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tv   South Dakota Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 15, 2022 12:09am-1:12am EST

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schedule on your program cause or watch any time online at ♪♪ >> weekends on c-span2 are an intellectual piece. every saturday you will find events and people to explore our nation's past on american history tv. sunday's book tv brings the latest in nonfiction books and authors, television for serious readers. learn, discover, explore. weekends on c-span2. ♪♪ south dakota governor christie delivered the 2022 state of the state address from the state capitol. she highlighted south dakota's back of mass mandates and vaccine requirements. [applause] use]
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[applause] [applause] [inaudible]. [applause] [applause] thank you predict lt. governor rosen, mr. speaker, members of the house and senate chief justice, supreme court justice
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constitutional officers, my fellow south koreans, i am honored to stand before you today as governor of a state that is probably leading nation and we are leading the talented workforce we are leading with growing our businesses in leading it was strong schools predict we are leading it with freedoms limited government and fiscal responsibility and commitment to setting the values that made her country great i am proud to report that the state of south dakota is stronger in our 133 years. [applause] [applause] and i did not happen because of what our government did, that happened because of the government what they did not do, and it is because of our people,
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two years ago, we made a decision in the middle of a global threat, we chose not to compromise our values and the businesses in the schools in the churches open it we did not decided it was essential and who was not in we chose freedoms and personal responsibility, and mandates and lockdowns, we took steps to safeguard the public health, only also trusted people we made it decisions that were for them and for their families we did it what was right, and we were attacked for that decision. and today we are thriving it because we upheld our principles in our economy is strong and we have one of the lowest unemployment rates in the entire country, south dakota saw new move here from other states and from july of 2020, to july of 2021, south dakota's population group nine times faster than the national average while places
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like california and new york, and washington dc, are losing population. and people want to live somewhere that respects the fate printed freedoms and they want to share equality like that we have an incoming here, because we want to be like us last year we were ranked number one in the nation for helping the small businesses and there were get through the pandemic. [applause] [applause] and we have had record tourism numbers and created opportunities for success for everyone, now no group is succeeding in higher numbers than women in south dakota, and during the pandemic something on it was the top three for the smallest negative impact on female workers and also one of the top ten best days for women to live and to work and i am
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very proud south dakota is one of the top five states providing career opportunities for working moms and we are seeing in spatial testimonies from the women like our very own, state senator jessica and i am so grateful that she is allowing me to tell her story to all of you today. fifteen years ago she suddenly found yourself a single mother with three little kiddos, with mouths to feed and only $3 in her checking account. she went to visit a credit counselor to get advice to see what she could do to improve her situation and jessica and jessica share their dreams getting a business degree and becoming a business owner sunday, and that woman responded to jessica by saying there is no magic wand was going to make your dreams come true. they did not sit well with jessica, she when she bought
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herself magic wand and she kept it close to writer so she could make your dreams come true regardless of whatever others thought was possible and through hard work, jessica, advance or education, and she launched her career and this year, she celebrated the 11th anniversary of her business in rapid city, which has three commercial locations. to this day the magic wand sits in her office as a reminder of all that is possible. now go ahead and plan for her. [applause] [applause] [applause] senator castleberry's story, is in good company right here at the capitol, in fact all of these legislators have
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inspirational stories that have led them to where they are today and that is what is so special about south dakota, the representatives and the senators in the state legislatures, truly do reflect the people of south dakota, the understand the challenges and hardships in the loss. today you'll hear merce hundred more stories about the mason people of our state who will face and overcome adversity, and i believe you will find inspiration it in their stories, and it will give you hope and excitement for the days ahead th dakota people work together to navigate the pandemic and over and over again, we were recognized as one of the best states in the country because of our willingness to trust each other other states a different course, they walked down, because the businesses, they the school, the mandated masks and their economies and people are paying the price they have suffered and it did not have to happen and on partially were
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starting to see that happening all over again in some states but here in south dakota, we do have new challenges, new barriers to the american dream we see inflation rise in, is threatening to raise taxes, and the files on more debt and spending. it's getting harder for families to have food on the table, gessner cars and keep the lights on the rule economy is changing, new technologies are emergency and emerging international competition and we must be ready and on top of that, our children in our history and our values are under attack and these threats are already here, we are seeing it in our schools, and in our communities. it is happening in the news, social media and it's what's being taught to summer children, it is up to us to be thinner values and to prepare for the
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future, so today i'm going to talk to you about the our great state, how we are succeeding it in the sense that we are taking together to preserve what we have and to grow even stronger. we can make that happen by remaining true to the principles that made america so great in the first place and south dakota the greatest day in the state of the union, thomas jefferson laid out the declared declaration of the independence all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain and amelia both writes and among these, life, liberty, and the pursuit of happyness. and jefferson continues by reminding us why the government is here in the first place, and secure those rights, and our rights come from god, not from the government. in the government must remain limited to service proper role in securing those rights. [applause]
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[applause] is no mistake that when thomas jefferson of those famous words that liking first, government fundamental probe is to defend the lives of the safety of the people and that includes the rights in the lives of unborn children. over the last decade abortions have dropped sharply in south dakota, in 2020, the total number of abortions was down approximately 80 percent from a decade before. [applause] >> now that is something to celebrate in his things apart and the policies that some of the legislatures in this room past. you approve that abortion is not need to be a divisive issue, last year everything a legislator supported my bill to guarantee protections for unborn children with down syndrome.
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i look forward to the date when all unborn lives are protected the supreme court as a historic opportunity to make that a reality and as soon as we waited is overturned, our state laws are ready to protect every unborn child care in south dakota but until then,. [applause] [applause] but until then, we can still take steps to protect the south dakota children today. there is more that we can do, every human life is unique in a truly beautiful way from the moment that they are conceived, it is not long before they have their own unique heartbeats and science tells us that after conception, that any heart charles heartbeats at six weeks, any abortion at that point, stop that heartbeat, and stop that life and it stops that gift from god. today, i am asking all of you to
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protect the harpies of these unborn children and they are bringing legislation to ban all abortions on-site heartbeat can be detected. [applause] [applause] [applause] >> last year he signed an executive order banning telemedicine abortions in south dakota, today am asking all of you demand telemedicine abortions and state law, they happen it and a woman in with a pill, these procedures are four times more likely to cause a woman getting an abortion doing up in the emergency room and chemical abortions are dangerous, and i am asking all of you to take action to protect south dakota women from this
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dangerous procedure and we can also protect lives by spending access to adoption, and to foster care, the past year, 26,200,000 children for the forever families in 1305 were placed in a legal guardianship, and all children deserve to grow up in a family where they are left, and they are protected, when i started this podium for my first state in the state in 2019, i promise to talk about foster care and every single opportunity a good. and since then we have made tremendous progress we have launched our stronger families together initiative with the department of social services, along with america's kids belong, and south dakota, set content is long and i needed innovations, church leaders, business leaders, and the community organizations to come alongside me in your hometowns and support those who choose to adopt or to foster children.
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and in south dakota, we support and we survive their people, my parents got me for a very young age and we help struggling families put on the table, and keep the lights on and i also had the opportunity to grow up with the foster brother, and i remember my parents telling me years later, they had wished that they would've had more tools. more information, they would've had more training is so that they could've helped him, and just better to becoming a part of our family. and today we have people in the room who can provide that kind of help, we have the leadership south dakota kids belong, if you would stand anymore with us here today, would you please thank them for all their work that they have provided hobby families going through crisis here in our state. [applause] [applause] [applause]
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>> and while were on the subject of foster care today, and i want to highlight a family that is been providing foster care for 22 years rodney and peggy anderson have adopted nine children out of the foster care system and they have fostered many more, they have dealt with childhood trauma, and connected with foster kids with professionals that can help them and wanted peggy give kids a place to live, the more than that they give them a home where they are loved and where they are cared for and one of our families of professional services, the specialist at this to say about the andersons, this family is by far the most resilient, knowledgeable and fantastic flexible and amazing family that i've ever worked with, they go above and beyond, they are always putting the children in their home first. they have some of the toughest
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kids that i've ever had in my caseload, anything handled them with patients and with grace and we are so incredibly lucky to have them as foster parents. and i like to rod and peggy, please stand. three years ago, i created the governor's heroism awarded to honor septic audience and went above and beyond pretty south dakota to save lives, their heroes for how they change these kids is lives in the end of this year i would like to recognize rodney and peggy anderson come up with a 2022, governors heroism award. let's thank them for all they've done. [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause]
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[applause] >> with more festive foster families like roddenberry and peggy we will be able to help more families in the years to come. and another way that we can advance life in south dakota by giving people healthcare options close to home, many women farms and ranches and in small towns, no matter where you live in our stake and we should have access to the highest quality care available and you should be able to get the medical help that you need and where increasing the flex ability to bring healthcare directly to our patients and signed legislation to address this in my budget this year since it's man's tell help to emergency responders of their available to them in a time of crisis in a matter where you live. for years emergency services in small towns across south dakota have been largely run by volunteers, and today we have a volunteer ambulance crew with us. would you please stand.
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and the united ambulance service has been in operation and since 1956. in 2000, their name the south dakota emergency medical service of the year. and when that award again, in 2020. in the wind and honor twice like this, that is a testimony to their hard work into their training. the complete hours and hours of training to become emergency medical technicians and ongoing trainings as well and the answer calls across the county, they do it all as volunteers predict their dedication to saving lives, and taking care of their fellow septic audience is inspirational would you please r service for the people in their area. [applause] [applause]
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[inaudible]. >> and fortunately our emergency responders are getting fewer and fewer, many gotten older, unless people are stepping up to volunteer. must reverse this trend pretty we need to recruit more volunteer firefighters and emergency responders, we need to support them with modern tools, budget does that look forward to working with all of you to get these wonderful folks the equipment and training they need. and forever year we have offered free at home covid-19 test for the people of south dakota, and last week i announced that i ordered 1 million who test to be delivered to even more locations in our state. everything a citizen in the state of south dakota, will have the access to get a free covid-19 test and their home community. president biden had promised this action minutes failed to do so, the state is going to
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continue to work together to take care of our people. our healthcare workers were charted to help us take care of folks to keep us within our hospital capacity greeted our systems monitor people from home, and the insurer safety by keeping beds available to our nurses, our doctors come our professionals, we are getting you more help. we've invited more healthcare professionals to come and live in south dakota, we made it possible for out-of-state licenses to be recognized that they can come here and get right to work. and when they come here, they will have the opportunity to work for some of the greatest systems in the country predict healthcare workers in south dakota, and perhaps the beta's greatest challenges of their year for the last two years, and i am amazed by their efforts ani am so grateful for how they have sacrificed to serve others. [applause] [applause]
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>> another problem we need to address his addiction and mental illness we are doing that through our targeted treatments and prevention initiative and overdoses have been skyrocketing it across the country in south dakota, overdose deaths have dropped, by 19 percent. [applause] [applause] >> now there is more work to do, and in 2022, we will launch a statewide behavioral health campaign and continue to focus on writing math and raise awareness of available resources in these efforts are saving lives. were seeing that increased drug >> we can think our law enforcement agencies you are working to keep the poison off
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of our street. as for mental health the budget creates regional crisis centers to help us give people appropriate care more quickly and close to home to help relieve the pressure of law enforcement anden emergency rooms. i take her citizens health seriously. i don't make these decisions lightly when we created a policy we will do everything we can to get it right the first time from day one. our states medical cannabis program is one example it was launched on schedule accordingly to the timeline passed on by the south dakota voters i know there will be some debate but we have to have the most responsible and well-run medical cannabis program in the country. together we can make protecting lives a priority so
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all south dakota's can enjoy our god givend gift of liberty the second unalienable right of the declaration of independence one freedom is a fundamental point to a nation's founding which is the freedom to worship. in the preamble of the state constitution we expect gratitude to almighty god for civil and religious liberties and we began here today in this chamber with a prayer asking for god's grace and guidance. yet in public schools prayer is absent and for that and. i am introducing legislation to allow for a moment of silence at the beginning of each school day students can choose to reflect on the upcoming days, have a quiet moment but also exercise their first amendment right we will protect the freedom to worship and re- instill a right that has been absent in our schools for far too long.
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[applause] another fundamental liberty is the right ofnt individuals to families government interferes with that liberty that never and our history to see government shutdown such as what we saw during the pandemic state after state imposed mandates and lockdowns closing businesses and churches in america is suffering the consequences they told people they were not essential picking winners and losers and we are and south dakota kept our doors open. ace hardware in siouxux falls is a perfect example they weathered the worst days without laying off one single employee. the innovative quickly protected the health of their
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staff and employees and customers and continued passion for quality service and customer care similar success stories can be found time and time again around the state and here with us today is a young woman named alyssa. a small business owner in sioux falls and born and raised there and started to work in retail and fashion at s 16 years old. february 2018 she took out a loan to purchase a woman's clothing boutique that had lifelong dream she's proud to sell clothing and accessories that make women feel confident about themselves at all budget levels for all occasions she was nervous when the pandemic it did not know what the future had in store and did not know she can keep her business going if she would be forced to close. i decided to stop in one day
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when i was running errands and while there we chatted about the weather and talked about horses and for h because we are both for each leaders. during l our visit she started to get tears in her eyes and told me if our state me different positions the last two years and had not trusted her, she didn't know of her store or her dream would still be alive the lifelong dream and have come to an end and was so grateful she was respected by her government and thankful to still serve her customers. the american dream is alive and well in south dakota because we trusted smallll business owners like ace hardware and alyssa to find ways to survive. every other state inth the country ordered some businesses to close. that didn't happen here in south dakota. please stand.
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she has her mother with her as well. thank you for your love for people in your willingness to share your story with the little girls dream to grow up and they look up to you. thank you for your strength and not giving up on your dream and please join me to give her a round of applause. what way we can continue to expand liberty is to remember that government should not make it harder too have a career the department of labor to promote jobs training and
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matching students with the best career for them i'll give you a few examples in 2021 the department of labor at the department of education and schools across the state to provide south dakota the give working with job shadowing opportunities part from professionalss to share their experiences across the state for example hansen school hosted 40 guest speakers representing 16 different partnered with w dakota state university to create a future workforce finder tool to expand the program to the south dakota women's prison and other career fields to get trained for in demand jobs partnering with adult education and providers to achieve the ged and help them in their career. your focused on expanding opportunities and liberty not
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regulating it away and south dakota job market continues to be a national leader as a result that in order for us to defend liberty and must remain limited and part of how we do that is through the budget process through our commitment i went to ensure that we will not use one time money whether federal or state dollars forxp ongoing expenses for new programs it would be irresponsible to create or expand any ongoing program with one-time dollars. one month ago i reported to you that exceptional revenue growth that south dakota has enjoyed is because of the steps we took here in south dakota. since that time we have received even more great news which i am prepared to share with you today. in addition toay the estimates in december the economy is even stronger than we expected.
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ongoing general fund revenues 20.$8 million higher than the from december so far this fiscal year we are $116 million above ongoing legislative adopted estimates and that is fantastic news. [applause] we should return a portion of the strong revenue to the people of t south dakota. i am announcing three proposals today to cut taxes and fees for hard-working men and women right here in south dakota. first of all let's eliminate fees associated with starting or renewing a business with the secretary of state in south dakota. in 2020 the theme of my state of the state is open for
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business and wee are continuing that commitment today we are already among one of the best business friendly states in america and we will make it even easier to do business he will not charge you to open or maintain a business and south dakota also to eliminate all fieldd fees for concealed carry permits in the state. [applause] and we will pay for the federal background checks to exercise your second amendment right in south dakota you don't have to spend a penny. [applause] three years ago constitutional carry was the very first bill i signed as governor we guarantee the right of our people to keep and bear arms together we will continue to
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defend the key constitutional liberty and although we don't have a lot w of taxes in south dakota i will propose we eliminate one that is incredibly ridiculous. did you know we have a being go tax? [laughter] this is largely a tax on elderly populations and veterans. i am proposing we get rid of the being go tax and that is just the beginning. [applause] financially we see the impact protecting liberty in south dakota but unfortunately our personal liberties are under attack as well but it's not coming from our state but from the biden administration in washington dc i promised you have a protector state from overbearing federal intrusion in our daily lives so we took action south dakota hasot joined for lawsuits against the biden
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administration unconstitutional vaccine mandate and we are winning in [applause] this issue has advanced to the united states supreme court and oral arguments were heard last week the covid vaccination should be a choice and we should reject the efforts in other parts of the country to divide us into two classes. we need to reject what they are trying to do b by dividing us into the vaccinated and unvaccinated unvaccinated americans are still americans we live in a free country and we are free to make your own decisionswn the government is not get to make them for us i'm bringing legislation to
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protect the people's rights to a medical and religious exemption from covid vaccine justice my executive order did for the state employees and we will also recognize natural immunity and a hope you will support that bill. [applause] from day number one it has been my priority to focus on the next generation south dakota was our way of life here is special but so are the natural resources to be protectedev as well teddy roosevelt once said of all the questions that can come before the great nation there is none which compares and importance with the great central task leaving the land even better for descendents than it was for us we take that message to heart here in south dakota taking care of her natural resources to be available for kids and grandkids.
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"u.s. news & world report" rank south dakota top three for natural environment and top three for the least pollution and nearly four times higher than the national average for using renewable energy. another first priorities i outlined was the second century initiative this raises money to support habitat and those who trap the pheasant population educate about our wildlife and our land to help a top destination for pheasant hunting the second century initiative supports farmers and ranchers and improving water and soil quality and enhancing opportunities for those who enjoy the outdoors last year we raised one. $4 million for the second century habitat find in these dollars go directly into expanding habitat acres across south dakota raising almost five.$5 million for the
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habitat stamp in between those efforts we have added more than 10000 acres of habitat for wildlife and created additional public access acres and for fishing and hunting completing hundreds of habitat projects on existing public land habitat is our economy to and hunting and fishing one.$3 billion added to the state economy the number one state for licensed huntersmb per capita. and 8 percent increase in sales for hunting and fishing licenses and also seen a 16 percent increase in out-of-state small game licenses over the three-year average. also big increases including a record increase of youth participation fishing licenses and small game licenses grew by 23 percent and 83 percent for nonresidents more of our
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kids are becoming interested in the outdoors. meanwhile the state park sought a 10 percent increase for park entrance licenses over last year's historic record with an estimated eight.5 million visitors the plan to add more campsites to host people from inre and out of state and since 2015 we have an increase of nearly 100,000 camping nights reserved throughout the state park system i am hopefully you will support those projects. [applause] we have a fantastic army of volunteers who work at the parks each and every year the past year 443 volunteers logging a total of 103,000
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hours of service and am so grateful for all ofol those who volunteer to welcome people to our state parks. because we trusted in liberty we didn't just keep the open sign on but rolled out the welcome mat for visitors we drove records for record spending and state parks people came to mount rushmore last year more than ever in our history countless families make south dakota their travel destination and because the world-classsus hospitality we cn be sure that many will come [applause] freedom and liberty are about self-determination and the right to achieve to achieve our fullest potential there
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was a troubling movement and our society today young girls are having their freedom to achieve taken away by schools and organizations changing the rules of the game toco competition. learning perseverance teamwork and for many activities it may not matter whether participants are male or female they are on an equal playing field debate or theater our academic competitions but for other activities the playing field is not equal allison felix and american track and field star winning 25 oh integral championship metals including 17cl gold medals with most of any track and field athlete specializing in the 400-meter race with a lifetime best of 49.2 six seconds but yet hundreds of high school age boys have run faster times than that common sense tells us why. boys and girls bodies are
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biologically different and in south dakota only girls can play and girls sports according to the executive orders we signed almost one year ago but i am introducing and i hope you will support a bill to be the strongest law in the nation congress passed title ix years ago to guarantee girls have a level playing field in which theyy can succeed to ensure their liberty to achieve high school championships are earned scholarships or even go on toho play professional sports we need to protect the freedom of her young girls to go out there and do it. success in america by no means is a given but if you work hard and put your mind to what you can accomplish anything that is the american dream and the pursuit of happiness. there is a new ideology taking hold.
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tells our children the country is racist it teaches a distorted view of s our history we must act now to protect the american dream to pursue the pursuit of happiness for future generations. over 30 years and the farewell address president reagan asked the nation an important question are we doing a good enough job teaching america whatat it is and then we need to educate kids and grandkids and america is freedom. freedom of speech, freedom of religion freedom of enterprise it is special and rare. president reagan was right
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have toas make sure we know america's promise to teach the t true and honest history of the country. in state after state and school after school children are being exposed to a radical and political ideology like critical race theory and we will not let that happen here in south dakota. [applause] n >> the state supports opportunity for all we don't teach her children toiv be divisive and then to protect from hatred and division schools are where they learn the consequences and the hard work of success. by the same token learning from the triumph and mistakes and then the overwhelming
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benefits and then to fix those mistakes we can all share greater b future. as we update the social studies standards and then to be a part of that. and it is essential to who we are as a state. with american history and civics. today i am proud to be joined by a friend of mine and a hero in his own right. doctor carson and his wife are with us today. please stand. [laughter] [applause] [applause]
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>> despite the challenges of his childhood he grew up to be one of the most accomplished surgeon in american history. his story is the american dream following up with a career in public service. and then to make america so specialty american cornerstone institute which just launched an online learning platform little patriots to teach children about the founding principles has been instrumental of the 1776 action as part of the nationwide effort. to the k-12i school i was proud to be the first candidate to be the first to sign the
12:54 am
pledgeha and to co-author and op-ed to outline that decision i applied hisis efforts to ensure all kidsll and grandkids to love the nations history and values. thank you toin doctor carson and candy. the pandemic was hard with children across the country south dakota was ranked first in the nation with the least amount of learning lost inn the pandemic. because the students were in the classroom for the last school year we saw positive outcomes and in 2216 schools
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are nationally recognized for excelling. gettysburged middle school and high school and the catholic school were on the national blue ribbon schools. national distinguished schools and to be our next month at the national elementary and secondary education act conference. it is wonderful to see those in education but we also see success and jobs through america's graduates program working very real estate we have legislation from 2019 to focus on students not to graduate and then tremendously successful to put
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students on a path to graduation to future success in the last two years the giant program enrollment has grown by 50 percent and three new schools have been added. now they've seen a 100 percent graduation rate from program participants this year the school board added its own jag program they work with local and statewide volunteer organizations and we have seen students not only make a a change in attitude but also their future beyond high jag helps the students at risk of dropping out to achieve graduation and be ready for the future and more school districts should look at bringing jag into their communities. and then needs training to prepare for the careers of the futurere. south dakota is number one in
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the nation for the graduation rates of two-year college programs. with a 30 million-dollar investment in the freedom scholarship is changing the lives of south dakota students who didn't have the opportunity to further their education because of economic circumstances. setting students up for a brighter and happier future. with the life liberty or pursuit of happiness if one is safe and our streets are schools are businesses or homes. our way of life depends on the brave men and women of law-enforcement. we respect law and order in south dakota. we continue to support those who uphold the law we have one
12:58 am
enforcement officers with us today please stand. please stay standing. you can set. [laughter] i want them to stay standing. [laughter] when the riot started months agoan we launched a nationwide campaign to recruit law-enforcement officers to move to our state we went every place officer to know if
12:59 am
they want to live somewhere that is appreciated and respected and country south dakota. hundreds have responded to our invitation we are known as the state that stands in d defense of t people to put their lives on the lives every day to keep arkady safe. we are free to pursue her american dream can we have any members of the south dakota national guard please stand and those officers that are currently standing thank you. [applause] >> stay standing you can sit
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again. [laughter] continuing to demonstratete excellence 114 fighter wing for the most outstanding air guard unit yet again in 2021 for the fifth time in 15 years. on 52nd readiness award the fourth straight year the guard unit has been named the best national guard unit in the country. [applause] our guard has stepped into have storm recovery firefighting covid medical support and of course helping to secure the nation's borders and ensuring the shared
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defense we are also the proud home of many veterans. please ask all of our veterans to stand and j join the others. [applause] our department of veterans affairs have a five-star rating the highest level possible the school district or the 2021 secretary of defense support freedom award the opening of the state veterans cemetery in sioux falls has given us a dignified final resting spot for veterans and spouses the efforts to pass laws to honor veterans are beinger noticed.
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south dakota is named the number one state in the nation to live and to work those to answer the call to serve men and women we recognize here todayni law-enforcement with life and liberty andnd the pursuit of happiness. thank you for your sacrifices and service to your stay in the united states of america. [applause]
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it wasn't just law-enforcement thousands of new residents made them live our stay is top three in the nation for inbound migration according to united van lines a native of washington state set up with a lockdown not being able to go to church are ever-changing rules in washington her family had to restrict capacity and wear a mask everywhere they went even when other people were around and she had enough make a change she took a road trip to the black hills and as she was driving home to washington she said i don't want to go back she wanted to move to south dakota but also wanted to stay close to her family so the family came. her kids, grandparents, uncles and aunts and all the family
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followed. eventually south dakota gained dozens of new residents from a family that loved freedom and retired of tyranny. and the only home they had ever known was washington state. but it didn't feel like home and they fell in love with south dakota many people who moved here brought their businesses with them big and small choosing rapid city after a nationwide search considering what every other state hadve to offer and then choosing south dakota as the best place for their business creating 400 new high tech jobs in the process albany farms and food manufacturing operation from los angeles to ball fish. [applause] [laughter]
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that is ait culture change. to give wheat farmers a place to sell their product to bring in more than 500 jobs those businesses have also expanded can —- ten businesses named among the fastest growing in the nation earlier the share furniture mart usaid doubling the campus in sioux falls with 650,000 square foot facilities and adding to the industrial park and they are preparing to build 300 new career homes to support the growth. black hills harley-davidson , let the world and harley sales. [applause]
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in fact no harley davidson dealership anywhere has ever seen the revenue black hills harley achieved in 2021 that was driven by the strong economy, tourism, maybe visitors to sturgis. [laughter] and driven by the work ethic of the men and women who run the dealership black hills harley is not just a record setting dealership and then the leather dangerous wildfire and allow their store and parking i and property to be used as a headquarters for the fire response giving firefighters and for use of facilities about anythingr in return no matter how the is businesses got here they are thriving because in south
1:07 am
dakota the government gets out of the way and it helps where we can. we are free here in south dakota but we cannot take that freedom for granted. president reagan reminded us that freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. we did not pass it on to our kids in the bloodstream it must be fought for and protected and handed on for them to do the same or one day we will spend our sunset years what it was once like in the united states when men were free. and south dakota we protect freedom and we will pass it on to our children. we will not allow freedom to go extinct. that's what it means to be a south dakota. we work together to help our communities thrive and remain safe and strong and healthy. we support local businesses
1:08 am
and they support us in return and we set an example for how we do business and approach public policy and interact with each other each day. we are blessed to be living in south dakota the state of our state is the strongest it has ever been. even with so many challenges in theth world around us but it is not measured by one hosnapshot in time. it's ours duty to ensure it is strong for generations to come. let's work together to keep the doors of opportunity open life and liberty and the pursuit of happiness. may god bless you and god bless the great state of south dakota. thanks you.
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