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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  November 10, 2015 4:00am-6:01am EST

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handling america's foreign affairs if he wants to be president. host: roberta is up next, line for independents. caller: good morning. i enjoy the show. what i wanted to say is i have never seen, and all my years of watching politics, anybody delving into ben carson's childhood friends, and people in 40 years ago. my question is why don't you ever see a reporter on the liberal side delving into what inppened and been causing -- benghazi, questioning all the people on the ground, questioning people whether or not they thought they could go in and help the ambassador. i feel that it is because he is not a politician, they always want to get these gotcha
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questions because he is not a politician. i have not made up my mind yet, but i have never seen this happen. i'm 77 years old. i don't ever remember seeing such slanderous questions. i'm really, really upset. i feel that there are candidates , when barack obama was coming up, i never saw them delve into his childhood friends, his mentor, who was a communist. this man is such a reputable, audible man. i cannot believe this is going on. . disagree with the last caller i feel that, given the chance to state his policies, not his childhood friends, on whether he did or did not do something, i feel that is totally wrong. host: do you want to jump in? guest: i will just briefly say, that is the leading criticism that we have heard from ben carson's campaign.
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that it is unfair to be asking him about childhood friends from 40-50 years back that he claims to have trouble remembering. i will say that we did hear a , butbout jeremiah wright ben carson has raised these concerns, delivering the same message that you said that none of the other candidates are being forced to answer to some of these claims that date decades. the maininitely one of differences on his behalf. host: we talked a bit about what ben carson's cap is saying and the candidate is saying, let's show our viewers again ben carson on "meet the press." [video clip] >> did you not expect this? >> i have always said i expected to be vetted, but being vetted, and what is going on with me -- you said the 30 years ago, you
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said this 20 years ago, this doesn't exist -- i have not seen that with anyone else. if you could show me where that is happening with someone else, i will take that statement back. >> i think almost every person -- this. like i have never seen this before. many other people with political experience tell me they have never seen this before. >> you don't think bill clinton or the president with his birth certificate? >> not even close. about what you think is going on? why you? >> because i'm a threat to the sacredsives, the progressive movement in this country. i'm a very big threat. they can look at the polling data and see that i've the candidate that is most likely to bea hillary clinton. thost: ben carson's cap has said
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that if there is an upside to all the scrutiny it is in the fund-raising department. talk us through some of the numbers. guest: he has raised a little over $3 million over the past had, since these claims been made. ben carson has fun raised off of controversial comments that he has made in the past. he has made some comments about having a muslim president. his fundraising number shot up after that. if anything, this is beneficial to ben carson's campaign, in terms of his fund-raising. it could have an impact on independent voters, perhaps questioning now after some of these claims have been made and the immediate reports have come out on whether or not he is truly an honest individual. host: a few stories, here is a front-page story from "the washington times," saying
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that only 7% of journalists say they are republican. both of the numbers are down from the 1970's. if you want to read more from that, that is from "the washington times spear go paul is waiting in indianapolis, indiana. caller: thank you for taking my call. i just want to point out that i think dr. carson is right. maddow,isten to rachel she was going ballistic. she was caring -- carrying on about it. nobody ever gets a scholarship to west point. really, what are they picking on? stuff that happened decades ago that is very minor. no one said he was born to
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wealthy parents in the hamptons, or he wasn't a brain surgery, or didn't save lives. all of this stuff is minor. the press, certain branches of the press, are trying to tear down his credibility by attacking very small points, and pretending to have some meaning. it seems to me that dr. carson is right, they are desperate to stop this man. thank you very much. host: you might be interested in the editorial board of "the wall street journal," they have a piece this morning, "the carson crucible." they ended by saying, mr. carson says voters want someone who is , and as thecian primaries arrived, voters will as much asfor policy political character, someone who can beat hillary clinton --
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passing that test is mr. carson's biggest challenge. you agree with that? .uest: most definitely mr. carson have to back up his message of running off his autobiography with policy. right now he is ahead of hillary clinton and a number of polls, but in order to maintain at least, he will have to deliver some more in-depth policies, and address these areas where he has a lack of expertise. just have seen from not fellow republican candidates, but democratic candidates, there them,me concerns among among voters, that outside candidates leading -- donald trump admin carson -- really do not have enough experience to become editor in chief. it is something he will have to continue to address, and more thoroughly. host: darlene is waiting in st. paul, minnesota. caller: thank you for taking my call. i have a couple things.
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first of all, you had mentioned about president obama being scrutinized about his relationship with jeremiah wright. it was only fox news that was that asthat -- vetting an issue. you never heard anything from the left-wing media about that. let me ask about obama's college transcripts that have been sealed since back in 2008, when he started running for president. i never heard anything from any left-wing media outlet criticizing that. with regard to ben carson, he is ok with being scrutinized. people need to understand that. he is ok with being scrutinized. what he doesn't like is being lied about. " actually went back
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and changed the headline of this story. it is not ok for media outlets to make up lies about a candidate, and then when they it, they did not even say they were sorry. with regards to west point and the scholarship, it has come out now that west point has actually had brochures, several of them, specifically, free scholarships to west point, even though it has always been paid because it is paid by for the federal government, no one pays tuition. appliedon said he never to west point. he met with his general, they had dinner together, and he talked about him getting a scholarship for going to west
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point. is justtpicky things absolutely ridiculous. media suspendhe immediate things into lies? i don't agree with that. obviouslyitico has changed the title of that story. they erased the word "fabricated." again, ben carson campaign would agree with you. there are a number of little issues that are being brought up the other candidates have not had to address. we just thought in a clip recently, he has invited examples of the same level of scrutiny towards president obama, hillary clinton, and other candidates to be brought to attention because he claims that so far that has not been seen. host: market is waiting in
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connecticut. good morning. caller: good morning. abouted to first call in the abortions and women's health . we find that most of the clinics being shut down are in lower income. regardless, i wish that more people would pay attention to the quality of life after that child is born, and see them through hard times and good times, rather than just focus on whether that woman should have a child or not. have participated in a child of mine being aborted, but that is my decision. you know, i think we should be doing more for each child as they are born. host: on that subject, i want to ask you about the supreme court expected to take up an abortion case at some point this term.
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how do you think that will impact and be played out, not only in the supreme court, but also on the campaign trail? guest: it will become a huge topic on the campaign trail. it will cycle through the news cycle, and it is something that candidates will either piggyback .ff of, or oppose based on what we have seen with the oral argument and what the case ends up turning out like. recently, with the defund planned parenthood effort, abortion has always been a huge issue, when it comes to presidential election cycles. it is one of the most divisive social issues. it will certainly play a role if you have a president shall election cycles simultaneously occurring when you have a case like this being brought to the supreme court. host: steve from missouri is up next, by for democrats. all, the ladyof
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p ben carson has not come out with a tax plan. his tax plan will be the same as everyone else -- we have paid the taxes, always will, always will, never going to change, always the same. america, in my opinion, is the dumbest people that vote. the only vote for one thing, basically guns and religion. i live on a farm, i have guns. the whole thing is just crazy. it's all about special interests, lobbyists, everything is screwed up right now. it is not -- it's a lot of things going on that i don't agree with. just think ben carson has
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thin skin. kennedy was attacked for being the first catholic president. every president gets attacked. another thing, when you start talking about pharmaceutical companies, all the art are drug cartels for america. have a really nice day. internet segment, we will be joined by sarah ferris of "the hill" newspaper to talk drugs.harmaceutical we are joined by gabby morrongiello. linda is in new albany, ohio, line for independents. caller: good morning. i want to talk about the way the media covers campaigns these days. i'm in a swing state. we have been inundated over the last several elections of people pounding on the door everything night, claiming to be
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bipartisan, and then they had you a picture of the candidate that they support. we have had coverage of the quintessential example of media bias. it is not just bias, it is marketing. they choose a candidate and promote them. i would like to have a record of how may times they say hillary clinton's name or donald trump's all day.ything we are being manipulated. i would just like personally to hear the candidates, what they have to say about taxes, health care, about all those things. we have to hear about whether jeb bush's candidacy is losing money. i don't care about that. i care about what will make a decision for my life. that's all. host: donald trump, one of the candidates who is taking his viaage right to the voters his own ads that he has purchased.
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here is a bit from one of his first radio ads. [video clip] [audio clip]-800 >> my opponents have no experience in making jobs or creating deals. money backg jobs and to the united states. i will take care of our veterans, and make our military so strong that no one will mess with us. i will secure our borders, and yes, we will have a wall. you cannot have a country without borders. i will make sure the second amendment and are religious liberties are protected. obamacare is a total disaster. it will be replaced with something much better. if the people of iowa vote for me, you will not be disappointed. i never disappoint people.
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together, we will make america great again. i'm donald trump, candidate for president, and i approve this message. host: donald trump taking a kitchen sink strategy. guest: right. if you listen to some of the signature make america great held, thatt he has commercial is everything he says rally ininute-one hour one minute. a really packs and this idea that donald trump is reaching so many voters and drumming up so much support among republicans because he speaks at a fourth grade level. , it that as what you will seems to be working in his favor. dumbed downown -- .is message, and is resonating speaking in these platitudes,
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donald trump is somebody who knows what he wants to get across, and he is getting that across. he continues to do that and media appearances. he does not stray from his message. host: the latest iowa republican there. on the caucus the cnn poll has trombetta 25, at 25,at 23 -- trump carson at 23. mark, california, independent. caller: good morning. carson, didn'ten he write this stuff in the book about himself? the knife with his but
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belt buckle. why shouldn't we be able to check on them? the other thing is on the republican side, they are all against the right for a woman to choose if they can have an abortion or not would take a pill. .o me, leave it up to the woman she has to deal with that later in life. they don't have to support that kid, she does. leave it up to the woman. thank you. host: talking about ben carson's book. guest: he has written a number of these things in his book and some publications have reached out to some of his former classmates and other people who are involved in some of the claims he is making in order to corroborate the story. so far, they have not been successful in doing so.
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that is certainly something that ben carson's campaign is had to answer to. if a number of these people he claims to have these experiences with our and able to come forward and substantiate these claims, that is going to his personaiminish as being trustworthy and honest. reporters, myself included, are working diligently to ensure that some of these stories and concerns are addressed. it would help to cooperate -- to corroborate his stories that that's something we are not seeing so far. host: clinton township, michigan, line for democrats, good morning. carson said things about himself. he is promoting himself in a way. he should be questioned about
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that. why shouldn't we be able to question if those things are true? if he makes this stuff up, that goes to his credibility. so many callers have said this is something that's being done by the left to people on the right. boatay that the swift affected john kerry, let me remind you. guest: ben carson is somebody running on his autobiography. politicalt have experience or a voting record in the senate or the house or in a state legislature. a lot of these concerns being brought up are because that is the only thing that reporters and members of the press can go after him on and make sure he is telling the truth and he is an honest individual and fit to be president of the united states. whereas on some of the other candidates like jeb bush or
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who has been vocal in candidates, these candidates have to address the more political statements they have made and issues that are tied to their policies. ben carson really has to answer to his life experiences. you can see all of her work and stories online
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