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tv   Utah Governor Spencer Cox Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 26, 2022 9:47am-10:01am EST

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available on and you can relisten and hopefully we will have in the future similar discussions, not in the too distant future because the situation is as it is and shifting quickly. >> thank you, madam president, and thank you for the valuable support you provide and for the support of ukraine. >> thank you. >> washington unfiltered, c-span in your pocket. download c-span now today. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> utah governor spencer cox delivered his state of the state address from the capitol in salt lake city. the governor touched on the state's response to the covid-19 pandemic, getting kids back to school and the economy. [applause] >> we will now hear the state of the state address delivered by our governor. >> to utah's public servants gathered here tonight and my fellow utah ns, welcome. our time together is brief and our time in service is brief.
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i'll forego formalities of the discussion, i'll ask you to hold your applause until the end as we look at critical for the state. for some of you i know that holding applause won't be hard. [laughter] >> you see, we have many important things to accomplish together, real work, hard work, and i don't want to waste a single moment. now, it seems like nearly all we've talked about for the past two years is covid and unfortunately, we, along with the rest of the world, find ourselves in the middle of record cases and hospitalizations. there are a few silver linings. i'm encouraged that utah's currently the sixth-- has the sixth lowest hospitalization rate in the nation, and that our rate is less than half of the national average. experts also believe that summit county has already started declining and assure me that the rest of the state soon
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follow. we have tremendous medical and public health workers in the state who deserve our deep respect. and that was true in early 2020 when the pandemic first began and it's even more true today. to utahns from all side of the political spectrum there will be undoubtedly disagreements how best to respond to this ongoing pandemic, but may we all find common ground tonight on this one issue. our children need us to be strong. they need us to point to a hopeful future and they need to be in school, in tern, face-to-face with their friends and teachers. and to those teachers with us to the, i know that you are on mile 42 of what was promised to be a 26.2 mile covid marathon. and while we can never thank you enough, i do believe that we can pay you better. based on the leadership of
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president stewart adams and many others, last year we made historic investments in our schools and teachers, $510 million in all. this year we can do even more, that's why i'm proposing more than $970 million in education funding with a priority focused on at-risk and disadvantaged students. a child's zip code should never determine their future or their opportunities. this session i am also proposing the elimination of all schools fees for the basic course work required for graduation. this legislation being drafted by representative adam robertson will save utah parents $55 million each year with many of the dollars going to utah families struggling to meet essential financial obligations. but money alone is not enough. the data is clear. for far so many children, the inability to read at grade
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level by third grade means a lifetime of struggles and disadvantages. >> that's why i'm asking you to help me support ann millner's bill for every child to have the reading foundation for success. one of the greatest challenges utah families are experiencing today is the booming tax of inflation, which recently hit rates not seen since 1982. in utah, we must be a bulwark against the bad decisions in washingtons d.c. that are harming our people. because of critical decisions that we made together during the pandemic, and the incredible resilience of utahans, our state is in the strongest fiscal condition ever with the largest rainy day fund, lowest unemployment and largest budget surplus in our state's history. last year we delivered nearly $100 million in tax cuts for utah seniors, military veterans
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and families. tonight i'm proposing adecisional $160 million grocery tax credit for utah families suffering the devastating impacts of inflation. with this year's surplus, i think we can all agree it's time we gave some of that hard earned money back to utahans. this past year was one of the driest on record with 98% of the state experiencing extreme drought conditions. utahans stepped up in a big way conserving thousands of gallons of water. tonight i encourage you to vote for bills carried by roberts robert and ray ward to prioritize water storage and drastically i am move water conservation. and to speaker brad wilson, you've always have been thinking big and planning for the future. i'm proud to say in front of this body of the state, i'm
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proud to help you accomplish your vision of saving the great salt lake. while water is the factor limiting our growth there are pressing usuals we must address, air quality, transportation, housing affordability and other infrastructure needs. our goal should never be to growth for growth's sake. we must prioritize a quality of life that all utahans can enjoy. to utah's newest residents and as the fastest growing state in america, there are many of you, welcome to our beautiful state. we're so happy you've chosen to call this your new home. we have so much to learn from you. but if i might make just one small request, please don't attempt to change us into the place you just left. you see, utah's maintained a high quality of life and abundant opportunity for our residents through practical, common sense governance and
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it's absolutely critical that all of us do everything in our power to keep it that way. legislators, this session i ask for your support of new bills spearheaded by representatives joel ferry, steve waldron, joe briscoe and senator jake to remove government regulations that needlessly increase utah's housing prices. we can increase supply without decreasing the quality of life. i recognize this will not be easy we cannot let our state become california. force first time ever, people on the front are experiencing something from those of us from rural utah felt for far too long. the terrible realization their kids and grandkids might not be able to live near us. in rural utah that happens because of a lack of jobs. along the front, it's due to the unsustainable increase in
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housing prices. we have to get this right. we have to act now. and with the strongest economy in the nation, we have a generational opportunity to invest in infrastructure. if the federal government is going to continue recklessly spending money borrowed from future generations it is our duty to invest in projects that will benefit our children and grandchildren. this session i ask for your support of a dramatic overhaul and removal of many state and local economic incentives under bills carried by representatives mike schultz and steve handy. in fact, our unified economic opportunity commission will be presenting 26 new policy initiatives, including bills on work force development, education alignment, housing availability, a better start-up eco system. reimagining rural economics, both during international
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trade. multicultural economic empowerment and bridging opportunity gaps. further encourage you to vote for legislation sponsored by senator david hinkens and representative carl albright to help utah become the nation's leader in sustainable energy development. we can no longer be reliant on foreign countries some of whom actively seek to do us harm to be the primary suppliers of our country's clean energy future. 28, i repeat 28 of the world's 35 most critical minerals can be found right here in our state. we can show the country and the world how to responsibly harness the power of our precious natural resources while being wise stewards and protective of the land that we cherish. i also need your support for the utah sustainable health collaborative which i convened in november with the audacious goal of lowering the cost of health care and improving
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health outcomes. the concept is simple, but revolutionary. in utah, we can create a new system focused on health not health care. now, in a new broadway show, one of the main characters says this line, happy families only exist in orange juice commercials and utah. [laughter] >> tonight i am proposing a new position that will make utah parents and children its singular priority. we currently have programs focused on providing necessities for families that are poor or in need, but we must do more to make sure that families of all shapes and sizes and make-ups are thriving, including parental leave, access to high quality child care, and mentoring opportunities for parents. the purpose of this office is not to inject more government into families, it's the exact opposite. it is to make sure that the government policies are not harming families, and that
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we're coordinating government services to help parents and children succeed. i firmly believe that utah's success in recent years can be directly attributed not to our governor and legislature, but to our family centric ideaty and yes, that includes our nation leading marriage and birth rates. in fact, that's always been part of what makes utah unique, strong and resilient. after decades of so-called experts warning the world about overpopulation, now the best and the brightest correctly cite a low can declining birth rate as a major risk facing human civilization. but the risk to our society and abandoning the family are not just natural in scale. this issue touches on the things that matter most in the world. we know that the family, the basic and most fundamental unity-- unit of our society continues to be the most effective and least expensive place to solve problems. when families are healthy and
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happy, society benefits. and finally, a brief word on election integrity. over the past seven years as your lt. governor, i championed bills every single session to improve and strengthen election integrity. ... henderson. utah has been and will continue to be a model of election integrity. period. unfortunately, some in our country have found that unsubstantiated claims and flat-out lies are an effective way to destabilize ou we take you live to discussion featuring the ukraine parliament on the rising tensions with russia. the german marshall fund ishe


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