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tv   New York Governor Delivers State of the State Address  CSPAN  January 6, 2022 6:06pm-6:43pm EST

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[applause] >> thank you lieutenant governor. you have done such an outstanding job in such an incredibly short time and i'm proud to be by my side and i want to join in thanking my partners in government. or attorney general tom and her attorney journal tish james
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majority leader cousins of the senate the senate majority leader krystal stokes and we do hope speaker of the assembly carl houston gets well soon today also want to thank tester solve india's for representing girl scout so well. as i stand before you i am well aware of the significance of this moment. the first time in new york's history a woman has delivered his annual address. i didn't come herere to make history, i came here to make a difference and to be sure i have deep reverence for states remarkable past and we are honored by coming together in this beautiful assembly chamber. elect the leaders join together to serve the public. i'm rather fond of a member of this body onetime governor teddy roosevelt he said it's not the critic who counts. the credit belonged to the man
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or shall i say the woman who's in the arena. to my colleagues and partners in government for too long aldi's executive legislative branches who are fighting each other in that arena no more. that ends now. i'm proposing a whole new era for new york are. the days of governors disregarding the rightful world and legislature are over for the days of the governor's work for mayor of new york city wasting time on -- the days of new yorkers questioning what that their government is working for them are over. in the days of three men in a room are over, just as the majority leader. we know that women are always held to a higher standard and that's why i know that i must s not just meet and exceed expectations and to no longer be just a historic achievement. rather the norm.
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we will do things differently. from now on we will share success. we will find common ground and restore trust in this government because it's i been eroded for t far too long we will fight like not for turf and not for credit. for new yorkers. i've signed 400 new bills since september were just p getting started. new yorkers need the help of everyone in this room to pass an ambitious agenda when that response to covid-19 pandemic. also rebuild their health care and c workforces and provides tx relief to those who need it the most. it speeds up economic growth and create good paying middle class jobs strength insert the structure and confronts climate change. it secures public safety and makes housingg more affordable insures every new yorker a roof
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over their heads and older forms for state government. my fellow new yorkers this agenda is for you. every single initiative is about how to help you and your families because i know you are exhausted and i know you want this pandemic to be over. i know you worry about the economy inflation your kids and education and what the future holds. we have endured so much hardship over these past two years. we have buried loved ones experience seismic shifts in our daily lives and missed out on so many milestones holidays weddings and the birth of her grandchild. there has been so much loss to many lives and to many of her hopes and dreams and now just as we thought we were turning a corner there's a new variant another surge in cases and it feels like déjà vu. i know you're all asking will we ever get through this?
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yes, we will. we are new yorkers. we have been knocked down and counted out and we never fail to provide -- defy the odds and rise to new heights. new york always rises from the ashes. that's why i believe this is not a moment of despair. a moment of great possibility because while were in the midst of an all-consuming crisis we remember that if we make the right choices right now it will and. first we must weather the storm around us. that means controlling this virus and not letting it control us did when i took office we enacted a comprehensive plan. we continuen to adapt as new variants of cat emerged and we are doing everything we can setting policies activating a
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military style operation with test sites deploying the national guard to our hospitals and nursing homes and setting out 37 million kits across the state. during this o winter's surge our laser focuses on keeping kids in school businesses open and new yorkers lives as normal as possible. we are attacking this virus head-on and with the science-based approach and we are ready for whatever comes next. we all know too well this is more than a public health crisis. we now need to support the people come to places and the industries who are hit the hardest starting with new yorkers about a frontline since day one. during d those terrifying times when many hunkered down at home are health care workers and first responders showed up day after day night after night double shift after double shift putting their lives on the line to save others.
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they are not only physically exhausted, they are emotionally exhausted to. i know, i've seen it in their eyes. that biggest exhaustion in dealing with staffing shortages have resulted in a crisis. assembly did not have enough health care workers in our hospitals and their long-term care facilities and their ambulances going to the homes of our loved ones for the health of every new yorker depends on strong stable and equitable health care system and these workers are its very foundation. bold actions require before any more time passes. first we must stop the current hemorrhaging of health care workers and we are going to do it not just by owing them a debt of gratitude that paint in the dalio starting with the retention bonus of $3000 poor health and director workers
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throughout the health care workforce. those doing god's work are no longer paid minimum wage. beyond salaries we are making it easier for doctors and nurses from other states to practice with existing licenses here in new york and expand the capacity of our medical institutions so more students can train her high demand health care jobs and we'll make it possible for them to get training with free tuition and stipends if they remain here after they graduate. a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic demands a once-in-a-lifetime response and that's why i'm setting an ambitious goal to grow our health care workforce by 20% over the next five years and we will make the largest investment in health care in the state's history, $10 billion. as we bolster our health care
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workforce we know we they aren't the only heroes of the pandemic. i'm so grateful to the county leaders school superintendents administrators parents and teachers who work so closely with us to get kids back to school this week. the role of the teacher is irreplaceable in a child's life. the last two years have hammered home it's irreplaceable in the parents live to. as a mother know this first-hand. this workforce is also stressed and overworked. we will ramp up efforts to retain teachers with more effective training and support faster and earlier certification and career pipelines and we will add more mental health professionals and schools to help healel the move battle wous inflicted during isolation of remote learning. others are hurting as well, families of small as his owners
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and farmers need your help and they need it now and they are going to get it. we will celebrate a $1.2 billion tax cut scheduled to take effect between now and 2025 so that it occurs earlier. this means more than 6 million middle-class taxpayers will get more money in their pockets sooner at a time when inflation is robbing them of any gains in income. to help with property taxes we will provide a 1 billion-dollar metaclass property tax rebate to more than 2 million homeowners can help give parents that to work and expand access to affordable childcare to 100,000 more working families and invest 75 million childcare worker wages. we will deliver $100 million of much-needed money to 200,000 small business is to keep their doors open no matter what the
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next few months bring. these businesses are the economic engines of small towns and big cities alike and they are what make our committee's unique and given personality. i should note, i have shopped in most of the men i hope my mother start a small flower shop and my sister started tech company so i know first-hand how hard it is in the risk taken by owners and entrepreneurs. sorv many small businesses are pushed to the brink. thousands of bars and restaurants the soul of our neighborhoods have had to close and feathers hanging on by a thread survival depends on whether they can create more space outdoors a tough test or near pointers to help offset these costs will provide a tax credit for covid-related purchases atcr outdoor heating d seating. we are also going to do something our bars and restaurants have been asking for, to once again allow the
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sale of two go drinks a critical revenue stream during hard times last year so cheers, new york. the farmers who supply or restaurant kitchens need a lifeline as well. i visited farms from tennessee county to long island in life is tough even in good years. so we are going to support them with a tax credit for the overtime hours they are paying and increase investment tax credit and an extension and doubling of the farm workforce retention credit. this will begin to address workforce shortages many farmer struggle with as well. this is how we will begin to help health care workers, educators small businesses farms and families deal with the devastating economic impacts of covid. beyond the pandemic my agenda reflects my belief that we cannot allow this virus to focus
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so highly that it constrains us from looking to the future. longing for a simple return to a pre-pandemic world and way of life would not only be timid in unimaginative it would ignore history and go against any -- everything that makes new york new york. we can embrace the possibilities of times like these semi- failed to honor the legacy of the daring visionary workers who came before us. the portrait of franklin roosevelt that hangs in the mantle of the governor's residence is my daily reminder of what leadership during the crisis was all about. first as governor and then as president fdr literally rebuild the economy from the ground up after the crash of 29. more than giving people jobs he gave people hope and the policies of his new deal didn't just help families who lost everything they spurred decades of economic growth and a boost
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to the middle class. again and again he focused on the storms aroundd him. kept one eye on the horizon always planning the day when the clouds will part. that's exactly what we are doing now. this pandemic simply forced us to hold up a mirror and see the cracks in our society that have been so t easy to ignore before. this is. an opportunity to redefine ourselves and we must embrace it. as we embark on this new era for our state when you take a hard look in that mirror and deal with the harsh realities like the fact that 3000 new yorkers left their state last year alone. that's the steepest population dump of any state in the nation and alarm bell that cannot the stock. those who left temporary because the pandemic or trying to decide their next steps during uncertain times i have one
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message, you do not want to miss what's going to happen next. right now in real-time where building is new new york and we are going to jumpstart her economic recovery by being the most business-friendly and worker friendly state in the nation. to entice people and businesses we are investing millions of dollars to transform the downtown cities in position and emerging industries for success. home tonow new york is some of the most consequential industries in the world finance retail health care technology fashion entertainment just to name a few. there's plenty of need for both. more shovel-ready sites or manufactures and warehouses improvements in our frayed infrastructure investments in the technology that will empower the jobs of the future. and we are going to makeea sure
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the workforce is trained to step into these jobs. that's why we will invest smartly and strategic and workforce development programs. i know that demand is strong and every one of the work places i've visited the universal -- does not have enough workers. how is it building stronger relationships and moving funding for economic development councils so program to train for jobs aren't in demand in different parts of the state in a smart way to do this is to have smooth districts all focused on the same objectives. we are going to incentivize success by tying a portion of workforce funding to hide job placementth rates and we are gog
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to make it easier to qualify for him to bbe so everyone has access to opportunities. the commonsense approach backed by an uncommon level of funding and it's going to help supercharge our economy. our goal is for new york to be no national is the place that attracts talented businessesin will follow and from businesses to succeed they need a well-trained educated workforce. very coreto my there's nothing more valuable that education and training it comes to unlocking opportunity leand prosperity. it changes lives across generations. i know what education did for my own family circumstances. my grandparents fled ireland as teenagers and they were poor with no hint of opportunity in their home country. my grandfather became a farmer can the fields of south dakota. later he and grandma were
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domestic workers and that change when he heard of these great jobsur at a place called oslo nw york. grandma found a job making parts for airplanes during world war ii. that was theirki ticket to a lie they came in search of. really transfer my family was the fact that my father was able to get a college degree at night while working by day at the same still planned as father. he hadn't taken that leap at the sudan is on education i would be living a very different life today. my whole family would be and that's why i'm so focused on expanding educational opportunities starting by making the state's tuition program available to part-time students. i believe the engines of social mobility and have untapped potential and needs to be unleashed and harnessed.
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it's the best higher education in the nation. how? recruiting world-class flagship institutions at stony brook and the university of buffalo investing in our premier research facilities in binghamton and albany and therefore your conference of colleges of technology colleges and community colleges. also providing childcare on each campus. let's increase enrollment to 500,000 students by 2030. making sunny and national leader increased number of diversity in every community. with degrees that allows milk glass careers and ensure sunny campuses spur growth in their surrounding communities. if we upgrade our statewide higher educationm institutions e have to acknowledge their populations at risk of falling through the cracks unless the target job training and
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educational opportunities to them as well. we know incarcerated people who purchase paid in educational programs are far less likely to be -- and 13 times more likely to obtain employment after returning home. thatin outcome benefits of formerlyar incarcerated and the taxpayers of new york and it's the right thing to do. today i'm announcing a new jails to jobs initiative so incarcerated people have the support they need to find employment during re-entry. we are also going to restore the tuition assistance program for incarcerated people again ending act 30-year ban. as we. economices opportunity there is one industry working around-the-clock for years to come to my friends in the can's direction trades building investors are likes of which we have never seen. infrastructure can mean different things to different people paid to me it's exciting
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and all about creating connections in connecting neighborhoods connecting people to jobs and connecting people to our families. substandard infrastructure can mean lost time for families. hitting a pothole lead to more stress than anyone needs and that's why building and improving infrastructure isce a quality-of-life issue. in s november i stood with my former colleagues in congress and the white house along with president biden signing the historic infrastructure bill giving us a once in a century chance to invest. we cannot let this moment slip by and we won't. workers demand the best and that's exactly what they are going to get. look what my administration is announced over the past four months. we will finally transform penn state into a world-class facility worthy of our state
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ensure the gateway project finally moves forward. will deliver long-overdue upgrades to laguardia and jfk airports and finish the second avenue subway to connect east harbor to jobs that were just gettingxp started. today i'm announcing a bold idea to take an old unused 14-mile long road and create what we are calling the inter-borough expressed p a new rail service that connects brooklyn to queens. i'm directing the empty 82 get that project rolling down the track. and we are getting moving on across harbortown all. as i saidro infrastructure is al about connections and we need to reconnect neighborhoods that were severed by asphalt highways disproportion impacting communities of color. we are going to rehearse the damage that half a century ago with projects like the kensington express in buffalo i
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i 81 syracuse and the cross bronx expressway. i've traveled to every one of our 62 counties in each of the past seven years so i know every single road highway and bridge. i think i have a personal experience with just about every pothole in new york as well especially on the long island expressway. i'm coming after them too. we are making the largest investment in the digital infrastructure or than $1 billion to connect more new yorkers with high spitting -- high-speed internet. .. hurricane ida. i walked the streets of the town and witnessed the aftermath. there were devastating consequences. it is a it's a clear reminder time is been lost against climate
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change. the next one is coming upstate counties constantly bite flooding. are the tunnels in new york city still undergoing repairs after hurricane. this is a threat here and now. that is why we must, and will move this moment. without the increase in the environmental of $4 million for the resource investment in offshore wind energy with good paying jobs the energy capacity to transition to clear energy reliance on fossil fuel. and september i announced to megaprojects to put us on a path to achieve the ambitious
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goal of 80% of emissions by 2030. newuc construction with emissionss by 2027 and the electric homes and electric cars, trucks, buses i was born at a time were orange smoke billowed out of the factory smokestacks. but the horrible stench i can still recall to this day. all of the toxic weights in the largest freshwater lakes. surrounded by the causes of climate change and now i'm living with the effects. survivors confront climate crisis with the most basic of human needs. and schools and in homes. time again point
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don't like what they see on the streets, things are different now and not always for the better. it's not just new york city a but cities all across america. including the uptick and gun violence nationwide is is not a return to the dark days but it's a metric for success. we need to get back on track. i told her i'd find a way to close loopholes and gun possession and registration for law enforcement to track downto crimes and prevent gun trafficking. and banned the sale of ghost guns. double down on strategies to combat gun violence. we are here with mayor adams from the ark the lieutenant governor take the administration.
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cooperation between new york state police, nypd, and other law enforcement agencies including our neighbor states. using crimes and stop the flow of guns into the state. meanwhile we will triple the resources for most of our iconic tracing efforts as well success community-based programsge. it is critical. to the pervasive many are feeling in our streets. then that includes the humanitarian crisis unfolding before our eyes. deserve our compassion and they will receive it along with our support. with a mental health professionals or social workers to partner with new york city and home with individuals in shelters and housing. at the same time it only counts for a small section of
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the homeless population. move in and out of shelters to secure a place i need to focus on root cause of homelessness, unmet to pay the rent on time. face economic hardship but here's the double pit. also contributed to escalate the new housing a plan on 100,000 homes. including a 10,000 services for high-risk populations.
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in incarcerated individuals. and sometimes deplorable conditions. on concrete action their outdated land laws tied back our supply. we encourage to the government and hotels and offices into housing as part of our overall housing strategy. accomplish everything on one thing. a government people trust. across the country the government is reaching all-time lows, we know why, misinformation, lies in social media, gridlock in washington, on the right to vote. it is getting harderr and harder to believe in elected
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leaders. there's the question, how do we restore the faith? here in new york our answers have demonstrated good and honest government looks like to neck to term limits for statewide officials. for government to work, those in power cannot continue to cling to it. we need to continue to pass the baton to new leaders with different perspectives and fresh ideas. as a ban on outside income for state wide officials because our job should be to serve the people of new york. it's no secret offensive called into question the effectiveness of public ethics. on the legislation place that commission than a watchdog.
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answers to new yorkers and not politicians. came with the government and having a safe in place, made most of us makes mistakes once in a while. i can a at least begin to restore public trust but focusing on what matters to our constituency. what you just heard with 220 proposals and accomplishments given 134 days in office. i commend to help shape the agenda. i i am proud the proudest it has ever had. so we can get to work. i want to pause to reflect a moment and what lies before us. since its beginning the tragedies of all around the world, in search of an idea
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it's worth the risk. two simple words, the american dream. and in pursuit of its new york is always met the promise of a better life. the slavery in the south, the refugees from afghanistan. our state was nationally recognized as a first course of proper progress. the movement the environmental movement, the justice movement, they all started right here. we track the best, the brightest week celebrate racial, ethnic and gender diversity, cultural entertainment and broadway says it all. with unsurpassed beauty of niagara falls, the adirondacks, the erie canal,
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and the hudson river bay as well as the new york city sky is breathtaking. this is who we are. and we are proud of it. it's entrusted to us and lead our state in the future. with curved and confidence. we may be imperfect, we always found the risktakers the entrepreneurs the new immigrants, the students, the true believers and the dreamers might fellow new yorkers the time has come to new american dream. i call the new york dream. is not just a place like other states, it is also ideal. the endless possibilities just
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as we are inspired by the history who lead our nation social justice movement with a calm steady hand, look at history back on our time. determined by what we do right here, right now. my seas with clear confidence to the legacy a new era for new m york. a great state of new york and our nation, thank you. [applause] [applause]
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[applause] >> tonight hearing on complex in africa and the policy response state department officials usaid testified before joint subcommittee. watch beginning at 9:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2 print online with or watch full new video app c-span now. corrects a new mobile video out from c-span. c-span now, download today. ♪ ♪ parked next next the house of ministration committee quarterly hearing focused on the impact of climate change. specifically flooding on the smithsonian institution of corrections. this is about an hour and 15 minutes.


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