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tv   Evacuation of Civilians  CSPAN  May 30, 2016 11:56pm-12:02am EDT

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true. >> wednesday a look at the war from the perspective of those that fought it and u.s. after the war and our real america series looks at the 1975 church committee hearings convened to investigate the activities of the irs and nsa. with the national museum of african american history culture opening in september friday at 8:00 p.m. eastern and all day conference with talks on african american religion and politics and culture and african american history as american history. >> i couldn't get that out of my mind that my students were thinking that somehow this african american history wasn't real because it -- there was no textbook textbook as there was in all of the american history courses taught in the department of history. and so i decided to write a real textbook. >> go to
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>> during world war ii they produced hundreds of document tears training films and news reels for the war department. among these were 200 film bulletins created to inform officers and enlisted men about military developments during the war. next on real america from 1945 evacuation of civilians, a 14 minute bulletin detailing the procedure for moving rev queue gees and displaced persons out of harms way by relocating them to temporary housing until it's safe for them to return home. >> no school today it says. no, no school. >> tomorrow or next week or next month or for a long time to come. >> no school in france or holland or italy.
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germany or china or the philippines and no food or water or medicine or clothing. and no place to get warm and no place to sleep. and a problem and they interfere with our military operations and therefore it is an imperative necessary that they be controlled and it's the job of the military police to see that this control is maintained. in some countries in some cases the refugees have to be confined to their homes. others evacuated to the rear. in other case their control will be under the supervision of the theater commander. for use of local agencies is made whenever possible in
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cooperation with the military police. as unidentified individuals, some of these refugees may be criminals, hostile sympathizers of enemy agents by spreading rumors misleading information or false orders they can create panic and cause them to flee blindly into the streets or the open roads. even before their homes have been touched plus making themselves a perfect target for the enemy. so it happened over china. there because of bombs and rumors of bombs people took to
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their streets and open roads. they too became homeless wanders and created a hazard by blocking the movement of troops and supplies. it's the same in every case. in every country. no matter where they're going or where they are, refugees are actually an uncontrolled crowd.
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