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tv   Reel America Jacqueline Kennedys Asian Journey - 1962  CSPAN  December 31, 2020 10:00pm-10:32pm EST

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jacqueline kennedy made a tour of india. next on real america, jacqueline kennedy's asian journey. according to the closing credits, this u.s. information agency film documenting the film was shown in 160 nations. the cold war effort to depict the u.s. in a positive light is directed by academy or award winner leo seltzer and narrated by actor raymond massie.
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india, a country is ancient as it is modern. moving as history moves across the threshold of the past. for 5000 years, wave after wave of the peoples of asia have streamed across india's borders. conquerors,qwhnmn immigrants, soldiers, holy men and scholars, pilgrims of many creeds and of many races have woven their customs, traditions and beliefs into a continuous and intricate pattern of civilization and of beauty. ♪ ♪
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they have farmed and they have fought. they have loved and they have prayed. they have thought and they have played. they have built monuments and palaces, and temples and cities. they have written poetry and they have son songs for 5000 years. ♪ ♪ and they have moved as history moves into the contemporary world of today. delhi has been called the city of seven capitals, the seat of
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power of seven ancient dynasties. new delhi is now the seat of power of india's democratic republic. in february, 1962, the world's largest democracy went to the polls for the third time in the history of the 12-year-old republic. over 100 million voters cast their ballots and for the democratic process, the process of free elections. march 12th, 1962, a new session of parliament opens. doctor rajendra prasad once more takes his place, the first democratically elected successor to india's past heads of state. india's first president.
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also on this day, march 12th, 1962, india her people and prime minister jawaharlal nehru expect a mr., from a sister democracy, 9000 miles across oceans and continents. accompanied by the american ambassador, kenneth galbraith, comes mrs. jacqueline kennedy, wipe of the 35th president of the united states, and her sister, invited guests of the prime minister and of his daughter. mrs. john f. kennedy, a lover of the arts, and the mother of two young children, brings to
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the people of india the greetings of the people of her own country, also people a varied backgrounds and customs, of many faiths about races and believes. the united states embassy in the center of new delhi, combining modern architectural techniques in ancient indian motives, reflects the new world and the old. the long-standing friendship between our countries. between the united states and india. mrs. kennedy has a special interest in the culture and traditions, old and new, of the world she's about to enter. this is india, 1962, kings and emperors and explorers of five centuries ago new and treasured
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the silk of been irs. today the ancient art of weaving joins the 20th century in a procession of silks, brocades and muslins for fashions that go around the world. the continuity of artistic tradition moves in an unbroken line from the variety and richness of the past, to the living art of today. art reaches across many barriers, makes many friends, in her own land, jacqueline kennedy has given a new face of importance to the american artist. mrs. kennedy finds in the young indian artists who have come to meet her, a welcome close to her heart.
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>> mrs. gandhi, my friends, it gives me great pleasure to present to you today the children's art carnival, a person to the children of india. i have often noticed, the art of children is the same the world over, and so is our feeling for children. i think it is good, in a world where there is quite enough to divide people, that we should cherish the language and emotions that unite us all. thank you. the distance from the prime ministers gardens in the center of modern new delhi is measured
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not only air miles to jaipur, capital of the state of roger stone, it is also measured in years, taking the american visitor on the first step of her journey and india's past. to the lands of the warriors and prints, elephants and emperors have always been friends. elephants and emperors have always been friends. the rocky rode up the hill to the palace was once traveled on the backs of elephants by raja mansingh, the first, and his retinue of court followers, 350 years ago. alexander the great marched his armies out of india with 200 elephants, to some kind, a long time ago. maharaja
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sawai ajay singh looked out from the terrace of the palace his father had built and sought the pleasant planes below. he decided it was time to come out of the fortified hills. in 1728 he built jaipur, the
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pink city, one of the first planned cities of its day. ♪ ♪ no murmurs of discontent, if there were any, were allowed to reach this monarchs years in court years of the city palace or the corridors of hawa mahal the palace of the winds. maharaja sawai ajay singh was a scientist. he prefer to think about the shape of the earth, the universe, and the stars. mrs. kennedy each journey continues back into time, another city, another age, another monument. the year, 15 69.
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the city, abandoned, the emperor long since gone, the monument remains, marble and mother of pearl to honor the tomb of a suit. fatehpur sikri, the same proffer size that the great emperor would have a son he dearly wanted. and so the story is told that akbar the great did have a son and his son had a son. the monuments of india's historical past to not however prolong to the past. they belong to each new day and the people who live it.
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priess, scholars, merchant and villager, neighbor, to stranger, to friend. this is the monument the son of the son of the great akbar built. a garden of cypress, a pool of still water and a dome of pure marble. behind a pierced marble screen emperor shah jahan entombed the body of his dead wife. three centuries have gone by year by year, hour by hour.
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the sky of india touching to immortality the two. the taj mahal, and emperors monument to love and death. banaras, the people's monument is ancient as the sacred gang juice that flow along its banks. the peoples monument to the life of india itself. to the holy city and temples and minarets, to the city of the sacred river and to nearby preached his first sermon more than 2000 years ago, millions of india's pilgrims and india's friends.
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the immense and sprawling life of banaras is a reminder that the people of india form one sixth of the people of the world. furthest in time and space to
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the start of the american journey into india, the medieval city of udaipur, with the sunlight still falling on its ancient walls. moving towards tomorrow, the white city is already a seat of learning and india's five-year plan will bring further means of economic growth and modernization to its people. a window on the lake piccolo opens and is in many other parts of india, mrs. kennedy wants more looks out on a changing day, on a day of legendary beauty.
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♪ ♪ >> as i look back upon my journey through india, it is with the feeling of great affection for this country and its people and for the prime minister, whose kindness made my visit possible. at the end of every day, i could not decide which day was the best. each day brought new experiences, new friends, and a new welcome.
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it was a wonderful surprise to meet our own american pioneers of the peace corps so many miles from home. going the unknown ways, in my husband's words, requires many gifts of character and a confident vision of the future. i believe that both the people in india and we in our own country, we share this vision. >> for the gentleman who went his way softly, no marble or ivory monument is needed. strong in spirit as he is frail in body, mahatma gandhi's memorial is in the hearts of his people. and in the thoughts of those everywhere who seek to maintain freedom and to secure peace.
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♪ ♪ the unity, the oneness of the universe, the brotherhood of man, the age old articles of faith of the people of is lamb
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have begun to acquire new meaning today in the life of the young nation of pakistan. the national homeland for the muslim people. inheritors of a tradition and a culture whose roots go deep into the ancient past, pakistanis look to their faith to guide their nations future. the future of any nation, young or old, lies with the children. the mother of two young children, mrs. kennedy knows what it means to bring a smile to the face of a sick child. among the gifts she has brought from the united states to the general hospital, not the least is mrs. kennedy's own delight,
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is making an edm friend. never far from pakistan's hope for the future, are her memories of the past. through the ancient streets, the gateway to pakistan's northwest frontier, mrs. kennedy follows the root history followed. 4cfuzfirst storytellers for centuries, a meeting place of soldier and tribesmen, of merchant and scholar on the way down a long stretch of perilous road from the mountain reaches of the cover pass. descendants of tries men still guard the bleak approaches to the past. the tribal malik still welcome friends in the traditional way,
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with the traditional gifts, the khyber, rifles. historical defenders of the fertile valley of the land below the mountains. year after year, century after a century, friend and invader traveled this road. armies in caravans bound for the riches and the great sub
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continent of asia. ♪ ♪ the great alexander of macedonia, genghis khan, tamur of samarkand swept down across these mountains. sundown at the governors host, the drums of ky hyper, the dance. --
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the pomp and ceremony of another day marked the opening of a modern ritual, celebrating a young tradition in the ancient city of lahore. the ninth annual pakistani national horse and cattle show. ♪ ♪
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president ayub khan gifts to mrs. kennedy a descendant of an ascot winner that traces his ancestry back to the famed stables of the agha khan. the gift from the president and the people, a symbol of the warmth of the welcome a visitor from america received wherever she went. ♪ ♪ from lahore garawalpindi, from
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peshawar to karachi, from the distant plains of texas in the subways of new york are brought to the camel driver the good wishes of many americans and the greetings of mrs. kennedy and her sister. he has his own contribution to make to mrs. kennedy's visit to pakistan. ♪ ♪
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in the search for identity, for purpose, and for a place in the 20th century, pakistan has not forgotten men's need to dream. ♪ ♪ over 300 years ago, the shalimar gardens brought repose to a mogul emperor. today, the gardens offer repose and delight to anyone who seeks it. ♪ ♪ >> i must say, i am profoundly impressed by the reverence in which you in pakistan have for your art and for your culture. and for the use with which you make of it now. my own countrymen also have pride in their traditions. so i think, as i stand in these gardens which were built long before my country was born, that is one more thing that
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binds us together, head which always will. i had always heard of pakistan's proverbial hospitality and it was even more than i had expected. i hope that with my husband, i will be able to return again soon to this vital and beautiful country. ♪ ♪
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in february of 1972, president richard nixon traveled to the communist republic of china, the first u.s. president to ever visit chinese mainland. next on real america, nixon in china. behind the scenes look at the diplomatic breakthrough, this compilation of film and audio recordings from our ice sources was produced by the richard nixon library in 2012 and consists of films by this informal super eight home movies and white house communication sound recordings. >> president nixon's departure for china, february 1972.


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