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tv   Watch the Opening of the 115th Congress January 3 on the C-SPAN Networks  CSPAN  December 30, 2016 6:35am-6:38am EST

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to me, how a 21-year-old kid, 22-year-old kid knew exactly where the line was that he could not cross with the army, the censorship, and he would go right up to that line and stop, but he would never cross it, that's why he was never censored. he was self censored. he showed enough. >> thank you dr. depastino. >> thank you. [applause] origins and at 925 u.s. democracy and u.s. relations and at 1055 tim a look at the legacy and cold war. world war ii and the impact on the world 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span3. starting in january we will have live coverage of the trump administration confirmation hearings. we will show you the entire
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hearsings when they happen and air them at night prime time. the second committee holding the committee for senator jeff sessions and then the nominee for the u.s. attorney general. tv, radio and online. >> join us on tuesday for the live coverage of the opening day and congress. watch the opening and swearing in of the house and senate and the election of the speaker of the house. our all day live coverage from today's eventn the free c-span radio app. coming up, programs from the national world war ii museum conference in new orleans. first, a look at the post-war fate of nazi and japanese war criminals.
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then on how world war ii changed the united states and the world. later, the life and postwar career of cartoonist bill maudlin. a look at the fate of nazi and japanese war criminals. to punish or to partner was part of a conference hosted by the national world war ii museum in new orleans. it's just over 90 minutes. we will now hear about what happened to those who managed to escape prosecution. our panel will begin with pulitzer nomineeannie jacobson who will talk about the race to capture nazi scientists to put them to work against the soviets in the new cold war. then we'll hear fro


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