with her. republicans would love to have her, talk show hosts would love to interview her. people are interested and she makes news and she's going to be around for a long time. whether she'll be president that's up for debate. >> how long she'll be around is up for debate. on "the view" the ladies including gloria stephan suggested that the release date was moved up so people can get interest in it before palin disappears. >> she finished her book in time. it keeps her name out there because she resigned as governor and so now she -- >> quickly that book. you think maybe she's trying to beat some other book coming out by somebody else? >> of course. it's 400 pages or something they said. i didn't know she had that much to say. >> you think people are going to have that much interest in what
11:50 am
palin has to say? >> 100%. political aspirations i can't speak on that. in terms of hollywood, she's a home run. give her a talk show, she could rival oprah winfrey, guarantee you. >> thank you. appreciate it. adam lambert, bigger than madonna? the "american idol" runner-up's debut album is not out for two whoe whole mots and he's already out-selling madonna. presails have been beating madonna, the beatles and barbra streisand for the number one spot. would adam be the next jennifer hudson or chris daltrey? looks like he's well on his way. lambert's loyal fans will be able to get their hands on the cd on november 24th. well, tonight we have a disturbing facebook threat that's targeting the president's life. this is unbelievable. we've got the details and the outrage over this shocking threat, plus, the message secret service has for facebook fans.
11:51 am
this is "showbiz tonight" on hln.
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princeton, minnesota. 50 miles north of minneapolis. police investigate a number of suspicious packages around city. how it's affecting hundreds of school kids there. an earthquake and killer tsunami turns a u.s. territory upside-down. water is everywhere. homes washed away. thousands of miles away, another quake hits the indian ocean. and professional football players love the sport, the money and the cheering fans, of course. probably not the results of a scary new study that has a lot of people talking. we'll get into that. welcome to hln "news and views." i'm susan hendricks. we start in the bahamas where
12:01 pm
actor john travolta just finished testifying in an extortion trial. travolta described the circumstances surrounding the death of his son jett. he explained about a call he got from a friend in the bahamas. the friend had apparently heard about a man who said he had a piece of paper that would make the actor culpable in his son's death. he said the man wanted $25 million for that paper. the suspects indicates are a paramedic, there on the left, and a former bohemian senator. their attorneys haved travolta if either one had contacted him directly. travolta said no. his 16-year-old son died from a seizure last january. all of the students in princeton, minnesota, they've been sent home. there are reports of suspicious packages all over the town, including the high school. so the school district, 50 miles north of the twin cities, sent all the kids there and the middle and two elementary schools as well, they've been sent home just as a precaution. the princeton union eagle reports suspicious packages were
12:02 pm
also found at the public utility commission office and the post office, as well. we are awaiting a news conference from officials in princeton. we'll bring that to you live when it happens. millions of people are on edge after two deadly earthquakes. thousands of miles apart. the first hit the south pacific including a u.s. territory known as american samoa. waves washed away entire villages. 24 hours later another powerful and deadly earthquake hit the indian ocean in indonesia. there was no tsunami there but a lot of damage. western end indonesia earthquak killed many people. many were crushed under collapsed buildings. a lot of people don't have power or phone service there. the u.s. geology survey says it had a magnitude of 7.6. it sent panicked residents into the streets. a tsunami warning was issued but soon lifted. the quake was along the same
12:03 pm
fault line that killed 200,000 people in the catastrophic tsunami along the indian ocean five years ago. and thousands of miles away, paradise in the south pacific is now a disaster zone. the earthquake that hit the islands of samoa, american samoa unleashed a devastating tsunami there. more than 110 people have been killed. entire villages have been flattened. one survivor said this. quote, i thought it was thend of the world. the quake had a magnitude of 8.0. american samoa is u.s. territory and the u.s. dispatched emergency aid to the island. officials have warned the death toll could rise as rescue workers reach outlying villages there. right now on capitol hill, live pictures for you. the commander of u.s. forces in iraq is telling congress he is speeding up the withdrawal of american combat troops. genre odiero says they will come home from iraq by the end of
12:04 pm
october. he says the military is on target to end combat missions in the country by this time next year without sacrificing security. >> we have invested an awful lot in iraq. both from a monetary standpoint and from our personal investment of the many lives of those who have been killed and injured in iraq. and i think we have a true opportunity to have success, so it's important, i think, that we continue along the line we are. so thank you so much for the support that you have given us in the past and the support that i expect you will continue to give us as we move forward. >> by next month the number of u.s. forces in iraq will fall to 120,000. president barack obama starting his intensive review of u.s. goals in afghanistan. he met with his war council earlier today. the white house says the review will take several weeks. it is aimed at deciding what the u.s. wants to accomplish in
12:05 pm
afghanistan. the american commander there is asking for an increase in troop levels, as we mentioned. the white house says the president wants to get the strategy right before deciding whether to put more boots on the ground there. we've been talking about iran secret nuclear facility. it has been revealed. the country's controversial president has spoken in defense of his country's new hampshire caucus clar program. now hear what many of you are saying about iran and iranian president.
12:06 pm
12:07 pm
we have an exciting addition to our prime time lineup. the "joy behar show" premiered last night and airs every night at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln. here's a taste of what you'll get. it's her "not for nothin" comment. >> over the weekend, iran fired two missiles after they told them not to.
12:08 pm
what part of no does ahmadinejad understand? it's one thing to tick off the u.s., england and france, so we'll have less nouveaux this year. who cares? but you don't want to take huh israel. they already have nuclear weapons. they might use them. and they're 15 minutes away from you. not to mention their prime minister netanyahu is not a wimp and will not be pushed around by some psychotic holocaust survivor such as yourself. so, ahmadinejad, don't think it's such a big shot. i never liked you anyway. i never enjoyed your act. you were boring when you spoke another colombia. you were annoying on larry king, and you were tedious at the u.n. even gadhafi thinks you're a hack. no one is watching you and believes what is coming out of your mouth. as my mother used to say [ speaking foreign language ]
12:09 pm
which translating to, never trust a short man with a long range missile. but that's just me. >> you can catch her at 9:00 p.m. eastern right here on hln "news and views." if you enjoyed her she had trong words on the topic of iranian president ahmadinejad. so we wanted you to weigh in on this story as well. doou do you think raun poses a real threat? first, ralph in missouri has this to say. here's ralph. >> i do believe iran is a severe threat. i believe they're going to cause the third world war. they've put their nose in our business for 30 years. and now they have the equipment to do so. i also believe they may be hiding bin laden there since it's only country left we haven't looked in. thank you. >> our thanks to you. we also have callers online right now. rebecca is in mississippi. rebecca, do you agree with the last caller? what do you think of this? is iran, do they pose a real
12:10 pm
threat here? what do you think? >> caller: well, i strongly feel that the comments made by joy behar were a humorous way of driving home the point that our president needs to quit walking on egg shells regarding the iranian leader's false statements about his country's nuclear program. even the french president is fire use at president obama for his puffy footing around this issue. fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me. seems to apply to iran's disingenuous leader. thank you. >> thank you for your view. we go to donna in knoxville, tennessee. donna, do you think this is a real threat? should we be worried? should president obama be worried, take action? >> caller: yes, i do believe he is a serious threat to peace and welfare of the world. he has made threats against israel, and he will use his missiles, i do believe, in the long run and i believe that iran
12:11 pm
will not let their people have freedom whatsoever to enjoy in this world. and i thank you. >> thank you as well. people are sending us e-mails on this subject as well. we check in with sue in old hickory, tennessee. iran presents a major threat to israel, one of our biggest allies, as well as american bases in the middle east since the end of the shah era. iran has been guilty of lies and considers the u.s. and israel as major enemies worthy of destruction. they cannot be trusted. sue wrote to us. and cole says, iran may have a nuclear agenda but they can't reach the u.s. and israel is capable of obliterating any imminent threat. they have nukes but we ignore them. they are not a gateway to the caspian sea. we still want to hear from you on this? what do you think? do you think iran poses a real threat? are you worried?
12:12 pm
give us a call right now, 1-877-835-5456 or text, text your views and comments and name to tweks hlntv. and while we are talking about joy behar, you won't want to miss her show tonight. joy's guest is conservative commentator ann coulter. you can imagine there were quite a few fireworks during her interview on "larry king live." watch tonight at 9:00 eastern right here on hln news and views. congressional democrat is taking the controversy surrounding the health care debate to a whole new level. >> and it's my duty and pride tonight to be able to announce exactly what the republicans plan to do for health care in america. >> what a florida congressman said from the house floor that has republicans calling for an apology.
12:13 pm
12:14 pm
more documents related to the investigation of caylee anthony's murder will be made public today. the florida toddler was reported missing in july of 2008. her mother casey is facing first degree murder charges. she has pleaded not guilty. the attorney for her parents, meanwhile, claims the evidence he releases today will raise, quote, serious questions about the case. yesterday prosecutors released more than 1,000 pages of documents. some of which could be damaging to their case. the evidence says the duct tape
12:15 pm
found on the girl's mouth was contaminated by an fbi evidence examiner. also yesterday, we learned about a possible stain found in the trunk of casey can on this any's car. they say it looked like the silhouette of a child lying in a feet tall position but did not take a picture of the image before that was destroyed. a lot of questions. and for more on the investigation of what all this evidence means, we are joined on the phone by florida prosecutor. hi, pam, thanks so much for talking to us today. i want to start right off with the duct tape and the possible contamination. how damaging is this? does it cast doubt? >> well, of course, they are going to cast doubt using it. that's part of what they do. but what happened was, it was fbi ended up doing a great job. they took what they call elimination dna from anyone who handled the tape and the dna came back to an analyst, with the fbi. so at least it's not unknown dna out there, where they can point
12:16 pm
to an alternate suspect. >> so that would have been much different if they didn't know whose dna it was and they could say that is the murderer, we just don't know who it is. >> exactly if exactly. and what they did is they did the elimination, they took the dna from anyone who handled the duct tape and, sure enough, it came back to an analyst. you know, they wear masks, they wear gloves, but you know, you have humans handling this evidence. so that's how the dna got on the duct tape. but at least now the prosecution can explain that. >> and what about the shape or the silhouette of a young child in the trunk of the car? and why wasn't a picture taken of this? you would think it was part of the evidence. >> well, i think there is a picture, i think there's two different issues here. i think there's a picture of the silhouette in the trunk. and what happened was this is going back and forth with the supervisors. this all got release in the e-mail between members of the fbi. and i think what happened was i think some people see a silhouette of what appears to be
12:17 pm
a baby in a feet tall position and then a supervisor said, well, you know, that's speculative. it is what it is. and that's going to be for basically the jury to view and look at that and see if they do see the silhouette. now, what evidence was destroyed is -- remember the heart on the duct tape? >> yes. >> there was a tiny heart placed on top of the duct tape. and what the fbi did in analyzing that was that it was residue of a heart. you know, it was the shape, the outline of a heart. and what they did was they first sent that to fingerprints to have that residue tested for fingerprints. that's what was destroyed during the testing for fingerprints. >> so i guess the main issue, pam, we only have a few seconds left, is if you dissect each little bit here that we've brought up, it might be damaging to the prosecution, but the case as a whole is not so much. is that what you're saying? >> exactly. exactly.
12:18 pm
what this does is it gives the defense tiny little bits and pieces to work with. but, you know, as a whole, i feel the case is strong. you know, no case is a slam dunk for a prosecutor, but this case is a great circumstantial case. there's overwhelming evidence against her. >> pam bondi, florida prosecutor. appreciate your time. >> thank you. we have this just in to hln. a missing pregnant 12-year-old and her 11-year-old sister from north carolina, they have been found safe in tennessee. officials say kira and sierra was tone to a hospital for examination. kyra is about to give birth. the girls were found with hair father matthew. there's a picture of him. the three have been missing since last wednesday. again, the pregnant girl and her sister were found. congressional republicans are calling for an apology from across the aisle. florida representative allan gracen took to the house familiar last night and made a blistering commentary on what he
12:19 pm
called the gop health care plan. take a listen to it. >> very simply, it's a very simple plan. here it is. the republican's health care plan for america, don't get sick. that's right. don't get sick. if you have insurance, don't get sick. if you don't have insurance, don't get sick. if you're sick, don't get sick. just don't get sick. that's what the republicans have in mind for you, america. that's the republican's health care plan. but i think that the republicans understand that that plan isn't always going to work. it's to the a fool proof plan. so the republicans have a backup plan in case you do get sick. if you get sick in america, this is what the republicans want you to do. if you get sick, america, the republican health care plan is this, die quickly. that's right. the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >> republicans say grayson's
12:20 pm
remarks are like those of congressman joe wilson who shouted "you lied" during obama's address to congress. so far, though, grayson has refused to apologize. all right. speaking of medical care, you may have to go the distance for cheaper medical care. hln money expert clark howard tells you how a plane ride can slash your medical costs. >> if you don't have health insurance or you were the equivalent of underinsured where you need non-emergency treatment or surgery that is very, very, very expensive in the united states, do you know there's an alternative to financial ruin? in fact, baron's magazine reports that it's booming. it's where you go overseas to a western-style hospital. you have 24-hour nursing in your room. you get the equivalent surgical procedure. but the bill is 1/5 to 1/10 the cost of what it is in the united states.
12:21 pm
this is known as, believe it or not, medical tourism. it has become big business in thailand, singapore, and india. but before you go overseas for surgery, you've got to know you're going to have a big distance from your family and you've got to really check out the facility and the doctors who provide the treatment. but it could keep you from being broke. i'm clark howard. for more money-saving tips, go to >> and get more great consumer advice from clark howard every saturday and sunday right here on hln. he will help you save more, spend less, and avoid getting ripped off. professional football players experience a lot of things most of us don't, cheering crowds, a whole lot of money, and repeated brain injuries. for the first time, the nfl is weighing the health risk to its players. find out what the league discovered.
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this just in to hln. a missing pregnant 12-year-old girl and her 11-year-old sister from morrisville, north carolina, has been found safe in tennessee. they have been found. officials say kyra ahas been taken. kyra about to give birth. the girls were found with their father matthew hess. the three have been missing since last wednesday. right now federal agents and nashville police are search for a missing newborn baby from tennessee. 4-day-old was ripped from his mother's arms late yesterday. investigators believe lisa samson showed up at the home of
12:31 pm
maria posing as an immigration agent. that is the mom, maria. samson allegedly demanded the baby and then stabbed her when she refused to hand him over. samson was located in new york state and is being questioned by police there. the baby, though, was not with her. we are waiting to hear from the baby's mother, to hear the latest on this investigation. we'll bring that to you live. we go to the bahamas where actor john travolta has just finished testifying stemming from his son's jett's death. in his testimony today he described the circumstances surrounding the death. he explained about a call he got from a friend in the bahamas. the friend had apparently heard about a man who said he had a piece of paper that would make the actor culpable in his son's death me said the man wanted $25 million for that piece of paper. the suspects in the case are a paramedics, seen on the left there, and former bohemian senator you just saw on the right. their attorneys asked travolta if either one had contacted him directly. he said no.
12:32 pm
his 16-year-old son died from a seizure last january. all of the students in a town in princeton, minnesota, have been sent home, all of them. cnn confirms three suspicious packages were found in the town, including one at the high school. so the school district sent all the kids there and at the middle and two elementary schools, as well, home, just as a precaution. suspicious packages were found at the public utility commission office and the post office. millions of people are on edge after two deadly earthquakes. thousands of miles apart. the first one hit the south fa sif fik including a u.s. territory known as america samoa. 24 hours later, another powerful and deadly dw lly quake hit the ocean. the earthquake killed 21 people. that is the latest. hundreds more injured. many were crushed or trapped under collapsed buildings. a lot of people don't have power or phone service there. the u.s. geology survey says the
12:33 pm
quake had a magnitude of 7.6. it sent panicked residents into the streets, really running for their lives. a tsunami warning was issued but then soon lifted. the quake was along the same fault line that killed 200,000 people in the catastrophic tsunami along the indian ocean. you remember that one five years ago. and thousands of miles away, a paradise in the south pacific is now a disaster zone. the earthquake that hit the islands of samoa, american is a samoa yesterday hit a devastating tsunami. 110 people have been killed. entire villages have been wiped out. one survivor said, i thought it was the end of the world. the quake had a magnitude of 8.0. now, american samoa is a u.s. territory and the u.s. has dispatched emergency aid to the island. officials warn the death toll could rise as rescue workers reach outlying villages. we just told you we have been telling you about the deadly tsunami that hit the
12:34 pm
samoan islands. we evangelical ghave been getti look at the destruction. this video was shot in leon, the west side of american samoa by i-reporter lance faletogo. he described some of the damage. here he is. >> here, now it's over here. you can see a lot of debris on the roads, glass, rock. have a look over here. everything is just completely wiped out. check out this house. >> in the capital city of pago pago i-reporter alden grabbed his camera after lunch to shoot he's pictures of devastation there. look at that mess. he lives six miles from town. he was a voluntary in sri lanka after the tsunami there. and now says he wants to help out and rebuild here as well.
12:35 pm
he says after the water receded he saw four dead people in the middle of the road. his friends tell him they still have a lot of friends missing, dead, or swept away by the water. so far the death toll scans at more than 110 people killed in the tsunami. if you have pictures of breaking news, we do tell you that your safety is of the most importance to us. if you would like to send them in, please stay safe. go to and click on the up load now link. more documents related to the investigation of caylee anthony's mrder will be made public today. she was reported missing in july 2008. her mothers casey is facing first degree murder charges. she has pleaded not guilty. the attorney for her parents claim the evidence releases today will raise, quote, serious questions about the case. yesterday prosecutors released more than 1,000 pages of documents. some of which could be damaging
12:36 pm
to their case. the evidence states the duct tape found on the girl's mouth was contaminated by an fbi examiner. the fbi says it looks like the shape of a child lying in a feet tall position, but it did not take a photograph of the image before it was destroyed. chicago police are looking for three more suspects in the beating death of a 16-year-old boy. $6,000 in reward money is now on the table. investigators have asked the secret service to enhance his amateur video of the fight that killed darien albert. they may charge people who participated in the fight even if they didn't come into contact with albert. >> you've watched the video. there's kids walking around with cell phone, they're on the phone. you've got someone filming it. why as a soeshtdi itsociety somt call and get someone to help but rather film it is beyond me to
12:37 pm
understand. it's very sad. >> so far four teens are charged with first degree murder. the mothers of two of them spoke out in their defense yesterday. >> that's not my baby. >> they had to defend themselves. and the young man dead, lost his life, wasn't just stand ing there, he was fighting, also. >> police say they're going to increase patrols before and after classes now. chicago public schools will also offer free bus service to students there. director roman polanski's former sister-in-law says she doesn't think he can get a fair trial in the u.s. she says the american justice system is broken. she also says polanski's sexual encounter with a 13-year-old girl in 1977 was not rape. >> there was a deal made back in the '70s where roman would undergo evaluation and spend
12:38 pm
four months in jail. he did that. he was evaluated not to be a pedophile. and there is, as i said, rape, and then there's rape. it was determined that roman did not forcibly have sex with this young woman. it was -- it was a con sensual matter. i am a victim's advocate and i know the difference. >> tate says she thinks the charges against roman polanski should be handled in france. he fled there 32 years ago when a california judge told him he would have to serve more than the 42 days he originally promised. polanski was recently arrested in switzerland and is now fighting extradition to the u.s. we want tell you about a recall now. toyota is recalling nearly 4 million cars. find out what role floor mats play in this recall and what you should do about it.
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a few decades ago medical treatments like acupuncture and herbal supposedments were not widely used in america but today they're more mainstream. in today's health minute, melissa long looks at one cancer patient's experiments with this medicine were she became interested in energy medicine after her mother died of breast canc cancer. >> it was in and out of surgeries, tried the che >> reporter: years later when she got her own breast cancer diagnosis, waitd thought conventional therapy was not enough. rely 40% of u.s. adults are using alternative therapies
12:42 pm
either alone or with conventitional medicines p. >> bringing other things to the table to kind of round out the care that they're receiving. >> reporter: hypnotherapy and technique called rikei. her hands move and free up locked energy which some believe spawns disease. >> there are any blockages, they're gone by the time i'm finished. bur the usefulness is hard to study. and the value of supplements and herbs that have not been proven to work. >> any herb that's strong enough to have benefits, and many of them do, are also strong enough to have side effects and can actually cause problems. >> reporter: wade says doing rekkei and hypnotherapy. for today's "health minute," i'm melissa long. u.s. military planes are
12:43 pm
tracking a plane over indiana. this just in to hln. the pilot is said to be unresponsiv unresponsive. barbara starr has the latest from the pentagon. barbara, what's the latest? >> susan, this is near munsey, indiana, two f-16 fighter jets are tailing this small civilian aircraft. it's called an m-20m, single engine four-passenger aircraft. but only a pilot is onboard. he is said to be unresponsive. this is a matter of great concern, not a terrorist activity, according to u.s. military officials. they obviously believe there is some sort of health or other situation onboard this small aircraft that has caused the pilot to become unresponsive. he is said to be slowly descending at this hour, flying in a somewhat erratic pattern. obviously the concern is to calculate where this plane may now come down and what will have
12:44 pm
to be done. so at this hour, two ucf-16s is watching it, unable to make any contact with the pilot onboard this small civilian four-seat aircraft. >> as you said, they don't think it's terrorist activity. they know it's not. they believe it's some sort of health issue. barbara starr, thanks so much. news just in to hln. we'll keep you posted on that. thank you. the u.s. and allies are talking about imposing new sanction on iran. a day before beginning a new round of nuclear negotiations. the state department says the meeting in geneva tomorrow will test iran's commitment to working with the international community. hln's joy behar says iran's president ahmadinejad has already flunked that test. here she is. >> so, mr. ahmadinejad, don't think you're such a big shot. i never liked you anyway. i never enjoyed your act. you were boring when you spoke at colombia, annoying on larry king, and tedious at the u.n. even gadhafi tings you're a
12:45 pm
hack. the world is watching you and they don't believe a word that comes out of your mouth. >> as you can see, joy pull ns punches there. we want to hear from you on this topic. do you think that iran poses a real threat? if so, have a so, give us a call right now. let us know what you think. 1-877-tell-hln. e-mail us, or text views plus your comments and name to hlntv. standard text rates apply. we will hair your responses today. while you're talking about joy you won't want to miss her show tonight. joy's guest is conservative commentator ann kaucoulter. you can imagine there were quite a few fireworks during the interview on "larry king live". watch what happens tonight when she appears on "the joy behar show" right here on hln. congressional democrat is
12:46 pm
taking the controversy surrounding the health care debate to a whole new level. >> and it's my duty and pride tonight to be able to announce exactly what the republicans plan to do for health care in america. >> what that florida congressman went on to say from the house floor that has republicans calling for an apology. it will shock you.
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we have new information regarding that plane that the u.s. military was tracking over indiana. the pilot was said to be unresponsive. we do know right now the plane went down in a farm outside munsey, indiana, in randal, indiana. there was one person onboard, one fatality, which would be the pilot. it was a small single engine plane. and again, the military was tracking that plane over indiana. they believe it was some sort of health issue with the pilot because, again, he was unresponsive and flying erratically. we do know that plane is down in muncie, indiana, right outside of muncie and one fatality, the
12:49 pm
pilot. congressional republicans are calling for an apology from across the aisle. florida representative allan grayson took to the house floor last night and made a blistering commentary on what he called the gop health care plan. here he is. >> very simply, it's a very simple plan. here it is. the republican's health care plan for america, don't get sick. that's right. don't get sick. if you have insurance, don't get sick. if you don't have insurance, don't get sick. if you're sick, don't get sick. just don't get sick. that's what the republicans have in mind for you, america. that's the republican's health care plan. but i think that the republicans understand that that plan isn't always going to work. it's not a fool proof plan. so the republicans have a backup plan in case you do get sick. if you get sick in america, this is what the republicans want you to do. if you get sick, america, the
12:50 pm
republican health care plan is this, die quickly. that's right, the republicans want you to die quickly if you get sick. >>sick. >> republicans say grayson's marks are like those of joe wilson who shouted "you lie" during president obama's address to congress but so far grayson has refused to apologize. the senate finance committee met again today to work on health care reform. yesterday they defeated two amendments that would have included government run insurance plan in the final bill. today the committee may debate a republican amendment designed to keep illegal immigrants from getting federal money to buy health insurance. the gop members are also expected to offer amendments to make sure no federal money will pay for abortions. now to that recall we told you about. toyota issued its largest one ever in the u.s. for potentially deadly problem with the top selling camry and certain lexus
12:51 pm
models involving 3.8 million cars. toyota says the floor mat on the driver's side can creep up and jam the accelerator pedal down so the car speeds up. five people have been killed. 17 others hurt. there have been 13 crashes connected to this. federal safety officials urge owners to take the mats out now and not to wait for a fix. new government report indicates the recession is ending. the commerce department's latest reading in the second quarter is good news in a bad economy. it says the economy shrank lower than expected. businesses and consumers didn't cut their spending as much as expected. professional football players experience a whole lot of things most of us never do.
12:52 pm
cheering. whale lot of cash and repeated brain injuries. for the first time, the nfl is weighing the health risk to its players. find out what the legal discovered.
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