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tv   Reel America On the Case - 1968 Documentary on Poor Peoples Campaign  CSPAN  June 24, 2018 4:09pm-4:36pm EDT

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title, "on the case." explain. ann: it was a phrase being used . right at the very beginning when the young man was on the walkie-talkie, i do not know if that is the right term. talking, and he is saying on the but he is case, brother. meaning i am on it, i am working it. i am doing it. >> on the case, brother. ann: and that was, i think, the phrase that my husband chose to really encompass the intent of the whole film. steve: ann scherer, thank you very much for being with us on c-span history tv. ann: absolutely. steve: from 1968 is that 20 minute documentary in its entirety, part of reel america, the work of ed scherer, "on the case."
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[no audio] >> in my living room of my house, it is like walking from an alleyway from a backend street. the front of my door is like a dumpyard or something. i mean whenever the white man
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has finished and disposed of, that is where it will be brought to. we had my home, it is not like my home wanted it. we have white man coming in there. won't painted the color i want it. we have a white man fixing it up, but not too much. still have cracks and holes, so when it rains, we put buckets that you put over the beds. again, we go outside, we have to get five or six coats and go outside. because if they don't we will get wet. they will not put bathroom on the inside. but the white man, they put them on in the inside. >> like when you live out there, [indiscernible] you go to school, when you tell your mother, you go to school, then you get an accounting for a three dollars a day [indiscernible]
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then you get to go to school for two or three days. maybe a week. then i pass, sometimes i do , sometimes i don't. if i had to go and do like this, i want to make my own pay. , make my owno trade, which i loved it. >> i want a job with flexibility. i want a job that will meet my ability. i want job that when, maybe what i can mow up a little more, than -- then i can make the decisions on whether or not i should be in another department or something like this, besides being in that same position all my life because this does not give a man opportunity. >> not that i am against them. my position is not a point where i can employ one. >> [indiscernible] can you give me a situation report, over? do you rise that over? >> i do not have anything over here. >> on the case, brother. >> this is black one, would you repeat last transaction?
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>> i do not have anyone over here, brother. >> black three, i rise to that. let me communicate with black two, and i will be back to you in a minute. >> 1963. [indiscernible] we worked with 250,000 folks, we presented our demands, and at the end of the afternoon, the [indiscernible] it is 1968, and the demand that we presented to them at that time are still not answered, because we still do not have jobs, still don't have equal housing. still do not get a decent education. . feel sorry for the old lady i can just imagine how she felt making cropsars and just dying. i felt sorry inside. but then i got angry. real angry.
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and the more i stood there looking at her, the more determined i was to go [indiscernible] the campaign is about to be a flop because people will not go out there. i could just see lady bird johnson sitting up in that place. you do not have to work. i guess she called it, what do you call it? you don't have to work. [indiscernible] she looked out of that purple or that one orange room, whatever that room is she is looking out. see wagons coming. going to be a lot of shock. [speaking simultaneously] house? live in your what kind of house is it? >> it is just two rooms and the kitchen. >> two rooms and a kitchen. and only two people living? >> only $15 a week.
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>> anybody else work in your house? how much is your income? >> $10 a week. >> good god almighty. >> you can just wipe down the streets and look at the houses. the houses justified to the fact you have been robbed. you can look at the children running around in the mud with no clothes on. that is justified to the fact that they have been robbed. >> yeah. >> [chatter] >> hurry, hurry, hurry. [indiscernible] >> you can put your bedrolls and your blankets down in the bottom here. put them on here and out of the way. [indiscernible] [clapping and singing]
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>> i will remain [indiscernible] i will not get back. you know, i have had them tell me [indiscernible] i know that that is today. a black man who was 21 years of age are old. and who is still alive [indiscernible] >> the marshall must be alert, keeping his eyes on the entire situation, giving constant
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surveillance for safety of the people in the march may depend on the alertness. march >> they cannot put the hurt on me because i have been hurting all of my days. i never had no jobs. i ain't never had nothing. just live, that is all. usehey use tear gas, they dogs. they use bullets. are you able to put your life on the line to protect the ladies? >> we certainly will do everything to keep everything nonviolent. in fact the one thing that could probably hinder us would be violence. >> you might be nonviolent yourself, but what about those people who are waiting for you to come up there and groups with different names and say, we, when this do get here, we will march find a chance, we will
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wait for the chance and then we will burn the city down? how can you control those people? >> even those who do not agree with our nonviolent approach have enough respect for us that they would not do anything to interfere with us. so that if there is any violence planned, it will be intimidated and sparked by some white people. [singing and clapping] >> ♪ which side are you on which side are you on which side are you on ♪ >> you know, a lot of us today have heard a rumor. a lot of us not a rumor that dr.
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king was dead. i was down in memphis, and i know that is true. i was down and the lord came by. dr. king and the lord started walking and talking on the back of the lorraine motel. at 6:00 the evening both of them walked away into the sunset. don't let nobody start that rumor because while dr. king walked away for a brief moment, he dropped his mantle [indiscernible] for a man who'd never been caught off the chain dr. ralph , david abernathy. >> i declare this to be the site of resurrection city, usa. [cheering] >> now you know, we are here to do a little business. we are here because there is a lot of problems that have to be dealt with in this country. we're here because little children are standing around
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in mississippi, alabama, and georgia without food to eat. >> yes. >> we are here because most of the black people in those states do not have adequate housing, they do not have education. that is why we are here. >> we are the people who have come up out of great trials and tribulations. by the death of martin luther king could not stop us. i'm here to tell you that certainly nothing that the congress of the united states of america, and the policemen, and the national guard or any other can stop usre here because we are here in washington and i cannot stop us. we have made up our minds that we are not can let anybody turn us around. [applause] >> we have come to washington for our freedom. >> yeah. >> we have come to washington
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for for justice. we have come to washington for jobs. >> yeah. >> to tell you the truth it , looks like a nice place. [laughter] we have everything here water, , light and everything like that. so it is all right. >> i just feel sorry for the young people. the sick youngsters. but i don't know much about really what is going on, but i know that something is wrong. somewhere. and otherwise, they would not be here. >> it is one way of drawing attention, you know to what has , been happening for 100 years and more longer than that. >> i do not think that they should use other people's money and come here to do it. i think they're going about it wrong. >> they are up here to get something for nothing. >> there is nobody got a stick driving them. why don't they go out and get jobs? >> we don't ask for something
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for nothing. did nobody give them poverty. nobody hands out poverty. you put yourself in poverty, and you get yourself out of poverty. so why can't they do the same thing? >> where i come along, i always thought colored people were workingest people i come in contact with, where i have come from. i worked all my life but because younger generation coming up, the thing is, they are a little different from us. maybe they got a different idea. maybe they don't want to be a drove like we are. congress should listen to these people. somebody should realize something, otherwise it is going to be terrible. >> the best i think i think, we should rebuild and get some pieces and kill these white people. >> nobody is out there to do me any good. i am black, and as long as i am black, they will look down on me. >> that is right. >> you know, they got washington
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they have a mickey mouse mayor, he was not elected. they say boy, we like the way you have been talking all these years and they appointed him mayor of washington, dc. >> the question raised, why should our leadership be living good foodand eating when we are out here eating these things here and sometimes don't even get a meal and when we do, it is a peanut butter or jelly sandwich? >> i think that the more militant group, the people who are just waiting here, through the rain and the snow under their skin and they cannot take it any longer and that other thing should have passed by now, i think the militants will agitate for change. they should not have to wait too long. >> we have been waiting 450 years. >> something will happen. >> i am all for antiviolence, but violence will have to happen. burn washington, burn the country down. >> we have people where there
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-- their whole life and tradition has been around violence, suppressing other people, and they will continue to do this. >> we want justice. we want justice. we want justice. we want justice. [applause] >> we want abernathy up here. [singing] [chanting] >> try it.
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keep the doors open. the door is not open, it has never been open to indians. [indiscernible] >> back on the curb, let's go. [indiscernible] >> you are under arrest. >> this man is under arrest, do not interfere with me. you are under arrest. come with me. you are under arrest. >> he is under arrest. >> ♪ no policeman no policeman no policeman no policeman over me and before i be afraid i be buried in my grave lord home to my no more scratches no more scratches
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more scratches over me over me ♪ >> these people on the case, all of them here? [indiscernible] >> we got some white liberals so-called out here and the black bourgeoisie out here doing their thing. when they go back to their homes, then we find out who is on our side. ,f this don't work here, maybe you know. >> [indiscernible] >> >> would you care for a sign, sir? the uaw wants to help us get rid of slums and ghettos. all right, thank you, madam. here you go, for the slows just the slums and ghettos. today to try and get you to take a sign. would you care for a sign? help us abolish slums and ghettos.
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slums andolishing ghettos. i know everybody wants a sign. do you want one, ma'am? >> thank you, but not right now. >> i will save it for you, just for you. >> who are these people? i would like to say these are they who walked the muddy roads of mississippi to the muddy roads of resurrection city. these are people who will make their bodies and their brains and their flesh and blood the dreams of martin luther king jr. >> brothers and sisters, [speaking spanish] i see you and i see you all, i see your faces. and i know your faces. the faces are the same faces of my people. and i have known that my people are here. they are in audience and on the stage.
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i will tell you why we are here today with reverend abernathy. all the rest of the wonderful people who are connected. we are here because we are sick and tired, and we are sick and tired of staying home and watching our families be destroyed, and our people beaten down by the men over there. >> i don't know whether the thousands of citizens who came here today will stand with us throughout this crusade or not. i am going to stand in the halls of the congress and so the people call, [indiscernible] [applause] [singing "amen."]
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>> in recent months, when we are -- we as a nation have experienced the loss of two great men of our time through violent means, we have come to realize and understand the broad dimensions of violence in our society. the problems of racism, poverty and war can all be summarized with one word, violence. if we do not stop this madness, we will certainly destroy ourselves and the whole world. >> i hope this march in washington will be successful because i believe this is the last chance that america will have to rectify the mistakes that they have made through the ages. i hope that the nation does not develop into a civil war thing. but seems like this been -- this may be what is next at the
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present violence, but it seems the only way than the gross can get things is through violence. hope that america will wake up to the extent that they will understand that things can be done peacefully. i, for one, do not want this violence thing to break out. >> i work a whole lot -- with a whole lot of colored people and the colored people say they do not want to fight, they want to do it peacefully, but the white people push it, and the white people start it, they are going to end it. they are going to finish it. >> what do you think that will do to the nation? >> that is going to start a revolution. and here in the nation's republic, here in in our, and our capital, we are going to have a fight, and a fight here will start a fight in harlem, and watts, and all the bigger places in the united states where negros live.
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there is going to be a fight, and it is going to tear us apart. it is going to blow our economy, and we will not able to do anything with it, because they are right. and a lot of people think they are right. a lot of things they say they do not hear and a lot of things they say they do not see. they ought to be heard. they ought to see it. they ought to see the people starving, and they ought to hear the people's bitches and see it. they are to see it one time, that is all. [singing] let it shinea let it shine let it shine let it shine woahhh this little light of mine i'm gonna let it shine this little light of mine
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i'm gonna let it shine woahh woahh i'm let it shine ♪ announcer 1: our nine week series 1968 america in turmoil is available as a podcast. you can find it on our website, this is "american history tv," a man c-span3. bus iser 2: the c-span traveling across the country are 50 capitals tour. the bus is on the 38th stop in juneau, alaska asking folks what is most important. >> what i think is most important now is we are in the
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middle of the budget crisis. we are used to having a lot of oil money come in and as a result of lower oil prices, we are not getting that revenue we are used to. there are other resident streams that need to happen, but it is not happening very fast. there are political reasons why people are afraid or scared of implementing taxes that without additional revenue coming in, the alaskans are facing a lot of crises in a lot of areas. one is the opioid and substance abuse crisis. the more the economy goes down, the more people get upset and are not living their lives in a way that they are happy until they end up getting destitute and turning to self-medicating and that is a big crisis as well. >> i think the most important issue is child hunger and taking care of children. it is all linked to poverty. hunger at 47th in child
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a few years ago. we went down, now we are going way back up. we have to stop giving all our money to the oil companies and start spending it on children for the future. >> one of our big issues here in the state is the tourism industry. it is a huge chunk of our economy and is growing by leaps and bounds. we are very concerned about the ability to promote juneau and the state at a nationwide level, especially since tourism and it is such a bright spot of the economy. >> as far as i can see from -- i have been here a week in alaska, and one of the big social service issues i see in alaska is homelessness. combating it, trying to combat it seems to be an issue with the city since a lot of not actively seeking help, but the ones that are seem to be moving from place to place looking for the different types of aid they can get.
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but it seems like one of the big issues is that homelessness and how we can combat it and fight it here in the state. >> i am the executive director of the alaskan council of school administrators. from our perspective the most important thing in alaska is to get a long-term sustainable fiscal plan in place which has -- for our state which has ongoing revenue outside of the nonrenewable resources. and really primarily because we need to stabilize education across the state. our educators need to feel that their funding, which is a constitutional duty in alaska, is stable, so they can stabilize their schools, and most important i think for all of us, is to educate our students, and the best way to do that is a stable school. announcer 1: be sure to join us july 21 and 22nd when we feature our visit to alaska. watch alaska weekend on c-span,


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