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tv   Campaign 2024 Sen. Cotton Speaks at Iowa GOP Chairs Family Fundraiser  CSPAN  November 19, 2021 11:33pm-12:29am EST

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seven immigrant women have a transformed american cuisine during the second half of the 20th century. sunday night 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span's q&a. you could listen to q&a our podcasts on our new c-span now cap. ♪♪ >> download c-span's new mobile app and stay up-to-date with live coverage of today's biggest events cotton sateen keynote speaker in hilton iowa iowa we iowa chair and state
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representative bobby hosted this event. ♪♪ [applause] >> evidently my caution about c-span keeping things didn't take.. what am i supposed to do? dom understand sometimes you ce in my office and i'm curled up in the fetal position crying? now all of you understand that he takes after his mom and grandmother. [laughter] just not as smart as i am, that's why some of you have heard three, my wife's mother is over there today and i've got good news and good news about her. number one, she's fierce and healthy and everything. number two, i checked her when she came iner, medication is go. we. effect on c-span. i love you, you know that. i love you in a -- well, i like
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you a lot. i really do. thank you for your daughter. sorry you had to be part of this. are you ever coming back to this part of iowa against? you've got to know -- oh my goodness, these people are insane. i have the honor of introducing a special guest in all seriousness, tom cotton has been back to iowa times. i could talk and talk and talk how iowa should start the presidential nominating process, i could talk how all of you in this case, i will say something seriously bipartisan, democrats and republicans and independents know how to figure presidential candidate. they know how to do it. for every speech i make, all of it fails into comparison when the national leader decides to come here to iowa and help our
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candidate. tom cotton has been here six times and i think all six times i've tried to ask somebody in the crowd to ask who he thinks should go first and everything the time in his quiet classy firm way says iowa should go first. tom, he doesn't like to brag but i've got to tell you, i haven't seen a resume like this in a long time. i know he's recovering from this but he's a harvard educated lawyer that he's going to talk about that line you just this morning, is a combat veteran, he earned a bronze star duty for his country. [applause] his dad was a cattle farmer and grew up in a small town in
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arkansas. i got to tell you, he's the real thing. his resume and when you get a chance to follow him like i have had the honor to do today, he is the real thing. he matches his resume exactly except for the fact i can't see anything iq. see anything more i want to make sure all of you know about what i think about him. tom cotton is the real thing, classy and i am really happy he likes our state and graced our state with his presence. senator cronk, is our privilege to welcome you to the stage. ♪♪ [applause] [applause] >> thanks for that great introduction,, unusual, unique
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introduction. it's always great to be around especially when vicki is here. jeff and bobby's reminds me a little bit from your view, but i have to say, people asked how many kids we have and my wife says she has two sons and three boys. jeff, thank you for stealing my lines, it is true, i confess i was once a lawyer but i redeemed myself and i have been clean for 15 years. [laughter] i guess i was such a bad lawyer, i had to sign up and being in the infantry, i walked into the recruiting station and i said i know what i i want to do, or too to infantry school and airborne school and he said hold up from
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what you do for living? i was in a tie which was not very common and i said or maybe i should say i confessed i was a lawyerai and he said you know, sir, the army has lawyers, we could put you in the jag or if you want to go down the range which it sounds like you do, we can get you downrange faster since you arty have your professional training, keep your captaincy would make more might you want to sign up for that? i said no, sgt., i wanted to infantry, rager airborne school and he said you're not a very good lawyer, are you, sir? but he signed me up. i have the great honor of leading troops in iraq and afghanistan and in between i served at arlington national cemetery with the oligarch and stop the army from our regiment that guards the tombun of the unknown soldier that does ceremony like the inauguration or ceremonies or heads of state. our just pack up the cemetery yesterday, it was veterans day,
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a special veterans day. one hundredth anniversary of the tomb of the unknown soldier. one hundred years agogo yesterd, the one unknown was in turn. a couple of days ago my wife and i took our 6-year-old and five euro boys to the tomb because for the first time in 96 years ever had aye guard of any kind, civilians were able to walk and lay a flower on the tomb to honor theth unknown we wanted or boys to do that even though they are probably a little young, they are old enough to have memories of and certainly the images of it. if your kids are six or live from my kids at that age might have been a little concerned that we drove into them they needed to be quiet and respectful, this was sacred ground as we were getting up to
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the edge, we saw the sign it if you've been there, you've probably seen the large sign that says arlington national cemetery on the edge and in the middle it says silence and respect. i said to my 6-year-old who i said son, what does that circular sign say? he said silence and respect. i said what does that mean? people said be quite. we drove in them 25 times that morning and i said guys, i'll tell you a story from inside the tomb of the unknown soldier. the guards at that tomb have two chrome plated that they wear during the changing of the guard and the names of the pistols are silence and respect. my 4-year-old daniel said does not mean they will shoot us if they talk?
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i said i don't think so, son but let's not tested them just in case we made it across and we laid the flowers down and they will have that memory and images and the reason wee did that, the reason you raise your children the way you do, who want them to know this is a great and noble country and young men and women have sacrificed throughout our history, some have given the ultimate sacrifice. the three unknowns didn't just get their lives, they gave their very identity so we could live in freedom. that's the way we want to raise our children and i know fast the way you want toyo raise your children as well. [applause] when the law was passed in 1921 to create the tomb of the unknown soldier, my republican congressman and fish of new york, he was a veteran of world war i, he said the unknown would
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be selected with no creed, no race, no region and that's exactly as it should be because the unknown stands in for every american stripper especially for those who gave their lives because it doesn't matter the skin or where you come from or your origins or upbringing may be in the country. what matters you are and what you strive to t become and the life you are allowed to build in this country is so rare in the world are so rare in human history, caps off inc. that's precious and worth fighting for and worth defending or dying for if necessary as were all the unknown stripper, all the young troopers you saw in parades around the country yesterday serving all around the world today are fighting for. that's in america worth
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defending. i know it seems like troubling times chaotic in washington and around the country and lord knows that it is. gas costs $3.50, can't even find a turkey for thanksgiving dinner, double the cost of foster. the border is wide open, more than 2 million illegal migrants have common the country this year and after biden wants reparations before $50000 to them. crazy having give them checks but not arrest them and send them back to the home countries. crime is increasing all across the country. i have faith in the american people. this is not what the american people want and they delivered a message loud and clear last week in places like virginia and new jersey and long island and seattle, all across america even
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at some of the most democratic susie cities of america and that message was people, stop, stop thee madness. stop the reckless taxing and spending, stop disrespecting police and criminalsis, stop letting illegal migrants into our country. stop humiliating america all around the world. it doesn't seemed like the democrats have gotten that message at least they are not acting like it in washington but they don't get the message, i promise you last week was a small, bitter case of the democrat, of the verdict american people will deliver next november. [applause] i'll close with this,or my favorite story from the election
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last week, if you thought the american people and their desire to put the brakes on the biden agenda and stop democrats radical plan for the country, he should ask about the new jersey, the most powerful legislator in america lost to a truck driver who spent a grand total of $153 on the campaign. a party that condescends the truck drivers will soon lose elections to truck drivers. thank you, god bless you all. i see he's coming back now.
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>> now you know why i was so clashing with this outstanding part. i'm going to ask some questions to bobby and senator cotton and when we are through with that, will opene up, will have to go o the crowd and repeat what you want to ask them what you asked specific questions to our guest but we got three or four questions, it's going to be slightly different. senator, obviously you are at a fundraiser and there are legislatures all over the country from outstanding governors, who caught one of the best governors in the country. what role do people like bobby, gary and lastly in this is craziness we are seeing? >> route six legislatures play a criticalgi role the government
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takes way too much power, joe biden has tried to do without, a vaccine mandate and private businesses and make them the secret corporateus release, no constitutional authority to do with state legislatures and issues bobby talked about that are so important for so many families within our state and local government so you look at the backlash you had in virginia against left-wing scoreboards closing schools, forcing kids to wear masks as young as two years old, still promote learning indoctrinating their kids with critical race theory and they should hate their country brought to its core, those are issues predominantly state issues. a lot of you asked meof today about election reforms, primarily estate issue, who
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stopped the democrats from fertilizing their election by passing hr one. [applause] sometimes democrats will say what is your alternative? have an alternative utilizing our election, patient be federalized. s they should be run by state legislatures like the legislatures we have in arkansas who passed good election while reforms like so many other republicans or consider the crime wave crashing across the country. again, crime and law enforcement is predominantly state and local function, something you provide at the local levels , firefights are police l officers, something state legislatures provide funding and authority for, there are things wee can do but the main responsibility like protecting the nation, defending its borders from running foreign policyef providing basic economc environment businesses and families succeed and.
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so much of our government should properly be conducted at the state and local level. >> well said, senator. [applause] of the state legislature, what are you looking for as you got your nose a lot of times you have the notoriety thatt occur, why i align with the des moines register but ultimately what are you looking for in our national theater? would you pray from someone? >> we are looking for somebody that does the basic inherent need of what it's intended for to protect our borders and guide foreign policy in bold in the state.
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people like senator cotton's back to usback to because when you talk about election plot and funding clear when democrats are in control, you'll get a check from the federal government, it's our money and it comes with eight or nine strings attached versus real comes in control when similar kind cotton in the midterm size we are going to return the money to the state. i'd say using the tenth amendment is a guiding light to the federal government is what i would like to see. [applause] >> a lot of problems out there. you are a father of a young boy, i know there's a lot of things that keep you up at night, can yous isolate one right now keeping you awake the most? >> nothing keeps me up at nightr i keep other people up at night that is probably the one thing is my 4-year-old son, daniel but
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no, in terms of threats to our nation, no question the long-term threat we face is china conflict chinese communist party. for 30 years until president trump took office hadad a foolih policy toward china. we enabled the rise here competitor power, or times the population we do, we helped supercharge the economy and shipped millions of jobs in factories m china, combined with the population growth military power, a simple lesson of mankind population and wealth of people's military power, china has a military not on equal two hours but probably the closest competitor we face in 75 years. they are still continuing to take our jobs and treat trade unfairly with us, espionage and companies and universities across america, they are
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brutalizing their own people and unbleached this play on the world. [applause] when i was the first one last january to bring the alarm on the coronavirus, soon after that i said maybe we should look at the origins of the wuhan coronavirus in the lab wuhan researchers coronavirus and bitterly run by a woman whose name is the back lady. the media said it was debunked conspiracy theories and buys it of course now i think everyone knows that the common sense we all have to virus almost certainly originated in that lab. all of the lost jobs and displacement and schools and hardships all goes back to chinese communist party and it negligent and belligerent if you ask me, it's time to make china
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pay. [applause] >> you've been bugging, and brent through the years to help you get reelected. now you are going to be over in scott county to get elected so i think they deserve to know they arty know of one priority andnd must the firefighter pension bill, i know how passionate you are about a that when you talked about a couple of other things, she's a pretty tough customer. what are they going to be working poor? what do you want tot do these folks care about? haven't talked to either of these gentlemen what i'm going to ask. >> i would just say what we have done in the last four years achieving all of the items i listed in my speech does not
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just happen or stay or continue without effort. you can pass a law and say great, we gotgr it done and walk away from it and never look back or make sure it's protected or not being whittled away at. i like to consider a lot of bureaucrats in washington d.c. and iowa and compare them back to michael harry because when you get people m time to get out of there fence, out of their pen, out ofd the labouisse pass for them, it breaks down the spirit of the law so we will continue to push the things we have done and pushed the accelerator anded continue the takes making sure there are constantly people, special interest in bureaucrats constantly i'm sorry, but attorneys who will try all day to get out of their pen we've made here for them so maintained everything we've got but also putting the accelerator on it.
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>> you and i both know uncle harry francis work very good either.w it didn't take much rooting to get out michael harry, that's for sure. appreciate that. a final question for the three of us and then closing comments. obviously you've devoted your life, put your life on the line for military, can you take us through your honest sincere reaction when you saw the withdrawal out of afghanistan? are you going through? >> it was shameful and accumulating for america that joe biden allowed a band of savages of the taliban to be us so decisively in august, we could barely protect an airport to evacuate our troops to say nothing of our own embassy and
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simply doubled down on the failure to leave behind hundreds of americans, probably thousands green card holders and maybe tens of thousands of afghans who thought alongside us while at the same time letting them thousands of afghans who had no particular connection to the united states at all so in w august, the senate was on session so i was able to stop all work on things like legislation and converted my office into an ad hoc war room. we were successful ring out almost 1000 americans and their families from afghanistan for the state department under joe biden where he couldn't do that. [applause] that work continues, it continues to be ordered in many cases by the biden administration out of murderous mines, i don't think that is ever going to happen also speaking to a lot of the veterans of that war during that
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time sadly with goldstar families who lost a son or husband during that war as well in some of them forced questions from the sacrifice they made and i said to all event they should be proud oful their loved ones services in the veterans should be proud of his or her service. we went to afghanistan in 2001 with a simple mission and that mission was to ensure terrorist could never use that land to attack us again and for 20 years americans have not been hit here at home from afghanistan because of the brave men and women in our military and intelligence services withinll safe from thoe terrorist attacks so matter what happens in august of 2001 -- 21 under biden, every american who served in afghanistan should be proud of their service from 2001 to the very last day of 2021,.
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>> everybody seems to want vigorously when i referenced kim reynoldsno, she's been here i think two or three different times, what is kim reynolds like to work with the legislature? obviously legislatures, the house and senate affects the legislature from always exactly agree on everything the bank tried -- what is it like to work with her? >> i just realized i forgot to other people in the crowd i didn't mention, both my brothers are here today, jacob and courtney, would you raise your hand? they brought me my first nephew, baby oliver. john, rachel, raise your hands. john and rachel are now married, give them a round of applause.
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[applause] and very publicly, we didn't think i would ever come so rachel, thank you again. [laughter] with that, it is a unique experience to work with governor reynolds. she's not one of those governors who sits in the governor's manchin and sends needs out to her bidding, she's hands-on. one of the best -- i got to good stories to tell. she's always available for as little. if we need her, she will talk to the caucus, she will visit with us individually, she will let us meet with her in her office as a group and one time i was discussing one of her priorities she's a prettyon busy individual representing 1.3 million islands and i was on the radio talking about one of her bills and i felt my phone go off three times and i was like what the heck is
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going on? it was the government commenting on my comment to thank me for what i said so she's got her hand on everything so finally who are working on a bill, it was both first responders and firefighters, working on all three and how they were going to be in the follow-up. it's one thing for a politician to say they are going to do something, it's another to follow up and actually executed. as we were walking through and going to work, she would bring healing to the office and said how is the ems coming? how is a firefighter bill coming? he doesn't just campaign on something, she follows through to make it happen. [applause] >> my president is after you mentioned something about community college and funding. [laughter] >> give him all the night classes he wants there's three people in the room right now who
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intimidate me, one is obviously my wife, one is, and the second one is probably the one who could affect my life the most because i can run away from the other two, i got to show up to work she can make my life restful so she's one of the greatest human beings on the face of the earth, i'll say that. please apply for her, please. [applause] [laughter] every good? okay. she said on the way and on a text from you better mention me, buddy boy. i would to give you all a chance, want to make sure she gets everything, make sure your squestion is and say it and thn i will repeat it. i say quickly because there will be a cap there. the somebody have a question fo? me -- not for me. for him.
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let me repeat that. the question is, russia collusion nonsense was obviously false, we now know fbi was part of it. why aren't these folks in jail? >> i think some of them may be very soon. if you look at -- [applause] look at john durham, special counsel has done, i think he's on his third indictment and he's a prosecutors prosecutor, he's been doing this his entire career and has rolled up criminal organization.
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matter. we know the fake dossier wasn't just funded by hillary clinton campaign, one of the main so-called sources was a democratic operative.ed you have cnn and msnbc new york times and organizations running with it as if it was a legitimate news item. in the fbi was using that even though it was a partisan hatchet job as a foundation of the intelligence court and pursue so-called investigativeca food. were actually up to a third person being prosecuted by suspect we won't end there. [applause]
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[inaudible] the question is for the c-span audience, if the republicans take back the house of representatives and the senate, are those republican majorities going to do everything they can to rollback the nonsense? >> yes. [applause] no, some of the nominees, joe biden on the committees are crazy and you think they can't get any crazier and then the next time it's even crazier. people clearly just lost e o her life during the trump administration and i could constantly say the brakes on all
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of the crazy b nominees when we look back we are going to use our oversight power to investigate the abuses of power like when merrick garland with the fbi on parents going to school boards. merrick garland should resign in disgrace for that. [applause] of course we will use our spending power to make sure we reflect priorities of normal americans across places like iowa and arkansas, not the far left priorities as we see right now. >> wainscott a question. [inaudible] [inaudible]
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the question is under the biden administration, does the senator see taiwan, ukraine and israel losing their independence while biden is president? >> before i get to those three specific countries, let me take a step back about the very concerning departments all around the world.ep they are concerning because our adversaries like china and russia andin iran recognized joe biden a week commander-in-chief he was humiliated by savages taliban in afghanistan. he's standing by while iran is launching missiles and drones at partners in the middle east. i grew up on a small cattle farm and every summer as some of you probably should experience, you had a bush hog to make sure he didn't have weeds that turned into shrubs and bushes and entries. my dad was bush hogging with the
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tractor, i had to take the blade and we're the roads. the reason i bring that up is it's a reminder the jungle will grow back very fast if there's not someone to my debt. that's what you see around the world right now right now at this moment, tens of thousands of russian troops on the border of ukraine. is any coincidence that is happening three months after our humiliation inn afghanistan aftr joe biden allowed vladimir putin to finish the gas pipeline that would make europe even more dependent on russian gas? after he gave vladimir putin no strings attached extension of a one-sided nuclear arms control agreement? that's one country, he brought up ukraine. second, taiwan. literally the day after kabul fell, the chinese communist party propaganda outlet taunted america and taiwan having taiwan
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cannot count on american security guarantees. china is building mockups of american aircraft carriers in the desert to practice target shooting action, carriers wee would take in the western pacific. are they coincidences? i don't think they are. now israel is a bit of a different story, israel is more than capable of defending itself from its adversaries but the adversaries are much bigger and closer to israel sent us. what israel needs is unqualified commitment to its defense and if he has to get into a shooting war, they can count on the grass to be right there alongside them and give them supply for as long as they need. [applause]
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[inaudible] the question is, why do you have boards with judges without transparency doing things that are clearly unconstitutional? what can we do about it? >> foreign intelligence surveillance form is designed to monitor born spot so russian spies are masquerading as diplomats will sit outside a funeral for an officer and take pictures of everyone walking out.
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chinese spies operating in yourt companies or universities here in iowa as they are in arkansas as well so we can target them in addition to targeting foreigners overseas as well. they are not designed north should they ever be used against americans and it's troubling that john durham as we talked about earlier has unveiled this. the abuse is at the hands of the fbi for misleading judges. judges now are more skeptical of the fbi which is a bad thing because we do have bad actors and irania and china we do need to target but i also support efforts in congress to make sure we never see the repeat again of what we saw in 2016 and 17 directed against the current administration opponents. >> thank you, senator. a final question for the
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senator. there -- why is eric's while well still on the committee given his inappropriate interactions with some people? [laughter] >> maybe it's why was he never on the intelligence committee? that's the last thing when i think of eric's while well. he should not be on that committee, he wasso compromisedy nancy pelosi refusing to take off the committee. the first thing they should do in january 2023 we take back congress is remove him from the intelligence committee, some a compromise like that should not have access to ourse nations mot guarded secret. >> one more, if i keep pushing him, i know he won't come
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back -- we want him back here sometime, right? [cheering] i'll behave myself. one more. there we are. department of justice is obviously corrected, people are be healed without charges unconstitutionally, what can we do? >> it is a stark unjust contrast those charged merelyas with trespassing with the january 6 rights have been held indefinitely in some cases while blm insurrectionist have gone off scott free across the country hin. it's time we have an equal standard of justice. anyone who committed a crime generally six should be heldan
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accountable in accordance to law, they shouldn't be treated anybody or worse because of the photocopiers. should the pilot looters and writers and arsonists in our streets last year beginning off scott free or in some cases, bailed out by kamala harris because they have their views. this is another reason i said merrick garland has been a disgrace to the attorney general and he should resign int disgrace. [applause] >> straightforward unambiguous answers, is accurate, are we good? all right, that's fine. ii think there's one final comment for cash one final request? >> for social media, i would like to takee a portrait photo, i've taken fundraising photos from beside or behind. if you could wave, i'm going to take a portrait picture. here we go.
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excellent. thank you very much. >> let's give them another round of applause. [cheering and applauding] thanks for coming. [applause] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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