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tv   Reel America The Atlantic Community - Introducing France - 1954  CSPAN  January 5, 2021 4:22pm-4:44pm EST

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we're brought to you by these television companies who provide american history tv to viewers as a public service. the north atlantic treaty organization was founded on april 4th, 1949, with 12 members. the atlantic community is a series of 20-minute films produced between 1954 and 1956 and financed by the u.s. government. the films were designed to familiarize member countries with the culture, history, industries, tourist attractions and military contributions of their nato partners. next on "reel america," introducing france. ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> blue, white and red. it flies in all the winds of the world. in the november gales of the
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north atlantic. it flies too under the hot, dry skies of north africa, over gleaming new cities as white as the sands on which they stand. beyond the cities, the flag of france flies over the vast is a ha sahara. further south still, engineers are bringing light and power to the african interior. there too is the trick cover. there too is progress. ♪ >> under the blue, white, and red come thousands of square miles of the earth's surfaces. rivers and plains and villages.
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the sick are attended by this doctor, scientist, philosopher, musicianen and frenchmen. half the world away, the flag flies over the antarctic. there the french are working to push forward the frontier of knowledge to plant the banner of science in the unknown. >> the flag flies over a school in africa. there the teacher puts the question to his pupils. tell me, what is this france? this nation that unites the countries and cities. >> france is a country surrounded by two seas, an ocean, and three mountain ranges. it is much smaller than africa.
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>> and what grows in france? >> bananas. >> well, yes, france does grow bananas, but only a few of them. but they symbolize the diversity which is france. the diversity which is her wealth. a few bananas, even some oil. in volume the oil from the foothills of the mountains may not be a threat to texas but its value is already an economic comfort to france. ♪ diversity which is wealth in the heart of france, prospectors listen to the tick, tick of counters. for there in the hard ground can be found the new wealth of this atomic age, uranium.
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uranium for france's two atomic piles. wealth to the north in normandy. pastures for some of the finest beef and dairy livestock in the world. here only ten years ago was d-day and the blossoms wilted in the fumes of battle. now there's peace again in normandy and plenty. milk, butter, eggs and cheese. cheese made by0 special formul and skills passed down through generations of peasant cheesemakers producing cheeses famous throughout the world.
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♪ these are pastures whose products make names for the fine menus everywhere. the french art of cooking. farming in france is rooted in experience and a faith in the soil that borders on religion. and faiths in france tend to be strong and religious timeless, yet infinitely tangible. thanks to this wealth, france has enough for her own needs and enough to spare to spend abroad.
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and so the names of her great seaports are synonymous with her wealth. sunny marseilles. ports among some of europe's busiest harbors. along the coast from marseilles is one of the nation's biggest naval stations. here are fighting ships h!qñ lie aircraft carrier. ships and men following great traditions, for the french have been seafaring people since the da days of gull. wealth from the sea off the coast. herring, sardine. here too is faith. a blessing of the sea is as much a part of a fisherman's life as
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his boat or nets. wealth from beneath france, from the deep coal mines of the northeast. today these mines are a mainstay of the coal steel community coordinating these basic industries in six european countries. from these mines come millions of tons of coal each year to be turned into steaming coke and smoking in the mills of lorraine. the longest continuous coal strip mill in europe. an engineering feat performed for the rejuvenation of the
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french industry. record production in the mines and mills means record production all down the line. wealth transformed into 2,000 cars turned out each day, into the fastest railway locomotives in the world. into some of the world's fastest planes. such machines, the french air force is a vital part of the western defense guarding the skies over the ancient bastions of europe. each year, the lines of electric extend further across the country. electricity not to change the face of france, for that the french do not want, but to make
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life easier by turning the force of rivers and streams into useful power. the greatest of the new projects is the chain of dams and power stations on the river. there, thousands of french workers carried out the gigantic task of rechanneling a river's power. it's become a symbol of the new surge in the french economy. an economy based upon the diversity which is wealth. yes, france is wealth. but that's only some of the story. there's something special about france that makes her different and yet makes her a part of everyone's dreams. call it culture, call it the art of living. really, it's indefinable.
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like most precious things, it's old. old as the stones of carmack and the great ruins of rome and france. men have lived here since the beginning of time. even in the middle ages, france was thriving with towns and villages. there in the church, men preached the second crusade and richard knelt for the assumption of the cross. the angel smiles down on a liberating army led by a girl called joan of arc. the palace of versailles built by louie the xivth. it was his command.
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here the rulers squandered a kingdom until the people replaced the private splendor of the few with liberty, equality and fraternity. the nobles are dead. the court's intrigue have long sense ended. but they still walk along the gardens of the great chateaus. yes, france has something special. mellowed stone and vines pruned close to the ground and flowers. there's lavender in pfrance.
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fragrance of rose, jasmine and lavender blended into fabulous scents which make france the land of perfume. something special. perhaps the serarch for the beautiful and most satisfying. these are the hallmarks of french craftsmen such as the glass workers blowing their magic into crystal. wine. not just the beverage, but a history in geography of france. the wine of the fortress town where gated horses still uphold the high tradition of french
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cavalry. from the banks of the ryan and strasbourg, its war-weary capital. bordeaux, where ships have been calling for its wine since europe was young. from the region of leon, city of silk and good eating. with its great palace of the popes and the famous rich. center of the wine trade of burgundy with its hospital of the holy spirit dating from 1443. champagne, heady in choice like paris herself. paris by night.
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curtain time at the opera. a ballet dancer makes her entrance while picasso's clown waits in the wings. paris, gay by night, hard-working by day. but at all times, pulsating with life. full of much that is special. ♪ no one is more stimulated by paris than the students. for this is one of the world's greatest seats of learning.
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here in research, the legacy of pasture and curri keeps science up front. the world's children have been protected against tuberculosis. en science or art, paris is a fountain head of ideas, diverse and often daring. france is a nonconformist land. it has been said that every man has two homelands. his own and france. since the middle ages, paris with her great university has been a second home for all who seek beauty and the truth. and there is much beauty here. perhaps more than has ever been backed into one city than before. it took 2,000 years to make
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paris and it needs a lifetime to know her well. and yet her landmarks are household words for half the people on earth. notre dame. the eiffel tower. today nato's headquarters, where france is host to her allies in the atlantic alliance. the national assembly, housing france's elected representatives. i do not agree with what you say, but i will defend to the death your right to say it. this is the creed of france. people are more individualistic, it follows that no politics are more lively. yet there is stability here too. the stability of tradition. the coherence of being french.
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♪ every 14th of july, france celebrates her revolution against tyranny. then the diversity which is wealth becomes the diversity which is strength as frenchmen of every color, creed and class unite behind them. ♪ france with her great traditions has much to live for and therefore much to defend. and so when the 15-nation atlantic community, france has taken her rightful place in the ever-ready defense of freedom. on the night of july 14th, all france dances in the streets.
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housewives and school teachers, students and policemen. ♪ but what of the little boy whose father is away on an antarctic expedition. on that night, france to him is this. and even on that night, the sense of belonging, belonging to a family of great and proud people. there and everywhere, where the flag%xmt( flies in the wind of world. ♪ ♪
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weeknights this week, we feature american history tv programs to preview what's available every weekend on c-span3. tonight, a look at first ladies. susan family's time in the white house with former abc news white house correspondent ann compton. they focus on first lady betty ford and her impact on american society in this forum hosted by the white house historical association. watch tonight beginning at 8:00 p.m. eastern and enjoy american history tv every weekend on c-span3. >> you're watching american history tv. every weekend on c-span3, explore our nation's past. american history tv on c-span3. created by america's cable
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television companies and today we're brought to you by these television companies who provide american history tv to viewers as a public service. the north atlantic treaty organization was founded on april 4th, 1949, with 12 members. the atlantic community is a series of 20-minute films produced between 1954 and 1956 and financed by the u.s. government. the films were designed to familiarize member countries with the culture, history and industries, tourist attractions and military contributions of their nato partners. next on "reel america," introducing germany. this episode looks at west germany which joined nato in 1955 when communist east germany was not a nato member. ♪


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