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tv   Reel America Men of the Forest - 1952  CSPAN  April 3, 2021 10:49pm-12:00am EDT

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the southwest pacific. this document was conceived and accepted through the initiative of the philippine president. the philippines proclaimed the right of all peoples to self-determination and freedom, which she herself enjoys, the right of all peoples to determine their own future, to elect their own leaders in free and honest elections, to safeguard the sacred principle of the equality of all men. today, the philippines stands ready to lend a helping hand to those that would travel the same road towards freedom, progress, and peace. ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] [captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2020] -- 2021]
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♪\ ♪ [birds singing] narrator: it was early morning in georgia, long before daybreak
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in a loan house on the edge of a forest, a boy lay awake with excitement, for this was to be an important day in his life. ♪ he had hardly slept the night before, but not his brother harry. in all fairness, who could blame. ? for him, it was just another day of work. but for the boy it was the first day of his vacation from school, and he was going to make the most of it. ♪ his father was still asleep, and
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he took care not to wake him. in the kitchen, his mother was making breakfast, and it would soon be ready. though the boy and his family lived on a small farm, they were people of the forest. his father and brother make their living with the stroke of the axe and the pull of this e saw, and today, for the first time, the boy was to work at their site in the forest. -- side in the forest. ♪
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people often say, "you are as old as you feel." well, that day the boy felt like a man, and he was ready and anxious to prove it. ♪
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yes, it felt good to the boy having wonderful people for a family. his mother, a gentle woman, who gave loving care to her family. his father, lewis, a kind man who was as wise as he was strong. and his brother, harry, who worked hard and -- ♪ together, they were the hunter family. for over 80 years, the hunter family has owned this farm. the boy's grandfather and his father before him planted cotton on this land. but ever since his father was
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old enough to lift and ask, he had been a woodsman, cutting and hauling logs. his tools were the simple tools of the forest, the axe and the two-handled saw. ♪ to james, like any other farmboy, there were two kinds of choice, those he would rather do , and those he would rather not, but did anyhow. ♪
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the muscles he was so proud of where hardened at the pump handle, and strengthened by the weight of water carried in a bucket. ♪ the hunters owned a truck for carrying the cut logs to the mill, and the mare call the lady who dragged the logs from the forest. the hunters have always worked for themselves, not for wages, and their earnings depended on how hard they worked.
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and so on this day that james would always remember, he and his father and brother set out for the forest. his chest swelled with pride, for today he felt like a partner in the firm of hunter and sons. as every morning, lewis hunter stopped down the road to talk to archie and his helper. like the boys father, mr. hodges was a man of the forest. they were all good friends and neighbors, living by the code of the woodsman, respecting the unspoken pledge to help each
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other in the time of need. ♪ the hunters and hodges cut timber in the heart of george is 20 million acres of woodland -- georgia's 20 million acres of woodland. this land belongs to many people, so he must pay for the rights to cut trees on the land. it was a short trip to the tract of land with the hunters arranged to cut trees, but the hodges had a little further to go. ♪ ♪
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the pine trees stood up into the sky, straight and tall. among them were some that were full-grown, ripe for the woodsman's axe. a tree was chosen. it was crippled in the direction it was to fall. [chopping wood]
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[sawing wood] ♪ [hammering stake] only when this first tree laid
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on the ground was their work that a boy could do. limbing the trees may not seem important, but it was a help. another hand swinging an axe means more trees fell. he was doing something that before the elders had to do for themselves. ♪ [sawing wood] ♪
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[cracking wood] when a tree is down and its branches cut away, the woodsman's job is only half done , because a tree is worth nothing so long as it lies deep in the forest. ♪ they could not bring their truck to the fallen trees, but with help, the trees could be brought to a clearing near the road.
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♪ ♪
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♪ then james was trusted with another job, that of measuring and marking the logs into six links, that is the way wood is
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sold in this timber country. [sawing wood] as he marked them, his father and harry sawed them, the smell from the cut filled the air. [sawing wood] ♪
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[sawing wood] ♪ ♪ [brakes squealing] ♪ ♪
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♪ the load of logs was slowly
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taking shape, then they heard a truck coming down the road. ♪ it was their neighbor, archie hodges, already on his way to the mill with a full load of logs. james asked his father if he could visit the hodges to watch all of his mechanical equipment cutting logs, but his father said, "later, now there is work to be done. " ♪ [chopping wood] [sawing wood] [cracking wood]
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[tree falling] [sawing wood] only high noon, when the hot summer sun beat down from the sky, did the hunters stop working. the time had come for lunch. [door closing] ♪
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♪ the hunters ate but did not say very much. father hunter paid a people complement to the lunch, but he did not make james smile. james was in no mood for jokes. there was something else on the boys mind -- boy's mind. ♪
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[truck engine] ♪ by midafternoon, most of the logs in the clearing were sawed and piled high on the truck, yet there was room for just as many logs. ♪
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after working steadily since morning, nothing would have been more welcome than a rest, but then archie hodges came back down the road with another full load. [truck engine] ♪ among the trees in the clearing, one stood taller than the rest. why not cut it since it was close, the boy asked, but father hunter said, no. the tree had been left standing for a purpose, and he explained what it was, the seeds in the
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cones it drop would take root, and the tree would be mother to a new forest. but there were other trees older and sturdier, ready to be cut. waiting for his work to begin, james thought about archie hodges and how fast he was able to cut and load. james decided to visit the hodges and watch him work -- them work. ♪
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james watch her she's helper -- watched archie's helper, cutting through trees like butter. with this power saw it was understood why they cut three trees instead of one. instead of using a horse, they used the tractor to drag the logs from the forest swiftly. hodges' son saw james and came
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over to talk. both of them tried to act like grown-up men of the forest. ♪ donald's father came over and invited james to stay, but james said he had to leave. ♪ father hunter and harriet were working just as he had left them , bent low, the sweat running, the saw cutting at the tree with a steady snarl, not
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like the power saw. ♪ ♪ the day's work is finally done in the forest them up at the best time of day was yet to come, at least for the boy. for the first time, james was going to accompany his father inside the great mill which
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bought their logs. ♪ big as it was, there was a friendly feeling about the mill. the boy's father was known and respected for the honest, hard-working man that he was. the day's labor was carefully measured and a record was made. ♪
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from the largest train james had ever seen, a sling was lowered to cradle the load. in a moment, the logs were up and awake, and all there was to show for a day of sweat and toil was a piece of paper folded away in father hunters pocket. -- hunters' pocket. ♪ father and son were on their way to the cashier's office, was a man pulled up. he lived 10 miles up the road,
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but close enough to be calm a neighbor. -- called a neighbor. even before the truck stop, his power saw caught the boy's eye. people see beauty in different things. to james hunter, that saw with its shiny blade was a thing of beauty. tom, to him it meant something else, more logs with less work. ♪ ♪ archie hodges was paid for three loads able. -- loads of wood.
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♪ tom reese was paid for three loads of wood. the hunters, who had worked harder than the rest, received a third as much pay. if the boy was sad for his father, there was no need to be. he had courage. with your help, he joked, we will soon be making twice as much. james finally asked his father, why couldn't we own a power saw like the others? his father had a ready answer. they could not afford it. a soft like that cost a great -- saw like that cost a great deal of money, and they were still paying for their truck which was their most essential piece of equipment for their work. ♪
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on the way home, james tried to think how they could save enough money to pay cash for the saw, but the idea seemed impossible. he concentrated so hard on the problem that his father had to cheer him up. ♪
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♪ james did not know it, but he had planted a seed in his father's mind. ♪ that evening, father hunter calm his family together. he told them that as a group they were living within their means, spending the joint earnings for things that were needed.
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seldom wasn't their money for extra things. so long as hunter and sons cut trees by hand, there was little chance of bettering themselves. with a power saw, they could triple their earnings, but to get a saw men working harder and making sacrifices. the money belong to all of them, so it was up to all to decide. on that summer evening that will live in the boy's memory of knew what the family's decision would be. ♪ -- memory, james knew what the family's decision would be. ♪ ♪
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with his homemade bank, the hunter fund to buy a saw was started, and james, the self-appointed keeper of the fund, made the collection. ♪ ♪ every saturday, the hunters made a trip into town.
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♪ the road took them by their distant neighbors. tom's wife annie had a sewing machine, much to the envy of all the womenfolk. mother hunter had put away a little money in the hopes of buying one someday, but now her savings were in the homemade bank. ♪ at the end of the road was the
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town where the hunters bought their supplies and met their friends. ♪ for him there was one particular friend. ♪ yes, it was difficult to put aside the desire to buy things, only because the money was being saved for something else.
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♪ it was harder for mother hunter than any of the others. her heart had been set on a sewing machine for a long, long time. ♪
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♪ mother soon discovered that shopping on her new low-budget meant doing without some of the pleasant, but unnecessary, delicacies. ♪
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the hunters left town, taking only what was needed. not a cent was spent for anything they could do without. ♪ ♪
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each coin dropped in the jar was a personal sacrifice, but it was not hard to make, because it was all being done for the common good of the family. ♪ all through the summer, the hunters were in the forest by daybreak. with these extra hours, they toiled harder and longer. ♪
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[truck engine] ♪ and so, the full load that was once a day's work was finished and on the way to the mill by midafternoon. ♪
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♪ from dawn until dusk, they
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kept at their task, doing three days of work in two. ♪ the hunter truck was always last at the mill. they became a familiar sight to the workers on their way home at closing time. and the man at the measuring station always greeted him with a smile, because he understood what they were trying to do. ♪
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to the one on high, the hunters gave thanks with their daily bread, but to mother hunter went words of praise for making food that cost little, but tastes good. and after the meal, there was one extra course that gave more pleasure than the cake. ♪
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♪ dave upon day, week upon week -- day upon day, week upon week, her work filled their lives. ♪ -- hard work filled their lives. ♪ ♪ ♪ each week passing put them closer to their goal, until one
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day. ♪ [horse -- >>'s first thought was to get the truck out of danger. [flames crackling]
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[engine turning over] [flames crackling] [horse whinnying] [horse galloping] [flames crackling] ♪
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[horse galloping] ♪ [flames crackling] ♪ ♪ [truck engine] -- [tractor engine] [flames crackling] ♪
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[tractor engine] [truck engine] ♪ [flames crackling] ♪ [tractor engine] ♪ [truck engine] [flames crackling] [tractor engine] ♪ [flames crackling] [horse galloping] ♪
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[flames crackling] [tractor engine] ♪ [flames crackling] ♪ ♪ father hunter found it difficult
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to find words to express the gratitude in his heart. ♪ ♪ ♪
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though they had saved their truck, they had still suffered a loss, many logs that would have meant money at the mill were charred and worthless. ♪ but father hunter was a sensible as he was good. so long as they had their strength, they could always cut more logs. and this they did. ♪ ♪ by that time the first jar was filled and set aside for the
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second one, the fire was dim in their memories. it was cotton picking time, and this year, the little farm had given a bumper crop. the hunters had watched over it like a proud hen caring for its chicks. ♪ the money was collected, and went straight into the jar. ♪
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♪ it had been long in coming, but finally the day arrived that the record james had been keeping showed that they had reached their goal. the hunters sat down to count the money they had earned and saved together. ♪ as keeper of the hunter fund to buy a saw, james was given the
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honor of final addition. ♪ the sum of all those bills and coins gave the heavy answer they wanted to hear all these months. ♪ ♪
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♪ [sawing wood] ♪ [cracking wood] [tree falling] [chopping wood] [sawing wood] ♪ [cracking wood] [tree falling] [sawing wood] [chopping wood]
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[sawing wood] [sawing wood] [cracking wood] [tree falling] [sawing wood] [chopping wood] [cracking wood] [tree falling] ♪ [chopping wood] ♪ [chopping wood] ♪ ♪ [saw engine]
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yes, the saw was all they expected. the purr of the engine was music to the ears. the two-handle saw was forgotten. [saw engine] [sawing wood] ♪ by continuing to work from daybreak to dusk, they were able to deliver logs to the mill three times a day. ♪ [truck engine] ♪ and now, when father hunter turned in his slips, he received as much money for one day of work as he used to for three.
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it was a good feeling, good for all of them, and it showed in many ways. ♪ there was extra time and money for things they could never do before. ♪ and when there was finally enough money, hunter and sons did not forget an obligation long postponed. ♪ mother hunter, who had given so much, was at last to get what she wanted most. ♪
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♪ father and sons had never seen mother hunter happier, and because of it, they were all happier. ♪
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it may seem foolish to polish and caress a machine of rubber and steel, but not to the hunters. for them, the saw is familiar and friendly. it had joined them together as a family so that they might better themselves. they are better, not only because of the extra food and luxuries they are able to buy, they are better because in working for a common good, they have strengthened the family bond, for out of their achievement was born a new love, a deep affection, and a greater respect for one another. ♪ ♪ [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit]
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2021] ♪ >> american history tv on c-span3, every weekend, documenting america's story. funding for american history tv comes from these companies who support c-span3 as a public service. >> sunday on oral histories, milton jones remembers his experiences as a u.s. marine during the vietnam war. here is a preview. milton: so i finally made corporal and i go to in co nco school with army, air force, and marines in it, and i end up with coming out first in the class, plus i had done all these other extra things and had been recognized for it, and so, in the up being awarded a
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meritorious promotion to sergeant with only three months time in grade as corporal, so i was a jubilant, but i did not realize along with the promotion they shipped me to vietnam. oh, damn, you know? [laughter] ok, i got to go. yeah, i went. i boarded a continental airlines charter. i am one of very few people on the plane. it has flight attendants on the whole kit and caboodle. i am one of the few people on the plane with flak jacket, my helmet, under my seat. i got everything except for a weapon, and people are looking at this character. [laughter]
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i am just sitting there. i and dumb and numb, actually. and so, we land in vietnam. actually, probably within hours after we land, there is a little incoming into the airfield, not much but enough to cause people to diving in bunkers and things good i felt pretty good about myself. exactly. so i report in, and i find now that i tal withk at reunions that this is typical. it was probably one of the terrible things about the vietnam experience. people went to war individually come and not as a unit, and so, i come in and report to the
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marine nco there in the guide looks at my order and says something. it is about as far north as you want to go. i said, how'd you get there? he said you probably get a rough ride. i am not too swift, but i don't want to be a convoy going way up into indian country. that is what it was cold. >> watch the full interview at 2:00 p.m. eastern sunday here on american history tv. >> on c-span3 every weekend, we feature american history. the focus is public affairs on c-span, and on c-span2, nonfiction books. here are some highlights of programs airing on a companion networks, c-span, and c-span2's book tv. >> sunday on end up with, a live
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conversation with harriet washington. her most recent book is carte blanche. >> was companies use profits to measure their success in the medical arena, the problem is that we can't expect the companies to care about us. we can't expect the companies to make less money because they care about our health. their behavior has already shown us that they don't care about our health, that our government, the the we pay and should care about our health and should defend us, so our government should be raining in these companies, forcing them to develop things that fit the public needs, and it is not. >> join in the conversation for harriet washington, sunday at noon eastern on book tv's end up with on c-span2. and visit c-span shop announcer:n
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two as top nonfiction book that authors every weekend, sunday at noon eastern, a two hour conversation with a science writer whose books include carte blanche, medical apartheid and debbie monopolies. join in with your phone calls, facebook comments and tweets. a 9:00 p.m., dana perino talks about her book everything will be ok, life lessons for young women from a former young women. she is interviewed by victoria clark. watch book tv, this weekend on c-span2.
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>> you are watching american history tv, all weekend every weekend on c-span3. to join the conversation, like us on facebook. >> on lectures in history, southern illinois university professor kenneth moffat teaches a class about notable speakers on the u.s. house, from henry clay to newt gingrich to nancy pelosi. he describes how various speakers wielded power, norms they enacted, and the balance of power between the legislative and executive branches in different errors. the university provided the video for this class. prof. moffett: i am dr. ken moffat nine-day professor of political science here. i do my teaching and research


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