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tv   House Democratic Leaders Hold News Conference  CSPAN  November 16, 2021 1:47pm-2:16pm EST

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>> download c-span's new mobile app and stay up-to-date with events from live streams on the house and senate floor and key congressional hearings to white house events and supreme court oral arguments, even our live interactive morning program washington journal where we hear your voices every day . c-span now has you covered, download the app today. >> wednesday federal communications commission chair nominee jessica rosen wurtzel and other nominees testify at the confirmation hearing before the senate commerce science and transportation committee. watch live beginning at 10 am eastern on c-span3, online at or watchful coverage on c-span it now, our new video app.
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>> you can watch by participating in student competitions, your opinion matters so if you're a middle or high school student create a 5 to 6 minute documentary that answers the question how does the federal government impact your life west and mark your documentary must show supporting and opposing points of view on a federal policy or program affects you and your community using video clips which are easy to find and access at student can competition awards $100,000 and total cash prizes and you have a shot at winning the grand prize of $5000. entrance must be received before january 20, 2022. for competition rules, tips for how to get started visit our website at house democratic leaders called a news conference on the legislative agenda and bipartisan infrastructure plan time into law yesterday.
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>>. [inaudible] morning everyone.
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we had a very productive caucus meeting earlier today. most importantly, we had an incredibly productive day for the american people. yesterday. the bipartisan infrastructure agreements is now the law of the land. that's a great thing for the economy and for the build back better plan. bipartisan infrastructure agreement ... that can crumble or collapse at any moment. that's just one example of why this historic investment
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in fixing our crumbling infrastructure will be so significant for the american people. the jobs that are being created as a result of passage of the bipartisan infrastructure agreements cannot be outsourced. to mexico, to china or other parts of southeast asia. these are good paying american jobs. that's a win for the american people. and we look forward to continuing our work. as we advance the bipartisan bill back better at and hopefully a handful of republicans. that remains to be seen but as we advance the build back better act at some point
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before we depart we create jobs for everyday americans healthcare by driving down the high cost of prescription drugs, childcare costs, cut housing costs. it implements universal pre-k for three and four-year-olds across the country and in doing so early childhood education costs as well. those will be additional wins for the american people delivering on president biden's promise to build back better. i will yield to our distinguished vice chair the ivr.
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>> thanks mister chairman. as the chairman mentioned yesterday we were pleased to join our colleagues including some on the other side of the island on the south lawn as the president signed the infrastructure bill. the american job still and it's so, we are so thankful for his leadership and so thankful to be able to go back to our communities and answer the question that they give to us all the time which is when are yougoing to get this done ? when are you going to do something to help our communities and time and again house democrats have been delivering and that's what we did yesterday. investments as the chairman mentioned in crumbling bridges and roads. investments in california and our water systems. reducing our carbon footprint and addressing global supply chain issues by handling the goods movement through the course of la.
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these are things that are going to help california and our country and that's why we are still pleased to be able to go back to our communities and tell them we are doing our best to create good paying jobs in this country. as the chairman mentioned jobs that can't be outsourced, jobs that have to be done in our communities but our work isn't done. that's what we continue to do is to lay the groundwork to pass the next piece of the president's agenda, the build back better agenda that will reduce taxes for working parents , address, continue to address climate change and make investments in childcare and caregiving. those are things our communities want to see collectively and that's what the president campaigned on and that's what we committed to deliver so i look forward to working with my colleagues to get this done and we will now introduce chairman patrick maloney. >> i think the distinguished
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chair and vice chair of the caucus but what i'll tell you is that yesterday was a good day for the united states of america if you are rooting against this job still you are rooting against america. when democrats deliver we are delivering for america and when the other side complains about it there rooting against america. this is not a democratic win. this is a bipartisan infrastructure bill that will grow our economy and provide millions of good paying jobs our work again earlier this year with the american rescue plan which quite literally the american economy millions of small businesses and our employees are working today because of that effort. hundreds of millions of shots in the arms of americans open to end the pandemic and we have to speak before us the most important investments in our people since the new deal and we will get that done. together that will form a record of results for the united states and all of our
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people that democrats will be proud to share with our constituents and with those. i want to thank the speaker and our majority leader and i went for delivering these wins the gentleman behind me for doing that but what i can tell you is some of you have heard call on the white house to go out and sell this package to the american people. tell the american people what we're doing. we want to do our part and this morning we were discussing with our colleagues under effort where you will see every member of the democratic caucus go out and do five events telling the american people what we're doing in this package. that will be 1000 events between now and the end of the year describing why this work that we have now completed on infrastructure bill and will complete on the build back better act will give people a better country,
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more breathing room for their families and a future theycan look forward to . we are going to stick together , get it done and tell them we did it and we're going to tell them who the other side is and with those four parts of the strategy we are going to tackle the toughest problems that face the american people and we want people to know what we're doing. thank you very much. >>. [inaudible] >> in terms of retirement every individual has a decision to retire from the house democratic caucus we are going to miss. and miss their service certainly, representative jackie spear is an incredible courageous old, fierce
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advocate for the american people. she will be missed but she's made that personal decision and she served this congress, this country and her community ably . this is a redistricting year. sean and i came in and the redistricting year in 2012. pete was a member, he tried. but he's a redshirt freshman in terms of being a member of the class. but it was 51 of us. 50 one of us. in 2012. and i believe sean will correct me. we picked up 15 or 16 seats that year. that means that the vast majority of the class of 2012
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came in as a result of retirements. that's what happens in a redistricting year. so we're not even on pace to hit that number yet. we will see what happens. this is to be expected and i don't believe it has anything to do with our prospects in 2022. going to hold the house and grow our majority and do it because of extraordinary leadership . with speaker policy, most importantly because you're delivering for the american people. >> the only thing i'd add is i think if you look just exactly what the chairman said, the numbers for retirements happens in pretty much every cycle let alone a redistricting cycle so idon't make much of it . i will point out that the most high profile event that happened was the governor of new hampshire saying he wanted no part of what republicans arecurrently standing for in washington . and so every person who has retired from a caucus has
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been 100 percent supportive of this agenda and is proud of the work they're doing and i think most of them decided it's the most important work they ever done but retiring from congress is a personal decision and i don't think members are out of whack with what the historic coverages but you can check it out. >> .. i think the premise of the question is not supported by the research. we are going to stick together, we are going to get it done and tell the people we did it. i think what you just agreed is
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the key part of this measure like the infrastructure package are not just popular, they are wildly popular, reducing prescription drug prices particularly for seniors. we are talking about paying $35 for insulin might be paying 1000 right now. we are talking cheaper ways for seniors to stay home with dignity as they grow older. people's childcare costs cut cripples the budget for many families, these are key parts of the climate change of the federal week, hundreds of thousands of charges across the country reading millions of jobs, all these components legislation you're talking about our deeply popular so some people want to sell the drive, we are in the end zone on the infrastructure bill, the 1 yard line with build back better and when we describe these, that
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would be a record of results that we would be proud to run on the american people already understanding the importance of those issues in their life, what's missing and gattaca. >> [inaudible question] >> i'll address that first give you a chance to weigh in and yield to chairman maloney for observations but the process of democracy is always but as chairman indicated the product is incredibly popular with the american people because we are delivering historic important things to lift up the middle
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class and those who aspire to be part of it. churchill once said democracy is the worst form of government ever invented except all forms of government ever invented. the process can be messy the outcome in passing the bill back better act will be transformational for the american people as we lower costs and cut taxes create millions of good paying jobs i think it's going to be embraced not by democrats but independence. >> this is both chairman mentioned, when we talk in our communities and all of them
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spent time at home last week, when we talk in our communities about what is in these bills, there is overwhelming support, local mayor spoke yesterday at the white house, often a warrant who's a republican representing small and midsized cities she give the president an enormous amount in congress from the democratic house credit for delivering this. she's been talking about infrastructure for years and wasn't able to get done until now. she was there with us celebrating because it's going to mean good paying jobs wo words, folks don't understand and april, you're going into our communities and the president's cabinet are going out into the country to educate folks about what's in these bills talk with
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them about specific improvements and bridges and waterways and issues of climate, those are the things our communities are going to want and they will benefit them a great amount. >> it's our job to tell people what we are doing. and communicate with the american public. we also take seriously we deliver these results and describe them. we're going to do 1000 congressional offense the next six weeks telling people what we are doing. the president is in new hampshire to, he's going to michigan after that, that's great. every day he's out there telling the american people what we are doing is a good day and i hope the vice president out there as well who's a perfect communicator and the cabinet so we have a full court press to
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communicate with the american public and while we have a tall order breaking through the noise delivering these achievements and telling people about them, have a plan to give you a better country. the other ci has to win back power for themselves. [inaudible] >> no decision has been made with respect to how to hold representative accountable but it is clear he needs to be held accountable for this disgusting outrageous, violent threat perpetrated against one of our colleagues here, congresswoman cassio cortez as well as
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president of united states of america but it underscores an incredibly important part right now. house democrats are delivering for the people in meaningful ways related to lowering costs, cutting taxes and creating millions of good paying jobs. the house republican conference is all about chaos, prices, confusion, corruption and controversy. they are trying to sanction members strip them of committees not because of outrageous violent threats but because they supported a handful of them as an ranking member -- a bipartisan infrastructure agreement that will make a positive difference in the lives of everyday americans. this is what the house republican conference under
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kevin mccarthy's leadership is all about right now. they are out of control. they care nothing about the well-being of everyday americans, the middle class and those who aspire to be part of it. nothing. it's all about the acquisition of power. not going to get out ahead of the carcasses decision in that regard other than to say he needs to be held accountable and he will be held accountable. perhaps kevin mccarthy should take steps to hold them accountable as opposed to fending off criticisms within his own conference as a relates to sanctioning the publicans who supported the infrastructure, it's outrageous.
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[inaudible] >> in my view, and i will yield to my colleagues, we are proceeding full steam ahead and when we came into this year, i think our focus was crushed the virus, provide relief to everyday americans struggling through this once in a century pandemic and lay the foundation to supercharge our economy for middle-class families and all those who aspire to be part of the middle class. we've accomplished a lot in terms of that objective. we passed the american rescue plan. we've passed the bipartisan infrastructure agreement and we are going to pass the bill back better act. we are also going to deal with issues related to the debt
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ceiling and they need to fully fund our government, the date in front of us in that regard is december 3 when the chairwoman leadership, who done our work in the house, we need partners on the other side of the aisle in the senate to complete that work and hopefully they will be responsible. >> part of the bill back better act some people are concerned -- [inaudible] >> i will direct that to chairman scott but we will see where that goes. >> [inaudible question] >> i didn't limit but you are
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correct, i made that observation and i made that observation because of absence to be anchored in an important reality that sometimes we tend to speak in fine print because we care about governing and we care about governing because we care about getting things done for everyday americans. if you're going to get big important things done for everyday americans like social security, medicare, medicaid, voting rights act, fair housing act, the civil rights act, the affordable care act, the american rescue plan and mouth bipartisan infrastructure agreement, all initiatives led by democratic presidents democrats controlled house and
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senate you have to master the fine print and that's what we've done consistently for everyday americans but their leadership and speaker pelosi's leadership, who recognized are going to have to message, persuade and communicate headline the republicans are only interested in tearing down things, not lifting up everyday americans so they are speaking negative headlines over and over. we're going to be successful in getting these things done, communicating in a persuasive way led by sean and others what we have done for the american people and why it's so transformational. >> [inaudible question]
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>> fair enough and all you got was a better country but we are going to change that and that's why we are doing 1000 congressional ways all over the country telling people what we are doing. communicating to the american public, we take that responsibly seriously and don't expect them to know if we don't tell them. we are going to tell them. my dad used to say any jack -- can kick down a barn but it takes a carpenter to build one and we are the carpenters in american politics right now and we are going to measure twice and cut once but deliver good policy, create jobs and eliminate the supply chain crisis, bring inflation back down from resource manufacturing jobs and make sure we are dependent on foreign energy and other parts only our economy back to come out of this global destruction and if we are guilty of caring about the details and getting policies right, that's why you see robust policy
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discussions among democrats but in the end, one 100% united we need to be to deliver these folks, we don't have margin for error. franklin roosevelt had 319 both in the house 20 past social security act. he had 100 to spare, got three. that means the party has been historically united even as we achieve historic results. >> will come back to the front row, this side and then back there. >> [inaudible question] >> sean and pete indicated, we been historically united we will
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continue to be as we work through important policy discussions amongst past democratic caucus family at the end of the day committed as we have consistently done to arrive at the highest common denominator -- >> we are going to break away from this event to take you live to the u.s. senate, over 40 year commitment to bring live coverage of congress. the senate about to travel back in following a recess for weekly party caucus modules and working on executive branch nominations. lawmakers are expected to consider 2022 for the front program and policy bills later this week. live coverage of the u.s. senate here on c-span2. nt oversee three agencies at the usda that are absolutely critical to the well-being of our nation's farmers and ranchers and to our shared goal of addressing the climate crisis. taken together, the


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