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tv   Sean Spicer Radical Nation  CSPAN  November 24, 2021 8:53pm-9:31pm EST

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citizen the idea of american citizenship and the ideal that associated with our disappearing. joining the conversation over phone calls, facebook contents, for victor davis hanson sunday december 5 at noon eastern on in-depth on the tv. before the program visit c-span to get your copies of his books. >> a new mobile video app from c-span, download today. >> it is nice to see everybody today thank you for joining us and thank you for joining us at the heritage foundation. my name is jessica anderson i'm the executive director which is the nation's most effective and largest grassroots organization in the country. we represent over 2 million activists and 20000 fat nulls who are fighting every single day for freedom at the local state and national level.
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this is why we were so interested in our guests new book that outlines all americans currently face an opposing the biden regime. the book highlights the bold grassroots agenda for defending america, securing our freedom and ensuring policy leaders put america first. sean is the man you probably don't need anu introduction to you are here and you know him but we got to know sean for the first time as the first press secretary to president trump. i'm sure you can attest you fell in love with him on his escapade at dancing with the stars. today sean is very busy hosting a new show on newsmax tv and somehow in between his daily press advising talking with the president and working with activists across the country he found time for the new fantastic book which we will discuss today the book is called radical
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nation joe biden kamala harris dangerous plane for america. please join me in welcoming shaun johnda stanford. >> of course. >> this is heritage. >> it looks people. >> it's a beautiful day and were really glad to have this conversation, this is a fantastic and timely book. i had the pleasure ofha being ae to read it and i have a sneak copy of one today and all of our got can take him a copy as well. i want to start their with your thinking going into the book. obviously you've written a few books before. this is your third period and this is well-timed everything that we are seeing in washington, the biden regime, the very dangerous legislative agenda. what led you to write this book what was your thinking the make
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you take pen to paper. >> right after it was clear that joe biden was going to become president in january, hugh mannix which is the policy division said you need to get a book out right away you're in a unique position because of your past experience the white house in the campaign to do this. they said if we could do itt really quick we need to take a look at these people and what do you think is important that people need to know at the time will look at the people filling the key positions of the policies are pursuing in the idea would be a warning. when you write a book you go to the environment that is going to take place with the publishers. god was like here you go here's a clear landing strip. so much what i write about is happening right now with its voting rights, the economy, foreign policy so many of the things that we are looking at in
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terms of the people that we will be managing this administration policy in those areas or the politicians themselves needed to get written about. frankly this is not an intel on the american people, there is a few chapters about the media if you wake up any morning and watching the today show they called afghanistan mp putin said the economy is a huge success. if you don't know any different if that's what you're getting your news from and you're waking up and dropping the kids off your living your life, okay and you don't realize that there is actually an entire plan taking place in front of her eyes that is frankly changing the structure of our country. the best part about this you can say you are partisan that's what
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do you think. no, joe biden told us he would be the most progressive president ever those are his words not mine. three fridays ago today he said if we passed the one point to and 3.5 pieces of legislation we will transform the structure and nature of the economy, his words. you asked for that, i do remember that coming out duringe the campaign the structure and nature of our economy. what is wrong with you i didn't realize we had a huge problem. but we need to understand that that's was going on in front of our eyes. if we don't wake up, i hate to say this because a lot of folks on the right talk about the fact that biden is in charge and were minimizing the problem. the problem whoever's in charge, i don't really care, the going in a direction i don't want to go and most people don't realize once we had there once government has its tentacles and things that never lets go. >> you talk about this a lot in
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the book and you dig deep into how biden became who is in the advice that is taking i want to read a part of this towards the end of the book, you're referencing a pivotal moment in the biden administration right ate the beginning woody got together with the liberal historians and put everybody in a room there was no conservatives not that we aren't available not that there aren't historians available, he did not invite them. i'm going to read this for everybody according to the reports he is taking about his place in history in accomplishing big things in a big hurry. and he broke the story about a secret meeting and how big is too big and how fast is too fast to chance a once-in-a-lifetime historic change to america. this secret meeting outline for the history book marker of the
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go big mentality probate today read the story that they told biden exactly what he wanted to hear, or get bipartisanship in playing by the rules. now is the time for anything that stands in your way including bipartisan of thee filibuster. he will go on to say that historians leaned in, go big and do it now. . . . nothings tying this together.they confirm joe biden urging him to spend big and expand the power of government beyond what we saw with fdr. and joe biden loves the growing narrative that he's bolder and bigger thinking that sbr and president obama. >> exactly. but think about it. everything that he says he gets it. time is limited and i think they get this unlike a lot of
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previous administrations. they have a window and they know that you have to get as much done as quick as possible. last night he was asked you certain things and he said potentially for this other thing and for other things. he gets it. at some point they are just going to do it especially if they realize they are going to lose the house, which they will. the few weeks leading up to it it's going to be a flurry. he understands. i will give him credit as a politician for that he understands that he has to cement his legacy. fdr is still fdr. he went to big and bold and we have these programs because of that so if the only way that you become the talking point in the future is if people start saying you know what biden did so he wants to get all this stuff done. 1.2 or 3.5 trillion, those are numbers we've never heard of, he gets it and he wants people to
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be talking about him. remember what biden did. it's kind of replace the talk of the new deal. he forgets barack obama may have been the first black president but he will be the most progressive president i don't think that it's alarmist to suggest that at his age he is probably a one term president, and i think he recognizes that and i think anybody with eyes and ears and a pulse gets that,y so he's going to do as much as he can and as quickly as he can. >> the impact of this will be profound. >> absolutely. one of the things i like to say isnd you have to understand why are they doing all of this and the thing is in the isolation
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you can explain one or two things it's because of this or that, but it's not. they all tie together. everything is about maintaining permanent political power. so think about this because if you have power and it's permanent then you can continue past the policies so what do you need to do? two things, you need to maintain power so you pass the court, to, you make puerto rico a state and get potentially for democratic senators. the district devotes 95-5. it's like a given. guarantees you would never lose the super majority and then you need new voters so you let people come in as a southern
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voter and make some eligible for citizenship to vote and do things like they are doing in vermont where you now allow noncitizens to vote and give them driver's licenses, so you have a drivers license and you can vote. liwho is going to check to make sure you can to vote in a federal election? so you start to do that and ensure that you're always going to have the votes and institutions in control. >> there's a policy agenda with a $5.5 trillion reconciliation infrastructure package that thwould affect all of the polics that you learn about from cradle-to-grave. there's a process agenda with a filibuster and additional states, there's a political agenda of course because they want to continue to win elections and cemented their power but that is also the cancel agenda.
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the agenda to cancel every aspect of life in the media they are going after the news in the mainstream press what's the deal with cancel culture into this cancel agenda? >> it ties into the first two things in the agenda and policies it makes sense and the second that you expose that, you win and lose so what do they have to do, they don't want the voices heard a so they call you a racist, bigoted, misogynist. it takes pretty thick skin and i will give you a silly example i was out with a bunch of guys a couple of weeks ago and they
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were telling me this story out in latin county virginia where a bunch of parents were getting involved in their school and one of the women works at verizon so she was arguing against a lot of the changes that they were making saying that she didn't think they made a sense, so what did they do? they said we wanted to let you know that this woman has been anengaged in racist behavior and it showed that come up in the workforce we wanted to make sure that you documented that she's been doing this in private life and her racist actions were speaking out against changes that the school board wanted to make. maybe i should call her boss and seess what's going on, so
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immediately, what's the reaction? i'm going to stop talking about school, who wants people in front of the house. they cancel and shame you if you speak out and it takes a lot i get it. my family has had to endure stuff and i wouldn't wish it on anybody but i'm going to silence you and shut you up and then again you can't get the facts out and present an alternative. they are trying to get congress send a letter to at&t, verizon, alll of these cable carriers and say explain why you are carrying. what's going on if you offer an
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alternative view, you can have msnbc on but it's amazing to me that's the idea if you get rid of any dissenting voices, and i say in an audience that is particularly young today, it's not easy but if you don't fight back to gett your voice ou there. if i may digress but in every argument if you dissect it, you win and they lose and so theyaf are afraid of the facts and the logic behind the conservative principles and ideas. >> they say you support trump, how can you support him, what about the fact, what about the policy. i want to give you my favorite
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example in the book and i am just obsessed with this. the framers decided that the district of columbia where we are now should be supported in a state and it -- in 1790 they took apart from virginia and maryland and created a ten square mile district which we are in right now. in 1835 they gave back the part of virginia because it wasn't being used and i happen to live there now. the democrats come along and say the district of columbia should be a state w should allow people to vote. i am for people voting. i am for voting rights, so that sounds great but let me think of a different solution why don't we give back the part of maryland if it's not being used because it is already a state
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it's not about lettingt them ve it's about getting to senators and if we don't scratch the surface of these arguments, we miss the real motive at hand. it's a huge problem for generations younger that me that he doesn't even know what freedom is people that are in their 20s and just getting their first jobs into graduating college and coming out of the pandemic.
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how do we first define freedom in an effort to protect it toof get to the goal of preserving it and handing it down from generation to generation? >> i think the first thing is to kind of talk about what you are delving into which is to explain having a free exchange of ideas is what the country is all about. it's ironic that the group that talks aboute themselves being e tolerant inclusive group i don't have a problem with msnbc. i think the easiest thing is to go back to the logic and fact and sayay why shouldn't we hear bothog sides?
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that is crazy. now i know why we are doing what we are doing but we should realizee there's this dissenting opinion that a there are a spectrum of opinions. that's what makes this debate healthy. you and i had this discussion like a week ago i grew up in the '90s inon a campaign like the heritage issue the heritage just puts out there so you want to
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talk about healthcare tax policies you can literally debate with facts becausecy the left wants to talk about furious and feelings. i want to talk about facts and ywhat's going to make your life better, community stronger into business to grow and i think if we make g it fact-based, we win more. >> so the book spends a lot of time i think morning about what is to common and one of the things it warns about is the institutions being weaponize to against us and in particular the department of justice thought is all an assault on all of us every day average americans and particularly parents. one of the unique phenomenons that happened around the country at the grassroots organization we have been able to be on the front row is all these parents coming out of the woodwork getting involved, going to the microphone, being brave enough to stand up and these parents may not have been conservative voters before.
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>> they may have been new to the fall so what can we do to bridge the gap between where we want to go with a conservative america first public policy agenda and channeling that energy that is so palpable for parents right now? >> one of the beauties is that we have more tools than ever before. when i was growing up we had newspapers and you could write like in eight days and one would go through but that was it. >> i have a bunch of framed newspapers and my kids are like where did that come from. one of the things you have is the ability -- i like giving fun facts of the day or something, and i think that there are tools, there are videos and whether it is tick-tock or snap chat there are so many tools at
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your disposal to get involved to lay the facts out and if she was in a way that isn't necessarily confrontational but like i was walking down pennsylvania avenue this morning on the house asidee and there's a big saying about the national debt. the national debt now is $28 trillion every single american has $89,000 every single one. when they go back it is just a fact. i think explaining to people what is going on and again, we don't have to persuade in theay same way that they do because we can say do you realize you owe this much money and you blow another 5 trillion. the other day i am watching this
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town hall with biden last night and how many times did he say that. i was like stop it with the no joke. he's sitting there going so i gathered all of the big companies and i said we've gotar to start operating 24/7. you want them to work 24/7? first get to the eight hours under control and then worry about the 16. but it's another great idea. they can't get people to work for eight hours a day and their answer is to make them work 24. two additional shifts. hello, we don't have truck drivers because they are getting paid to stay-at-home. we are not getting the goods. they've got signs we are short on help and the answer is let's make people work more.
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it's about people who are not working to work more. i got a d in economics. >> what does president trump think of the book lacks. >> he endorsed it right on the back and said it is an aga all the way. this is meant as a compliment. the president gives a lot of credit when he was in office i've got to be honest the one thing donald trump did more than anything else is bring common sense. i told a bunchor of stories whei first left the white house when they were sitting in the roosevelt room right after
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signing this executive order on the keystone xl pipeline and he stops in the middle of this thing like we are going to use u.s. steel for this and just stops. we are doing this and he goes no, stop we are not doing this because we will make sure we have u.s. steel. it took common sense to say we were told over and over again. it is a free-trade agreement and there is nothing we can do about it. why are the wisconsin dairy
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farmers getting screwed we are going to tear it up and redo it ands he goes i don't care. when you think about it, why wouldn't we have done that? in a deal with the two closest trading partners and that screwed up our own workers it was a different world. but why not modernize it and get to the mentality in washington is what was signed and covered over there. when we talk about it he recognized and appreciated and we need to get back the
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understanding for the disaffected of republican. it's not how it works. tweets don't hurt you or make it better if we are seeing the consequences of that now. if you don't fight them they when so it's worth it at so many levels and it was funny a couple of weeks ago i think it was two or three maybe now i got an e-mail on a wednesday morning that said president trump had an appointment on the board to the naval academy.
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thank you for your service, president biden would like your resignation by 6 p.m. or you will be terminated. i wrote back no and then we sued him and it's not easy but there's 11 people that were on the board of west point naval academy and the director of office management, they put our name on a lawsuit. it's not great going up against, but it's the right thinghe to di might have been to one more meeting but it is important is that the president. and again, the easy thing is to say that is a bummer. the hard thing is to say i'm willing to put my name on a lawsuit to the united states but it's whether a future president cann do this then in each little
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way one for office put facts out there it's our country to save the fight to make it easier to vote, the issue is obviously front and center all across the country. every single one of us that once a savior to secure election. we talked aboutce critical race theory and the role of school boards and actually demanding and not allowing him to be indoctrinated and we got to this spending coming towards us. where do you see the next flight, what is next for
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conservatives? >> i believe that if republicans get out of their own way the question is will they lead, what will they fight for, being in power for the sake of being in power isn't worth fighting for. i think that the republican leaders need to say if you give us the honor but i will tell you there is so much going on in government if you stop and say if any senator read what is in
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the $3.5 trillion bill that should be the first question. we are spending all this money do you even know what is in it? they started to negotiate the price tag is that you can tell usit what number you can limit. what do you want first and then tell me how much it costs, not how much are you willing to blow up our future generations money and by the way what is getting lostst in this, china. we went through a pandemic and they said can we buy our drugs from uganda that is like literally going toal the guy tht robbed your house into say can you give me a loan with my money. it's crazy, but there's nothing being done about it. we should have used this opportunity to say what can we do. the other day when he called this economy a success and maybe it is an opportunity for a lot to think about coming back at the same time that they are
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raising the corporate tax you think that that is what they are going to do? i'm getting screwed and it's costing me more money. again it just defies logic. >> you spend a lot of time outlining everything we have to fight on and we talked about it here today. you dance around the things we need to do. you are incredibly passionate about. this. tyou have to show up and have e facts on their side. what if we get canceled because of the election integrity bill in georgia, what do you do then, what is next? >> the easy thing is to give up. at the hard thing is to stay in the arena that you just mentioned. but if you look, generally speaking, i think that the people who stay in the arena and fight eventually win. it may not be easy. it may not be quick. i think we live in a society nthat wants instant gratificatin
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to say how many likeses and i going to get. sometimes it takes a while and it's like a video like i got 15 views but some things take a while to percolate but being willing to stay in the arena to engage and when they cancel you they are losing the ability to control that andnd control the ecosystem for so long. with late-night shows, academia, government. twhat happens it was the advent of talk radio and how do we come oaround that and then they took over a big attack and suddenly republicans and conservatives started saying we can use twitter so now our team has gone
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out and started a building the platforms but we need to be willing to go and migrate. this book is amazing. i showed this year and a half ago there were more people in this room then watched the first episode and now we average hundreds of thousands a night. there were a few of the shows the other night. we don't do a ton of advertising. word-of-mouth people say i likee the network and of the show and that is because there's alternatives and they are losing their grip. they don't want you to see anything that i am a big believer in whether it's heritage, we need to support the team and get out there and share stuff and encourage other people to get involved but it's part of ourr duty to be in this arena. >> america worth fighting for. push back against the radical
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nation. a last question for you. if there was an image talk about what this means for the cover. >> we went back and forth on a lot of different designs and whenen you find the right one te first had me but you go back and you're like what is that image you want to convey and then that's i it that is everything that's there. it's a hypocrisy, the double standards, the freedom. looking over his shoulder, looking out. >> she walked into her own
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birthday party and yelled surprise. you wonder why their wrist is screwed up if you can't do a birthday surprise right, you know thatow you are in trouble. >> thank you. >> radical nation, the dangerous plan for america. we have three copies for everyone here today and we have some concessions to enjoy. thank you for joining us today and for leading the fight. [applause]e]
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