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tv   Reel America The Atlantic Community - Introducing the United States -...  CSPAN  January 5, 2021 5:52pm-6:14pm EST

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members. the atlantic community is a series of 20-minute films produced between 1954 and 1956, and financed by the u.s. government. the films were designed to familiarize nato member countries with the culture, history, industry, tourist attractions and military contributions of their nato partners. next on real america, from 1956, introducing the united states. the opening and closing titles in this film are in spanish, but the narration is an english. -- is in english. >> ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> to this land, they've been coming for over 300 years. peoples of europe, from england, ireland and scotland, from scandinavia and the lowlands, from germany, switzerland and france, from spain, portugal
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and italy. from greece and turkey. from eastern and central europe. they and their descendants tamed a wilderness and created one nation, the united states of america. memorials mark the first settlements on the atlantic coast. boston was founded in 16 30. here, 146 years later, the declaration of independence was read from the balcony of old state house. like other bustling cities of america, boston has its quieter corners. landmarks like the flower market, give it a reassuring sense of tradition and time.
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harvard university is just over 300 years old, the first to be founded in this young country. 200 miles southwest, new york city is world by itself. once a small dutch village, it is now a giant with 1000 buildings reaching to the sky. a gateway to the united states. america's 166 million people trace their ancestry to many nations. the variety of their origins and cultures, the diversity of their talents, haven't reached the country. through them, an area almost the size of europe was united within one border and made to
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prosper. a fast express train takes three days to cross the united states from ocean to ocean. past farmlands spread out as far as the eye can see. past cities and industrial centers. in the west, the open prairie rolls out to the foothills of the rocky mountains. cowboys roundup their cattle cars. -- their cattle. dams harness the great rivers.
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churches mark the pioneers faith. the vastness of their country inspired the american people to do many things boldly. they had a large land to settle. they pioneered from new york to san francisco, from the atlantic to the pacific. united states group behind best oceans to east and west, with friendly neighbors to north and south. along the 3000-mile canadian border, the only cannon are historic relics. both countries have a feeling of security in the north american continent. today, the united nations headquarters stands in new york, a daily reminder of the need for nations to work together for peace. to help secure that these, the united states joined the 15
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nation north atlantic treaty organization. for the american people, membership in nato was never an issue. voters of both major political parties strongly supported the alliance. in 1952, they elected president a man who had played a vital role in europe, dwight eisenhower. as supreme commander, eisenhower had led the allied armies in the liberation of europe. there for the second time in a generation, american boys had joined in the cost for freedom. -- in the cause for freedom. ♪ ♪ kxxçzthey went home, they wouldp repel aggression in europe and asia. their country sought to help them resume a peaceful life.
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schools opened their doors to millions of veterans. ever since it began, the united states has seen a constant growth of education. a high school diploma is now almost taken for granted. every year, two and a half million students enroll and universities and professional schools. many of the young men who had fought in north africa and normandy went back to the forms. they went back to working the earth in the quiet rhythm of the seasons. they reaffirmed their spiritual values. different faiths living side by side and mutual respect, in the belief that many are the ways to god. americans have a keen sense of
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fraternity. should a neighbor's livelihood be jeopardized, they are quick to lend their labor and their time to help rebuild. this tradition stems from the days of the pioneers. it's this same trade that moved the american people to come to the aid of their neighbors overseas after the war. to europe under the marshall plan, they sent food, supplies and machinery and a national effort to help world recovery. with europe, america has bonds of kinship. and to preserve their common freedom, the nato alliance was formed. again, u.s. forces left for europe to stand with their allies as guardians of peace. their contribution to nato's ground forces in europe, some
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six divisions and over 30 tactical air squadrons. nato naval headquarters in norfolk, virginia points out the role of the u.s. navy in helping to guard the sea lanes between north america and europe. ♪ ♪ on atlantic patrol is the world's first atomic powered submarine, the naughty list. >> the nautilus >> a vital factor of allied air power is long range jets. these planes back up the
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strength of nato. airman are expertly trained. u.s. marines substitute helicopters for landing barges. constant innovation makes the united states a strong ally. united states contributes also to the civilian direction of nato. sitting at the weekly conference sessions of the permanent council. to bolster this effort for collective defense stance the resources and resolve of the american people, expressed by their elected representatives in congress. there hope is that, behind the shield of nato, the atlantic community can build a better world forgvç
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to that and, the united states is sharing with other nations its knowledge of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes. as president eisenhower has repeatedly said, the atomic age must become the blessing, not the curse, of mankind. atomic energy is already producing electric power, as in this experimental plant in the state of idaho. the use of nuclear energy means further progress in almost every field of science. it seems certain that peace in this atomic era can lift mankind to new heights of well-being. meanwhile, conventional natural resources continue to serve the atlantic community. the united states produces nearly half of the world's petroleum.
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another contribution is the abundance made possible by modern farming techniques. new methods have made the minors job safer and more rewarding. the more advanced minds have become highly mechanized, underground factories. 1200 blast furnaces have a capacity of 130 million tons of steel a year. what makes for america's record output? it's not only her natural
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resources, it is mass production, constant modernization of plants, and the search for new techniques. today, nearly 94% of heavy industrial labor is done by machine. the manufacturing industry serve a large internal market and supply a sizeable output for world trade. the machine has increased the individual workers skill, given him time an opportunity to develop special talents. america's working men and women are the first to benefit from her economy. collective bargaining by labor and management assures a fair sharing of the national income.
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since the war, 10 million families have moved into new homes. the trend is away from city apartments to home ownership in the suburbs. after a hard days work, the man looks forward to a home that he can be proud of. it is a time to settle down to the joys of family life, the quiet, intimate hours of the home. the children forever asking for just one more story. on holidays, families take to the roads. in the spring and summer, they go to see their favorite baseball teams in action. this particular sport is sometimes called the national pastime.
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in the fall, americans throng to football games. their brand is different from soccer, but to them it is just as exciting. but a man likes to go off by himself too. that fish makes the day a perfect one. on days off, many like two putter in their gardens, just taking it easy.
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it is a good day to go on a picnic in one of the many public parks. ♪ ♪ for leisure or study, there are the public libraries. there are many of them in america and they are an important part of the nation's cultural life. ♪ ♪ there is, of course, of the grace contemporary american literature. and among u.s. readers, a widespread appreciation of foreign writers, past and present.
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♪ ♪ >> it is in music that americans find their closest kinship with the culture of the old world. ♪ ♪
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when that music was written, most of america was wilderness. ♪ ♪ >> the people who settled the wilderness came from europe. this is what they built. chicago. detroit. minneapolis. st. paul. st. louis. new orleans.
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pittsburgh. united states is young as nations go, and fortunate and what's it has been able to accomplish in such a few years. it owes much to older traditions and ideals, two concepts of freedom and law given fresh meaning on new soil. among these principles is the echoing resolve of abraham lincoln. that a government of the people, by the people and for the people, shall not perish from the earth. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >>
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up next, boris johnson talks about his book the churchill factor, how one man made history. he looks at the life of british prime minister winston churchill and his influence on world affairs. mr. johnson, now british prime minister himself, was mayor of london at the time he spoke at politics and prose bookstore in washington d.c. in 2014. >> now on to the main event. i just want to say how delighted we are to have the mayor of london, boris johnson, with us tonight.


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