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tv   Reel America The Task Begun - President Kennedy in Europe - 1961  CSPAN  June 22, 2021 10:43pm-11:07pm EDT

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60 years ago on may 30th 1961, president john f. kennedy travel to europe with first lady jacqueline kennedy. next on real america, a task begun, president kennedy in europe. this u.s. information service film by -- shows highlights of the trip including meetings with shelved ago, two days of talks with soviet troops -- uk the crew chief and piano. and the stop in london to meet with harold mcmillon, british prime minister. >> at his inauguration as president of the united states in january 1961, john f.
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kennedy said. >> so that i begin a new, civility is not a sign of weakness. and sincerity is always subject to proof. ♪ ♪ ♪ from the white house in washington on june 6th 1961, president kennedy spoke to the american people. >> good evening, my fellow citizens. i return this morning from a weeklong trip to europe, and i want to report to you on that trip in full. it was, in every sense, and
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unforgettable experience. [noise] >> presidential plane landed in paris. charles de gaulle met the american executives. mr. kennedy explains his journey in his words, to aims of our american policy above all others, or the reason for the trip. the unity of the rerolled, who strength benefits, and eventually human everlasting peace.
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all in freedom. . >> madam gold, mrs. kennedy, french government leaders and heads of diplomatic missions the u.s. ambassador to france james gavin introduced the members of the welcoming party to the american president. . there was a special greeting for the president sister-in-law. mr. kennedy was officially welcomed to france by president to goal. . >> mr. luciano -- >> mister president will arrive on french land, which never saw americans but as friends and ally's, it is with great troy that i addressed you and to the united states, the most cordial greetings of france.
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>> president kennedy replied. >> i want to express on behalf of my wife and myself. our most generous appreciation that you are welcome today. i come from america, the daughter of europe to france which is america's oldest friend. >> as quoted by the gods, the two presidents drove into the heart of paris, it was a ceremonial play two hours upon the consultation between the two leaders. mr. kennedy described the nature of these talks. >> i've found charles de gaulle far more interested in our state in opposition -- ten and appearing to agree with him when we do not. >> about his meetings with the president to go all, mr. kennedy went on to say, and our
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agreement on defending berlin, on working to improve the defenses of europe, on aiding the economic and political independence of the world, including latin america, on eight european economic unity, on concluding successfully the conference and on closer consultations and solidarity and the western alliance. general de gaulle cannot have been more cordial. the cordiality of the meetings between the first battles of france in the united states. visitors from all over the world succumb to the classic duty and a perennial charm of congress. saluted by the historic --
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mr. kennedy with secretary of state went to the palace escorted by robert st. john, press association. mr. kennedy came to address mention of 400 news men. to him, he spoke of the problems we face to secure a lasting peace. >> we must ensure be constantly striking all of our forces. of all kinds, at all levels. deterring war and keeping the peace. by making certain that those who will oppose us know that we are determined to resist aggression. whatever its forces and whatever kind of force has needed to resist it. the calls of freedom is under pressure all over the world but because of the rebirth of western european strength. the struggle has been switched to other areas. the time has now come for us to
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associate more closely together. then ever in the past. in a concerted attack on poverty, injustice and oppression. we overshadows so much of the globe. >> in the stately ruins -- adorned with tapestries that are among the artistic pleasures of friends. president kennedy with ambassador gavin at his side was host at that diplomatic -- many cars were formations that had become independent in recent years. stretching our obligations to one another in the fight for freedom and economic progress, mr. kennedy slept in one of his speeches, we are not spectators today, we are all contributors. we are all involved. wherever it is our responsibility to make a maximum contribution. at nato headquarters, president kennedy explained why he
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believes history is moving in the direction of democracy. >> there is no doubt that in our pie when we are seeing different groups of some positions and responsibilities. different groups assume power but the whole experience of the last years, they shown a desire of people to be free and independent. to maintain their national sovereignty and independence. and i believe that when our times come to be recorded, this will be noted as the outstanding fact. this serves us because that is our ambition. even the experience of those countries behind the iron curtain, and their own nation show a strong desire to be free and independent. >> paris in the spring of 1961, at the time of president kennedy's visit was as beautiful as ever.
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♪ ♪ ♪ reporting on the atmosphere he found in france, president kennedy said to french people as a whole show a ton of energy which were both impressive and gratifying. the recovery from the post war period is dramatic. president kennedy had discovered some economic rebirth when he said, in many ways, the experience of europe in the last ten years has all of those who believed the tide of history that he was running against us. >> the city of paris lived up to its reputation for tradition and pleasant tree, and its civic reception for the american visitors. the ride to the hotel the veil is one of the highlights of president kennedy's three day stay in paris. with mrs. kennedy, who proved
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mentally popular with all, the american chief executive cain to city hall to be greeted by the president of the municipal council. mr. kennedy recalled that is to grandfathers on the city council on the city of boston, he pointed out that in the everyday workings of democracy, it is the city council that is the closest to the people. after addressing the council, president and mrs. kennedy mingled with the parisian's who had gathered to express their welcome. speaking of the people of paris, and his report to the american nation, president kennedy said, they were heartwarming in their hospitality and their graciousness to my wife is particularly appreciated.
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while their husband -- mrs. kennedy escorted by madam the goal visited a childcare center and some of the historic landmarks of museums. and so after three days a visit to paris, french prime minister and foreign minister, then president and mrs. kennedy farewell. the next job was to be vienna, capital of austria. summing up his feeling of satisfaction at the meetings he had in paris, president kennedy said, i love paris in vienna for increased confidence in western unity and strength.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ the site of vienna in the spring of 1961 is that of a historic city fully recovered from the ravages of world war ii. the capital of austria, whose independence and brutality was guaranteed by the great powers and the austrian state treaty of 1955. now, in the spring of 1961, vienna offered its hospitality for the personal meeting between two world dealers against a background of historic landmarks. this was the scene at vienna's airport, where president kennedy's plane arrived on the morning of saturday, june 3rd. the world they sent problems of berlin and laos, nuclear testing and disarmament. look to vienna as the president
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of the united states arrived. muted by austrian president, and chancellor. president kennedy himself described his mission to vienna. >> i went to vienna to meet the leader of the soviet union, mr. kutuzov. for two days, we met in intense conversations. mr. kashuv and i had a very great exchange of views. one of the major issues that now divide by two countries. i wanted to present our views to him, directly, precisely, realistically and with an opportunity for discussion and clarification. which was done. as president kennedy said in his report, this was not a summit meeting but rather an informal exchange of views and a way of keeping open the channels of communication between the united states and the soviet needed. would topcoat discussion with the serious disk discussion in
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laos, of increasing concern in the peoples of the world. these actions, at the soviet union want to show whether it supported the satisfactory settlement in laos, for a communist factions were considered wing hostilities against the royal government. president kennedy reported a measure of agreement in vienna. >> both sides endorsed the concept of a mutual independent allows. much in the manner of cambodia. and a critical importance to the conference on laos and geneva, both sides recognized the importance of an effective -- >> the second meeting was held at the soviet embassy, president for detective nuclear controls on the summit of agreement. mr. khrushchev insistence on over controls and on having dishonor me receive an inspection lead mr. kennedy to express --
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>> our hopes for end of nuclear, for men of nuclear weapons and for some slowing down of -- have been strapped with love. on the subject of germany, berlin. i made it clear to mr. khrushchev that the security of western europe, and therefore our own security are not involved. and our -- with the likes of those, not on sufferance. and it allows determined to maintain those rights of anywhere, and that's our obligation to keep those things going. our lawyer to choose their own future. >> president kennedy himself to the balance of his two day meeting with german khrushchev. >> i will tell you now, it was a very sober two days. there was no disk -- no loss of tempers, no threats,
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by other side. no advantage or contention was either gained or given. no major decision was either planned or taken. no spectacular progress with visor achieved or pretended. he was the last thoughts on the presidents journey, here mr. kennedy recalled that from england, where the mother of parliaments stands as a vital symbol of representative government. had come many of america's most cherished traditions. >> the attachment of the royal navy rendered the honors of the presidents plane arrived at london airport. president kennedy had come to consult with britain's prime minister mcmillon on the result of his topic -- talks with chairman. by u.s. secretary of state to confirm with president nickel and other allied leaders. on his arrival in london, the president of the united states
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was greeted by the -- and representing queen elizabeth. after shaking hands with prime minister mcmillon, mr. kennedy expressed his pleasure at being in london. >> i'm officially glad that the prime minister -- i must say, but i continue to be to a journey which is washington, to the anna, and now to london. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the kennedy's visit to london was also of a private nature. he was to serve the next day as the godfather at the christening of his niece. at admiralty house, temporary
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residents of britain's prime minister while it was being renovated, mr. kennedy, and mr. mcmillon met for four hours. there communicated indicated their willingness to negotiate on laos should be an indication of moscow's global intentions. it also noted maintaining the rights and obligations of the allied governments in berlin. the british prime minister and lady dorothy mcmillon were hosts at a luncheon for president and his mrs.. the warm hospitality of the british leader and lady mcmillon spoke eloquently of the close ties of friendship and understanding that so long have united britain and the united states. the continuity of british
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history as the guard changes at buckingham palace. part of the rich one powerful pageantry that surrounds their old family, securing their affections of the british people, fascinating sights to all visitors of london. in the afternoon of monday, june 5th, the crowds gathered to watch the arrival of the president and mrs. kennedy. the first time the u.s. president was to call at buckingham palace since woodrow wilson came here in 1918. the crowd search forward for a look at the president and mrs. kennedy as they arrive for a private dinner at the palace with queen elizabeth.
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later that evening, informal clothes that he wore for the dinner at buckingham palace, from minister mcmillon accompanied president kennedy to the airport. ambassador to london, david bruce, was last a shake hands with the president, who is now on his way back to washington. or mr. kennedy, coming here had been a long journey. it had been a part of his task he had set for himself on becoming president of the united states, to begin a new research for peace. the presidential plane left london at midnight. the next day, from the white house, president kennedy summed
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up the significance of his vienna talks with chairman chris khrushchev. >> it was not a cause for relation, or relaxation, nor was it cause for any pessimism or fear. it's simply demonstrated how much work we in the free world have to do and how long and hard our struggle must be for our fate of the americans in his generation as chief defenders and the cause of liberty. ♪ ♪ ♪ wednesday, on american history tv, we look at the life and career of president ronald reagan. we will show you an interview he did with first lady nancy reagan where they talked about their marriage and life in politics, later, his inaugural address and other speeches, that starts at 8 pm eastern on american history tv.
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next, on real america, the white house, the first year. a u.s. information agency film produced by movie to news the documents key events in president john f. kennedy's administration fm


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