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tv   Sen. Ron Johnson on Jan. 6 Capitol Attack  CSPAN  November 29, 2021 12:21pm-1:29pm EST

12:21 pm to get your copies of his books. >> next, wisconsin republican senator ron johnson talks about his own investigation into the january 6th attack on the u.s. capitol in in a podcast hosty the center for security policy. senator johnson sits on homeland security committee which he previously shared in the 116th congress. this is an hour. >> welcome to the center for security policy podcast on national security. we are here today with senator rankingson who's a republican on the senate subcommittee on investigations who has been the lead independentle questioner of investigations of what happened on january 6th as well as one
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of the keyf members of the senate, raising questions about covid policy and its effect on our society as well as our national security. my name is michael waller so we will spend the next hour just talking about these issues. thanks for joining us. >> welcome tos. my office. by the capitol police that a public building is closed, that i'm not free to come into the building anymore, so it was a shock to come in here today and be blocked. sen. johnson: you don't look particularly dangerous to me. >> is there a threat level anymore? sen. johnson: there is always a threat level. you have to be conscious of security. it is unfortunate. it comes across as a prop but we won't get into that. but glad to have you here. you have been the number one person in the senate saying something about this january 6
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narrative is wrong. there is more to it than meets the eye. what do you have to say now 10 months later of how the investigation is going and who is behind what happened that day? sen. johnson: i always have to start with i condemned the violence. particularly when we saw it described during the impeachment trial, the videos, the nicely edited video. in the violence was repugnant, the racial slurs were repulsive and so i condemned that day. i came back from senate chamber after we had been locked in, came back to my office and started watching on the tv. got a globs of it. but we also saw the people who enter the capital, and they should not have done that, but the ones that enter the capital, we were seeing on cnn, people staying within the rope lines.
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so when i kept hearing this term in armed insurrection, thousands of armed insurrectionists, where did they get that from? that is not what an armed insurrection and undertaking by thousands of armed insurrectionists will look like. when i hear a false narrative i push back on it. i had also made news that i tend to make, what i thought was obvious, that storefronts and major metropolitan areas did not board up prior to the 2020 election in case joe biden won. they boarded up in case there was a trump victory. there was a similar, but made news. january 6, i never felt threatened. it was the truth.
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i never felt threatened going into january 6 even though i knew there were tens of thousands of protesters. exercising their first amended right to petition the government , their freedom of speech, and trying to convince people like me to vote the way they wanted us to vote. that is their right. but because i had attended many trump rallies, i knew who the trump supporters were. there are people who are god-fearing, they love this country, they are big supporters of law enforcement. they would even think of breaking the law. that is the vast majority of trump supporters. that is who is coming here protesting. i do not fear them. and i made the expansion, had there been summer protesters, the names of which i won't use again because about me in trouble, but had that been the writers of the took place in more than 570 riots, couple thousand law enforcement officers being injured, i have seen the video of bodies laying in a heap, being beaten by those
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summer writers, i might have been concerned. an innocuous statement quite honestly, and that blew up into ron johnson is racist. i have been pushing back on the false narratives, and it's important to do that because i think, just for historical purposes, the american public really know -- really needs to know what happened on january 6. the violence, repugnant, the racial slurs, repulsive. i condemned them. i want to see those people engaged in those acts prosecuted to the law in the fullest. i want justice to be administered equally between the summer rioters and people engaged in the acts of violence and i don't want people that showed up peacefully, engaging in their first amendment rights, to be harassed, prosecuted or put on terrorist watch list. that's why it's important to have the truth be told on this. >> you asked the question of the
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fbi assistant director of counterterrorism what she thought. she even said this was set up by a small group of organizers with a large number of people just just passing, out-of-towners who did not know what they were getting mixed up in. sen. johnson: i asked her -- again, thousands of armed insurrectionists, how many firearms were confiscated on the grounds or on the u.s. capitol? i thought it would be 300. she said zero. kind of a might drop moment -- mic drop moment. we do know this summer protesters did show america how you can use a flagpole or frozen water bottles and turn those into weapons. again, when most people think of armed, they think of firearms. an important point to make that's not made very often is, why was that narrative of thousands of armed insurrectionists, why was that adopted so easily on a
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bipartisan basis? i think i have the answer on that, those responsible for providing a security plan when you are going to have tens of thousands of protesters, the fact that they did not have an adequate plan. in your eyewitness account, you do not see any police officers on the west side of the u.s. capitol. knowing tens of thousands of people would be there protesting, there were no police officers? those that were responsible, of capitol hill police leadership, the sergeant at arm's, those are responsible for securing the u.s. capitol in that situation, they get let off the hook if the narrative takes hold that there were thousands of armed insurrectionists, look at they possibly have done to secure the u.s. capitol to prevent this breach in the face of thousands of armed insurrectionists? that's one of the reasons this has taken hold. the media, the social media,
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they are the communication department of the democrat party . works for them as well, politically. on a bipartisan basis, it works for a lot of people. that's why that false narrative took hold. it's one of the reasons i tried the push back on it, because it's completely false. the american people deserve the truth. >> just for trends. see for our viewers, i was at the protest on the west front of the capital and i wrote my eyewitness account a week later. in the federalist published it, and you found it and raised it at the hearings. it was accepted by unanimous consent as eyewitness evidence until certain of your colleagues. sen. johnson: the truth had pushed back on the narrative they wanted to promote. so the chairwoman of the select committee or the special committee, the combined committee went out before was red and said, here goes senator johnson again entering
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conspiracy theory into the record. that's kind of beside the point. the point being is, i entered a truthful eyewitness account and why were they so resistant to it? why are people so resistant to hearing the truth? why do we come to a point in this country where censorship is not only accepted, is being promoted, but why are people afraid of the truth? all i'm ever trying to do is, here is the truth. the truth as i see it -- if you want to challenge what i'm saying, go ahead and challenge it. we should have freedom of speech, but we don't in this country anymore. other it's generally six, the vaccine, vaccine injuries, covid in general, this is a very dangerous point we have reached in our country where too many of us don't even value freedom of speech. they are pushing back on it,
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they want to limit it. >> then you get certain -- there can be many truths depending on where one is standing at a certain point. but i saw was different from what other people saw, but it blends together. there are different truths, but it's like, the lead investigators on this don't want those facts that disrupt their narrative, they are not interested in them. sen. johnson: they are not, and, surely from what i've tried to do since january 6 we started investigating this right away, i'm not a committee chairman, so i don't have all those powers, but all i have tried to do is put together a complete and accurate record of what happened so we know. i sent my investigators into capitol police where they were able to view videos and they are not able to anymore. but we are just trying to uncover -- i describe it as, let's put together a civil war battle description.
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where would the points of conflict? how may people were engaged in those points of conflict? how long did it last, just to let people know. as a result, they noticed that there was a west terrace door that was opened. they -- u.s. capitol police allowed somebody to exit through those doors. we don't know who exited. once the doors open, over 300 people streamed in. no violence associated, they just came in the u.s. capitol. my guess is they were walking and staying within the rope line. you and i think it respects a velvet rope line, but they were. you would not expect armed insurrectionists would be encouraging people to remain peaceful. they will work with us as long as we have to remain peaceful and remain calm. there's all types of video that is showing that, it just does not get shown on the mainstream media. you have to look through
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alternate sites. you have to go to tucker carlsen and cu actually happened in the summer riots, the repugnant and repulsive violence and assaults on individuals leaving bodies in crumpled breakage. you have to go to tucker carlsen to see that, and there's threats trying to take him off of fox news. people are afraid of the truth. >> did you see tucker's documentary? sen. johnson: i did. it did confirm parts of your eyewitness account. where you were saying that the crowd was there milling about and it wasn't really until they started firing tear gas that -- first of all, the crowd was very puzzled by a, according to your testimony. what are you doing, we are your friends, we are not a threat, and that riled the crowd, and you see where there was maybe an initial surge of people, maybe
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those agent provocateur is you are talking about. there is a separation and everybody was back there. a lot of people said, don't go in the capital, but a lot of people were going forward in your eyewitness account. >> one of the provocateurs was holding onto the stone wall and he was saying do not retreat. somebody's organizing the violence and the more video you look at. the more you can launch and hosted the video project when they were trying to prove their narrative. if you look at it, you can identify the organized units who came with identify -- identical tactical gear and different colored take -- tape.
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the more you look at this video, the more you can identify units in preparation and organization and provocative -- provocateurs to deflate the narrative. sen. johnson: it has been so difficult to put the truth together. first of all, how your eyewitness account was treated, it immediately turned a conspiracy theory. but also, the way that the fbi has doggedly pursued anybody that was basically an washington, d.c. early morning raids of swat teams, that type of thing. so people are not willing to come forward with their videos, they don't want to be identified. as much as i try to solicit that, people were here in the u.s. capitol, they just want that forgotten. it is going to be difficult. maybe over time, maybe once the people who have been arrested or charged, once they are prosecuted, is going to be
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filing of charges. there have been a few plea agreements. it's interesting to see some of those plea agreements downgraded from a felony to a petty misdemeanor for unlawful parading. again, i'm not defending people that entered the u.s. capitol. i was on a radio show during the midst of the breach. one of the talkshow host -- by the way, the capital was breached and a camera member exactly, it might have been weeks. that was ok, because they were the right kind of protesters. they were from the left. that was ok. they could vandalize the capital, that's ok. this just happened to be the wrong people occupying people's house. but this was because of what happened to madison and they hope they do a sit in, and that's the people's house. no, people should not be entering the u.s. capitol.
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so i was on record, but i don't get credit for the actual things i say, people just conjure up and put the worse possible things out of context. that's kind of where we are at in media. >> let's look at what you have been saying since the beginning, that this seems to be organized. it wasn't presidentially incited riot. sen. johnson: that's what you said. all i have done is allowed your testimony to stand on its own. again, to this day, i don't know exactly what happens, i'm just searching for the truth. i'm trying to encourage people, if you have video, if you have a story to tell, come telus so we can assemble in the end, historical record, what happened versus the false narratives out there right now. >> those narratives have been, the president incited it, it was a spontaneous riot. that narrative has been knocked down. the justice department said
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somebody organize this, even people on the left say that. and then, insurrection narrative. there are federal statutes about insurrection being a crime. yet, of all the people charged, who have been charged with insurrection? sen. johnson: i guess unlawful parading is close. >> even the biden dha under merrick garland has not seen any evidence to charge somebody with insurrection and terrorism. we have lots of terrorism related statutes, why hasn't anybody been charged with that? all of the narratives are being knocked down one by one. sen. johnson: but they are still being put forward. they haven't used armed insurrection, it's just insurrection, insurrection is. but they are still promoting this. same thing with the russian collusion hoax. after the mueller report, once michael horowitz issued the
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report, it's pretty obvious that the fbi investigation was thoroughly corrupt. that they knew that the dossier contained a russian disinformation. and yet, you don't get retractions from mainstream medium -- media. my guess is, a large percentage of the american public still leaves that the trump campaign colluded with russia. that has been a proven fact. but is just not. there is a great article by gerard baker in the wall street journal where he blows up all of these major, false stories promoted by the mainstream media, even if you don't really pay attention to the news, please false stories have been repeated so often in the granddaddy of all those is the russian collusion hoax. the american public has accepted it by the drive-by media, so
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there was ray donovan when tru says, what window do you go to to get your reputation back? what window do we go to to get the truth back? the media has pushed all these false narratives, when i say pushed, i mean pushed. so that even citizens that don't really follow the news are aware of these falsehoods, they believe it's the truth. that is still driving our politics. i have said this repeatedly. no matter what involvement china or russia might have been interfering in the election, what the media and the social media have done, in terms of interfering in our elections, have had a far greater impact. they got a candidate who would not leave his basement elect did and they are calling them moderate. we are in such a bizarre world here in america today, and it should frighten every american. >> in the same people pushing
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these false narratives that you mentioned don't want to blame china and the chinese communist party for the virus that has been plaguing all of us, killing us, wrecking our livelihoods. the one entity in the world that these people on the left don't want to hold accountable, not just lefties either, is the chinese communist party, why is that? >> it's puzzling, but the chinese communist party's strategic and the investments they make. whether it's geopolitically in their belton road initiative, or when it's the funds they provide to universities, the funds they provide to medical journals, the funds they provide all over the place, they are very strategic and how they do it. of course, they also have 1.4 billion people as a potential market for all these big corporations. and/or organizations. so that's why you see the nba not willing to buck for ccp.
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incredibly influential. and they are very strong at pushing back and enforcing their viewpoint. they are very persistent that way. but they don't allow dissent. is not part of their culture or their political environment. they do not allow dissent. so we have to take that into account. >> our own society is not allowing that dissent. for example, in the military he would always do a renting approach. i try to think, what with the enemy be doing, let's get into their head and think of what the enemy would be doing so we can understand them and fight them. has there been any red teams on the january 6 investigations? sen. johnson: that would be me and you. people are looking into it that want the truth.
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but there is a group thing here. i think it's a big cover-up for those that should have been responsible for capital security not having an adequate security plan. my personal opinion, the u.s. capitol breach never should have occurred. they have the bicycle fencing on the bicycle racks. you man that with adequate manpower and you won't have a breach. there would've been an altercation somewhere. you would have lawyers of defense. you have tens of thousands of people coming here. tens of thousands of people a little upset that you have a corrupt fbi investigation. there were all kinds of irregularities in the corruption that are being blown off by the courts that would not look at evidence. let's -- i have listed all these reasons why i understand why trumps reporters just trump supporters were frustrated. the press hates them. the press promotes all these false stories. they never retract them.
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trump supporters know they are false narratives, and they just crossed their guy in the election. so you ought to be prepared for the fact that you have 10,000 people a little upset, and be prepared. but you could also -- and this is what i was counting on, these are people that respect law enforcement, and you have to show a little show of force, and a adequate security plan would have recognized the provocateurs that we have now seen on camera that you are pointing out this morning, and they could've identified. >> identified by name. that's a weird thing. the one from arizona featured on tucker's documentary featured the night before to provoke the people at the u.s. capitol and they are denouncing him as fed. then a video the next day leading the push against the first small outer perimeter of those bicycle fences. and there has been no fbi interest. sen. johnson: fbi is doing early
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morning raids to people who were in dcn trace them by their cell phones. they are not questioning this guy and we don't know anything about him? it's bizarre. it's why i lead an effort and let four of my colleagues write to merrick garland -- merrick garland and asked, described as how you handled the summer rioters versus how you have handled -- and the degree you have gone to investigating january 6. i would like to see some equal justice. i'm condemning the violence on both sides. but if you really want to take a look at where more violence occurred, where more law enforcement was injured, where more damage occurred, that was the 570 plus summer riots that now we are supposed to sweep under the rug, and instead proclaim that what happened on january 6 as repulsive as it was, was the greatest threat to democracy in history. i'm sorry, i'm not buying it,
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it's not an accurate per trail. it serves the purpose of the democrats, answers the person -- purpose of the media, the social media, and that's why we have a. >> the greatest threat since the civil war, were of 1812. why aren't they looking at everything and not trying to silence other evidence? it's real evidence? sen. johnson: you see kenosha, you see how that downtown burned. the report, over 100 businesses, significant destruction. more two or three dozen burned to the ground. had we had even a fraction of that in the u.s. capitol, we would not have been back in voting or debating later that night. that just proves it. this delayed our proceedings by 5, 6, 7 hours. that's not what the result of an armed insurrection would've
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been. >> a disruption of any legal proceeding, which is a crime. sen. johnson: which i condemn and prosecuted, but let's not blow this out of proportion, let's also keep it in perspective of what we ought to be concerned about, that right near there is a trial going on -- right now there is a trial going on in kenosha and there are people massing outside the courthouse. we are not concerned about riots. if it's the plea that the crowd wants, we are only concerned about riots in case this young man is acquitted. and i had a comment on judicial proceedings, but i have seen a fair amount of the highlights of the trial, and i can certainly understand why a jury might come back and say, that is self-defense. we shouldn't -- we certainly should not be contemplating writing in case that is the -- rioting in case that is the verdict of the jury, or in case
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the judge granted dismissal because of prosecutorial misconduct. >> and threatening of jurors. >> the report said some jurors might feel threatened to acquit. sen. johnson: when it you who was just an ordinary person i did not know. i don't see how this really can be a fair trial at this point. >> it's kind of a pattern we are seeing nationwide. it's like our country has been swept with this psychosis of some point that rules and laws doesn't matter, due process doesn't matter, clean voting doesn't matter, sort of like the constitution doesn't matter. sen. johnson: those things only matter if you are conservative and they can use the law against conservative. if you are a liberal or a democrat, we will look the other way, your miss behavior, your occupying the state capitol in madison, your map -- your vandalism there is ok, it's excepted.
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it's for a good cause. let's look the other way, let's enter into these prosecutorial agreements where we let people out. let's encourage without bail. just the release of rioters without bail. or as political figures, let's encourage people to donate to the bail funds to get these writers bailed -- rioters bailed out of jail. as opposed to january 6, lock them up and throw away the key. put them in a jail that is so abusive that all the other prisoners who have been transferred to another jail, but before generally six, prisons -- prisoners were still in the jail that were emptied out of other prisons. >> a reagan appointee, tough law and order judge who is handling a lot of these cases, ordered
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the u.s. marshals to investigate the d.c. jail conditions. there were conditions there that on human rights grounds and a banana public would be unacceptable. we cut off aid to third world countries that were treating people that way. denying them water for days. denying them toilet services for days, denying them edible food, and all of these other things as a punitive measure, as well as a crappy condition of just a jail anyway, this is how countries get sanction. >> he cleared -- sen. johnson: he cleared all the other prisoners out of the jail set before january 6 prisoners. go figure. >> about 400, or he move them to another facility. sen. johnson: now 44, thus the information we have. >> back on your investigation of january 6, what roadblocks have you run into?
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sen. johnson: somebody sent a video and we were blocked for a certain point of time. we got kind of what we wanted. i'm not sure what our access is with that video. i don't think we have access to all the video we wanted. i think our biggest roadblock is the intimidation by the fbi it going after anybody who is here if they entered the capital or whether they were peacefully protesting, it scared everybody. they don't want to come forward with their videos off of their phones, so it's difficult for us to gather information because people want to be left alone. i completely understand that, but that's a product of the intimidation of how the justice department is handling generally sixth as opposed to how they handled the summer riots. >> and my peace in the federalist i got tons of offers
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of information from a lot of people that were there saying their accounts were very similar, if not, identical to mine. some offered camera footage, some saying they would love to talk to the authorities but they are afraid. how can i provide information, i said, first, you have to lawyer up. you just can't do a citizen's duty anymore. they will nail you for it. you are at risk of being nailed just by coming forward, so you have to get a lawyer. they say, i can't afford a lawyer. so we are in a situation where the average citizen is afraid of the fbi. sen. johnson: you run to the fbi for protection. but you made a really important point here. i have found out -- what i have learned as chairman of homeland security and send it oversight committee, the reason you need a free press is because it is the press that probably gets the
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best information first. because the witnesses feel at ease that their cover will not be blown, that they can remain anonymous being a whistleblower talking to the press. that's why the press can uncover these stories. they don't trust that if you come to congress that their identity is going to remain confidential. you go to the fbi, and at this point in time, it just goes in the blackhole. so, people have confidence in telling the story to the press, that's why it's so important we have a free but largely unbiased press. that's the tragedy of today's society, the mainstream media is so far to the left, as i keep saying that, the communication department of the democrat party of radical leftists, you don't have that middle trusted media,
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we all collectively go to and go, they will vet things, they won't print a story that will have backup or haven't confirmed it two or three times. we don't have journalists where we have advocates. if you interviewed me, it's not a interview, it's an argument. i go on chuck todd, as a conservative, i can't even get a full sentence out often. you compare how a chuck todd interviews me, versus how he interviews amy klobuchar. gives her softball questions, sits back, letter talk for two or three minutes, uninterrupted. mean, he starts out with an incredibly biased piece, asking me obnoxious questions, won't listen to my answers, interrupts me. it's hard answering a question or being interrupted. it's hard to maintain a line of reasoning.
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>> is very difficult. i experienced it firsthand, so maybe i'm sensitive to it. but just ask the viewers, pay attention to the difference between -- on a sunday show how the sunday show host interviews a democrat senator versus a republican. it's almost night and day. >> but being as tough questions is not a problem. sen. johnson: but would you let me answer them. >> when you had cnn and the washington post and others come out with bases conspiracy theories, and then i called and contacted many of those rioters who say you have to have clarification. but the senator, quoted me accurately, i did not say i saw a certain group there, i said ice her mind it was a certain group and i did not see that left-wing group do anything wrong. probably the first time in my life i ever said i did not see the left wing group do anything wrong.
12:56 pm
they worked it into this conspiracy theory. the only one who made a correction was the daily mail, which is a british publication. then the washington post had a blogger in the republic -- and the reporters quoted from the blogger. though he was a serious reporter. sen. johnson: you mentioned british press. it's sad when you have to go with british press to cover the hunter by an laptop. -- hunter biden laptop. same thing with covid information. we have to go through public health england. we have to go to u.k. or israel to determine what's happening with the vaccine because the cdc is not collecting information we would need to really determine whether president biden is actually accurate when he says this is a pandemic of the un-faxed, or to maybe put a fact-check tim when he says, if you take this, you will not be hospitalized, you'll get sick,
12:57 pm
you're not going to die, you won't go to icu, he won't even get infected. in july, sorry, we have a lot of debts of people who are fully vaccinated. when will you retract that. we are literally having to go to other countries for their news, for the information out of health agencies because we are not getting the truth from our news media or the truth from our federal health agencies. >> the united states senator cannot get truthful information about the pandemic from federal sources, so you have to go to the israeli, brits in foreign countries to get accurate information. sen. johnson: you are going back to the trump fbi information. i had to subpoena christopher wray. >> i did not get squat out of him. i had people tell me that they admitted that they are so walking the information. i have written dozens of oversight letters on covid. i wrote over 15 oversight
12:58 pm
letters -- letters to capitol hill police and sergeant of arms. you get nonresponse responses when you get anything. >> why with the fbi director so walked the request from an oversight senator who has direct responsibility? sen. johnson: because he wants to protect his agency. >> he's his agency. sen. johnson: i know we are bopping around here, we had the pfizer report from michael horowitz. and there, bill, one of the assistant directors of the fbi said the fbi had no knowledge that there could be russian disinformation steel dossier. in this same pfizer report, and my staff uncover these redacted footnotes that completely contradict that. they show that the fbi knew as early as october of 2016 that there was russian disinformation contained to the dossier. they knew by january 2017. somebody made the decision to
12:59 pm
classify and redact those footnotes. i asked michael horowitz, who did that, he said someone higher up in the justice department of the fbi. there was nothing classified about that, it was just embarrassing to the agency. fast-forward to march of 2018, christopher wray has been director for a year. they knew somebody like him was putting this information in the dossier. they knew this in october of 2016. march of 2018 under the directors leadership, the fbi comes in and briefs the senate intel committee whose investigating all this and says, we have confidence in the dossier. >> and he is a russian citizen? he was under suspicion for being a russian intelligence advocate. sen. johnson: but the fbi knew the steel dossier was not worth the paper it was written on. they knew in october of 2016
1:00 pm
that comey pretty wet -- pretty much set up the investigation. did nobody say anything? i asked chris for ray, do you know michael, director ray? >> what is the meaning of know? this is a very close community here. people had to know michael sussman was working for the hillary clinton campaign. he comes and talks to the fbi, i'm just doing this as a citizen. you have to know about this, i'm just doing this as a citizen. he's doing it as a member of the clinton campaign, feeding false information. if you have not read the john how corrupt the hillary clinton campaign was . the most destructive dirty
1:01 pm
trick in us history. what's even more outrageous is where is the presscovering it ? turn the tables on this. had to spend the trump campaign doing this to the hillary clinton campaign was trying to find out about this now you can turn on a tv can look at the newspaper on the newsstand without that major headline for weeks and months and instead we get all these other false stories that gerard baker writes about . they get them in there, pound the story so it becomes embedded in the american knowledge the populations knowledge and they drive by and walk away and never corrected . >> i was at the trial with judge lambert but somebody wanted to introduce the new york times as the paper of
1:02 pm
record and she said that's garbage. but back on this, back when the fbi one of its delineated jobs is to monitor joand come back for an propaganda and disinformation in this case, you're saying the bureau was whitewashing that for and disinformation, promoting it? >> this was directed fromthe top of the fbi . again, we have proof that they knew that there were russians affiliated with the russian intelligence services that were in october 2016. and told no one. >> there was a rogue agent or analyst that was indicted by them. >> and then you've got the se checks talking about how their sister agencies are
1:03 pm
weakening like mad. that was written in december 2016 as well e. again, there's a reason i call these agencies that the state. they are very deep . who could president trump trust? two weeks into his administration somebody in his administration is leaving phone calls he had with two world leaders. lieutenant colonel vindman, that was all set upwith adam schiff and his personnel. these are all connected . they're all heels and i'm the conspiracytheorist . >> if you are i say it even if there's complete video evidence or anything else.
1:04 pm
>> so the press uses thatas a pejorative. conspiracy theory or conspiracy theorist or misinformation and disinformation . tell me what i've said that's not true whether we're talking covid-19, tell me what's not true. literally we had democrats create an intelligence product they didn't classify the to the media claim that senatorgrassley and myself but president pro tem of the senate . chairman of judiciary. that we were soliciting and disseminating russian disinformation from this on greater cost. i've neverheard of the guy. a link to the media and we responded, what are you talking about ? then what ended up happening is my ranking member senator peters entered the russian disinformation into our investigatory record. then he's got the balls to accuse me of pushing russian disinformation when they're the ones that made it up.
1:05 pm
they're the ones that entered into the record. go figure. trust me, that's never been correctedin the press . this is again, i'm living this and i'm seeing how it works. it's dirty. it's corrupt.>> is that why you haven'tdecided to run again ? will get into that further but it's, back when pat leahy was kicked off the senate intelligence committee for leaking to the washington post and you had senator david moran was committee chairman of the democrats of oklahoma cannot to give every senator a memorandum except for senator leahy was classified version had certain inconsistencies that were leaked to the post, they ended up in the post and that's how his fellow democrats had pat leahy booted off the committee. now he's the most senior guy
1:06 pm
in the disenate but the point being used to have this kind of discipline among the democrats or the republicans for that matter to be self policing against leaking secrets and now there's a move that every single house and senate office is going to have staffers with top-secret fbi clearance, have you heard that? >> it's hard to get. you do need staff to help you on this but by the way, another example of the corruption is i got briefed i think it was august of 2020, i think it was august 2019 it was. and that was probably 2020. and it was all about supposedly i was targeted. you're not telling, give me the intelligence behind this briefing. who's set up this briefing. you're not telling me anything that i'm not aware of. what are you breathing me. i do like everything me, they
1:07 pm
sentme up before to leak it to the media . but they did this with andre. the exact same thing. they set up a briefing and then they leak it to the media and say were worried about this stuffso months later low and behold the washington post has that leak . the fbi. >> you have the fbi part of the executive branch, supposedly independent setting up collective lawmakers to leak againstthem for political purposes .>> briefed me. >> this is following his conduct. >> but they're the ones in charge of the law. that is what you'd like to think it's really crucial for democracy at our law enforcement is above reproach . that they have credibility and integrity and you can trust them and what i found certainly in my investigations is we can't. i still don't think wecan.
1:08 pm
it's a travesty. our intelligence community the same way . about these ing mandates . where's the transparency? we don't have the information we need on covid. one thing i like to say about this too is i wish everybody would admit there's so much we do not know about the coronavirus. about it as a disease. about the vaccines. there's so much we don't know. so as aresult, you would think when you like a lot of knowledge .you'd exercise some caution for example in pushing avaccine on everybody. including children . who we do know. the science tells us our greater risk of seasonal flu and we don't force a vaccine on them for flu than they are for covid and yet we got this unbelievable push and pressure to vaccinate little
1:09 pm
children. and thecomplete denier by the way of vaccine injuries . >> and you treat the parents like a criminal. >> of people pushing the mandates, this shministration and health agencies, social media theredenying three basic realities . the first is there denying the actual numbers more and more science, they were always told science and more science is showing it makes perfect sense. that the national media recognize the virus versus vaccine only the spike protein and there are various that are invading the vaccine right now. the effective reality there denying is you can get seriously ill and die. you can transmit the disease which blows the reason for having a mandate to begin with and the other denial and this is almost the biggest tragedy is non-vaccine issues. i've been in contact with people and it's obvious the
1:10 pm
vaccine causes paralysis and the death of their loved one, there's no otherexplanation . we have 18,000 deaths recorded in the system. on average over the last 26 years from the seasonal flu vaccine 78 deaths. 70 deaths from seasonal flu per year, up to 18,000 10 months into o this thing and the cdc is saying nothing to see here. there's no evidence by the way 5600 of those worldwide deaths occurred at ages one or two. and we're just supposed to deny all this. i published this and sorry c-span, you'llprobably get sensor now. i get suspended . and by the way i get lied about. for example the one when i got suspended by youtube, the article written in the hills said senator johnson said the
1:11 pm
vaccine was not safe. ivainnever said that. i did say it's not as safe as we all hoped and prayed it would be.and even the cdc admits six women died of blood clots from the johnson and johnson vaccine . i think it's a true statement . we would like to have seen it 100 percent safe so it's not as safe as we hoped it would be and then i just quote these figures from the cdc's on safety surveillance websites and that gets again for jordan, of misinformation. what's misinformation, i'm telling the truth. i'm conveying the truth that's not fitting in with their narrative. that thesethings are 100 percent safe, 100 percent effective . they are not. i wish they were but they're not and as a result the mandates are pointless. and when you take a look at the freedom that we have lost during this pandemic, it is profound and we're just not awakened to that. we're just not, too many of our fellow citizens have
1:12 pm
accepted andthose of us pushing back and more and more are , we're vilified. we're censored. we are suppressed.where mocked, ridiculed. for just trying to fight for individual freedom and individual health autonomy so . >> coming in to do the interview i have the capital erpolice officer who wasn't wearing a mask. do i have to wear a mask coming in here and she kind of rolled her eyes and laughed and said not really. so there's no mask mandate for them at the capitol complex. is congress, are members of congress and their staff exempt from these vaccine mandates or are they also mandated to get the vaccine ? >> i'm sure we are exempt. congress exempt themselves from all kinds of laws. i don't think it's right but i don't think anybody but should be subject to vaccine mandates online you are exempt . i would stop cominghere if , i'm not going to get the vaccine. i had the disease and i was
1:13 pm
lucky. i had a symptomatic coded. there's a question that's never asked you how do you explain 40 to 50 percent of people that were asymptomatic. was there already some level of natural unity from other similar type of coronavirus but you which would indicate natural immunity is effective if you have a coronavirus outhat's they don't even know about that prevents you from being overly sick. another good question we should be askingis denied response work ? i realize anthony fauci is the covid god. $60 billion in spending that we don't have, the human toll of the economic devastation, the isolation, increased suicides, increased overdoses. we are at 225 deaths per hundred thousand.
1:14 pm
we might i think 23 200 countries and you don't want a high rank here in terms of debts. there's a percentage of your population . no one's it's been a miserable failure and yet you have a good percentage of our population still use anthony fauci as the authoritative figure. he claims he is science. it's been a miserable failure. america, wake up. this is has been in miserable failure. listening to thesepeople. they're not giving you the full story. they're not being transparent . >> we've gone through law enforcement counterintelligence at the fbi offshoot, homeland security. health, who can the citizens trust anymore to, where can you go? >> take control of your own life. don't look to the federal government solving your own problems, they're not capable of doing so. the proper approach would havebeen all kinds of time and effort and resources into
1:15 pm
early treatment . instead the fauci's of the world sabotaged early treatment. they wouldn't even consider things like ivermectin. on average 26 years ivermectin, 15 deaths. hydroxychloroquine 64 deaths. that's compared to 18,000 deaths for the vaccine that we put render severe $300 in treatment, 1499 debts and their denigrating those. and i'm saying why not let people have the right to try. oneof give it a shot. do something . >> there are physicians who are trying to find an independent solution. >> that's why a physician will touch it because they'll have their licensable. they have to they can lose their livelihood .
1:16 pm
>> defined it's the same thing in our federal law enforcement and homeland security bureaucracy and intelligence services for people on the inside are contrarians, that may have a different point of view or the intelligence does not support the conclusions that are being made in public .sm they're getting the same type of harassment, persecution and threats having a security clearance call which is the worst punishment of all. i >> just getting sidelined, off assignments and getting them to quit. it's a serious problem. i've got a real, i've never been a fan of the federal government. and my advice as citizens is concentrates on local government. it has concentrate on education system. make sure your kids aren't indoctrinated the waythey're being indoctrinated today.
1:17 pm
stop looking to the federal government. all they're doing is sabotaging your children's future . >> or they're trying to censor you like the average citizenshould find out what they're trying to censor so that maybe that's been closer to the unauthorized truth. >>just take everything you here with a grain of salt . for both sides. there is misinformation on the whole spectrum . there really is. and that's what's so unfortunate about not having a mainstream media in the middle is holding journalistic standards of checking and double checking and triple checking before they run with the story and pushed it for more story that is so unbelievably destructive. political process, that'swhat the whole russian hopes is. take a look at what happened . because the pressure the press pushed this false narrative and other false narratives , it culminated in january 6. that's why trumps reporters were soticked off. when he came here to protest . they just get pushed in the ei face and say you didn't see that.
1:18 pm
even though observers couldn't observe. even though according to the commission the greatest threat to the absentee ballots we double absent balance. we're not supposed to talk about that. nothing to see here. >> if you look at the state nt department's own guidelines for monitoring international o elections say that's the greatest source of fraud and the us should be suspicious of developing countries that use mail in ballots and non-voter id type things where we have other people that differ in and show their national id to vote at but they don't want it done here. but the us government standard where we would sanction other countries, even mexico requires voter id and does not allow mail in ballots except under extreme circumstances if you're sick or working abroad or you have to show up to apply. jimmy carter on voting standards at the carter center which is sort of the authoritative place for clean
1:19 pm
elections. our elections don't even meet the jimmy standard any carter standards. >> democrats are pushing for a relaxation of those standards and you're right. we're always saying you have to have a nonpartisaelection commission . democrats are trying to pass a bill that would make it a partisan election commission. how is that going to work ? not very well . >> with centralized funding andcentralized control . >> and taxpayer funding of elections. but number people need to understand that there unfortunately too many of their fellow citizens are giving away their freedom for a very false sense of security. a very false sense. my recommendation is get your own house in order. concentrate on your local government, state government . try as much as possibleover
1:20 pm
time is going to take decades to build up to create this beast . but over time, bring more of that government rnauthority back to local governments. that's the vision of our founding fathers. where it's more accountable, more efficient and effective. again, as we've seen with the response, open your eyes. it's been a miserable failure. quit listening to people who describe all these things that didn't work. >> support your fellow citizens trying to do the right thing by exercising local control whether it's the school board or supporting your local police . whether it's keeping law and order your own town. because you canhold local officials accountable quite easily as opposed to federal ones . we've got about a minute left . >> justice brandeis said in a 1930 opinion about the controversies over this disinformation to the public, he said the solution is more speech.
1:21 pm
not less. so if you're concerned about misinformation, don't support censorship . the port the flourishing of free speech. it's the best and antidote. it's the best solution to misinformation . but that's not what the path we are on right now.people are being censoredand suppressed, we're being lied about and being distorted . but it's being distorted by mainstream media. they have the power and by the way i'm hopeful on any issue we're talking about early treatment, the people who suppressed this will never admit they arewrong . and unfortunately they have the power to help ensure that there never proven wrong. so that's what we're up against, those of us trying to push for early treatment are asking questions or using its own information to ask questions. we're not allowed to ask them . thwe're up against people will never admit they are wrong
1:22 pm
and they got the power, it's going to be difficult to prove them wrong. we need to take that consideration as well but thank you for what you've done. thank you for having the courage to be an eyewitness to what happenedon january 6 trying to promote the truth . >> thank you for giving voice to those who saw what they saw so senator, thanks for joining us at the center for security policy and we willbe following closely how your investigations move ahead . >> i enjoyed it . >> this week on the c-span network congress returns at 3 pm eastern with the senate continuing work on the 2022 defense authorization bill. what's the senate live on c-span2. on tuesday at 9:30 live on c-span three the supreme
1:23 pm
court hears arguments in trump versus thompson concerning the request for the national archives release trumps call logs and other records running the attack on the capital. and we will have live coverage of two hearings on and the c-span now . the senate commerce subcommittee hears from consumer safety advocates on holiday product safety concerns just counterfeit toys and malfunctioning decorations. also treasury secretary janet yellen and federal reserve chair jerome powell testified before the banking committee on their agencies use of relief funds. they returned to capitol hill wednesday at 10 am eastern to appear before the house financial services committee that will also stream live at and on the mobile. also wednesday at 10 am eastern on c-span three the
1:24 pm
supremecourt hears oral arguments in dobbs versus jackson women's health organization case on the constitutionality of a mississippi law banning most abortions after 15 weeks of pregnancy . what this week on the c-span networks or full coverage on our new mobile video trendline. and to c-span.orgto stream video live or on demand any time . c-span: your unfiltered view of government . >> at least six presidents recorded conversations while in office. many of those on c-span's new podcast presidential recordings. >> season one focuses on the presidency of lyndon johnson. will hear about the civil rights act, the goal of tonkin incident, mark consolo and were on vietnam. not everyone knew they were being recorded. >> certainly johnson's secretaries new because they were tasked with transcribing any of those conversations and they were the ones who
1:25 pm
made sure the conversations were takes as johnson would signal to them through an open door between his office and there's. >> you also your blunttalk . >> report on the number of people who sign that kennedy and the i would make them lessright-click . [inaudible] i promise i won't go anywhere, i'll stay behind these black gates. >> presidential recordings on the mobile app or wherever you get yourpodcasts . >> weekends on c-span2 are an intellectual feast. every saturday you'll find people that explore our nation fast on american
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history tv and on sunday book tv brings you the latest in nonfiction books and authors . it's television for serious readers . learn, discover, explore weekends on c-span3. >> how exactly does america get up to its best? >> we are striving to provide equal opportunity for all citizens. >> c-span's new documentary competition 2022.students are giving us behind-the-scenes looks as they work on their entries using the hashtag #studentcams. create a 5 to6 minute documentary using video clips . answer the question how does the federal government impact your life? >> express your view no matter how large or small you think the audience will receive it to be.
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and know that in the greatest country in the history of the earth yourview does matter . >> remember that content is king and just be as neutral and impartialas possible in your portrayal of both sides of an issue . >> we awarded $100,000 in cash prizes and you have a shot at winning the grand prize, of $5000. entries must be received before january 20, 2022. for competition rules tutorials or how to get started visit our website at >> download the new mobile app and stay up-to-date with political events from live streams to the house and senate floor and key congressional hearings to white house events and supreme court oral arguments, even our live interactive
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program washington journal where we hear your voices every day. c-span now has your you covered. download for freetoday . >> defense secretary robert gates joins the washington post for a discussion on public service and the need to recruit young people to help reform government agencies. >> welcome to washington post live, i'm david ignatius. today we're going to focus on public service with two people whose served our country significant ways. first bob gates, former cia director of defense secretary spent a half century and public service and later in our program we will talk with doctor stephanie tompkins, director of dark but let's start withsecretary gates. welcome back to the washington post live, good to see you . >>it's great to see you . >> secretary, you started working for the

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