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tv   Open Phones  CSPAN  July 20, 2021 3:35pm-4:31pm EDT

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of american capitalism. banning non-compete clauses that suppress workers' wages, lowering the price of things like hearing aids, prescription drugs, internet service, along with dozen of other actions. the folks, it turns out capitalism is alive and very well. we're making serious progress to ensure that it works the way it's supposed to work, for the good of the american people. >> president biden from yesterday. our opening question on his six-month mark. how would you grade him. 202-748-8002 for independents and others. we're taking a poll and watching the grade on twitter. here's how things look so far. so far the biden presidency, the president at -- at 47.8% of
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the -- getting an "a" grade there and we'll check back that momentarily. let's go to calls. republican line and it's gordon, kansas city. good morning. >> good morning. thanks for taking my call. >> you bet. >> caller: i'm not going to give him a grade because he's not running things. president obama is running things and he gets an "f" and i will get a vaccination as soon as joe biden does an off-the-cuff news conference. thank you. >> to baltimore, curtis, independent line. how would you grade the president so far? >> caller: good morning, and thank you for taking my call. i am going to give the president a c-plus. i think that he's doing an outstanding job. i think that he can do more with executive orders. thank you. >> okay. that's curtis in baltimore. south winder, connecticut, democrat line.
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anna, six months into the biden presidency and what do you think? >> caller: good morning. thank you very much for taking my call. >> you bet. >> caller: i'm going to give the president and a-plus-plus-plus, not only looking at the economy, immigration, the virus, but i think a lot of people have a peace of mind, a peace of mind that that's not bottling our mind every morning when we get up with anxiety, and i think that's very important, and i real want to say that he's -- he's doing the best he can with what he came in with, and he's keeping positivity going and improving. we're not going backwards. if he does make a mistake he apologized and he's doing it for everybody, everybody, not just the democrats. sir, i would like for you to say
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today that if you could maybe get a topic coming up on someone taking a survey, see what happens every time the spaceship goes up, does that interfere with our weather pattern. something seems to happen, i've noticed, every time a ship goes up into air or anything goes up into space the weather pattern seems to just -- >> are you talking about the -- the planned launch this morning, the blue origin launch? >> caller: any time there's one that goes up. >> okay. >> caller: the weather seems to change radically. >> i want to tell you that we're covering that launch of the bezos space project, the blue origin space launch. that's coming up this morning. our coverage begins at 8:00 a.m. eastern. that will be over on c-span-2-. also our coverage today looking at the covid-19 variant, the rise in the variant, the delta variant across the country. we'll have coverage this morning beginning at 10:00 a.m. eastern. cdc director dr. walensky and dr. anthony fauci and other
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members of the president's covid-19 response team getting under way at 10:00 a.m. eastern. also on let's hear from mckenzie from oklahoma on the republican line. how would you grade president biden. >> caller: sir, i would give him an "f." >> mckenz, your line is -- kind of got a hum on it. did you say "f". >> we've had a lot of rain the last couple of days. sir, i give him an "f." i'll tell you why. he has not done what he -- he has lied to the american people about what he was going to do. in fact, he didn't promise anything, and i don't understand how people can vote for someone who doesn't even have the energy into his speeches and as far i'm concerned it's not obama ruling the roost it's hillary clinton. those people have never forgiven the american people for not
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voting for her. >> here's one of the things that we mentioned at the top of the show in terms of the president's priorities on capitol hill and both the infrastructure measure and the budget deal to be agreed possible by senate developments at least. here's the reporting of alexander bolton on the hill this morning. nightors struggle to finish infrastructure deal with clock ticking. a bipartisan group of senate negotiators and senior white house officials is struggling to finish work on an infrastructure package that is now set to get its first vote as soon as wednesday. the senators have narrowed the number of outstanding disagreements in the talks to roughly a dozen, and the biggest problem of them all, how exactly to pay for $579 billion in new spending remains unresolved. that number represents spending over current budget baselines. the total deal is estimated at $1.2 trillion over eight years or 973 trillion over five years. the republicans see --
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republicans warn that there's no chance that they will get it all wrapped up by wednesday when senate majority leader charles schumer plans to force a vote on a motion to proceed to the bipartisan infrastructure legislation. read more of that recording at one more thing to add on about the budget deal. this is an article from "the wall street journal" this morning, their headline touts the infrastructure plan. says infrastructure deadline nears, but here's the thing on -- on the budget deal further in this article. mr. schumer also imposed a wednesday deadline for all 50 members of the democratic caucus to coalesce around a separate $3.5 trillion framework for a budget resolution paving the way for a sweeping package of education, anti-poverty and climate programs, liberal democrats have said they won't support the bipartisan infrastructure bill unless they have assurances that they will have enough support among their own ranks to pass the separate
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budget package. democrats plan to pass the $3.5 trillion anti-poverty and education process through a process tied to the budget that enables them to pass legislation with just a simple majority rather than the 60 votes most bills need to advance in the senate. that means democrats can't afford a single defection in their own ranks since republicans are expected to unite against the budget package. back to calls and your thoughts. your grade for president biden in his first six months in office. to san diego, republican line, this is -- this is janice. good morning. >> caller: good morning. i can't believe that he stood up there and said 60,000 jobs a week, the most jobs in 40 years. where? when they are talking about they can't even get people to come back to work because they are giving them more unemployment
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than they are giving them jobs? i mean, money getting paid on a job, so how is that even possible? as far as a grade for biden is concerned, i have three of them. b for buffoon and i for idiot and "f." he's a total colossal failure. thank you so much for taking my call. here's a blessing. >> here's rick in philadelphia, democrats line. >> caller: thank good morning and thank you for allowing me the privilege of communicating some of my thoughts. i look at the present situation in america, just like a marriage. the there comes a time when a marriage -- there comes a time in a marriage where you have to accept that we have difference of opinion on certain subjects so you begin to agree on what you can agree on later to work out what you can. we know that there's a problem with employment, but that could
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easily be remedied by giving people a proper salary, a salary that they could appreciate, feel confident in and have pride in and come to work every day. the and in reference to the situation with expenses of the supplying money to the government. we know that a substantial amount was taken from the government when taxes were cut, but what i can't understand is why would you not want to enforce the current tax laws and make money label for irs to do so? that's unrealistic, and you have to ask yourself why. the is it because so many of you and your friends are the ones exploding the tax law? and last but not least, i don't think it's a problem to tax the rich wealth as opposed to their income. that only makes sense.
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that's realistic, and the -- the last point i would like to make as you see all these states receiving tax income from the marijuana sales, we may have to do the same on the federal level. this -- this industry looks like it will be bigger than cotton was many years ago. >> all right. asking you this morning your grade for the president in the first six months of his administration, some thoughts on social media, and you can send us a text at 202748003. buzz in arkansas says i give the president an "f" for his first six months. food, fuel and utility costs are going up. illegal immigration is out of control. the u.s. is becoming a laughing stock around the world. his spending requests are outrageous. lucy on facebook says b-plus. i'm really happy with the biden administration's prioritization of equal voting rights and henrietta says a biden "a" and
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congress "c" and another "f" from mark on facebook. border crisis, cancelling keystone pipeline, inflation, more government debt and excessive spending grand karen, let's see the economy d, immigration can it be less than an f-mine us. foreign policy strength d-mine us, energy-f and voting rights are a volk at c-minus and coronavirus vaccines can, he claim cred senior citizen not, "c" at best and here's what the president said yesterday about the uptick in the covid variant. >> know that our economic recovery hinges on getting the pandemic under control. you know, and by fully vaccinating 160 million americans or 80% of our seniors we fundamentally changed the course of the pandemic from one that threatens all americans to a disease that has the most severe impacts only on the unvaccinated people in the country, but we can't let up,
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especially since and because of the delta variant which is more transmissable and more dangerous. unfortunately, cases are now rights, particularly in communities with very low vaccination rates. just four states account for nearly 40%, four states, 40% of all cases last week. virtually all hospitalizations and deaths are occurring among unvaccinated americans. these tragedies are avoidable. the data couldn't be clearer. if we're -- if you're fully vaccinated, you have a high degree of protection against severe illness, hospitalization and death. if you're unvaccinated, you are not protected, so, please, please get vaccinated. get vaccinated now. it works. the it's safe. it's flow. it's convenient.
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>> and the -- the covid variant really causing an impact as well on the financial markets. a couple of head lyons reporting on that story, first "the wall street journal." delta variant fears shake the markets. pullback after months of gains reflect fears that inflation, covid-19 pose risks to rebound. also, "the washington post" this morning, dow tumbles in year's worst daily decline amid delta fears. resurgence in coronavirus cases driven by variant has investors and market watchers worried that restrictions on travel and business will resume and one more headline that's front page this morning of the "new york times." stocks tumble and virus firearms revisit wall stroelt. fears jolted the monks markets os vastors realized that the path to economic recovery would be anything but straightforward. for months investors had been behaving as if they expected a full smooth rebound from the covid crisis from. january through june, stocks
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rose 14%, one of the best first half performances since the late 1990s, but the virus's potential to upend life all over caught up with investors as a spate of worrying news and particular new outbreaks involving the highly contagious delta variant among unvaccinated people led to a big selloff on monday. the s&p 500 stock market index had its worst decline since may sliding more than 2% during the day before closing down 1.6%. the dow fell 2.1%, its biggest one-day loss this year. europe's stock 600 fell 2.3%. quote, the impact of covid on the stock market isn't over yet said the head of u.s. equity strategy at rbc capital market in new york. we're not saying it's going to rerail the economy but we do think it could cause day digital bumps. there's new cases in the eyes
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that have doubled driving the -- driven main lip by infections by the unvaccinated with just 49% of the country fully vaccinated. the biden administration is scrambling to persuade more people to seek out shots so that the u.s. can achieve herd immunity. let's look at our -- our grade for president biden. we have as a twitter poll as well, only 40% said "a" and almost $30%" said "b" and 8.5% at "k" or "d" or "f" 4%. let's hear from bill in massachusetts. >> caller: good morning, i would give him what used to be call in the educational industry a gentleman's "c." the best he's done as far as i
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can see he's kept us out of war. afghanistan, a wait and see. we haven't heard much about that in the past couple of days. my big thing is i turn 70 today, happy birthday to me. i'm on social security. i'm paying $3 for a gallon of gas. last year i know it was $2 a gallon. the now we have the big brain economists saying it's a 7% rise in fuel that. to me with my public school math is a 50% rise in gasoline and that hits in the pocketbook so that's inflation. same thing steak, used to buy a cut of steak for $6.49 and now it's $8.99 for top loin. we're not united. he's spoken how he's going to unite the country. senators manchin and sinema are voting it seems with the republicans on the infrastructure bill. the what else, i've got a couple of small notes here and i'll be done. he has been weak -- he hasn't
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really addressed the issue in cuba. i mean, he said communism is a failed state. socialism is a failed state. would i like to see a little more. good job democracy, you know, communism is failed. that was -- i was sort of unimpressed with secretary mayorkas' response that we should be welcoming the could you beans with open arms. also last of all regarding the january 6th riot, would i like to see a little more address to the black lives matter and antifa riots as well last summer. i'm in wait and see mode. i wish the best for our country and for all our people but he really hasn't been impressive and it's not really a failure either. he's treading water i think so. >> appreciate that, stove. reporting this morning from "the wall street journal" on afghanistan, the headline pentagon will house afghan
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interpreters at a base in virginia. they will temporarily house thousands of a gan interpreters and others at a military base in eastern virginia. the first part of a white house plan to evacuate individuals who face retribution from the taliban for working in the u.s. officially 2,500 afghans and 700 interpreters and family members will be flown from afghanistan to ft. lee, virginia, just south of richmond for short-term housing while awaiting final processing for improtestant visas, and a note on that, too, the u.s. house is taking up a deal that will deal with the debate. they come in for a vote at sok and legislative business at noon. we're just seeing a text from bill in palm springs, california. he says i give biden an a-minus.
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i'm disappointed in the rapid pullout from afghanistan. we are abandoning our friends there. it's so good to have a gentle, intelligent, articulate person surrounded by intelligent and qualified people and let's hear from flint, michigan and debby on the democrat line. >> caller: good morning. i'll going to give him a b-plus because i'm not that thrilled with things at the border. i think they need to address the things at the border although no president in 40 years has been able to address it. i really think that if he does that, and i would also be interested to know these numbers you're giving us. let say you remove all the people that do not believe president biden won the election and i think those numbers would go way up. i really wish that the republicans would quit lying. they have been lying about covid. they have been lying about everything they can lie about,
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and i mean to put -- every time i see jim jordan on the screen i'm remind that had my grandmother used to say better to keep your mouth shut hand let people think you're an idiot and open it and remove all doubt. have a good day. >> she jenningsed jim jordan. i did want to put out that this was announced late yesterday by the republican leader in the house and jim jordan is one of the five announced for the january 6th committee. jordan tapped for special committee. they point out that the speaker has veto power over kevin mccarthy's picks and named jim banks of indiana as the ranking republican. it's kelly armstrong, jim pages from indiana, rodney davis from illinois, jim jordan from ohio and troy nells from texas. their first meeting set for a week from today and look for live coverage on the c-span
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networks if that's available. larry is on our republican line. how do you grade president biden. >> caller: i give joe biden a zero. we vin flakes, gas 40%, stock market dropped 700% and he's like a nazi saying you take the vaccination or else and you've got people going to people's houses. what kind of crap is that? hand this caller that said what joe biden said in june, he'll assemble the greater voter fraud in history. he's a fraud and the country is going to collapse. he's a communist and those democrats think that this man is legitimate and the virus is a biological chinese weapon. >> to jean in yorktown, virginia. >> caller: good morning. interesting comments from everyone and of course as human beings we are entitled to our own opinions.
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i go independent because i'm an american. even though i voted for biden i stay independent because i'm an american. i am an american. i really don't like two parties, any party. we should just vote how we feel but i have three points i would like to make. i give him an "a." i do give him an "a." i think he's doing a great job. there's a lot to managing and a lot to run the country and he's doing an excellent job as well as his staff. giving -- giving the things that are going original the many things that are going on and i think he's doing an excellent job in managing, no, not perfect. nobody is not perfect, no, not perfect but it's a work in progress and i give him an "a" for that. i would also like to comment on one other thing that has kind of -- i'm in question about is the child tax credit. while i think it's a great thing. i pay taxes. i don't have any kids. i'm retired military, doing pretty decent but, you know, i'm
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going to do my part. i'm going to do my part for this country. i'm going to do my part to keep this country going. i'm not going to say that those are less fortunate i'm not saying that because we're doing those to get them to a point where they can sustain as well, such as the child tax credit. >> let me ask you on the child tax credit. we were talking -- my producer and i this morning were talking about it. we had a segment on the program a couple days ago about that are and a lot of good conversation on that. would you be in favor of making the child tax credit permanent? >> i would, only with the exception because -- treated as a supplement. in the military we got extra incentives that were not taxed such as related to the child tax credit in addition to our regular pension, you know, regular income from the military. i say this is a time for -- if you want to bring individuals out of poverty, that's supposed to be the target, one way to do
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that is you supplement it with a child tax credit for those who have kids and then also work. this is your opportunity to get ahead, but work. don't just sit home and collect the child tax credit. >> thanks for your call. des moines, iowa, also on the democrat line. linda, how do you grade president biden? >> caller: boy, that's trumpet i think he's doing his absolute best, but oil give him a "b" because there's always room to progress, but, boy, this man -- all these things these people call in. i just don't believe it. if you look at this man's record, all the things that he cares about, it's for the single mothers, the people that have children trying to stretch their budget, i just -- he cares.
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you can tell this man definitely cares. he's not a bully. he's never made fun of anybody that's handicapped. he just gives people the benefit of the doubt and he does his best. he listens. >> all right. we've had a number of calls this morning about the biden administration's efforts to get everyone vaccinated. nbc tweeting this video shot of sean hannity last night on his program talking about getting vaccinated. here is -- part of what sean hannity had to say loft night on his program on fox. >> just like we've been saying, please take covid seriously. i can't say it enough. enough people have died. we don't need any more deaths. research like crazy. talk to your doctor, your doctors, medical professionals you trust based on your unique medical history, your current medical condition and you and your doctor make a very
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important decision for your own safety. take it seriously. you also have a right to medical patient and doctor/patient confidentiality is also important and it makes sense for many americans to get vaccinated. i believe in science and in the science of vaccination. >> that's sean hannity last night on his program on fox. back to your calls. this is sean. good morning in baltimore, independent line. >> caller: good day to you. first off, excuse me, first i want to say i didn't vote for trump or biden. i went for the libertarian candidate. as far as a grade for biden. i'll give him a c-minus, knocking on a "d" because for up this whole defund the police movement. even though he said he's not for defunding the police he won't shut the far leftists up like aoc, the lady from missouri. look at the crime in the
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country. it's bad. you look at that leftist d.a. in san francisco, i mean, it's so far left out there he just loves criminals so much that -- that what's it called, think cvs or walgreens, one of the popular drug stores they left up to. they said we're not dealing with it and a you can see it across the nation so he needs to speak out against that more and needs to speak against the far left making crime worse and then also this whole thing with guns. i mean, he just doesn't like guns for some reason, trying to take away people's ar-15. i will give him credit for trying to do something with, you know, the voter rights because the republicans, the far right, they just can't stand black people investigate. that's why they think the whole election was fraud because if you -- if you look at the states like arizona and pennsylvania and michigan, all the republicans are saying hey, you
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know, the areas where black people live, that's where the fraud happened, the fraud can't happen in white areas. i don't know, it's early, but right now i give him a "c." maybe things will change but let's wait and see, thanks. >> on voting rights, sean mentioned that this is a story in "today." senate democrats in atlanta to push voting rights. senate tempts are taking the fight over voting rights to the states. with georgia on their minds, democrats on the senate rules committee held a rare field hearing where lawmakers passed new election laws which could affect voter turnout amongst black voters. the governor kemp and others have said it expands voting especially in rural areas by adding another day of early voting and drop boxes in most rural counties. here's james in bridgewater, new jersey, asking you this morning
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to grade the president on his first six months. go ahead, james. >> yeah. well, you know, when you elect a president, you're electing one man, but there's a whole administration that goes with the president, and my point is that, know, he can do just so much in controlling the administration. hundreds of thousands of are there no matter who is president so try to squish what the president is trying to do is and what the administration is achieving. fork, me, i think the cdc it's outrageous and fauci is outrageous because most of the things they are going with it diagnosis and many so on, the facts is there is it note --
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making a virus that you inject in people so they make antibodies against it. it turns out in some people that's good and in others it's not. that's what we should be informed on before we decide about the virus because everything is black and white to a lot of people. within the reality of nature it's not, and the dumber we are in our decision-making, the shorter or lives get. that's a simple rule of nature if they keep violating it. >> biden dis-mes. the president monday said no serious economy is wore bed about long-term inflation including the warnings from democratic cabinet member larry
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sommers. here's what president biden said yesterday. >> we know that as ouc >> we also know that as our economy has come roaring back, we've seen some price increases. some folks have raised worries that this could be a sign of persistent inflation but that's not our view. our experts believe and the data shows that most of the price increases we've seen were expected and expected to be temporary. reality is you can't flip the global economic light back on and not expect this to happen. as demand returns, there's going to be global supply chain challenges. we've seen that in semiconductors which are used in automobile. that will goble shortage created a temporary spike in car prices. that's a rell challenge. though administration is going everything it can to disrupt it.
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these proses are temp rurs many in rows ent would exnow they have fall pep by more than 50 about. in the hospitality try. returning toeing where theyouses to be. those are transitory owe fekts and they account for 60% of the price increases we've seen over the last few months. i want to be cheer that my administration understands that we we ever experience unchecked inflation over the long term, that would pose a real challenge to our economy, so while we're confident that that isn't what we're seeing today, we're going to remain vigilant about any response that is needed. as i made clear to chairman powell of the federal reserve when we met recently, the fed is independent. it should take whatever steps is domes necessary to enaand
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whatever different views you have on price increases, we should be united on one thing which which we shock hands on which will be a source for achieving lower prices for americans locking ahead. >> that's the president yesterday. asking this morning on the six-month mark to grade the president. some thoughts on social media and on text. this one from pam in tennessee. a-plus for bringing dignity and respect back to the presidency. "g" for what he's accomplished despite the obstructionist gop colleagues who stabbed him in the back and kissed the ring of the previous president. this one says b-minus for pros, vaccine rollout and economic and -- and student lone debt
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forgiveness. >> i give him an a-plus because i don't feel like i need to pay attention to what he's doing. >> and connie says president biden dell serves a. mitch mcconnell after the president's statements yesterday said this on the senate floor. >> sure enough inflation just clocked the fastest year-on-year increase since it 2008. but according to president biden himself, the solution, is listen to this, even more of the same. today instead of the time. the president doubled down he suggested the by the right way to listen inflation, listen to this, another $3.5 trillion in spending. this is the same reckless taxing
4:10 pm
and spending spree that democrats dreamt up when they assume our economy would be having the a problem. and now all the. it's going to be what the doctor toward to fight inflation. inflation our royalty let'si know there's another taxing and spending spree, believe me, is the last thing that american families need. >> this is the in on the flor of the u.s. in the. back to your calls on the president's grades. republican line oransville, robert. thanks for waiting. go ahead.
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>> caller: yes, i was just wondering i voted last for the first time. i saw a party, a group of people conspired with a british spy to help. i'm giving him hoo many -- and go have done nothing and the economy would have come back and with the spending bill, poem need to realized that it's our money. i mean, i'm trying to understand we pay -- we pay for dr. fauci. we paid for the disease. the american people seem to be taxed and paid and we're standing holding the bag and got the coronavirus and people coming across the borders.
4:12 pm
i'm baffled. he could have sat there and done nothing. >> to don in oregon, good morning. >> caller: yes. with all this going on and what he's had to come into, i have to give him at least a b-plus, a-minus but the big question i have with all that is going on with these space launches who is going to cut loose for everything when it comes to ufos, with the navy isn't it time to expose happeningary 51, area 52 and area 5:001 and let us know what's been going on since i was born and before with all this going into space with bezos and elon musk.
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>> too scott next up, thomasville, georgia, republican line. we lost scott. lupe is in canoga park, california. asking you to give him a grade on his first six months in office. go ahead. >> caller: i'm going to give him an "a" and marcia blackburn from tennessee and the call from that lady gave him a nice grade. i appreciate that why. my daughter is a schoolteacher out there and in the month of july they have a special program to be paid $7,500 for that month for the school teachers in herndonville so joe biden's help must be helping the school teachers out there. marcia black burnings how about that, sweetheart, and i praise him. i praise god for putting godly man there, i really do, and people when they tell you to mute your tv mute it because there's people that have
4:14 pm
something important to say and they can't understand what you're saying if you're listening to yourself talk. >> thanks for playing with the rules. back to what's happening on capitol hill this week and certainly the action in the senate on wednesday. the reporting here of the infrastructure deal in precarious state. president biden on monday took a dig at republicans who backed away from a bipartisan infrastructure package that's now starting to fray saying pointedly, quote, we shook hands on it even as he continued to promote the economy. with the to us try undertones that could be the outset of a political week chuck schumer plans to vote wan day, a high-stakes gamble that will force agreement and the gp senators on sunday will reject.
4:15 pm
biden will turn up the pressure by traveling to he he only rinse. >> here's george in niagara falls, democrat line. >> caller: good morning. >> good morning. >> caller: i've been a democrat all my life and i've always voted democratic, and me only concern is i think president biden shouldn't be giving away this free money for the people to stay home. i think that's been a lot of our problem lately. he's giving away unemployment insurance. now he's giving $300 month for babies, and i'm sure the communities all have food services where they take care of children if they need help. that's my greatest concern. he's throwing money away like confetti and i -- i've been -- i'm a world war ii veteran, and
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i'm in my 90s, and i've never seen so much money being thrown away like confetti. that's my only concern. otherwise i think he's doing a good job. >> okay. george. i want to show this ad. basically just a lobbying effort. a full-page ad in "the wall street journal." you'll see it in the "new york times," the "new york times" about the infrastructure bill. rebuilding america's infrastructure, a full-patriot missile ad paid for flomp -- gm, walmart, delta, procter & gamble, raytheon and others, bank america and, again, you'll see this in "the wall street journal" paper, certainly the one published in the washington area that's its intended audience are members of congress certainly and their staff on capitol hill as debate gets under way on infrastructure.
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helen is in fullerton, california. rope can line. good morning. >> caller: yeah. i give biden -- i'll give him the benefit of the doubt. i'll give him about a c-minus from what i've seen. i don't like his attack on free speech, especially when it comes from forecast. he accused facebook of murder. i think that's pretty strong words towards free speech, private forum and i know he kind of backpedalled on that like the 12 super spreaders that are disseminating false information on vaccines help. came out on cnn and said they were killing people, pretty strong. secondly, i don't like his attack on successful private enterprises. he's accusing 123u8 enterprises about monopolies, and he also has a bug up -- he has problem with facebook.
4:18 pm
another monopoly. very disappointed in june when the federal courts said there was no basis -- he dismissed a complaint against facebook saying that it was not a monopoly because it went out and bought up instagram and whatsapp. that's not exactly trying to create a monopoly. there's other sites that are coming up quickly that are -- that are replicating the same services, you know, and afghanistan, i'll give him cred for that. no purpose for the war, to imto get tout, time to get out, not empire building? and biden tout himself as an progressive because it's a offensive term because what that suggests is he's part of the -- whose recall duty is to guide the world into a better word and
4:19 pm
it's more dictatorial and fascist. i don't feel comfortable with hymn. i'm a populist. not a progressive. i'm educated and i can think for myself. i don't need big government getting bigger and regulating my life to a better place. >> thanks for your call this morning, helen. show talked about residents grim on the misinformation front. marjorie taylor greene suspended, her account was suspended monday negotiate for violating the covid-19 misinformation policy. the georgia republican who has touted conspiracy theories and has been an outspoken critic on covid-19 vaccines will be blocked from twoegt for 12 hours, violations of the
4:20 pm
twitter, groep said falsely -- both tweets had been labeled as misleading by twitter. other users cannot reply to them or re-tweet them though the tweets can be, quote, tweeted. to also also on our democrats line. hello there. >> i think joe biden at least a d barb plus. hi he's very very well and i think it's know to turn the tv on to see a night. i worked at school during the last administration and i heard lots of children make comments of the last president saying we're afreight of him. he doesn't like us.
4:21 pm
he support a good representative. >> here's where the c-span report card, your vote. here's are the report card, 36% grading joe biden with an "a" and 34% with a "b" and "c" and the rest you with an "f." come up next we hear from lisa on the interhe had. >> vp in. >> caller: i would give him an an. i would give him and in. request to noil and would i give the man an e for effort to,
4:22 pm
democrats like joe manchin, he should just go ahead and change patients know. i mean, i'm an independent. i just think that when we mode to work tonight. >> and you feel like joe mfrpin it no longer -- absolutely. mr. boyden can only get so much done, and anything that -- that -- when there a compies in, there when owes dis'groemt joe march be hauloid in there. that's jobs. taste makes off the f.when these bridges and rosts start
4:23 pm
collapsing, then it will be trip ol or-term, these that's. i'm not understanding the infrastructure. like i said, joe manchin is straight being used as a block. >> let's hear from vic now. windemere, florida. democrats line. >> caller: i give mr. biden an q." he has to deal with mitch cook conditional would not nothing. he's never done one thing. he tried to cut social security. he tried to cut medicare. he's the worst senator in the history of the interest rate. he has to dole with the media. sean hannity is a traitor to this country. he puts stuff on television about the virus that was
4:24 pm
completely, that it was -- and people died because of him. he should be off the ire. we note a strong f-2. we need to take them off the air meertd. fox news is a sister. >> we vice president touched on this topic but on theberter is for firm. he was in new hampshire and spoke about the situation at the u.s.-mexico situation and how the biden administration is handling it. >> kamala harris went down to central america looking for the so-called root causes of the border crisis. i could have saved her all that time and i could have saved you the tax dollars for her trip because all she had to do is go to work one morning and see the root cause lives in the white house and his name is joe biden.
4:25 pm
[ applause ] joe biden and for that matter kamala harris spent all last year to open our borders and give amnesty to illegal aliens, to actually go back and find the illegal aliens that the trump administration deported and invite them back. what did next pect to happen, and that's exactly what has happened. we've had more illegal aliens apprehend at our border in the first six months of this year than at any time in a generation and it just went up in june to almost 200,000 people. in february they said don't worry it will decrease in the summer when it is hot. it hasn't. it keeps going up because everyone around the world knows that the border is open and if you get to our border it's all free you get in and you get to stay in. i was there a few months ago. i spoke to a lot of these migrants. i said why -- why are you here, and not a single one said they were facing some kind of
4:26 pm
oppression in their countries. they were facing violence in their country. i mean, there are american cities more violent that guatemala, el safely dorr and honduras and every one of them said something like joe biden, jobs, and i can get in now, and that's a direct result of the biden administration's failures of opening our borders and letting illegal aliens of gaming our system of rewarding drug smugglers and traffickers. >> all of that new hampshire party event available at with tom cotton there. headline here from cbs on the president's job performance so far. biden nets positive marks for handling pandemic but vaccine resistance, delta concerns remains according to a cbs news poll and final comments here on social media. cynthia says this in terms of grading the president. solid "a" and solid "b." he's dealing with the absolute mess left to him and joe biden i
4:27 pm
give "f." inflation is not temporary. we can't afford it right from. from michelle in pennsylvania. i grade biden "f" because he's too hypocritical doing everything strictly party lines and i'll give joe biden an "a" says liz in north carolina. newark, new jersey on our democrats line. this is james. good morning. >> caller: yes, hi, donald. i love biden and his administration. i give him an a-minus because one fact. the 94% of multi-billionaires still playing zero% tax. joe biden had to grab the bull by the horn and take these
4:28 pm
people that are not paying taxes. >> let's get one more call on grading the president. jim in highland park, new jersey. hello there. >> caller: thank you for taking my phone call, and i give president joe biden an "a" simply because he's tries to bring us back to the america that we were. he is far and above the better of the two presidents meaning trump and biden. >> all right. jim. >> we take you back live now to
4:29 pm
the hearing on sexual assault in the military. earlier lawmakers took a break from the hearing for votes on the house floor. this is live coverage here on c-span3. >> dr. kilene hunter. also a member of the independent review commission and miss christina rose, another member of the commission, and i think -- and miss tokosh who is not in my notes here but well as well. i understand you have all joint statement and miss robot that will with speak on behalf of the irc and after the statement each member will have an opportunity to question the witness for five minutes. we ask that the witnesses summarize your testimony in five minutes. your written comments and statements will be made part of the hearing record. with that, miss rosenthal we welcome >> you thank you, congresswoman
4:30 pm
and thanks for your leadership all over the years, ranking member gallagher and other distinguished members of the subcommittee. thank you for the opportunity to present the findings and recommendations of the independent review commission on sexual assault in the military. i also want to recognize the leadership of secretary austin and dr. hicks and the service leaders who met with the irc and shared their views. the irc was comprised of 12 high little qualified experts from outside the department of defense, three of whom are with me today. five of the irc's members were former military commanders and two served as judge advocates. as you know the irc made 82 recommendations across four loins of effort, accountability, prevention, climate and culture and victim care and support. because leadership is at the heart of military culture and unit climate, these recommendations target leaders at all levels. for decades, as you well know, service leaders have said that there is no tolerce


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