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tv   FBI Director James Comey on the San Bernardino Shooting  CSPAN  December 5, 2015 2:42am-2:50am EST

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assume isil is removed and assad defeated.. to whom do we turn over to power? without that element, it's a waste. >> that's a very important if question. a confederate formulation is most likely to emerge if syria remains as an intact you might have a bunch of microstates. i think the future is really ru unknown, but it's unlikely to come back and certainly under the rule of a minority, a shiite ruler. >> we appreciate you coming over. an update now on the investigation into the shootings in san bernardino, california from attorney general loretta lynch and fbi director james comey. >> well, good afternoon, everyone. thank you for coming over. i've joined the director's
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briefing today, although this will be his briefing. as many of you know, the news from san bernardino continues to evolve. obviously we have now have seen the names and faces of those victims, the fallen and the injured, and as always our hearts go out to them and keep them in our prayers. not just those who did lose their lives, but those who were injured in this and the law enforcement officials. it is an evolving investigation. we also told you we'd keep you informed about this investigation. just recently there was a press conference in the local area with the assistant director in charge of the los angeles office providing more operational details. the director is going to give you a further briefing as well. the fbi has taken the lead in this investigation. they continue to work with our local partners who are outstanding partners also along with the atf and u.s. marshals.
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there's been a lot of new information that's come to light, and the director is going to give you some more insight into that, so thank you all for being here today. >> thank you, madame attorney general. our hearts continue to ache for the people lost and wounded in san bernardino and their families. and i also want to say a word of gratitude and say how impressed we were with the response of local law enforcement in san bernardino. they were simply amazing. we're all very lucky that really good people become police officers in this country. i want to say a word of thanks to the people who rendered emergency care and aid. those are the people who are the angels of our business and don't get the thanks they deserve, so thank you to them. we're here today because we want to make sure you understand this is a federal terrorism investigation led by the fbi.
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the investigation that has developed so far has evidence of radicalization of the killers and inspiration by foreign terrorist organizations. we are spending a tremendous amount of time, as you might imagine, over the last 48 hours trying to understand the motives of these killers and every detail of their lives. we're going over a large volume of electronic evidence. this is electronic evidence that they tried to destroy and conceal from us. we are keeping our minds open as we always try to do. i know that there are a lot of good questions that folks want answers for quickly, but i hope you know about our work. we aspire to do it quickly, but we most aspire to do it well and carefully. we're trying to be very thoughtful to understand it and to make sense of it so we
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understand the full extent of what we have here. let me offer you, though, a couple of specifics on the investigation. first, our investigation to date -- again it's only two days old -- so far we have no indication that these killers are part of an organized larger group or form part of a cell. there's no indication that they are part of a network. again, i quickly add it is early. we're still working very hard to understand, but so far we don't see such indications. second, there is nothing in our holdings about these two killers. i have seen reporting where folks have focused on reports that they were in contact -- at least one of the killers was in contact with people that were the subject of fbi investigations. there were no contacts between either of the killers and subjects of our investigations
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that were of such a significance that it raised these killers up onto our radar screen. i would not want you to overindex on that just yet. it is, as i said, 48 hours old. there's much about this that doesn't make sense to even those of us who do this for a living. let me close by saying something the attorney general and i have said before and that is we know that this is very unsettling for the people of the united states. what we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling, but instead try to channel it into an awareness of your surroundings to a place where you're living your, but if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to
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somebody. in almost every case we find somebody saw something and didn't say something to law enforcement. wrote an innocent narrative over some facts that were making them feel uncomfortable. please don't do that. we have worked very, very hard since 9/11 to get ourselves to a place where if you tell a police officer and call the fbi and say, i saw something next door that seems off, it will get to the right people and we will investigate it quickly and responsibly. if there was nothing there, no harm done. if there was something there, great harm may be avoided. so we would ask you please channel that sense of fear into something healthy, just an awareness of your surrounding,
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and let us do the work that you pay us to do. on the next "washington journal," former nsa general counsel stewart baker discussions nsa's collection of phone records. then physician dennis cardone of new york university talks about sports-related concussions. after that, supreme court reporter david savage previews upcoming cases before the high court. plus your phone calls, facebook comments, and tweets. "washington journal" live at 7:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. on news makers, virginia congressman bob goodlatte comments on


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