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tv   Reel America My Trip Abroad by Eleanor Roosevelt - 1950  CSPAN  January 2, 2021 9:16am-9:28am EST

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>> "my trip abroad" by eleanor roosevelt is a short, newsreel style film narrated by the popular newspaper columnist and former first lady. she reports on her trip in 1950 sweden, norway, finland, denmark, holland, france, and england to observe post-world war ii rebuilding efforts. ♪
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>> few presidents of the united states have shown such intense interest in europe and its democratic traditions as the late president franklin eleanor roosevelt, and interest shared by his dear wife eleanor. mrs. roosevelt is not only a noted traveler but a successful journalist who likes to see things for herself and whose column has been read for 14 years by 6 million readers. they have been following with great interest and important trip she made through europe. >> we landed at the airport in norway at 9:45 a.m.
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there was a large crowd on hand including the crown prince and princess. the primary reason for my trip to europe was to unveil a statue of my late husband. all of the people present realized that this statue symbolizes their gratitude not only to one man but also to the united states and the ideals for which they stand, peace and justice, and which they hope to achieve through cooperation with the free nations of europe. to find how that cooperation and support were working out, i wanted to see for myself even though much of my time was taken up by public functions. even still i thought i could get an idea of what was being accomplished. norway is making great progress in housing. the government is building. some private buildings are also going up.
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norway has devoted a planned fund to buying essential. there is an advanced being made on the economic front. shipping is very important to the norwegians and it is coming back fast. the machine industry the war destroyed is flourishing again. ♪ i was delighted to see how well the marshall plan is understood by the youth of norway. and i presented diplomas to the winners of a high school essay contest, describing the results of the marshall plan. the youngest winner was naturally proud of her diploma. but i think she was discussing what herranddaughter trip to paris would be like, as that was part of the prize. ♪
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our next stop was in stockholm, sweden. there i was particularly struck by the fact that scandinavian cities seemed to have no slums and no ugly approaches. [indiscernible] the club outside of stockholm is one of the most beautiful factories i have ever seen. it is a good example of how important our help has been without some $200,000 worth of marshall plan supplies, these workers would not have their jobs. i was very much interested to learn that representatives of the union and employers meet regularly to try to anticipate labor situations before they arise. next we visited finland, where they are trying to do without our marshall plan help. i was impressed by the greeting that i got there that the people had made up their minds to live
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under the shadow of fear but still with a calm nerves and great courage. they were rebuilding too, even if much of their production must go to the soviets as reparations. when we reached copenhagen, denmark, i wanted to compare my impressions with the official plans and progress report. our people had all the answers to my questions and gave me a wonderful briefing. i recall in particular the marshall plan's labor officer saying that we are misled by terminology. that, for instance, european socialist leaders are not for socialism but for what we would call liberal principles. i saw a very good industry led by 18 marshall plan assisted factories, so the parents can keep on working. these children mainly feel that we have a stake in working for
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peace, such as we never had before, because another war would be in everyone's country and in everyone's home. we have an incentive for peace and no where does one feel it more than in peace for amsterdam, much of which i saw from the picturesque canals. recovery has been rapid in holland thanks to the marshall plan. when we came to the harbor i was astonished to see the number of shipyards hard at work. shipping activity is 90% of prewar. ♪ a great deal of reconstruction and building has been done to improve the still acute housing shortage. i was encouraged to learn that in many places the old primitive homes had been replaced by modern houses. naturally the trip was not all economic.
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sometimes we were just plain tourists. i wanted to take my grandchildren to see the house where their ancestors left from to come and settle in america. some 30 or 40 of these kind people who came to meet us turned out to be very resourceful. i have always loved paris, the city which i believe stimulates to thinking on a european scale, not always on a global one. it felt strange to be doing something so peaceful, seeing beautiful fountain displays, when france was in a government crisis caused by the fact that salaries have not kept pace with the cost of living, which is 20 times higher than it was before the war. this creates real hardship. when i went to talk with the president of france, i discovered the reason.
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they have not concentrated on helping people in their immediate needs but on long-range monetization of their industries. the policy that will payoff in some three years time. when the industrial plant will be the best in europe. for instance, france has invested heavily in hydroelectric plants. at present the construction of these power plants gives jobs to thousands of men. and when they are completed an xpensive electricity will be available for many farms and factories and homes. it was pleasant on arriving in england to be met by my good and wise friend, lady reading. there was so much i wanted to see and ask about. i wanted especially to see how britain and its industrial leaders have found out how to export the things needed to get those scarce dollars to balance their foreign trade.
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mr. griffith told me how his firm did it. they make spare parts like gaskets for british cars. he had just made a trip all through america to get the necessary contract. they say the lord helps those who help themselves, and the marshall plan seems to be like the lord in that respect. there is no doubt in my mind how much marshall plans funds have helped. but some facts are worrying. it is hard to see how europe can recover as long as trade with eastern europe at the present remains at low levels. i had my ideas pretty well sorted out by the time i went to visit our airmen at the base. europe as recovered. that is not enough. a europe with greater population and more social justice must have a far higher production level.
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above all, it must have greater integration. our men knew this. you can go ahead and ask questions. >> mrs. roosevelt, did you see a definite improvement in these countries you visited, receiving marshall aid? >> i have taken the trouble to see people everywhere and to actually ask. nations have done different things in different countries, but i think they have done a really outstanding job. i am not sure that everywhere they would be ready to stand on their own feet. [applause] ♪ i have been on a very short trip but i have been to quite a number of countries, and one impression is outstandingly clear, the interdependence of these nations. i personally believe we must
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continue our aid for them but we must work closer together. a keyword is integration, and the goal is peace. ♪ >> "the hudson" is a 1968 film by the naval white house photographic unit featuring lady bird johnson on a journey by boat. the trip begins with the dedication of the american museum of immigration at the statue of liberty. then she visits new york city to visit cultural sites and visits with historic preservationists. ♪ >> the hudson is a corridor of history holding some of this country's oldest memories. it has its beginnings high in the ancient rocks of the adirondacks.


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