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tv   British Home Secretary Discusses UK National Security  CSPAN  November 29, 2021 1:58pm-3:01pm EST

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people assigned to kennedy on the day he died and thenumber assigned to me now . if there are mine i want them less. i can't ever go to the bathroom, i won't go. i promise i won't go anywhere, i'll stay behind these black gates . >> presidential recordings, find it on the c-span mobile appor wherever you get your podcasts . >> every saturday you'll find events and people that explore our nation's past on american history tv and on sunday tv brings you the latest in nonfiction books and authors. it's television for serious readers. learn, discover, explore. weekends on c-span2. >> pretty patel took part in
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a conversation on uk national security at the heritage foundation. she announced action to outlaw hamas . this last about an hour . >>. >>. [applause] good morning everybody. welcome to the heritage foundation here in washington dc, the heart of capitol hill. welcome to our audience here in washington .and also we
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have a large number of us you online and with all the restrictions in place here in washington dc, the bulk of our audience is watching online so big welcome to those watching especially from the united kingdom as well. and it's a great pleasure today to post the british secretary pretty patel. he was appointed to her present role in july2019 . >> .. >> and this was a decade ago, individual freedom with the
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foundation of the principal and fearless leaders, in the united kingdom today, as always to priority foror conservative ides embodied upon margaret thatchern issues from protecting the prison were setting up for law and order and secretary patel has been like a rock with the people and one of the leading voices and persons in a campaign and the fact that the united kingdom is once again, truly subornation outside of the european union predict whose much of the hard work and determination and vision leaders like secretary patel and please join me in welcoming. and thank you. [applause] that back on the thank you so much introduction it is such an
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honor to be here today, it really is in the policy our friends so this side and of course for me personally, knowing it fail the things as a foundation as well, this foundation has a well-established reputation and incredible history and proud history of speaking up for liberty, and the conservative sites in the police and from horseback in 1989, it was margaret thatcher, who took pride in declaring that we in the conservative party, our conviction politicians and we know what we believe, will fast tobe our belief and when electe, we put them into practice. being here today is very much a reminder that are international coalition throughout the conservative movement, are based upon, purpose and conviction. and of course we are the generation of the politicians to follow in the footsteps of
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margaret thatcher and ronald ragan in the very people who stood up to our enemy and confronted the heart issues and defeating or defending our values of conviction and belief and tackled of those decisions for labor economic freedoms and our coal under corridor value system is a principle of safety and security. now my role as home secretary, the safetyle and security of the people of the united kingdom is fundamental to everything i i d. and the safety can only be achieved by working with our friends and allies not only reef united in the shared values, but we are united in our desire to be safe and also means protecting the aerospace international order and of course, our desire to be free. because our freedom is utterly dependent upon security. he asked mesk if i'm also prepae
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more concerned with law and order, i will tell you now that is a false dichotomy and free market, do not exist in signature that can only exist with the rule of law pretty cannot have free markets and a thriving economy that is peaceful, the property and the businesses are unprotected e and it representing his freedom, space to create you ingenuity in the very thing that are we seek to undermine and they do so not toge just gain economic advanta, but of course the stable assault together and that is something we need not let them do and democracy floors are function without security and someone cannot vote freely if she is scared or intimidated our faces choices not legal likely in democracies collapse in the absence of security andur nobody has the free thrive and succeed
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if they are not safe and secure. security is a great rock upon which freedom sets if you chip away at that rock, the freedom will be eroded bit by bit. there's so many of us that speak passionately how hard where our freedom from want and how easy they can be lost. and missus thatcher and ronald ragan the steadfast and their belief in freedom and as they confronted the evil empires of communism and socialism, and they were right to do so but we must never forget that that rock, that freedom must be safely defended and that will crumble if we do not work together to preserve it in 1989, the berlin wall fell, the freedom seem to have one and so comprehensively that it was even suggested that history had ended and 32 years later,en we know tt
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is not true and there's nothing inevitable about the future predict and we want the future where we are prosperous happy and free, we will have to continue to work for it. and with that, that means corporation amongst the allies and shared security threats and holding a clearon understanding that if we do not have security, we will have none of the things that we want or even take for granted but of course many of the things that we do not want, then so we speak about the global picture and the very threats which we face of the allies and all of which endanger our shared freedom and prosperity. this year from afghanistan, a major event, pressing a broad range of challenges amongst us all. the k united kingdom responded with great speed, and extremely physical and dangerous circumstances to bring afghans to share of our values and also work alongside us to safety and
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instructed others who are vulnerable by the change of regime in afghanistan and government at international partnerships and commitment to nato and we see in the case of afghanistan, why the security and the safety for women and girls so vital read and also essential to economic prosperity. the united kingdom might have an outline proven a safe haven for the people at risk including a women girls and minority groups and we want need to explain to any of them that freedom depends upon security read all the while be alive in front over to the changes in afghanistan and how it alters the geopolitical and global security picture. as what is closely following developments of that and the contact between the 2021 in the years ahead, very different to what has gone before. as also incumbent to all of us
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to act to these threats and also to protect ourselves against future ones pretty for state threats, materialized in multiple forms, physical threats to people, and to life such as through assassinations, or harassment. in the physical threats are what it's like to our values including sabotaging threats such as espionage and interference and supplemented by invisible threats, cyber attacks about malware, fraud, extortion and intellectual property rights. and also the erosion of our freedoms rated harm to our economic instability and all underpinned by intent to destabilize our security and the face order on which it stands predict and then there are the threats which relate to geostrategic interests. and occasionally, these actions will be completely brazen and so
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overt such as with the assassination of alexander and 12006, and this poisonings 2018. these outrages were perpetuated with very clear intent and clearance tensions of sending a message that was perceived authority would not be tolerated. and that iss completely at odds with freedom and i recently announced a relations that are now in place with three additional men and just yesterday, i confirmed that we in the united kingdom ball the public inquiry into what happened and i will be robust in my continuation of of my work to see justice in terms of what happened there and when this outrage occurred in the united kingdom, we call for support from our international allies. when we expelled 23 undeclared
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officers, 28 other countries and nato joined us and supported us and also the largest collective expulsion ever more than 150 russian intelligence officers rated this degraded freshens capabilities for years to come. and her friends knew this act was not just a human tragedy, but sold under l nationhood and liberty it is a reminder of how intricacy in the freedom and safetyd are one pretty and meanwhile he espionage, governments continue to spot each other and post buying now has a much further breach including into our universities and businesses. it's not only inherent for them to try to influence each other which of course is exactly why mayor on this state line side but in we can never allow national security of our nation to be compromised printed and
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despite the powerful presidency, the significant threats to our security continues to be maligned interference in the activities that those hidden relationships with the public figures are encouraged to push another countries interest predict and corporations and organized crime following, when the uk will no longer tolerate h brazen attacks in the brazen way in which we have seen our national security separate such activities. in our legislation it will represent the biggest under threats state legislation and over 100 years free to two examples will share, we will modernize existing counterespionage laws to better affect threats and we will improve to protect official data and the associated offenses. our strategic partnership must continue to address all this
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activity which is uninhibited and grown along with all of the threats we seee day in and day out absolutely critical that this remains our futures of the u.s. and our focus and approach centered to protecting both our countries which are determined to push even further in the coming months and years pretty and of course we still face the threat of terrorism up and this also is a threat. major interdependent incidences if you changes in the threat level in the. united kingdom the recent weeks, and is now the second highest level and the united kingdom's approach to terrorism of all kinds takes place under four main work streams, prevent, precede, protect, and prepare and induce science to this department largely unsung work of the united kingdom counterterrorism agency since 2017.
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thirty-one and the lack of the stages have been foiled in the threats we face today, have caused change but they can pay out on the battleground all in the bedroom. assist in the sophistication is changing the way we must all act to defend ourselves and all securityll issues, and terrorism becomes more complex so are responding to become more sophisticated and nuanced and costly striving to join our approach and strengthen our domestic and collective resilience in response bit serious that we are setting up our efforts and strengthen our ecapabilities to disrupt those who seek to radicalize others to violence and terrorism. in working with policing and other experts and a picture of a possible threat to society and i will continue to use every tool
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and every lever at my disposal. one of those tools as data sharing happening at the highest levels to protect us from terrorism and criminal activity and it will continue to push the united states and other allies to further cooperate in this important area and this extremism is so significant, and enduring threat and it is heavily influenced by state of conflict in her geopolitical changes and how these are prevented online. i believe that democracy is an evil that of core tenant of islam make extremism in united kingdom is committed in a global coalition against diet and the effort to counterf propaganda d hosting counter - community. [inaudible]. and since i became home secretary in 2019, i have
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prescribed for extreme right wing terrorist groups all of which spread far propaganda and extremismvi has also caught considerable tensions and while we start this expression, must always be within the law and we've expanded our disruptions capabilities to better address those people who seek to radicalize and who operate often intentionally love the legal threshold we now need to focus on how we can go further to analyze and prevent a and disrut the spread of high harms extremist ideology that leads to community division and radicalization into terrorism particularly those radicalized others and deliberately seeking these thresholds. in a wide range of powers that can be used to counter the threat from extremism, and we are working to maximize use
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these include the powers directly education and integration powers, and offenses which are encouragement to terrorism and public order and today, i haven't made united kingdom parliament to amended schedule to the - 2002 prescribed in the entirety including the critical limb. how much this capabilities including access to sophisticated weaponry as well as terrorist trainingph facilits and it has long been involved in significant terrorist violence pretty but the current list artificial distinction between parts of the organization that is right that list is updated to reflect this this is an importap especially for the jewish community.
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there fundamentally anti- somatic and anti-semitism is an enduring evil which i will never tolerate jewish people routinele feel unsafe at school, edit when they were seven, in their homes, and online. this step will strengthen the case against anyone who waves the flag in the united kingdom and that's making jewish people in the community feel unsafe. anyone that supports or invites a part of prescribed organization it is breaking the law predict that now includes, in whatever form it takes. we tolerate extremism up, emily road the rock of security. and i fled work with colleagues to protect our countries law predict that now includes, andnt other interests and it wil also launch new counter terrorism operation system bringing togetherr policing the agencies and criminal justice system coordinating their
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expertise with offices and intelligence in the state of an art facility and meanwhile are victims of terrorist is said to provide support for all regardless ofpr nationality aftr uk -based attack. we have to carry on to our partnerships and other international partnerships and i will always encourage our partners to strengthen our arrangement when it comes to the apollyon issue of child sexual exportation and abuse as well as counterterrorism. in the communications enabled by modern technology which is so public in so many ways, inevitably, makes the challenge of keeping our people more safe, rather hard and also demands international response of global response. it's terrible ideas and falsehoods, radicalizing it and
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the incitement in silence and terrorism are both life and online in freedom of speech does not include the rights with the terrorism of the global internet of counterterrorism is an example of strong progress but the truth is that we need to do so much more and to ending encryption and for the risk that indeed it in my view it might jeopardize the good work that is od24 and messages encrypted is a standard but ended to ending in persons when i was operator, a nonenforcement can see the content, much of that work and reasonable people instinctively understand that law enforcement is good to be able to track and tackle the shame of terrorist materials are these images where it cannot enter as a legal want to do so and that should be the same in the off-line world.
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and merely removing offending accounts from a platform is nowhere near good enough and social media companies to take greater responsibility for the harms very harms they are responsible for. and i will continue to call upon our allies to back united kingdom approach of holding these technical companies accountable and if they neglect public safety, when designing products, i will online safety bill will place on technology companies, finding duty for other users an end to end encryption will not release companies from that duty and it is hyperbolic and wrong to assert these concerns are really about sniffing it on the labors or anop assault on freedom. if that were sure i would be the first to speak out but this is about public safety and keeping people safe from evil.
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and out is through the same platforms that this enables most of the shared threats we face in terrorism and organized crime and other malicious activities thrive in dirty money is one that we are all aware of minutes required a significant global action it to tackle is it financial slows. the g7 delivered a strong evidence and classy united kingdom's presidency and some of her democracy here in the u.s. now close relations to science is of course cybercrime and our technologies developed, does the opportunities for a cyber criminals and they rising to the 5g and the internet of things has created a multiple of new opportunity but also vulnerabilities including in people's homes and this advancement of the 5g has been a solid reminder to us all that we can never stand still and
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technology and innovation predict our security and freedoms are linked to the very ways in which our strategic partnerships have technological solutions we must never elect to related technology is a risk to the security of our nation's. and deep state technology provides opportunity for fraud and identity theft for exportation purposes and extortion of their event attacks on national interest such, and organizations at every type and even parties are formidable now to attacks at the very least, these assaults on our way of life in our our souls on our flight and national integrity. at the worst, as such with the attacks, they represent a great threat and the kingdom has especially as a law enforcement
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network and we are shifting to the holy cyber approach. band that broadens the scope of her national cyber strategies beyond the cybersecurity is now covering the whole cyber debate printed by the end of the year, we will publish a national cyber strategy that will strengthen the law enforcement and make our approach much moreor collaborat. and it can attend convention has helped the corporation on this issue ms. united nations developing it new cyber crime treaty and just last month, the uk posted a session on countering an illicit finance of multilateral events led by the united states seeking in a global coalition of ways of disrupting rent somewhere attacks and that that g7 summit, i called all like to identify and only count cyber criminal gangs to operate in their territories now perhaps most
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chilling threat of thehe ones tt we cannot see and bioterrorism f hollowing movies and nightmares but sadly, it is all too real that it will flourish if we allow the breakdown of the international order pretty as we have seen in chemical weapons in syria predict any minute when a biological problem does not necessarily stem from an attack, when it comes to diseases and the threat can be enormous and d of course it is not respect international borders and chemical, biological, and defense is yet another area and demands that we stick together and we work together. and even if it someone is not killed by a biological attack the impacts onr the health could easily be so devastating that their full life would be severely compromised cannot hope to stay safe or the freely very
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sheepish about calling out such wrongdoings and what is true of minor domestic criminals, is equally true to an international scale. several governments are capable of but undermining the uk's national security. this includes such activities from state, or state -based organizations in russia, china, and iran that we respect the people in every country but we will do whatever it takes to keep our country and our allies safe the greatest carless minor review published earlier this year, the review of national security and international policies and it's made is very clear that the actions of the russian state poses an acute and direct threat read i spoke about sultry but since then, we have repeatedly exposed dangerous activities of the russian intelligence services and with all that russia malicious
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cyber activity and that an individual is responsible for the lion activity against united kingdom and our allies. introducing new camp and conference chemical records and regimes and crackdown on finance pretty now last year working in transit with your come born now sanction against the russian intelligence services with the cyber attacks against united kingdom and our allies wee also took robust action the in our response to the poison and attempted murder. enforcing and travel bands against 13 individuals in russian research center predict in theea u.s. and the uk sent ot in april this year, russia's intelligence service, the spr was behind series of cyber intrusions including the compromise. there are also human rights concerns in china and that's a
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motion to the weakest and also in hong kong and in the united kingdom, i am very proud that we have have ourur strong ties with hong kong created new routes of suppleness for the home converse with british national stators now will be able to lift their lives free from the fear of oppression it in july, the united kingdom and our partners were able to confirm a chinese access were responsible for gaining access toin computer networks by microsoft exchange servers. accessing e-mail accounts and acquiring data and deploying malware. this affected more than one quarter of aar million servers worldwide in the set including the norwegian parliament and the european authority. the united kingdom signed a bilateral agreement access will be giving cyberspace with china
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in 2015, we continued all china accountable for it and in december of 2018, the uk government and 14 otherer countries called out china's fake security of breaching the agreement inn february, the cout sentenced an accredited format based in vienna for 20 years imprisonment for his role in a plot to bomb the home and paris and the belgian state security service said the plans for the attack was conceded and the name of iran and under the leadership in july the u.s. doj announced tthat legal court wasn't filled on indictments indictments against four people residence and ron, that involvement in the plot to kidnap an unnamed ciranian american german under journalist in the indictment in detail for other individuals under surveillance and network g one in the united kingdom. prosecutors said that one of the conspiracists work in an iranian
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intelligence official while the other three, were of iranian intelligence and all of this shows that complacency is simply not an option. they will conclude, you all cynthia's coronary unit bolton threats we face at home and abroad. and defending the freedoms we share, requires us all to act in a coordinated way to combat the shared security threats and defend oursh shared values. rules -based order the whole country the united kingdom waski shocked by the brutal killing of the member of parliament that was my dear friend pretty andr last weekend we saw nato incident outside of the hospitaa maternity hospital in liverpool, before being investigated as terrorists incidents and i'm very grateful for the way politicians, and others from other countries have held out
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the hand of friendship and a show of solidarity goes a long way in the fact is that these are unconventional events were not unprecedented and we have to work ferociously hard to defend our freedoms and effective national and international security policies, and given each threat and his resources and needs while maintaining the expertise in each area and having the ability to moments of this to serve capacity into a crisis. and finally it's worth remembering things can change for the better as well is for the worse. so uk's causes allies, countries that we have fought wars with nebraska we will not hesitate to protect yourselves very much only to enjoy economic and diplomatic relations but also to e be friends. countries that embrace freedom,
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invariably become more prosperous, and with that they also become safer and thank you. [applause] >> thank you very much secretary priti patel, for a very very robust speech today and it's of course great pleasure to host you here at the heritage foundation should mention that the other day, latest bombshell that i'm actually very privileged to be interviewing the real life james bond if he were here was a real and immense pleasure today secretary priti
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patel and you have been you know, a tremendous admirer of a margaret thatcher and you became an mp, you have visited washington and you made a point to visit the margaret thatcher place and had a cavity of that type and in many ways, you embody the british dream, the daughter of immigrants in the united kingdom and you have risen to the position of home secretary, one of the most powerful positions in the country can you talk about the influence of margaret thatcher in her life and to your thinking on how our example has influenced you in your career. >> thank you and i is the daughter of immigrants who came from east africa to the united kingdom and you know you grew up in the senate during the 1980s and i thought the incredible change the margaret thatcher brought tohe our country from tt
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time that institutional decline in of our nation in the 1970s, to recite something that0' my father looks back to this day, she empowered to people, she gave people the freedom to succeed and she's bringing in the ingenuitypi of the human spirit and for her everything she did did in terms of our policies, about freedom and empowerment, economic prosperity's and even giving people the chance to really make the best of themselves and alongside that of course iranian democracy and she gave people the chance to keep more of their hard earned through lower taxes and fundamentally people in our country to become the powerhouse thatco will allow and love so hr influences phenomenal to me, it really was watching someone, a woman of her background in the highest position in the british politics and in the government.
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in bringing that emancipation freedom to the people. and the conviction of the confidence to go out there and live their lives. so she's inpo plasma politics my own views and my family systems, belief system and also fundamentally, the conservative party politics ascs well. but i think more importantly, for me looking back on her legacy, and following now obviously one of the great parts of thete state in the british government. i really look back and say thank such as we had her robust leader and conviction politician, so authentic about the valleys and believe the really structural country and lead our country forward and only because of her really that i have the sheer privilege of holding this kind of office i do today. and coming up through the rights
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of the conservative party as well. and we all obviously have a valleys lease when it comes were were. >> or she spoke about the lady thatcher's example in shaping her life and career as well and lady thatcher at a very early stage, making a case for the british european union it she was the first british leader to talk about the idea of leaving the yui in the e.u. and have time and you have been a leading voice and supporter of brexit for so many years and you are of the lead figures in the lead campaign and it could you talk about what brexit means and on
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the world stage and also for the u.s. and uk election ship. >> i have campaign for 12 long long time. and there is a reason for this and for thatcher as well as she was really infamous in terms of discussions and politicians and reportedly with the eastview and of course fundamentally, i think that brexit is very much better freedom. i've always said about the freedoms, the empowerment of our nation begin our decision making it into his only pass and speech and totally different way and without that also brings new opportunity with more partnership and for example trader but also security and having the ability is very very
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good example where we recently announced partnerships which we are looking outward into the world or to the world and very different life. and i reference in remarks as well, integrated review of security partnerships or we look to the end of pacific and were building new relationships and transactional relationships in the trade about fundamentally, this is very much about the freedom in the apartment it will give our nation. and of course domestically and internationally, we have a whole program of work in our government now, is the pandemic and building that in the vocation here in the u.s. as well. but it also means about how we can rebalance and level update united kingdom who had too many that have been left behind for far too long and new opportunities around the joe
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creations infrastructure programs and that gives us the essence of the post brexit of domestically and internationally predict. >> side of the european union, and the power on the world stage and of course among the u.s. conservatives, brexit is huge. a great development for the core of the freedom the world stage pretty in your speech today, is in a very powerful message to him is that person will not tolerate terrorist activity. notice already that they have these issues and is a terrorist was always do pretty this is a decision that g will be very welcomed here in the united states and of course by american
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for putting israel and hamas is being without a doubt very deadly terrorist organization and referenced in your speech as well, roles and iran has played in supporting terrorism and even on european andnd a number of attempted attacks and with regard to the action taken his numbers also very strong message sent to iran in irradiance on the supplies and weapons and so on. >> fundamentally, if we are to secure our freedoms, we absolutely have stand up against it organizations that are the proponents of such appalling and
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by that i don't use the word harm in it the sense of whatsoever the terrorist activity and inciting harry threaten training camps and sophisticated weaponry in all of these types of activities to be determined there's so much that we still need to do collectively as allies but also to recognize that these arms are simply not going to disappear overnight and of course our country store deliberately and intent on supportingng those some of the most extreme hostile act that will undercut us undermine our way of life destroyed our values and freedoms and democracy and also are economic authority. so this is not just any one prescription that i vidal said there are other prescriptions as well but fundamentally we can
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never ever take our eye off the ball when it comes to this country, around being one of them for their outbursts that can completely destroy her way of life and destroy your life. >> anti-semitism will not be tolerated and this is a message that should be across europe but we have all seen the rise of anti-semitic attacks take place predict. >> i think one of - the saddest things, anti-semitism has dominated my parliament in my time in politics and the united kingdom up is well-versed and well known it the active anti-semitism that have taken place in the united kingdom and also other places as well. that is completely unacceptable
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and if you're alone, other parts of the country in the united kingdom, follow next event type semitism afraid we always speak out and say we will not tolerate anti-semitism which is racism and write the politicians and myself and others, continue to call it out. >> that is a very very powerful message and you also in your address about referencing the daughter of afghanistan, kid rock a bit about the potential for national security with them back in powerba now, for the rie again of al qaeda in afghanistan
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and what is that mean for the unitedat kingdom. >> i think first and foremost we have to look back 20 years at the incredible work we should never ever lead and guide in the enormous sacrifices that we made around afghanistan and we have seen united states and uk and other allied forces as well predict policing loss of life from people to go back there and bring instability but ultimately eradicate within afghanistan and soth you know 20 years, things have changed and we have all been part of that huge evacuation efforts that we saw this summer which was just a pulmonary and dramatic actually for those who were involved in that all evacuation progress but the reality already, we cannot
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stand still or be complacent, we will see new challenges in the fact of t the matter is the physical presence is no longer in afghanistan but it will not stop us working with coalition partners in our allies of indonesia and it absolutely ensure that we do everything we possibly can to not just watch and the intelligence agencies and security agencies kept the rest and well-versed in terms of the harms that have taken place. in these activities of these groups that yous mentioned in others as well but we absolutely to continue these because it is that capability that will protect both domestic and the homeland so organic post of the summer post the evacuation, we are working relentlessly with our partners have had the privilege of in the last few
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days and of course conversations absolutely will continue working together we will strengthen work in the security in the intelligent corporation and of course without comes data sharing and intelligence sharing inevitably takes place. >> and certainlyit going to be dangerous few years ahead in the free world. and also you spoke as well about the role that britain has played standing up to russia. including of course chemical weapons on british soil. and russian forces also continue with you ukraine border russians are actively aiding and abetting the government and attempting to send illegal migrants and and
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the russians are becoming increasinglyly aggressive. nyon so many different fronts ad do you see brexit really is saying lead role in europe standing up to pearson's ambition pretty. >> thinktiti tank actions speak louder than the words and you would've seen some of the activities of the british government particular border in particular poland and irrespective of brexit, we still are always at the forefront when it comes to our strategic capabilities and standing strong with our allies and s of course with nato in a role in system and all of the key strategic and defense institutions, we are absolutely there and that will not change and we look at reference to my remarks as well,
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legislations will be forthcoming in the united kingdom next year, and the activities, that is quite clear in the country so we know who are the most initiative and malicious as well as we touched on iran, china, and russia is absolutely there in the united kingdom, we have to look back in the last decade and the atrocious act ofve 50s that have taken place in poisoning it our domestic home home led pretty dimension of the inquiry that it was a just announced and these we seek just justice all of the time fundamentally we must work together to make sure that we can protect our domestic home landed stop these credits andd quite frankly we've seen in the united kingdom pretty. >> and significant threats that they have emerged in the biggest
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adversary from the russians predict and uk. >> of course that relates to this extensively, it is something that we cannot ignore. we talk about the box, we talk about it differently is much more than justha the box of its actual see and and talking about finance institutions and how health and well-being of the institutions right down to the medical practice than hs and education establishments in these hard deliberate act, level of destruction and clearly as unthinkable and we have to be smarter but we also had to be agile much more agile in a way which we encounter in many of these the tactics that they use. at the end of the day brexit is bad news to people and one final
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question because we are nearly out of time. law and order. youu have been one and the most strongest secretaries and you face zero-tolerance approach in the uk and you have actively increased police numbers imprisons, quite the opposite of defendant the police complained that we have seen on the left in the united states across many things in the governments taking it very different approach and we need more police on the streets. we need to have a very tolerant approach towards criminal activity and can you talk a bit about law and order approach which i think would actually be a good example of 70 leaders in the united states as well. >> will the course and not because the conservatives we don't stand up for the values of
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law and order. i've talked very openly about this first became secretary, the conservative party in the united kingdom as the party of law and order in doing so in very important reasons and the british public and theub public wherever you go in the world, they will be safe and secure in their communities in the neighborhood and without of course a means disability when it comes to policing and keeping officers on the streets and more police officers effectively arresting the criminals doing much more preventative work when it comes to crime. but i have g gone further, not just in terms of peace officers, many of our laws when it comes to sentencing in the sentencing itte powers. parts of the doj here in the administrative of justice but
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even so we work across our government to make sure that we have the highest sentences and so for example counterterrorism, we have changed our laws and we have increased sentences now to 14 years and there's a whole lot of work that we have taken place as we speak, the house of laws and our second chamber and a piece of legislation called the sentencing bill and effectively does what it says on the pandemic empowers the police to be tougher in their acts around the sentencing and actually does protect the policeo as well and some appalling the left take a aposition irresponsibly and attacking the police from what i can see we believe in protecting our police officers. so were putting a covenant and to protect our law enforcement in our emergency workers from the attacks and things of that nature. and alongside that i will also see new powers and laws and
2:52 pm
strengthening the laws are the protests and basically undermine our way of life. protester economic destruction and harmon we recently have this week, sentences for causing disruption to our strategic across the united kingdom and the tendency for some of them to claim their environmental campaign is to do themselves or the network and we should absolutely the economic health and well-being of our country but also some of the unfair mechanisms we have seen it braided so i fundamentally believe that the british public, yes they want safety and security, yes they want the freedom to go on to live their lives and all within the rule of law and be protected by the laws and sentences that we have it at the same time this would be a very very powerful arguments and
2:53 pm
report back to her place and for them to know that the government of the day is on their side. and that is the principal. >> that is a tremendous message and i hope there listening carefully to what youou have to say here because this is exactly what we need to say here in the united states as well pretty and it has been a fantastic discussion in a tremendous pleasure to host you here at the heritage foundation and we very much hope to welcome you back to heritage as soon as possible and thank you for your tremendous inspiring leadership and truly walking in the footsteps of margaret thatcher read and 80 thatcher established the freedoms to really advance to uk relationships and i think that you have done that tremendously throughout your political career and continue to do so today.
2:54 pm
we wish you all of the best in all of your endeavors crucially important for advancing the national security but also leadership on the world stage. the world is far safer place in the united states the united kingdom are working together to thank you very much and for joining us pretty.y. >> it is been a real privilege and thank you very much i think you soo very much. [applause] >> a very big thank you for joining us today in person and also online from acrossve the hellenic asn well and i would just ask thatas everybody can sy seated until the home secretary has left the auditorium and thank you for joining us today. [applause]
2:55 pm
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>> sunday on in-depth, historian and conservative commentator victor david hanson joins us live it to talk about war, and politics and citizenship in the united states in his book titled as a father of us welcome the casework trump truck and his latest, the dying citizen and he said the idea of american citizenship, and the ideals associated with that are disappearing. joining the conversation with your phone, facebook comments, texts and tweets for victor davis hanson sunday and noon eastern on in-depth, on book tv and before the program visit cspan stop .org and get your copies of the book. >> america up to his neck in debt pretty. >> we are striving to provide equal opportunities for all students printed c-span video
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