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tv   Ekpes Book Club  CSPAN  July 31, 2021 7:52pm-8:03pm EDT

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it isn't often that booktv features nba players. but the player on your screen, ekpe udoh, is also the founder of a book club. he's played in the past for the box, the warriors, clippers, the jazz and recently the beijing
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royal fighters. but mr. ekpe udoh, how did you start your book club? >> guest: good afternoon. thank you again for having me. ekpe's book club started while i was in milwaukee with a book. a media relations guy was there. it was a unique way to interact with fans. i didn't grow up a book reader, and that became a hobby of mine. i thought it would be cool to open up a book club. >> host: looking at the bookshelf behind you, it looks like you have become a book reader. what sparked your -- what made that change? >> guest: i think it was a couple of things. in college, my best friend would always send me articles,
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finances, business opportunities [inaudible] and then we would talk about it. and then i think i was in miami and i had a wild night. my bible was next to me from the previous night. i started reading the bible and all of it just clicked and i haven't looked back since then. >> so in an article when you were with the utah jazz you said while most have headphones on and music playing to kind of get into the spirit of the game, you have a book open? >> guest: i change it up. i usually try to bring a book with me to the game or out in public if i'm going somewhere by myself and i don't have a lot of time. it just helps me to clear my mind of what is about to take place in the game.
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just something to get those butterflies away from me right before the game. >> host: what kind of books do you gravitate towards? >> guest: personally, i'm more historical. i like to read about the history of the world. but the book club mostly delivers and lately a lot of memoirs. >> host: give us an example of one. >> guest: needed barack obama, "the promise land," that came with great stories. another of my favorite books of all times. the bookclub really enjoyed those two reads. >> host: people don't realize how a whole life can be changed by one book. malcolm x quote. is that something that appealed to you over the years?
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>> guest: i tried to be that role model for reading. i've been able to have a positive impact and it speaks perfectly to whom malcolm x was and continue to grow into. >> host: can anybody participate in your book club? >> guest: of course. i send out one maybe every other month and it would be like a master list and once you sign up you get the e-mails for each book and the discussion times and schedules. and if we have an event, a couple of years ago [inaudible]
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>> host: would authors participate in the talks? were they glad to participate? >> guest: yes, sir. i had six while i was with utah and then just recently i had one with marlo peterson. his book -- >> host: what's that book about? >> guest: it's about his life. it's about his upbringing and decision and then even though he was in prison, he was able to make an impact in society. he's been building on that. a wonderful book, wonderful read. >> host: that is a book booktv
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has also covered. you can watch online on how do you conduct your book club? >> guest: so, we are on twitter, using the hashtag #ekpesbookclub. follow me and follow the hashtag. usually every thursday at 8 p.m. eastern. we will go over like an hour to an hour and a half, just depending on the book and the conversation. >> host: what is the easiest way for people to find that schedule? >> guest: the easiest way i think is to follow me on twitter at @ekpeudah. i usually retweet the schedule. >> host: is very book that you can go back to every couple of
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weeks and read? the biography of malcolm x is another one. what else. i think that may be it. i will read the power of moment. >> host: mr. udoh grew up in oklahoma and played for baylor and university of michigan and went to the nba and worldwide basketball. his basketball as big in china as it is here in the states? >> guest: i mean,, probably bigger. they really enjoy their basketball. but as far as i have to say, shout out there on the national championship. >> host: and a little of your former teams are in the playoffs here. >> guest: yes, a lot of them. i went out to support some of my former teammates, just checking in with them to support them. >> host: were you able to get
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your teammates to read books as well with you? >> guest: not necessarily with me, but they would start asking me for book recommendations, and that's where it starts. it's uphill from then. >> host: how many books a year do you read? >> guest: bookclub is 15. me personally, depending on my mood, i could add another 20 to that. thirty-five to 40. if i'm overseas, i will knock things out, close to 50 books. >> host: are you able to access physical books or do you read them online? >> guest: all of the above. i will in some countries just have to do the audiobook, but others i can go to stores and order and be able to get. as you can see, i like books. i love books. hard books, physical books. >> host: the founder of ekpe's
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bookclub @ekpeudoh in case you would like to join and readersi
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coach brandon fleming shares how literatures will by black writers changed his life. >> i'm delighted to introduce our speakers, brandon fleming is the assistant coach of debate at harvard university and founder of the nationally acclaimed harvard debate council diversity project . in 2020, fleming was recognized by forms on their 3030 list and by the root as one of the root 100 most influential african-americans in 2020. nick stone was born and raised in atlanta georgia and the only thing she loves more than an adventure is a good
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