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tv   Iowa Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 14, 2022 9:44pm-10:35pm EST

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transcribing many of those conversations in fact a major the conversations were taped as johnson would signal them he would signal to the open door. >>
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[applause] >> mr. president, mr. speaker, liet governor and legislative leaders and members, justices and judges and my fellow iowans, three years ago michael on —- living in california the crowded highways and high cost of living they had visited the city of alcorn in shelby county and had c fallen in love. when a restaurant came up for
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sale, they made the leap and put their faith in iowa. a biden acreage outside of town packed their belongings and introduce themselves and their two daughters to the community. they opened a restaurant march 2020. and you all know what came next. that a community came together and came in droves to the restaurant to buy their unique pizzas. the economy stayed open and so did more than stay open, they in the restaurant have thrived winning multiple awards including rural operator of the year from the iowa restaurant association. when i stopped for lunch this fall ifo was told iowa nice is
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not just a slogan. it is real. is not how much money you have or drives a nicer car. if you need help, everyone is willing to drop everything and help. and you don't get that back in california. i couldn't help but smile because that is exactly what we have always done and what we alwaysth do. to have faith in iowa and iowa came through. so please join me to welcome them to iowae] and to recognize the community that embrace them. [applause]
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three years ago about the time they were moving to iowa i stayed here before you at the beginning of a new decade. i talked about how far we have come in ten years we've gone from those that have lost their life savings and iowans lost their jobs and state government lost control of the budget. to a time of record low unemployment, a budget surplus and record investment of k-12 education. the most important, i talk about efficient for our future and the need to be bold and to show the world that iowa truly is the state of opportunity. the pandemic delayed some of the efforts that certainly did
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not change our direction and in the last statement alone , we have invested $300 million more and broadband strengthened funding for mental health by making it more sustainable made our communities safer with law enforcement and encouraged quality housing and extended and expanded her water quality efforts and repeal the inheritance tax. and we protected life and extended telehealth services across every part of the state. [applause]
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"u.s. news & world report" ranked iowa the number one state for opportunity last year not because we wanted it but because we earned it that because we had faith in iowans and iowans came through what matters is how we come together into our own communities from cities like des moines where we live and work and worship this is my fourth time speaking from the condition of our state and i'm proud to report for the fourth time in every corner of our state the condition of our state is strong. [applause]
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>> we are strong because we have been guided of fairness and freedom and the knowledge that bold action is not always government action that iowans making their own decisions for their own families and future and under the high ceilings among the columns and portraits it's tempting to believe nothing good happens unless we legislate and regulate but in a small towns around back offices iowans understand that we in this building don't find anything
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but right now they pay too much. last year the state ended with a one.2 billion dollars surplus on top of the billion dollars of cash receipts that is good that despite the historic 2018 tax cuts we are still taking too much from iowa paychecks that needs to stop and it needs to stop now. i will introduce a comprehensive bill to cut taxes for all iowans. first eliminates the complex system of multiple tax brackets and one tax rate of 4 percent flat and fair. [applause]
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[applause] that will occur gradually over the next four years so we protect priorities like education and public safety. but in the first year alone taxpayers will save almost $500 million. by 2026 when the bull is fully implemented in average iowa family will pay over $1300 less and taxes and that is on top of the $1000 tax cut from the 2018 bill. that is money that can be reinvested in our economy and
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used to promote the prosperity of every i. yes, we have less to spend at the capital but it will be spend every single day on main street, grocery stores, restaurants all across iowa. will see it spent in business is instead of bureaucracy. we will put our faith in iowans and theyus will not let us down. [applause] >> also starting next year for iowans who have worked all their life and save for
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retirement, this bill will do even more by eliminating the taxation of retirementwa income. for the vast majority of retired iowans those who rely on the 401(k), ira for pension , that is not just an income tax cut. it is a full income tax repeal. [applause] [applause] and that is how it should be. you have worked hard all of your life saving for retirement and paying yourve fair share of taxes.
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it's time that you get a break from the tax collector. you have earned it now you should enjoy it. under my planned the tax repeal on retirement income will be limited to bank accounts but farmers who savings is as much the black dirt under their boots as money in the bank this bill will eliminate the tax on the payments they received when they retire from farming. for employees who receive stock ins the company after years of hard work to eliminate the sale of the shares. this will be a game changer that will incentivize employers tod share ownership with their employees and send a message to the rest of the country. ,, moved to iowa, work here and become an owner in a company and grow your investment tax-free. [applause]
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have faith in iowa and iowa will come through. so all of these tax cuts have one thing in common. they reword work to be done and a lifetime of work to be proud of. that's never been more important as the country is facing unprecedented worker shortage. the nation job openings far outnumber the workers available to fill them. 4million fewer americans are working now than they were before the pandemic.
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iowa is in a better position than most with the night higher labor participation rate in the country. we are still down from where we were the beginning of 2020. if we don't take bold action, other states will. thinks to the leadership and careful planning of many of you in this room, we are building on a solid foundation. through bipartisan efforts we established future ready iowa to provide tuition free community college and certification programs to iowans training. and more than 35000 scholarships have been awarded and nearly 17000 and iowans to pursue careers and to advance iowa's workforce with thousands more to come. we focused on expanding apprenticeship programs
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incorporating learning in our schools and integrating computer science into the curriculum and with these efforts we are on the path to give every opportunity a rewarding career. including the need for child care. that is always a national issue the contrary to what some believe there is not a national solution. we have taken a bottom up approach the last legislative session we created the childcare challenge and those that fit the needs of the communities and i'm happy to say it's already paying off. in less than a year we have awarded grants that will create 4000 new childcare spots across the state. the early learning academy in carlisle is a great example. owning the academy and things
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to one of the grants, they overcame inflated instruction cost and regulatory burden to open an amazing preschool and childcare center for 70 children ages two through
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because of the overwhelming number of our family applicant the state is expanding this program to provide another 5000 plus openings across thero stat. last week i, along with legislators had the privilege of calling some of the applicants to let them know they'd be receiving a grant. let me give you a sample of what's to come. aspire home daycare network will remodel and equipped homes that will help stay-at-home moms start their own daycare. oin williamsburg the school district will renovate a house in partnership with the high school construction that will serve as a childcare center for teachers children in a bright start daycare will expand its
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facility to help cut the current wait list of 67 children and a rural community. these are more than just buildings, they are physical reminders of the thousands of lives that will be enriched and it's not just for children. it's also the lives of parents empowered to go to work knowing that their child is cared for. last spring i established the governor's childcare task force and they charge the group is developing a comprehensive strategy to address this issue. i'm happy to report we party made progress in implementing rent many of the recommendations including relieving childcare providers of regulations. i look forward to working with the legislature this session. [applause]
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[applause] there are so many reasons for worker shortage. we need to recognize in some cases it's because the government hasn't taken away -- is taken away the need or desire to work. k.the safety net has become a. this isn't the only cause. it's a growing problem and it's not just an economic one. there is dignity in work that gives us meaning and purpose so when it's degraded and idleness is rewarded with enhanced unemployment and continuous checks, open work against to be optional whether then
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fundamental society begins to decay. i'm worried that workers who stay home are being put ahead of workers who show up. tomorrow somewhere in iowa a carpenter will struggle in the freezing cold. he needs help and he's been asking for it. to many aree at home using tax dollars. it's been the same from most two years now. his back is tired and he is tired. he has faith in iowa and he believes it. let's show him that iowa does care. let's show him that in this state we appreciate the value of work and will promote it at everyer turn. [applause]
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[applause] we start by revamping our unemployment system so becomes a re-employment system. unemployment benefits serve an important purpose as a short-term safety netett- for is who unexpectedly are out of work and through no fault of their own. we can't forget these are taxpayer funds and we have to recognize we are living in a time of prolonged low unemployment. today there are many more job openings then i went on unemployment for those iowans wa collectonths to benefits while they look for one of those many open jobs and frankly that's more time than necessary. i will be introducing a bill
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that lowers benefits to 16 days, about formats and ensure that those collecting unemployment can't turn down suitable jobs while living on taxpayer funds. [applause] [applause] we will also increase our efforts to match unemployed i went with new opportunities redo that and i'm announcing the creation of a separate re-employment division within the state whose sole focus will be helping iowans get back to work. we want to iowans to succeed and we will give them every
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opportunity to do so. [applause] unemployment payments and stimulus checks are the only government created problem we are facing the need to continue our work to eliminate unnecessary licensing requirements the key people from moving to or working in iowa. we also need to address a legal system that is awarding millions of dollars in damages without regard to the consequences. when accidents and mistakes happen injuredd i went deserved to be fairly compensated. arbitrary multi-million dollar awards do more than that. they act as a tax on all i once raising the cost of goods and services and jeopardizing our health care system. like many states have already
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dunn we need to put a reasonable tax on non-economic damages for accidents and medical malpractice. let's work together to do just that. [applause] [applause] the shortage of health care workers is one of our greatest workforce w concerns especiallyn rural iowa. five of the state's top 10 postings with registered nurses and nursing assistants at the top of the list for the problem is expected to get worse as the bureau of labor suggests
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1.1 million more nurses nationally needed by 2030. once again iowa is ahead of the curve. as we have already begun the process to recruit and train. we are expanding our loan forgiveness program for health care professionals who commit to iowa especially a rural areas and we are making it easier for part-time nurses to teach while they work. we are also starting a training program earlier to give our students a first-hand view of what a career in health care looks like and the high school career academyac recently launcd a patient care registered apprenticeship program that offers students hands-on experience in a variety of medical settings while at the sameme time earning a wage. before the even leave high school the students can become a cna and then qualified to work
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at a lab for surgical technicians and within a few short years they can go on to become an ob tech, r.n. or bsn all while beingg paid. this innovative approach and a public-private partnership that makes it possible are what iowa's education and the health care system needs. that's why we are launching a new health care registered apprenticeship program that will provide funding to at least five communities like telehas done. the first apprentice and the program. n they getting hands-on experiee they have a new appreciation for his career path. he told me the job isn't always easy. i get to leave work each day knowing that i made a difference. he along with his the instructor and the programrt partners from tele, regional hospital and wesley life are with us tonight.
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let's thank them for leading. [applause] [applause] caacross the state educators are teaming up with professors and their -- professionals and in fact were national leader in work-based learning and although real-world experience they brought to the classroom from welding to information technology to health care and education. when it comes to training the next generation of teachers we haven't been using her best
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assets, hire teachers in the classroom. once who let their skills to work everyday to make a difference.ff starting tomorrow we will be launching the first teacher registered apprenticeship program inra the country leading schools effectively grow their own. high school apprentices start classroomic instruction in their junior year and within a year of graduation they can earn a parac educator credential and associates degree and/or parent educators their day job will count towards student teaching greatly reducing the cost and time required to become aa teacher. the teachers of tomorrow are in our state today so h let's give them a head start on this journey to one of the most rewarding careers. [applause]
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[applause] someone who has been successful on without bail they will tell you about a teacher who set them on their path and someone who inspired them and push theme to succeed. our teachers provide more than instruction, they give emotional support instruction to help guide their children through their most difficult than formative years and that's t why it was and remains so important that our schools stay open. [applause]
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[applause] i am proud of the tens of thousands of iowa teachers who have stayed in the classroom when so many and other states did not and as a means of saying thank you and to help to retain our teachers i'm announcing tonight that we will use federal fundss to reward a 1000-dollar retention bonus to teachers who stay on the job through the pandemic and who will continue their teaching next year. [applause]
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your work is essential and we want you to know it. the important of a strong public school system is reflected in the state budget where public education accounts for more than 56% of our state funding. for k-12 that's over $3.7 million its increased nearly ase billion dollars in te last decade. for most iowa families that's money well across the state and every one of our 99 counties there are strong schools with dedicated teachers. for some families the school district doesn't get their needs met for their child and sadly in some cases school administrators are ignoring the problem.
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some even believe it's the school's responsibility to not justst teach kids to learn. to control what they learned to push their worldview. the problem has been building for some time. the parents are no longer in the dark read recently several parents brought to light that schools are buying and teaching with books that contain and explicit material involving minors. those books are so explicit they would be. x. the content is so bad that after pair read them at a school board meeting the district took down the live stream from its web site because the packages were to an appropriate and yet many of these books remain in school libraries today. we live in a free country with free expression.
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there's a difference between shouting vulgarities from a street corner and assigning them as classroom reading. eathere's a difference between late-night cable tv and the school library. school boards and administrators refuse to understand that if they believe the classroom is about pushing there will view than we are on the wrong path. so to the parent who are listening tonight who are frustrated with what's happening now that i in members of this legislature have heard you loud and clear. enough is enough. parents matter and we are making sure that you stay in charge of your child's education. [applause]
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[applause] starts with full transparency. all school should be required to publish what they are teaching. there's no reason to hide it, at least no good reason. the same goes for the books and libraries. parents should know what their kids have access to and they should have a timely process to address that concern because one parent are fully informed they can make informed choices. and ultimately that's what every parent deserves, a choice. even when the school is doing what it should that doesn't
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necessarily mean the unique needs of every student are being met. wealthier parents eyes have an option that. many middle and lower income families don't pay they don't have a choice. jackie ochoa a mother of four daughters who attends a catholic school in denison, writing to "the des moines register" she said school choice it's about students. choice empowers parents. a child's strongest evidence of the people who know best in their interest. it's a learning environment that will allow their child to shine. jackie, i could not agree more which is why i will be introducing legislation that allows middle and low income families and students with an iep to receive a portion of the
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per-pupil funds allocated by the state so the their child can go to the education of their choice. about 70% over $5300 of those funds will $ go directly into an account for families to customize their child's education. the remaining 30% will be distributed by the state to smaller school districts. we want to ensure our small schools stay strong while at the same time empowering parents to choose what is best for their child. [applause] [applause]
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as i said last year school choice isn't a zero-sum game. it has the potential to raise the quality of all schools. after we expand the enrollment last session when student responded by setting a goal of making his school district a destination of choice and that is precisely what we want for every school, public or private, to strive to be the best they can be because when ours pools succeed iowa becomes the destination of choice for parents everywhere. [applause]
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times are a good means putting someone else's life above their own. for workers and those who serve in our armed forces who patrol our streets guard our prisons or in any other way protect and serve an occasion like this would be in complete without saying thank you and recognizing those iowans who gave the ultimate sacrifice last year. william tyler page who was killed by -- as he bravely protected u.s. citizens and
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afghan refugees attempting to evacuate kabul. lorena sheltie and correctional officer robert mcfarland who sacrificed their lives and a trooper who spent their careers protecting islands in keeping our communities safe who tragically lost their lives in the line of duty. i also want to honor the life of congressman neal smith, a man who served this state and this country for almost all of his 101 years including as a military pilot who earned the purple heart in world war ii. and i want to recognize the absence of my friend who served his country in vietnam and
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served this state as a representative of this body. i miss the rear sharing phase . i'm so happy that your legacy lives on. to honor all of these brave men and women we have lost this year please join me in the family members who are with us tonight in a moment of silence. you. whether it's patrolling our thank you. whether it's patrolling our streets regarding our prisons public safety jobs are difficult and absolutely vital. i want to thank the legislaturea for giving additional funds to the department of corrections to help keep our prisons secure in that want to recognize the importance of the back the blue bill you passed last year. it's more important than ever
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that we show these men and women that we appreciate what they do because across the country far too many don't have that appreciation. i they don't believe in prisons and don't see the need for police. that way of thinking isn't just wrong, it's dangerous and in iowa it has no place. to reinforce that message we are using federal funds to give our brave men and women in law enforcement and corrections a 1000-dollar retention bonus will also aggressively recruiting officers from other states. when law enforcement officers are treated well in other jobs are plentiful at no surprise that applications are down. it's no wonder people are saying no thanks to a career.
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we can't fix attitudes in other states. we can certainly let our officers and officers across the country know that in iowa they are welcome and will receive the respect and support they deserve. [applause] [applause] most of what we do here in this building is about what happens in iowa and it's about educating our. children in our schools getting iowans back to work or just making sure that we the
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governmentth are not standing in their way. iowa is a national and international leader in what we do reverberate beyond their borders and that's certainly true when it comes to agriculture and energy and especially when it's unique. iowa is a leader in renewable energy. in fact we lead the nation in the production of ethanol and biodiesel. everyone knows they renewable fuel is important to iowa. d.c. is losing sight of its importance in the country. time and again the administrations of both parties the federal government has walked away from its commitment to renewable fuels and we had to bring them back. well, we need to do it again. the biden administration focuses almost all off its efforts on
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actively working to make gas powered cars. that's a mistake especially as china with lots of precious metals that makes batteries and in fact we need to continue to and all-of-the-above approach where we support energy sources that come from right here in iowa. to do that i'm introducing new legislation that will improve access and upgrade iowa's fuel infrastructure and offer higher blends and i'm proposing that we invest in carbon capture solutions to sustain and build on our leadership for renewable energy. let's send a message that can't be ignored and let's remind them that america's energy is growing right here in iowa's fields. [applause]
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[applause] i want to end tonight where he began by highlighting the amazing things that are happening in our community. i do this to shine a light on what iowans are doing and to remind us in this chamber it is not our doing. residents are completely -- with the historic frank lloyd wright hotel as anul anchor. they created aar beautiful parkn main street and repurpose them all and lined the streets with housing. al cater a small community of
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1200 we made it into the destination by creating one of iowa's first white watercourses and landmarks like the theater and opera house in opening numerous restaurants and coffee shops that have created a cultural hub and the school's businesses and local leaders come together to create the center of place that combines recreation, education and community and a small district creating an innovative work-based learning program as a magnet for all of southwest iowa. .. because people see something special in our small towns and cities. they see something special in each other. at the end of "field of dreams," a magical movie we got to relive
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last summer, james earl jones' character tells ray, in a >> they will come to iowa for reasons they cannot even fathom. if we get this right, if we take this opportunity, then people will come but for reasons that are obvious. they will come because here they can find freedom and opportunity. because of our small towns and thriving cities. they will come because we reward work and value personal responsibility and care for our neighbors. above all they because we put i our faith in iowans and islands always come
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through. thank you. god bless. god bless the great state of iowa. [applause]
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