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tv   Israeli Prime Minister Participates in Discussion at World Economic Forum  CSPAN  January 25, 2022 1:17am-1:50am EST

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good morning. a warm welcome i am honored to have you with us really very much to your professionalism. with a stable coalition and
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additionally with the ability to unite then to pass the very first date budget mr. prime minister it is a range of national and international challenges with the first and resolve spaces but also range of opportunities with that trade and investment between israel and the group so there a national community about your priorities going forward and it is my great pleasure for your special address.
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>> and these are exciting times. and as you mentioned with religious and secular arab along with the jewish coalition. eight different parties and juggling act but it is working our growth is phenomenal we're up at 7 percent perhaps never being a strong as it is and then as a startup nation and in that direction and by and large with the covid ways and
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my goal was to keep israel open why we played it safe. we have adopted here in israel i would like to share later on. the most exciting part are real relationships forming the past few years and with that abraham accords and i am a huge believer. so the bottom line with a very robust and positive direction. >> as you mentioned in the middle of the only crime andev
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then to have thousands of cases and on average. so this high number of cases it is also fueled by technology. and one that has been successful in that sector and then going with more than 7 percent. so then withou the outlook and also to do in the next step. and then to come more endemic. t so with the two parts of the question. energy fight, crime and to
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share we have been doing here. i demanded running into the wave of the delta and then i personally run the national covid task force. and then to have an hour with all of the agencies that are relevant and with a fairly unique model because i think the leader can make much quicker decisions in a pandemic. and then executing very quickly and then i felt it's
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important that i run the task force. not only about medicine or biology and logistics across that discipline challenge. and with the government and the nation with the economy and the education and with those pandemic related issues. so during the past seven months, we have shifted our approach i am against
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lockdowns as far as we can our then to close down schools. what do we do we always want to be at the forefront of the vaccine and the first world leader and that third booster dose and later on the rest of the world. and with that research you want to know about vaccines and that is what we are doing. and then just to get actions done policy is one of the leading testers and with 5 percent of the population
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that is a huge number and then people go through a test every day. summit people because we test more. and we can isolate full with the pace of infection. so in terms of the opportunities i think there is some huge opportunities are here. it is in the area of using information technology with pandemic medicine. it's all about cleaning insights and for example i was the first on the omicron way i
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wanted to buy time and then to be able to form the correct policy. and then to be much less lethal than his allows israel to continue operating so i see one big area. and then the medical data and with those insights. and then the world is going remote and then having that davos summit it was a few
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years ago but it will depend more on and more with the huge opportunity that we have exhausted most. and those foreign employees from india in our companies. and then becoming more remote with the mythology and you are more vulnerable. and israel has not invested in fighting since the technologies and then almost half of the global investments. have been in israel. and then the powerhouse.
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>> and then with that accord. and then they have skyrocketed. and then we'll additional arab countries join? >> first of all my approach and i think we have been doing that in the region and that is iran and those that want to fight extremism on and more reasonable partners are and anchor stability.
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but not only in that sense but in the economy. so one of the first things i did as prime minister with the strength to warm the relationship between jordan and israel. these are two very impressive leaders. and i noticed a trade but i want to do is inject more content and very impressive guy but he is a visionary and
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for the future for his people so we want to inject mostly and technology but notot only technology related areas and that is a gate to the east africa is a big potential and we are honest connection between africa and asia and we are located in very interesting occasions. >> and on several occasions with those current conditions for example and then has announced that with those
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increasing investments of return i also saw that. so can you tell us about furthering peace in jerusalem and tel aviv quick. >> we have done event of actions already i am a big believer not only talking about it so one of the first things is open for the gaza employees to work in israel and looking at that decision and likewise where we have
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tens of thousands every day coming to israel and then make a good living for their families have a very big gap of gdp so it is a win-win for everyone so the first policy is to improve the quality of life and then through business and that's the most sustainable and i am promoting in support of the palestinian israelis.
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and then increasing trade basically my approach is all in the same time so there is always a meaningful terror threat we have seen time and again and then to be very clear about that. that could injure or threaten the security and that ability to defend herself and then the palestinians have a choice to make and the path of peace and tprosperity and that's their choice to make you that we are
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very here with the prosperity. >> that the uae and then we know the same time with the national community and with those negotiations and then to lead to an agreement. and with the national communities with the position is in the middle east. 's we are headed in tehran.
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and then to get involved in lebanon and has a lot. and with the anti- midas touch. look at lebanon now. look at yemen and they have a modus operandi. the terror they are conducting we have seen in israel with has the lab. how very comfortable is this
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and then we see a very similar situation who stands behind them? and then who provides the weapons? and iran. and they are the source of terror. and then we have tomi fight back with this sort of octopus so then what do you do? and then it would be doubled and tripled. want to point out something with this very image of a
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powerhouse in the economy is tanking. and then there's so incompetent they can i get water but then nothing comes out. with teachers and judges so it is a corrupt. there's only one agreement. but iran has tora give up the nuclear weapons.
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with that 60 percent grade but that huge factories you need 60 percent uranium in those amounts. we haveve the archive so these guys are trying to develop a nuclear weapon and any rationale why it makes sense to sign a deal with him that when givell them money. i will just leave you with one last so as a businessman, i
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would say that investing is not a sound investment it's a deal or not a deal. >> thank you. think we put climate change as a top priority and committed to net zero by 2050 so with that background what is your vision how much can be sold by new technology in more traditional mitigation quick. >> i think that's at great question what i did was put
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israel on equal footing most of the developed countries in the world. and then to reach zero emission but the importance of that in itself because it's a small country so where can we move the needle? every you need all is our innovation so in order for the world to meet zero emissions goal we need technologies that do not exist yet. 's is bill gates anyone that looks at the picture as it is. and with those measures in the country and it will not go the
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whole distance and it's a perfect place to do this it's very strong but the reason is we don't have much water in israel about 150 years ago but it was waterless we have to generate water and is really believe generates the highest with desalination plant and then to recycle the wastewater and this is one important area others are energy-related especially alternative we all know the meat industry of
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carbon in the atmosphere so my call is roughly 5000 israelis period he did their accent and are good to go. so take your innovation and energy in the field of climate mitigation and climate change is real that would be much more meaningful than an internet company i've done a few exits myself and those
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that want to leave the real mark with the place that we live in to make it more meaningful. i am very optimistic here as well. >> and then to end the session. and with that abram record and then from that economic development good to see you. thank you for giving me this opportunity so during the pandemic israel successfully
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managed to continue to help and they help to guide the policy what needs to happen to court nader efforts? thank you. and everyone to think the world economic forum but everyone learns from the pandemic with the help of our citizens that there is so much insight from having the basic information that my predecessors decades ago with
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the national healthcare system see can see how different medicines work differently in the situation second we need anan ongoing agency. i think every government now realizes when it goes away we mays be entering an era. of a global pandemic century or two ago. and can't stop people from moving around.
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and across the board of data. and then to green information and how should we address that? that is the reason israel was a fast to react they react even before they had its name. and five or six weeks ago. with that decision-making process. and sitting and leaning on that robust database.
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>> and then we also appreciate your complete answers we are looking forward thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you very much for this opportunity. israel is open for business and building bridges across the world we want to do good stuff together thank you. goodbye.
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