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tv   Chinese President Delivers Remarks at World Economic Forum  CSPAN  January 25, 2022 12:30am-12:56am EST

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operation. shop tuesday through monday during the c-span shops keep warm sale. at the world economic forum, the chinese president spoke about combating the pandemic, climate change and hosting a safe winter olympic and paralympic games. >> translator: professor, ladies and gentlemen, friends, greetings to you all. ..
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>> . >> we must do everything necessary to create a shadow of the pandemic and boost economic and social recovery and development so that the sunshine of hope may light of the future of humanity. the world today is undergoing many changes. these changes are not limited to a particular moment, event, country or region. and with the profound and sweeping changes of our time. and that changes of the time with the pandemic and the world finds itself in a period of turbulence and transformation. how to beat the pandemic and how to build a post covid world these are major issues
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of common concern to people around the world. they are also major urgent questions we must answer. as the chinese saying goes the momentum either flourishes or declines. the state of the world either progresses or regresses. it is always developing to the movement of contradiction. without contradiction nothing would exist. the history of humanity is the history of achieving growth and developing their fears and we need to move forward by following the logic of o the progress to develop a rising tide of at times. and notwithstanding humanity will move on from long history
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cycles. and to see the changing things. and missed opportunities. and opening up new horizons on the shipping landscape. and then to go through difficulties. and then to embrace cooperation to defeat the pandemic. and confronted by the pandemic which will affect the future of humanity. the international community has vaccinations battle. to show once again they are not writing separately from 190 small boats all in a giant ship in which our shared
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destiny changes. small boats may not survive a storm the ship is strong enough to break the storm thanks to the international community it's been the global fight the pandemic. that said that pandemic is proving that researching with more variant and to study faster than before and to impose a serious threat to safety and their health insurance or aro profound impact on the global economy strong confidence and cooperation represent the only right way to defeat the pandemic. holding each other back or shifting blame only causes needless to lay to distract us from the overall objective.
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countries need to strengthen international cooperation against covid-19 to carry out research and development and alliance of defense against the coronavirus and speed up the efforts to build a global community of health for all. but in particular importance is to leverage vaccines and to ensure the equitable distribution of vaccination and closes that immunization gap and then to safeguard people's lives, health and livelihoods. china is a country that delivers on its promises. china has already sent over 2 billion doses of vaccine to more than 120 countries and international organizations. still china will provide another 1 billion doses to african countries including 600 million doses of donation also donating 150 million donations to other countries.
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second, we need to resolve the rest to promote steady recovery of the world economy. the world economy is emerging but still faces many constraints. the will be over one —- global industrial supply chain has been disrupted and commodity prices continue to rise. energy supply remains tight. these risks compound one another and heighten the uncertainty about economic recovery. the low-inflation environment has changed and the risks of inflation driven as major economies take a u-turn and will be serious spillovers and
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present challenges to global and economic stability and developing countries that bear the brunt of it. in the context of ongoing covid-19 response, we need to explore new drivers of economic growth, new modes of social life and new pathways for people's people exchange and to facilitate cross-border trade keeping the supply chain smooth and to promote solid progress the global recovery. economic globalization is the trend of theou times. although countercurrents are sure to exist in the river none could stop it from flowing to the sea. driving forces bolster the momentum and the distance may yet enhancesp the flow. despite the countercurrents along the way, economic
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revitalization has never and will not fear off course. countries around the world to remove barriers not erect walls and we should open up, not close off and seek integration. this is the way to build an open world economy we should guide reforms ofic the global system with the principle of fairness and justice and with the trading system of the wto at its center. we should make generally accepted and effective rules for artificial intelligence and the digital economy on the basis of consultation and to create an open with that technologicalom innovation.
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and then beneficial for all. and then truly amazed the vitality of the world economy. and then to strengthen macro policy for nation. with a more systematic way to increase the information sharing. and then to prevent the world economy from plummeting d again. and those that should have a responsible policy managed
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spillovers you with a severe impact of developingte countries. in those institutions to play a constructive role for global consensus of policy synergy and prevent systemic risk. third, we need to bridge the development divide and revitalize global development and the process of global development is suffering from severe disruption in tailing more outstanding problems like the gap. and that human development index has declined for the first time in 30 years. the world's poor population
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has increased by more than 100 million. nearly hundred million people live in hunger. difficulties are mounting and food insecurity and education and employment, medicine, health and other areas and some developing countries have fallen back into poverty and stability. due to the pandemic. many are also are living through a hard time. and putting the livelihood front and center of policy to realize the 12030 agenda. and to build greater synergy. and with balanced development
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worldwide. and then on climate change. and with that framework convention. and s developed economy should take the lead over the reduction. and then on financial and technological support for developing countries to address and achieve a development. with that global development initiative. to draw international. and the initiative. with james to form at the 2030
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agenda. and the most common development. that china stands ready with the initiative to make sure no country is left behind. fourth we need to discard that peaceful coexistence and our world today is far from being tranquil and ask containment arising thereof out of the least good of security and history shows that the confrontation only by
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catastrophic consequences. that unilateralism can protect no one. so even worse to encounter to tstie the history but yet the zero-sum approach those buildingal exclusive the parallel system enthusiastically putting together of a polarizing is the world. and with antagonism.
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in a scientific and technological issue. with international efforts. in the right way forward. that is a win-win cooperation. and that civilization may prosper. and then to set asideor differences. and then to build that with a shared future. and then with that exclusion. with unilateralism and germany so ladies and gentlemen last
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year to celebrate the 100th anniversary. and with that struggle to lead theg chinese people but the development of the nation. we have realized the respect to win the battle and has found a historic solution and now china and will stayno committed for high-quality development and enjoys a good momentum overall with the gdp
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grew with fairly high growth so in the economic environment but the fundamentals to characterize of that enormous potential to remain unchanged. and off of the economy thanks to considerable growth they are living much better lives. and then too have harder work to v do china has made it clear with the substantial progress and then with the prosperity we are working hard and
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offense what we desire is not to tell a terry in his. and then to be divided properly as a rising time with ,all boats everyone will get theiren fair share and those gains will benefit the potential and equitableed way. so for china it is always a work in progress. so china always hold high the banner of reforms and will continue to at the market play a role. and then see to it and then to
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develop the public sector. with an orderly market system with legal status before the law. and all types of capital to our threeco in china and then to play role for the development of the country china has high standards opening up with those management standards. and then to permit promote high-quality corporation. andp other regional partnership
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agreement china will faithfully fulfill its obligations with other parties. china will also continue with a progressive agreement and the digital economy partnership with a view to further integrate to achieve mutual benefit. china will stay committed to study ecological conservation and that the cost of resource depletion and this is like to get fish. and then to protect the environment which is guided by the philosophy that is just as
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valuable as gold and silver and systematic governance and then we do everything we can to convert to intensify pollution the working environment forch our people with the largest national parks to successfully those that convention contributing china share. and on high-quality development. in the international community. and then keep working towards its goal.
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and then to be followed for that specific sector of industry and construction. and now the biggest clean powered and then renewable energy is 1 billion kilowatts. and his total voltaic power stations is 100 million kilowatts. it cannot be realized overnight. and the cause of finding new
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energy. and to phase out the old to bring out the new. also actively engage through society. and davos is known the big games show confidence china can have a streamlined, safe games for the world. the official motto for 2022 is together for a shared future. let's as join hands and work
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together for a shared future.
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