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tv   New York Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 7, 2022 11:30am-12:00pm EST

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view of government funded by these television companies and more includingcharter communications . >> broadband is a force for empowerment that's why charter is upgrading technology, empowering opportunity in communities big and small. charter is connecting us. >> charter communications supports c-span as a public service along with these other television providers givingyou a front row seat to democracy . >> now new york democratic governor hochul gives her first state of the state address. she became governor after the resignation of andrew cuomo and talked about becoming new york's first woman governor as well as the pandemic, infrastructure investments, climate change and education priorities . this runs 35minutes .
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>>. [applause] >> thank you lieutenant governor. you have done such an outstanding job in a short time and i'm proud to haveyou by my side as we deliver for the people of new york . i want to join him in thanking my partners in government , state comptroller, bramante, our attorney general tish james . majority leader andre stewart cousins of the senate . majority leader stokes and we do hope that the speaker of the assembly pile hasty gets well soon and i want to thank pastor solomon dean for representing the girl scouts so well. as i stand before you, i'm well aware of the
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significance of this moment. the first time in new york's history that a woman has delivered this annualaddress . but i didn't come here to make history. i came here to make a difference. and to be sure i have deep reverence for our state's remarkable past and i honor it by coming together in this beautiful assembly chamber. its original and rightful setting of elected leaders drawn together to serve the public. i'm fond of a former member of this body, a longtime editor who said it's not the political account. credit belongs to the man or shall i say the woman who is actually in the arena and to my colleagues and partners, for too long albany's executives and legislative branches were fighting each other in that arena . no more. that ends now. what i am proposing is a whole new era.
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an age of governors disregarding the rightful will of the legislature all over. the days of the governor of new york and new york city wasting time on petty rivalries are over. the days of new yorkers questioning whether the government is working for them are over. the days of men in the room are clearly over. just ask the majorityleader's . we know women have thehighest standard , not just meats but exceed expectations. this will no longer be a historic achievement but the norm. from now on this shared success will find common ground. it will restore trust in this government that has waited for far too long. we will fight like hell for new yorkers. i've been proud to stand with
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the members of this legislature signing more than 400 bills into law since september and we're just getting started. new yorkers need to have everyone in this room to pass an ambitious agenda and also rebuild our healthcare and teacher workforces,provide tax relief to those who need it the most . speed our economic growth and create good paying jobs. strike our infrastructure and confront climate change. secure public safety, make housing more affordable and ensure every new yorker has a roof over their heads. and yes, daily reforms for our state government. this agenda is for you. every single initiative is filtered through the lens of how to help you and your families. because i know you're ou exhausted. i know you want this pandemic
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to be over. i know you're worried about the economy, inflation and what the future holds. we have endured so much hardship over this past few years . we very loved ones, experienced ships in our daily lives and this out of so many precious milestones. weddings,graduations, the birth of the grandchild. there's been so much loss , too many lives attributive our hopes and dreams and now just when we thought we were turning the corner there's a new variant. another surgeon cases. it seems like dcjcvu. iknow you're all asking will we ever get through this ? yes we will. we are new yorkers. we've been knocked down before. we've been counted out. we never failed to defy the odds and rise to newheights . new york always rises from the ashes. that is why i believe this is not a moment of despair.
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but a moment of great possibility. in the midst of an all-consuming crisis we remember if you make the right choices right now first we must weather the storm around us. that means controlling this virus but not letting it control us . when i took office we and acted a comprehensive pandemic plan. we contributed to adapt to new variants like have emerged. we've been putting in policy that made our vaccination right one of the highest in the country. activating a military style operation with test sites, deploying the national guard to our hospitals and nursing homes setting up 37 million kids across the states. during this winter search our focus is on keeping kids in school, businesses open and new yorkers lives as normal
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as possible. we're attacking this virus had on area with a tactical science-based approach and we already are ready for whatever comes next. but as we know too well this is more than a public health crisis. we now need to support the people, places, the industry that are hit the hardest . starting with new yorkers who get have been on the frontlines since day one. during this month's when many poker down and hold our healthcare workers and first respondersshowed up day after day , night after night. double shift after double shift putting their lives on the line to save others. they're not only physically exhausted, they're emotionally exhausted to you i know, i've seen it in their eyes in hospitals just this last week. that exhausted combined with pre-existing ishortages has resulted in a crisis.
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we simply do not have enough healthcare workers in our hospitals, in our long-term care facilities, or in the homes of our loved ones. the help of every new yorker depends on strong stable and ethical healthcare systemsand these workers are the very foundation . before any more time passes, first we must stop the current hemorrhaging of healthcare workers and we're going to do it not just by saying we know them of gratitude by paying them the debt we go . starting with donations of up to $3000 for our health and direct care workers to help providesalaries throughout the workforce . we're doing god's work here on her own and allow them to pay the minimum wage. beyond salaries we make it easier for doctors and nurses to practice with their existing licenses. we expand the capacity of our
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medical institutions so more students can train for high demand healthcare jobs and we made it possible for them to get training with free tuition and stipends if they remainhere after they graduate . and a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic demands a once-in-a-lifetime response. and that's why i'm setting an ambitious goal to grow our healthcareworkforce by 20 percent over the next five years . and we make the largest investment in the states history. $10 billion. we bolster our healthcare workforce and we know we aren't the only heroes of the pandemic. i am so grateful to the county leaders, school superintendents, administrators, parents and teachers work so closely with us to get kids back to school just this week. the role of a teacher is
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irreplaceable in a child's life. where the last two years have hammered home irreplaceable in a parents like to. as a mother i know this firsthand. this workforce is also stressed and overworked. we ramp up efforts to improve and retrain teachers with more effective training and support. faster certification and stronger career pipelines. and we'll add more mental health professionals in schools to help heal the wounds inflicted through the isolation of remote learning. families, small business owners, they all need our help and they need it now. and they're going to get it. we will celebrate $1.2 billion tax cut scheduled to take effect between now and 2025. that means more than 6 million middle-class
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taxpayers will get more money in their pockets sooner at the time when inflation is wider. to help property taxes we will provide a $1billion middle-class property tax rebate to more than 2 million homeowners . and help get parents back to work we're going to expand access to affordable childcare 100,000 more working families and invest 75 million in childcare worker wages. we will deliver $100 million in much-needed relief to 200,000 small businesses to keep their doors open and whether what the next few months bring. these businesses are the economic engine for small towns and big cities like and they make our communities unique and give them personality . i've shopped at most of them. also i helped my mother start a small barbershop and
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my sister start a tech company so iknow firsthand how hard it is . i know the risks taken by owners and entrepreneurs and the barriers faced by women. so many small businesses pushed to the brink. thousands of bars and restaurants have had to close . they're hanging on by a thread, the survival of the pandemic and create more space outdoors . a toughpath through our winters . to help out, we will provide a tax credit for covid related purchases like outdoor heating and seating. we're also going to do something with our bars and restaurants have been asking for to once again allow them to sell drinks, a critical revenue stream so cheers new york. we're finally going to supply our restaurant kitchens with a lifeline as well. i visited farms from genesee county to the north fork and life is tough even in good years.
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we're going to support them through a tax credit for the overtime hours they are paying. an increase in the investment tax credit and an extension for the workforce retention credit. this will also begin to address the workforce trade that many struggle with as well. elso this is how we will begin to help healthcare workers, educators, small businesses and families deal with the devastating economic impacts of covid but beyond the pandemic, my agenda reflects my belief that we cannot allow this virus to grip us so tightly that it constrains us looking to the future. allowing for a simple return to pre-pandemic world not only would be timid and unimaginative. it would go againsteverything that makes new york new york . if we can't embrace the
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possibilities that come out of times like these then we fail to honor thelegacy of the doering visionary workers who came before us . the portrait of franklin roosevelt hangs above the governor's residence is my daily reminder thatleadership during a crisis is all about . as governor and then as president, we rebuild the economy from the ground up after the crash of 29. and more than giving people jobs, he gave people hold. the policies of his new deal didn't just help families who lost everything. they spared decades of economic growth and the birth of a middle-class and yet again he focused on the storms swirling around him but kept one eye on the horizon always praying for the day when the clouds with parts. that is exactly what we are doing now . this pandemic did not create all theproblems we are facing today . it simply forced us to hold up a mirror and see the
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cracks in our society that have been so easy to ignore before. this crisis is creating opportunities to redefine ourselves and we must embrace it. but as we look back on this new era for our state we need to take higher look and feel with harsh realities like the fact that 300,000 new yorkers left our state last year alone. that's the steepest population drop of any state in the nation and it cannot be ignored. today to those left because of the pandemic or are trying to decide their next steps during these uncertain times i have onemessage . you do not want toumiss what's going to happen next . right now in real time we're building a new new york worthy of your talents and ambitions. we're going to jumpstart our economic recovery by giving the most businessfriendly and worker friendly states in the nation . to entice people and businesses to invest millions
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of dollars to transform the downtowns of our cities for new jobs and opportunities and positionboth legacy and emerging industries for success . new yorkers are already home to some of the most consequential industries in the world. finance, retail, healthcare, technology and entertainment to name a few but there's plenty of room for growth . we're doing improvements in our infrastructure and investments in technology will power the jobs of the future. and we're going to make sure we have workforce trained to step into these jobs. that's why we are investing smartly andstrategically in workforce development programs . which simply means nothing people to train for jobs. i know the demand is strong and every one of thousands of workplaces i visited there
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not having enough trained workers. every single place it's the same. and that's why we rebuild our workforce development. -so it can no stronger relationships with employers and funding for economic department councils so there are programs that are in demand and every part of the state. and the smart way to do this is to get school districts and colleges all focused on the sameobjectives . we incentivize success and apply a portion of the workforce i and job placement rates and we're going to make toit easier to qualify as an mw ve for so everyone has access to opportunities. it's a common sense approach with an uncommon level of funding and it's going tohelp supercharge our economy . our goal is to be known nationally as the place that attracts the talent and
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businesses will follow. and for businesses to succeed they need a well trained and educated workforce and i believe to my core that there's nothing more valuable than education and training when it comes to unlocking opportunity and prosperity. it changes lives across generations. i know my own family circumstances. my grandparents fled ireland as teenagers and they were poor with no senseof opportunity in their home ir country . our grandfather first become among farmworker in south dakota. later they cheered when they heard this great job in new york at the bethlehem steel plant and found a job making parts for our planes during world war ii. that is their ticket to the life theycame in search of . but work transformed my
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family was the fact that my father was able to get a college degree at night while working my day at the same steel plant as hisfather . if he hadn't taken that we and invested in his own education i would be living a different life today. i and i'm so focused on expanding education opportunities starting by making the resource systems better for part-time students. i believe cindy and cooney are the educational community . so today, i'm outlining a vision to make suny the best statewide public higher educationsystem in the nation . how? including world-class faculty including institutions at stony brook university. investing in our premier research facilities in saint albany and leading into the
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strengths of ourcomprehensive colleges , our technology colleges and community colleges . also providing childcare on each campus. let's increase enrollment to 500,000 students by 2030. making suny a national leader in equity and increasing diversity in every community. and ensuring suny has growth and its surrounding communities. as we bolster our education communities were acknowledging our populations at risk of falling through the cracks unless we target job-training and educational opportunitiesto them as well. for example , we know incarcerated people who participate incorrectional education programs are less likely to reoffend . there are 13 times more likely to obtain employment after returning home . that outcome benefits the
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formerly incarcerated, employers who need workers and the taxpayers of new york and it's the right thing to do. but today i'm announcing a new jails to jobs initiative where incarcerated people have the support they need to find employment during reentry. were going to restore the tuitionassistance program for incarcerated people again ending a 30 year ban . as we create economic opportunity in every sector there's one that's working around the clock for years to come. my friends in the construction trade, dealing with infrastructurethe likes of which we've never seen . the infrastructure can mean different things to different people . to me it's exciting. it's all about creating connections, connecting neighborhoods, connecting people to jobs and people to their families . substandard infrastructure can mean long commutes, lost time from families and even missing a child at bedtime.
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[inaudible] it's more stress than anyone needs and that's why we're improving our infrastructure and quality of life issue . in november i stayed with my colleagues on the white house lawn when president biden signed a historic infrastructure bill giving us a once in a century chance to invest. we cannot let this moment c slip by and we won't. workers demand the best and that's exactly what they're going to get. just look at my industries and that's already announced over the past four months. there's finally transformed penn station into a world-class facility worthy of our state. we enjoyed the gateway project finally movesforward . a long overdue upgrade to jfk airport's and finished the second suburbs to connect east harlem to jobs. but we'rejust getting started . today i'm announcing a bold idea to give a 14 mile
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right-of-way and complete the intervertebral express, a new service that will collect connect brooklyn and queens. i'm directing the mta to advance and environmental use and get that problem program down the tracks. i'm directing the port authority to get moving on the cross harbor tunnel. as i've said infrastructure is all about connections. and we need to reconnect neighborhoods that are severed by highways disproportionately impacting communities of color. we're going to reverse the damage done half a century ago with projects like the expressway in buffalo. i anyone in syracuse and the cross bronx expressway. i traveled to every one of our 62 counties in each of the past 20 years so i know every road and highway and bridge and i think i have a personal experience with every pothole in new york as well especially onthe long
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island expressway . i'm coming after them to. we're making the largest ever investment in new york's digital infrastructure putting $1 billion in connecting new yorkers with high-speed internet. where does the innovation and economic growth in our communities. there's one more piece of critical infrastructure inour plan to rebuild . our infrastructure against climate change. i days after being sworn into office we were slammed with hurricane ida . i walk the streets of queens and we missed the aftermath of an epic collision between mother nature and our infrastructure with devastating consequences. it's a reminder that too much time has been lost in the fight against climate change and these are no longer rare. the next one is coming. look no further than upstate counties constantly battered by local 500 year flooding or
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the tunnels of new york city where commuters are still undergoing repairs. there's a threat to our way of life here and now and that's why we must and will meet this moment. we've already started increasing the bond to $4 million to go through the resources we need. and i'm not announcing initiating $500 million investments in offshore wind energy to create thousands of good paying green jobs. we should build our wind energy capacity and continue our transition to green energy. our reliance on fossil fuels must be paramount. inseptember and announced to clean energy megaprojects to put us on a path to achieve
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ambitious goal of cutting 80 percent of new york city's powerplant emissions by 2030 . reconstruction must be our mission by 2027 and more buses. we are protecting our environment is personal to me . i was born in a time of the place where smoke poured out of factory smokestacks locking the skies with the horrible stench that can still recall to this day. all without dumping toxic waste in one of the worlds largest freshwater lakes. we are surrounded by the causes of climate change and are now living with the effects so rather than conflict climate crisis we will address our most basic human needs. but we need to also feel safe on streets, in schools and in homes. time and time againnew yorkers tell me they don't feel safe . they don't like what they see on the streets. and things feel different now and not always for the better . it's not just new york city, its cities across america.
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and many factors contribute to our streets feeling less safe including a very real uptick in gun violence nationwide since the start of pandemic. now, this is not a return ofto dark days of the 70s and 80s and 90s but we need to get back on october i signed a bill that closed loopholes in gun possession legislation making it easier for law enforcement to track down weapons used in crimes and prevent gun trafficking and ban the sale of those guns. going forward we will double down on practical proven law enforcement strategies to combat gun violence . mayor adams in new york and lieutenant governor i've asked to take me by the administration with a new consortium. unprecedented population between police and covid-19 and other law enforcement agencies including our neighboring states and retrace funds using crimes
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and stop the flow ofguns into our state . greenlaw" all the resources for gun tracing efforts as well as the successful community-based programs. fighting gun violence is critical. we must also direct other factors contributing to the pervasive unease that manyare feeling . and that includes the humanitarian crisis unfolding right before us. the rise in street homelessness. our fellow new yorkers are in this situation deserve our compassion and they will receive it along with our support. we will create teams of mental health professionals and social workers throughout new york city and move them into shelters and housing. at the same time we know that street homelessness account for a small fraction of the homeless population . beyond the sleeping on the streets tens of thousands more people move in and out of shelters to try to secure a place to call home and
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tragically, many of them are children. we need to focus on directing the root cause of homelessness. on that mental health needs, poverty, addiction and housing insecurity. every new yorker deserves access to affordable housing whether the risk of homelessness or those who struggle to pay the rent on time each month. we not only face tremendous hardship but housing crisis also contributes to escalate that possibility out of the reach of many. and that's why i'm launching a new five-year housing plan to create and preserve 100,000 affordable homes. >> we are leaving this program to take you live to the u.s. senate to honor our 40 year commitment to bring you live coverage of congress . lawmakers will resume the confirmation of president biden's nominees


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