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tv   American History TV  CSPAN  November 1, 2015 2:53pm-3:01pm EST

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of the potomac, get beat, withdraw, try again next season. grant came very quickly. there is no relent in the attacks from the wilderness. it was one of right after the other. that was part of grants strategy. >> thank you very much for coming tonight. [applause] onjoin american history tv saturday, november 7 from the national world war ii museum in new orleans. we will explore several exhibits . will take your questions for historians joining us from new orleans throughout the day. att is saturday, november 7, 11:00 a.m. eastern here on c-span3. now an interview with museum president and ceo nick mueller. nick: the national world war two
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museum is america's museum for that war dedicated -- designated by congress. we began with the idea 25 years davis -- gaveess us a new name and a new mandate. we are standing in the bowling center, which we opened four years ago as part of the expansion of our six acre campus here in new orleans. these museum is one of the great museums of the world now. trip advisor ratings have is as one of the most popular museums in america, number three last year. in terms of history museums, we are number one. mission is to understand the epic nature of world war ii and what was at stake for our country, for our
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freedoms, for our democracy. it took everything we had, a fight to the finish, for civilization itself. it took all of our material resources, human resources, economic resources, and spiritual resources to win the fight against tyranny, against fascism.on -- we did not want the war. we were isolationists heard we were not prepared for the war. we got in it, and after three a half yearse and until the end of the war by the time we got in with the help of our allies, we wanted. this was a tough slog. it was one of the great moments in american history. we have the responsibility to do tell the story right, on of the servicemen and women who served our country, and everybody on the home front, so that's why it takes an epic museum to tell an
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epic story. large museumry with a lot of buildings. did you imagine that when it started? no.: it started as an idea and steve ambrose's backyard. we built it on the lake rent by the university of new orleans, where both of us were teaching at the time, and i was in administration. years later, $30 million later, we open downtown, and with the congressional mandate, we decided that we needed more land to build this out. it was the architects and exhibit planners and myself and our board members who helped to of the campuson that is evolving now towards its final completion. we are two thirds of the way there. we have work to do to get finished. it is our goal to finish this
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story while there are still some world war ii veterans alive to know that we are honoring their sacrifice and the sacrifice of those who did not make it back. $30 million, where to settle come from? nick: that was the first 30 million. we've raised him was $250 million. it is hard for me to imagine have been successful despite hurricane katrina and the recession, but the funds about 75 million, $80 million or so from congress, and the state of louisiana. and 60 million from private and nonpublic sources. , private fund-raising. really the momentum that has got to get us over the
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finish line. the public-sector has given us a push of critical times. for example this building with all the technology in aircraft and tanks and large artifacts that helped america succeed as the arsenal of democracy. at the core of this museum are the people, the people who built these planes, the engineers, the , the guys who came out of the landing crafts on theandy's beaches technology pieces of it is one of the strategic challenges that alsove to overcome, but we had to learn how to transport millions of men across oceans and get them to shore. so it was a racemic competition for the best technology the greatest commitment and those who were fighting for values
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that made a difference, democracy and our freedom. grexit somebody spends a day here what you hope that they get out of it by the end of the day. they will say they had no idea of the scale and the scope of this war, 65 million people killed during world war ii, 2 million of them civilians it was a horrific, titanic struggle that engulf the entire globe, and they're going to come away shocked about how vast that struggle was and they will be inspired by america's strength and values when our country is united around a single cause. in this case, it was our freedom that was at stake. .nd we had been attacked
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as eisenhower wrote to his brother after the war began and aware ofer should be the fury of an aroused democracy. that what we can do when we are chance -- challenged, we are at our best when we are unified is a nation and a people around the cause of we believe in. >> that was an interview from the national world war ii museum in new orleans. we will be live at the museum saturday, november 7, beginning at 11 a.m. here o


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