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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Durbin D-IL on Mass Shooting in Buffalo New York  CSPAN  May 17, 2022 12:02am-12:13am EDT

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to be clear, denouncing and rooting out the racistand conspiracy theories by the hard right is only one stepta we must take and certainly not a substitute for passing other meaningful legislation to address the gun violence epidemic. but as we mourn the lives that were taken away this weekend, as we grieve with the survivors we must also make a commitment to oppose the racism and white supremacy that's been with us for too long that inspired these violent attacks to begin with. if we don't do that, i fear these attacks will continue and even multiply and true justice in the nation will continue to evade the great nation. i will yield the floor. >> madam president, and another
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weekend of bloodshed and loss in america. in chicago five people were shot dead including a 16-year-old boy killed near the being that those of us in chicago know automatically is the site in the park where people race together to take photographs. it's one of the most popular attractions in the city and just this last weekend it was the scene of a murder. one teenager killing another. a governor walked into a church, opened fire killing one person, critically wounding four others. the same afternoon another gunman opened fire in a fleamarket killing two and injuring three. a weekend in america. but both of the shootings happened less than 24 hours after a white supremacist massacred innocent shoppers in a grocery store in buffalo new york. the shooter was wearing tactical
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gear carrying an assault rifle, a weapon designed to kill people. he shot 13 people 11 of whom are were black and inactive racist violence. ten of the victims died. each of these ten people left home saturday may be to grab dinner, buy groceries for the week but never returned. now their families are facing the unimaginable trauma of loss. inld an instant they lost a grandparent, child, spouse. to those families i say you do not grieve alone. america grieves with you. one of the victims was aaron salter, working as a security guard at the grocery store when it was attacked. maofficer aaron salter was a he. when the gun man entered the store, officer soldier didn't flinch. he leapt into action to save the
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lives of the shoppers and employees but there was only so much he could do. he was armed with a handgun while the person to protect the store was wearing a tactical vest firing an assault rifle. like so many police that risked their lives every day, officer salter was outgunned. we are welcoming to law law enft across the country for police week. every officer that protects the communities like officer salter officer salterdid so valiantly,r thanks. no officer should ever find themselves in'r a situation whee they are outgunned by an assailant but that is what happened in buffalo this weekend and it happens far too often in cities like chicago. for decades the senate has failed to pass legislation that would close the gaping holes in
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the gun laws and reduce the shootings that tear apart law enforcement families and families of all kinds across the country. how many more lives will be lost before we act and when will the members of the senate finally joined together and recognize theye role white supremacy and white nationalism have played in fueling these violent terrorist attacks? time and again i've made my position on violent extremism as clear as i can. the use of violence to advance political goals is always unacceptable no matter the ideology, right or left. but we need to be clear eyed about the nature of the threat we face. a senior law enforcement and intelligence officials have warned us on numerous occasions the biggest terrorism threat in america today is homegrown. it stems from white supremacists into violent militia extremists.
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i've been sounding this alarm at three years. inri 2012, ten years ago i first held a hearing on domestic terrorism after the white supremacist murdered seven worshipers in oak creek wisconsin. today a decade later the threat is even worse. fbi director ray testified to the judiciary committee that the threat of domestic terrorism is, quote, metastasizing across the country. and last year the fbi reported the nation experienced the level of hate crimes in over a decade. crimes in these attacks have targeted black americans who've long been the targets of the majority of race-based hate crimes in america, but they are not limited to just black american neighbors. they also targeted muslim americans, japanese-americans, members of the atapi community and members of other marginalized communities as
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well. they don't happen inar a vacuum and it's clear influential figures on the right have been fanning the flames of hate. the gun man that attacked the grocery store in buffalo was an adherent of the great replacement theory, a conspiracy theory that fuels white supremacy and whitee nationalis. it's the same white supremacist conspiracy theory that inspired the neo-nazis to march through charlottesville virginia chanting jews will not replace us. i remember that group. president trump set at the time he wasn't sure that they were out of line. and they've inspired multiple mass shootings including the attack of jewish americans at a pittsburgh synagogue in 2018 when hispanic americans at a walmart in el paso in 2019 and muslims as new zealand mosques
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in 2019 as well. a conspiracy theory the so-called great replacement theory has been dragged into the mainstream by media personalities like fox tvs tucker carlson. according to "the new york times,"on more than 400 episode, 400 episodes of tucker carlson's news program on fox tv which attracts more viewers than any other show in the history of cable news eluded to the great replacement theory. tucker carlson is a leading ideologue in the white supremacisthe movement. he's even introduced racist terminology into america's conversations like the phrase legacy t americans which referso the idea that immigrants are not real americans. the phrase was first used on white supremacists for websites. tucker carlson is right at home with it but here's what is more
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shocking to me. the number of elected officials who will jump at any chance to be featured onls the show and eo the white supremacist dark gospel of fear and hate and racism. we don't have to look far to find those officials. the third ranking house republican claimed on a campaign add the policies were to overthrow the current electorate. what will it finally take for the republican party to condemn the hate once and for all in for members of the senate to turn together to root out the violent? to hold a hearing on domestic terrorism and the ideologies like the great replacement conspiracy theory that inspired the acts of hate will be expanded on by experts and we will examine a piece of
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legislation introduced five years ago the domestic terrorism prevention act that would strengthen federal efforts to prevent and address white supremacist violence and other forms of domestic terrorism. this is an opportunity for the members of the senate to stand united against hate by passing it along with common sense gun safety measures we can finally address the scourge of hate and violence that's claimed far too many american lives. many will be tuned in this week took tuckero carlson show to see if he has any reaction to what happened in buffalo. could it be that for one shining moment he will finally realize his complicity in what happened? 400 shows spewing fear and hate subscribing this great replacement theory resolved in nature across the country which is visited on communities every single day. ten people died in buffalo.
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will tucker carlson take ten minutes to say he's sorry for any role he might have played in that outcome? we will see. and i will yield the floor. >> doctor fauci testifying on president biden's 23 budget request for the institutes of health. doctor fauci also talks about the covid-19 pandemic and says now is not the time to remove the public health emergency status. other issues include alzheimer's research, cancer treatments and combating drug addiction as well as overdose deaths.


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