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tv   Hearing on Texas Abortion Law  CSPAN  November 16, 2021 2:42am-4:33am EST

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the house floor therefore the committee will take a recess and return immediately after the conclusion of these votes. the committee stands in recess.
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>> [inaudible conversations] the hearing will come to order. before we begin i want to apologize to the witnesses for the lengthy unexpected votes. we appreciate you staying with us so we can continue this important hearing. mr. jeffries was the last, so mr. johnson of louisiana. >> our witness was unable to stay and frankly if we started the committee on time we would have gotten to hear she was doing an amazing job they
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indicated that was fine at the time. >> we had a democratic caucus and informed the staff and they indicated they were not aware of any indication at all. all i know is the witness can't be here and had family that she had to get back home too. >> we have three witnesses here. >> when you schedule a hearing it isn't the republicans fault or the republican invited witnesses fault that you don't have the votes for this packet that's going to harm the country. that's not our problem.
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>> when would we convene it? the democratic colleagues brought us here and we heard this morning before we had to break on the grandstand and about abortion rights we came here so they could criticize the state laws rather than hold the hearing on several important items that have been awaited in this committee on this very topic of abortions we have a number of bills we would love to have heard. complete with a princess name the following. some days i leave the clinic and
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think i was put on this earth to be the best provider on this side of mississippi. i'm that good, regards. >> let's start with the written testimony that you discussed for the hearing. i've highlighted some of the statements that you've made. the stunning irony of the opening of the paragraph struck me think about what it's like to be a person. what about the thousands of innocent pre- born children that you've been involved in the abortion out, what about them? when a woman is pregnant, science tells us the life she carries is a completely separate and a fully new human being from
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the moment of fertilization. by the time most can be performed abb already has a beating heart and the baby living in her mother is as distinct and unique as a separate person as im from you. this human being like all of us have the unalienable rights to life and deserve the full protection under the law. the baby every mother carries as she faces life and death decisions has a beating heart at 22 days after fertilization. most abortions are not performed until at least after on or after nine weeks of the pregnancy. this is a model of a ten week old pre- born child that obviously is a child. if you look at it at this stage, he or she has fingers and toes and even practicing smiling. that is what we are talking about. let's consider what it means it
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is incredibly wrong, hateful and cruel and dehumanizing to the clients you serve. and again i would say really? what about the violence in the murder that is committed upon the pre- born child? that is the ultimate violation, the ultimate act, dehumanizing act as if the world is upside down. >> i was stunned to read the conclusion where you said abortion is love, abortion is a blessing. what a twisted the thing it is that the murder of 62 million is a blessing. scripture teaches in the declaration and affirms the self-evident truth that we are all created by god and given by him the same and unalienable rights with the right to life.
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congress has the duty to protect these rights and the lives of the pre- born because they are unable to protect themselves. to put it bluntly our duty is to protect the unimaginable callousness with the dignity and value and they are not related in any way to the color of our skin, or zip code, how good looking we are, it is given to us by god. it's a biological reality a pre- born child as a member of the family end of the more and more of the american people understand that. october 9th, and you tweeted it's okay and healthy to have sex for pleasure. birth is punishment for pleasure. october 13th, somebody tweeted close your abortion experience funny? if so, direct e-mail me at this
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e-mail address. you said i can't wait to read this piece. >> i think that says enough about the credentials and of the arguments that are being made. of the american people would make the judgment for themselves abortion is not funny and is an unspeakable tragedy. the hearing is a mockery of it and this challenge is wrong and i'm out of time and yelled back. >> thank you to the witnesses for being here today. i'm glad the committee is making it clear the consequences it's disappointing that we need to convene this hearing at all because so many of us thought this issue was well settled law in the united states by the
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decision by the supreme court in roe v wade and 58% are opposed to overturning roe v wade and support legal abortion. lots of people thought this was settled law. i note that in the written testimony, ms. foster says that the supreme court, i quote, could and should take the opportunity to recognize the nature of roe v wade and planned parenthood so my first question is for professor bridges are roe and casey unsettled law in any way? >> absolutely not. it's half a century old and those that burdened the fundamental rights to abortion
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has been workable for 30 years. there's nothing unsettled we've heard a lot about this from the other side during the hearing today. let me be clear, abortion care is critical, often lifesaving healthcare. to start, is there any scientific or medical justification for six-week ban on abortion? >> there's no medical or scientific explanation for any restrictions on abortion care. it's exceedingly safe. it's lifesaving and it is critical to the health and safety of our families and communities. >> is there any other misinformation about the care that you would like to collect for the record today? >> yes. most everything that has been spoken about a specialty i'm troubled by asking a lawyer to
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answer questions about health care. healthcare. i think that speaks to how the members of the committee feel about the medicine in general. i will say you cannot have health without access to abortion care. abortion care can be lifesaving. the people i serve trust me to listen to them, and i trust them to make the best decisions for themselves and their family. when people come to see me, i offer them nonjudgmental, nonbiased, nondirective information and education so that they can make decisions for themselves, and i trust them to make the right decisions for themselves. >> thank you for your powerful testimony and for being here today. in a number of justifications for the lack of a rape exception and as a sexual assault survivor, i can only imagine how
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difficult it was to hear those answers and i'd like to give you the opportunity to respond to anything said with respect to the legislation. to be clear, to require victims of sexual assault, rape, to compel them to give birth to the child of their assailant. >> thank you for the question and i'm glad i will have the opportunity to respond to it. as a survivor i firmly feel both appalled and worried that elected officials would affirm forcing survivors of incest and rape to remain pregnant is okay. i'm worried for many people in the country who need abortion care, i'm worried for the
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millions of survivors of incest and sexual assault that suffer every day at the hands of abusers and stigma. and as i sat here listening to that, i think about all the women in my life that i loved that are also survivors and called to thank me today for sharing my testimony. thank you. >> this is another attempt to promote and glorify abortion and as said it is also to increase the number of abortions in the country. earlier this year didn't contain any pro-life protections and any president since jimmy carter where the signed appropriations bills into law that contains the pro-life productions.
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senator biden supported the amendment that president biden is now renouncing the hyde amendment. in june house democrats past several appropriations bills that did not meet the protections that historically have been received with bipartisan support. in december housed immigrants past the 2021 misnomer that does not involve the taking that would codify into federal law abortion. refer to the providers and supporters testify today that this is a safe medical procedure. a safe medical procedure that has two healthy lives given to the procedure and only one comes out alive. it's not really healthcare nor is it safe medical care. if the act were enacted, states would be prohibited from protecting unborn children that's any stage of development. only one democrat voted against the bill. that's how far the democratic
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party has moved on this issue. we heard a statement in ogr by a witness that said again today abortion is a blessing, an act of love, it's freedom unless you happen to be the baby in the womb, then it's not so much of a blessing. get that same witness said she wants to make, quote, my lifesaver. she should be safer i agree with that. just like the beauty should be safe from her and dangerous people just like her. so, it should never be the easiest decision you make. it is under blessing or act of love or freedom. we should reflect on the national prayer breakfast. she said i feel the greatest destroyer today is abortion.
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it is a war against the child. at the direct killing of the innocent child, murdered by the mother herself and if we accept the mother can kill even her own child, how can we tell other people not to kill one another, end of quote. but the democratic majority in the house is obsessed. we concede and champion and shout from the rooftops that every life is precious and should be cherished. we hold these truths to be self-evident all men are created equal and endowed with certain inalienable rights that among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happyness. you can't have liberty unless you are alive and you can't have happiness. we must protect life, liberty and abortion does not protect any of these rights.
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it destroys these rights. at the same oversight hearing one of the witnesses referred to the pro-life protections such as the amendment is discriminatory and racist and a member stated abortion restrictions are part of the present that united the black indigenous people of color as the constitutional rights. i think there's a profoundly racist persistence in the continuation and we see that in the nature of the party politics, nothing could be further from the truth. the hyde amendment and others are not racist. they actually save lives. margaret sanger the founder was a racist once saying we don't want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the population. and i will submit into the record the document where she said that. yet democrats can't stop defending planned parenthood instead of celebrating abortion we should be working to preserve life. i would ask ms. foster but after
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eight hours of delays and the witnesses in here for me to ask certain questions, but i can conclude as i'm sure she could that bar we were soft because there are few abortions, the answer would be indeed yes. we are a stronger nation when we protect those that cannot protect themselves such as the unborn. and mr. chairman, i submit to the record of the following articles. the legacy lives on planned parenthood and the third removed the statues of margaret sanger tied to eugenics and racism, and i will yield back. >> the gentleman yields back. >> i was hoping i could use my
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few minutes to cut through the political rhetoric that we've been hearing to try to identify what is at stake in the discussion right now your testimony [inaudible] [inaudible] per physician and family she can make the decision that she needs and originally in
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the event that it takes place before they could live outside of the body of the mother. and i think it corresponds to the views of the majority of the american people that within the early period that there is a nonviable fetus that is within the woman's right to choose as a part of the freedom to make the decision and at the murder of 20 million i think we just heard from our distinguished colleague, people who were killed were children who were killed she referred to it as a genocide.
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>> ties to the holocaust that took place in europe against the jews. 62 million which was described as children killed through abortion, and i appreciate the moral clarity of the position. she says under the declaration and i'm sure the constitution that he fetus is a person under the process and i confirmed that with her right after her testimony. i just want to make sure that it's your position that he fetus is a person within the constitution she said absolutely. the reason that this is so important we have seen it bans abortion in the vast majority of cases for rate and she was very enthusiastic and proud of that
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fact and it converts everything into the system of bounty hunting where people are essentially turned into vigilantes for a doctor or nurse or family members who help a woman. so whether they are going to oklahoma, louisiana or other parts of the country where they can get an abortion and i think some people feel that's okay you have this sort of checkerboard thing but you will be able to plead to another stated but if you listen to what ms. foster is saying and a number of other colleagues are saying is they want the situation where abortion at any point is considered murder under the constitution of the united states, so if you follow the logic of her argument, it shouldn't be allowed in any case, in any state because it would be like allowing a state
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government to permit the murder of a subpart of the population, and i appreciate the honesty that is an extremist view outside of where the vast majority of the american people are but if you listen to the rhetoric of the colleagues and listen to the rhetoric of ms. foster, all of them seem to be saying that he fetus is a person within the constitution and not only is it okay for texas essentially to make it impossible for a woman to get an abortion which is why they are trying to get out on the greyhound buses or whatever to louisiana or oklahoma or california, but every state it should be banned and if they don't believe that, then i think they should explain why they think it's okay to take place in some states but it's not in other states it is. some of them are saying what certain people are saying just what the states to slide. i would like them to announce that they think it should be a
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right in the states that want to make it a write about for me the new position of the republican party is that we should have a blanket ban on abortion across the land and it is murder everywhere and that is the logic of the moral and constitutional position that they have adapted today. >> .. >> it is the heartbeat because my colleagues on the other side of the aisle do not want to start with the concept of the heartbeat. and that is what this law is titled, that is what drove and motivated people texas was to protect the life when there was a heart beat was able to be identified. everyone at this room has a
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heartbeat and every one of us knows the tie of heartbeat to life. that is what is that the whole center of this whole conversation but my colleagues are those who started it wasn't from maryland with a collected, the what it means in terms of banning certain abortions at certain times where's he was saying a national man, he was hypothesizing. and starting from the premise not from the starting place of life, to try to defend life but from the standpoint of law with respect to our current abortion law. but that is because my colleagues do not want to start with the concept of life. because it is a messy business. as my colleague mr. gomer described earlier, this is a messy business. a lot of misinformation floating
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run of the texas bill saying is flat out ban on abortion and yes there have been still too thousand plus abortion since september 9th don't think we have the data for our server yet, there were 2000 plus abortions and i will acknowledge that is an over 50 percent drop from the 5000 something abortions in august. the question that i would ask for witnesses who no longer here because we do mean for two hours this morning in our meeting and night and she was unable to be here. i was going to ask her what conversation would you like to have with the 2000 - 3000 lives that will be flocking this planet in september alone, two - 3000 lives that will be walking this planet because of this bill. now those on the other side of the aisle they want to fixate on
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kc or rope, that is fine we can have those legal debates. but we we are talking about here are human beings and that is what is at the center of all of this. and the question becomes and is my colleagues in the mass majority of i think nonviable fetus in the first trimester, in the context of abortion law, okay, the texans decided through their elected body in the state legislature to say that it if there is a heartbeat detected, that life should be protected. that's with the people of texas decided in the here all of the sort of labeling about the construct of the law. about how novel yet this construct is similar for example to a state law state of colorado telling case maker to make a case under colorado law despite conflicting with the full
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helpful debate for maker than forcing baker to proceed in the face of possible private litigation challenging his or her decision in one of the means in terms of cost and impact in trying to litigate the first amendment rights and state and court braided and effort this is some sort of novel concept but he is not. this is a debate and this is the kind of thing that you litigate but you've got people in texas saying, we think the life is worth protecting. i would note as i said before there were 2000 abortions in september, in texas in 2020, 49000, almost 49000 at the 54000 roughly in the running of the abortions, were less than ten weeks pretty and what we are talking about here is saying that if there is a heartbeat, w everything that we can to protect that living being and we
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talk about vigilante justice were talking about the ability to bring suit in advance of a life. that is what we are talking about, nothing more, nothing less. but it is everything. and again, i would reiterate that my colleagues on the other side of the aisle will not want to rfi wanted to talk about the heart beat. because we know they know that it undermines a position printed and i yield back. >> thank you and i think some of you know that i am one of the one in four women in america who has had an abortion and i testified recently about that, i first told my story two years ago when this rash of bills was starting to come up and i told it after more than a decade and actually had not even told my mother about it before i wrote this in the paper and for me was
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actually very difficult decision to make. his son for everybody i don't think that it should have to be ready so you are right mr. roy, we have different starting places i start with the constitution it has over the constitution and start with the constitutional right that i have to make choices about my own body and i also am very offended by the idea that anybody on your side would call me a murderer, for making a choice about my health and my body that you cannot even begin to understand or know what i was doing with. so please do not be paternalistic towards us as we make choices that are our choices. and by the way, nobody except us is actually the pregnant person is actually the person is
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affected along with anybody have a choice and can choose to in and you know i thought i would like to leave detecting my health to my doctor intimate and i don't think that i really the person who makes this constitutionally protected choice should be traumatized by being called a murderer, that is outrageous in my mind braided professor bridges and your testimony and the answer, you spoke about the intersection of that race poverty and abortions in advance on the constitutional rights disproportionately affect women of color and are these intersections part of the reason it a pregnant person constitutional right to an abortion is treated different ad inferior to under a hundred other constitutional rights. >> absolutely, we live in a country of abortion and has the right to terminate a pregnancy the liability is treated dramatically differently than the fundamental rights that are found in the constitution
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braided the most glaring example of that is abortion treated differently is that it will afft right now the supreme court let a unconstitutional law go into effect in two months later, we are still still dealing with the fallout of that pretty. >> thank you for your testimony and think and thank you for being here and i think it's impossibly difficult to listen to what has been said today and thank you for your courage can erase. another issue that often overlapped with reproductive justice is health coverage and highlighted in your powerful testimony because of the amendment coming abortion care was uncovered and thinking about the patient they are funds served in your personal experience, how are communities of color in particular disproportionately impacted by restrictions on abortions funding by health insurance programs such as medicaid. >> thank you for your question
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congresswoman it and appreciate the solidarity here, it is not easy to hear the inflammatory frederick. and as a survivor of somebody who has had an abortion year, i am offended but this is not new, this is what people who have abortions deal with braided this is what courtney called, the sidewalk counselor are killing at physicians who work pulling in to get healthcare. i think it's ironic that we spend the day talking about abortion restrictions, reporting and women and their families and if we were to end this i would hope that a priority would be to fund programs for women in these family so that crimes like the
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one do not have to choose between feeding the family and having an abortion. >> thank you. as a abortion provider you see firsthand the medical harm, what new challenges will patients and providers face now that texas is authorized private people to become the vigilantes and control the reproductive healthcare. >> so i'm saying it right now, that we have people who are critically ill and pregnant and that they need an abortion to save their lives and we do not want to delay care we will see that this is at least ten times are ten times more dangerous than abortion care no more likely to die and that is even more true in texas with her maternal morbidity rate and i'm
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already sing the devastating effects in my community and i expect this to be getting worse pretty. >> i would just as the mcauley stop calling us murderers i do not appreciate that and he'll back rated. >> i agree. and thank you pretty. >> this is about six ordinary caring about something that is unclear to me why this body and this committee is taking up in seems inappropriate in the way that the united states supreme court is undertaking this judicial independence consideration of of the law in texas. i failed to comment on one aspect of what we are pretty i would suspect there are two reasons that texas senate bill eight, is so impactful.
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unusually impactful. first is that, the exercise of the right to abortion, dependence upon at all times a huge moneymaking industry carrying it out that will put his financial interests first. and, second and then industry knows that it can never rest secure in a proclamation for right until another utterly innocent human being, it is simply a claim and is as unintended the ball as when the supreme court of the united states declarant scott versus stanford. i freed slaves on african heritage cannot become citizens of the united states or enjoy the rights privileges and
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immunities thereof. and it will never be a settled issue until the humanity of the unborn child is recognized and protected. this is a picture of a child 12 weeks gestation. her fist is clenched. it is a little girl, not just some anonymous picture, she is now a thriving child. her hand in her arm are visible. she is a human. she cannot be disregarded. it is not possible for us to pretend that she does not exist. she exists.
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fred scott was settled law at one point, and then the weighted the turn of history for that to be vindicated. that's exactly the situation here. i yield back. >> thank you so much mr. chairman and the first of all as a member from florida, i want to thank you so much and welcomed his this hearing but also thank you so much for your testimony today. people think that they know your story but today you have been able to tell it and they may not care about your story but i care and i think you for being an advocate on behalf of of women and girls are the station.
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i spent 27 years in law enforcement and don't want to talk about the constitutional rights. but today and i only speak as a of congress, i also want to speak is a police officer and as a police chief and as an enforcer of the law, took an oath that i would protect and defend the constitution of the united states and my law enforcement career, you can imagine that i have seen and experienced much. the joys and the pain of life. i have worked rallies, and demonstrations by the complex plan in the neo-nazi city and the and other extremist groups. and i've heard names and i've
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been called names, kuhn, savage, and i've heard the and word, more times than i care to acknowledge. but as these extremist furled of their racial slurs and insults, as i work the rally to provide security for them, as a law enforcement officer who remembered the oath that i took, i would've risk my life to stop anyone who tried to do them harm. of course i do not agree with what they were saying, or why they were demonstrating. but it took enough to protect their rights to say it and to
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demonstrate. the united states constitution is a stubborn document. rights are stubborn as well and even the rights of women. row versus wade, is clearly established and well settled law. and it's violation is blatantly unconstitutional. i have also in my remarks, i don't have any questions today but have also worked and seen as a law enforcement officer, the threats and harassment of women in and teenage girls and
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providers, we have certainly had to work cases of providers who gave their life as they were trying to provide the service. so i don't know how much longer this debate will go on but we live in the united states of america, the supreme law of the land is the u.s. constitution and as long as i am here, i will continue to protect and defend it. thank you and i yield back. >> the gentle lady yields back. >> is interesting to me that how far were drifting apart with my colleagues in my democratic colleagues who say that abortion. [inaudible]. but they take very more extremes
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pro abortion ideologies like in new york i just want to share a little bit like having unique experience, i grew up in the soviet union it and it was the first country in europe that in 1920, legalized abortion. and it was where life did not measure individual life did not matter is our collective. it was all for them, collective and everything, it's collective as a group, not as individuals are then i came here and i was very inspired and impressed by the such an intrinsically valuable value of human life, that is really including in our founding documents and declaration of independence talks about god-given rights and right to life is the first one
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of the most important, for these individuals matter and it really very deep respect for life. more than unborn so american and how to to fish rated around thee braided so i just generally was very surprised the timing of this hearing and might just asku know, since we have another so ms. bridges, you point out in your testimony that disproportionately affects women that of black women, women of color for going to talk about racial injustice and black lives matter and all lives matter that seems to me to the community but then i have different disagreements. but my question is for you, we
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have a state legislature that has an ability to regulate abortion and we have supreme court. and can decide if something is unconstitutional. the supreme court is going to review these cases and one of them was on monday. is there any reason it why this body shall this hearing for any reason than just exert political influence over an independent right of the government and the judicial branch of do you see any reason why we should be doing this. >> thank you for your question i appreciate it and first, is professor or doctor and second, you said the state legislatures have enacted this law and the democratically elected law, and think we can drop a footnote
3:28 am
next to that, clear whether this was a democratically elected law texas have somewhat restrictive in one of the most restrictive voting rights or regulations and so i would be skeptical that all of the people were represented in the slot. and thirdly, you're absolutely right that the judiciary is called upon to interpret the constitution and protect the rights. we are here today and thank you, we are here today because this does not do that in the judiciary did not follow its own established precedents in zone and it would've let it to enjoy the flagrantly constitutional law. it did not do that and in fact its own established precedents related to status quo. [inaudible]. >> but there reviewing the rules
3:29 am
of procedure of the going to look at the procedures because it was actually not very well practiced. they have two cases to look at texas and the specific case but there are a lot of cases in the supreme court so what would you be discussing this pretty except to influence. >> we should be talking about the procedural rules have substantive consequences. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. two cases they will decide they just want to argument on monday pretty. >> in the meantime the right protections are being infringed pretty. [inaudible]. printing. >> the time has expired.
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>> thank you mr. chairman. >> it is rather bizarre that we are 40 years later that we have to have a hearing on this and that the harmful effects of this has almost immediately manifested themselves and completely having access to abortion for women in texas who are not connected. and also reproductive health system of other states that have chosen not to violate the constitution and in doing so the slot has created a framework that deliberately 60 violate a woman's constitutional freedom to decide what weather to become become apparent based on her own unique circumstances. it is so by creating a tortured legal fiction to avoid it judicial review in the process, threatens other constitutional rights.
3:31 am
just as a baseline from the decision to have an abortion is deeply personal and we as legislatures, is ensure anybody who becomes pregnant can access a full range of medical care that is safe and free from fear, coercion, or who want to insert themselves into a medical practice. we have several stories of why people choose to access abortion care. i've had to clients, both were young woman who had a first child when they were in their teens and of suffered abuse at the hands of family members they struggle to keep themselves and the children housed and fed and when they were victimized by much older men pregnant again in the each had their own personal reasons for choosing not to have another child including compelling medical and financial and emotional reasons. one is in pennsylvania able to make the best decision for her circumstances and she chose not to have another child at the
3:32 am
time and as a was able to leave the abusive relationship which is because the pregnancy enter school get a good job, and have two more children with her husband. and the other live in texas and this was before fda took effect in the before the state had imposed some of the most restrictive antiabortion laws in the country she cannot afford to travel or pay for an abortion and she was forced to marry child although she and the child suffered preventable physical injury great economical harm so these are just two of the stories we have are that the stories, pains me we need to share personal stories with privates reasons to demonstrate the less array of reasons why somebody might choose not to avail themselves of having another child. but the story should not be having to be told over and over again. professor bridges, some legal
3:33 am
basis for this crazy fd eight law, if i understand it they decided to make having an abortion illegal in texas but has outsourced enforcement of that from the state to private citizens who can sue anyone who has abortion perhaps one and get $10000 from them. this seems really tortured. and it also seems to implicate of the rights. so for example, if we were to have a state and decided to outlaw evangelical christians, practicing your first amendment religious rights is pretty clear constitutional rule so there's the state of georgia says that no more evangelical christians is illegal to practice that religion in the state of georgia in the states not going to do anything about it but anyone
3:34 am
anywhere doesn't matter if you're georgia or anywhere else, he you can sue anyone it was a practicing christian in georgia for $1 million isn't that what this law is trying to do in texas and what is that problem without. >> absolutely, and there is a blueprint for violating constitutional rights and no constitutional rights are safe and this begins at abortion but who knows where it will and in the first amendment free exercise right in the 14th amendment right of same-sex marriage and consensual sexual contact and the right to bear arms braided no constitutional price for safe. that is why we are here today predict summa i think very structure of this should give people pause and to be more than solid grounds for why it should never take in effect or be a model for other season should be
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overturned possibly braided thank you and i yield back. >> thank you and i join mr. johnson louisiana and ranking member jordan into expressing my regrets this under mr. foster's not here to elaborate in the remarks for additional options for women to find themselves with an unplanned pregnancy and i regret she's not here to speak to the offers of the thousands of resource centers across the united states i regret that she is not here to further elaborate and decide that life is not frivolous and that she's not here and that i yield back. >> i think the gentleman from oregon. your board member of the emergency fund of strongly supports the worst right pretty. >> for the office network
3:36 am
pretty. >> so the action that were strongly support the abortion correct printed and we understand the position of your organization, these are some of other yes/no questions, is it okay to murder a ten -year-old child pretty yes or no pretty. >> i'm deeply offended that you would call me a mug pretty. >> i'm asking a question is it okay to murder a ten -year-old child is that your organizations position. >> no one should be forced to remain pregnant if they don't want to and if there are any abortion restrictions are . [inaudible]. >> i am assuming that you do not advocate for the murder of children but what about a toddler, it would assume you would say is not okay to murder a two -year-old, what about a newborn in the mass to the position of your organization partial-birth abortion,
3:37 am
physician at that the organization support that pretty. >> what my organization is for is to support the people who need abortion care who are lighted to when they have alleged. [inaudible]. [inaudible]. >> without apply to a woman was nine months pregnant printed. >> i disagree with the premise of your question. >> a late term unborn child. >> anybody should have a right to what an abortion or have an abortion at any time when the pregnant pretty. >> so, i mean, this sincerely and this is not for you personally and talk about the organization that you spark an obesity organization, if it is not okay to take the life of a small child with outside of the moment, why is it okay to take the life of a small child nine months or 9 inches, help me
3:38 am
understand the distinction of it. >> i do not understand the question. >> no civilized person was support the murder of a child's why would we score the right of taken away the life of the child right before they delivered >> nobody should be forced to be pregnant against their will. >> let me ask the doctors on the screen, is that okay, let me ask you this does abortion take the life of something that is a live. >> that's intentionally inviting violence to us. >> you are medical doctor and tell me if there is an unborn
3:39 am
child in the womb or not, so are we killing something that is alive when you dismember something in the womb but, is that human being or not, it's a living being yes or no. and this is a direct question about medical care new position yourself as an expert on the issue, are we taking a life or not is a lifer yes or no. >> what you're discussing or asking is not . [inaudible]. >> that's nonresponsive and i think we all know the you do not want to respond is the obvious fact is that you're taking a human life, it is a small human life, it is a human being having a skewed doctor, should abortion be allowed because of the sexual of the pre- born child in your medical opinion. >> i do not believe there should be a description. >> hold on, if somebody is a pregnancy test and they say is a
3:40 am
little girl they would avoid, should they be able to abort that child would be okay or not. if they have an - >> the time has been expired pretty. >> i'm just going to know that no one answer the question and i yield back. >> thank you to all of the witnesses here today and i know that this is been a long day to thank you for your patience and thank you for allowing yourself to be questioned by this especially to you for sharing your deeply personal story and i know is still richer hard to have gone through both of those abortions and the reasons you had to say thank you for sharing. women's freedom to choose is an attack on our country simply put, politicians and the government and no place until he women it freedom to choose the
3:41 am
reproductive care our nation not in the business of controlling women's bodies. the texas law and just for the record i'm a native texan i'm also catholic pretty the texas law has already had devastating effects on texas woman especially women with low incomes, black and latino women if suffering the most. many across state lines to access abortions and send some of these women they are fortunate because in the resources and the logistical know how to seek an abortion outside of texas. consider a woman living in my district, would have to drive ten hours to get to the state where she could access to productive healthcare and you have to make the drive alone arrest someone getting sued. when turn in the u.s. circuit
3:42 am
court of appeals, one a woman that concerned with taking time off, to travel for the abortion is a could affect your job she said she struggles to cover expenses and lives paycheck to paycheck and she considered using the service best chinos she would be a car alone with a stranger as she was coming off of anesthesia. women has to have these considerations braided and in texas, many immigrants are faring importation of face huge barriers to abortion and the distance of travel restrictions another woman in houston only speak spanish, shared her concern which is not been to another state could minor understand why they have to be texas for the working for what would be required to get to another state.
3:43 am
those are breaking in just a few weeks ago i look hundred visited my local planned parenthood health center and countless other stories, texas woman for resorting to self-help including drinking and abortion t that they found on the internet and there was a that many of this results may end up in back room alley abortions and maybe even the use of fingers as we saw the past and this is totally unacceptable predict we trust women to know the need and how they have come to this decision with the premise on the faith in the future in mind. and americans agree, there's an exhibit here but i asked for consent to be entered into the record. also the gallup poll, nearly six in ten americans no one was overturned and in texas a great
3:44 am
reasonable april 2021 said the majority of texans are against the abortion restrictions or posted provisions. and again, majority of texans, just a few months ago, the fact remains that this bill had devastating effects on women and will continue to do that. also the doctor, he would just again thank you for going to all of the other restricting of abortions. [inaudible]. are using more and more women who are going out of state particularly minority women are and have you seen any impact or effect on any self-help they got in on their own. >> i am a troubled oklahoma to provide working here as well.
3:45 am
that would be from north texas and lastly, 80 percent and some as far as galveston and texas city they drove to get to oklahoma city so i'm already seeing the devastating effects thankfully we have options. the option is limited for many people. >> thank you, is there anything else. [inaudible]. >> the time has expired. >> thank you and i yield back. >> mr. owen is recognized. >> thank you. others wanting a moment that my constituents from utah has serious concerns about the department because the biden administration is the like one
3:46 am
of the laws and. [inaudible]. the united states versus texas would like to request unanimous consent to get the rating into the record. i would like to share my perspective with the devastating impact that abortion is in my community come in june of this year, why planned parenthood is the greatest threat to black lives in america never like to request in his consent to enter the full - into the record. here are a few highlights, the highlights in recent it addition of the new york times, the head of planned parenthood was a making excuses for our founder. this article said that organization in the ics perhaps will, nafta reckon with the association with a group of eugenics. in order to acknowledge the news
3:47 am
on planned parenthood uses a birth control to eliminate those - waste commode is a lie, 6 percent of american population yet make up 40 percent of women it put up on the operating table, wealthy abortion. and 20 million black babies have been exterminated over the last 40 years less than 20 percent of my race is nothing but human waste and the death of 40 million black innocent babies in combination with 60 million babies of all recent color, would be considered genocide and medical care and the death of all the innocence and preachers, leftist with the equity worst equity the killed at the higher rate than the majority race and then u.s., merchant rated for americans of african-american women is more than three times than that of white women in from
3:48 am
2000 - 2010, african-americans the total population dropped one seventh and we have stuff killing the black babies federate three times with my babies is not there to black mothers but babies are not humanoids in our community should celebrate not celebrate throwing them away. black mothers from other children as much of white mothers early taught at a young age is not cool to abort them. and if they were taught, is not liberation, not - 20 million destroyed. [inaudible]. there could be another ben carson leading our nation to fight cancer and heart disease, what a loss to our national well-being and no, is babies and
3:49 am
profits to the abortion industry is 11 blessing to mother in the lives and their mothers babies lives have been destroyed, clarence thomas, put it best when he wrote, that it takes advances have only heightened the potential for abortion another can be used to limit children with unwanted characteristics read this one of the laws like to promote the states interest in preventing abortion from becoming a tool of modern-day eugenics. on the father of six children, 15 grandchildren in my life as been going up and down within a super bowl champion to losing everything and what date was in a basement apartment in brooklyn for children we chose to have another two children because they believed of the life with
3:50 am
families. and i'm not going to listen to the darkness of the hopelessness braided in the life that you give to your children, which will build his family is eternal it is nothing like the memoriesw share believe me is not playing on the football field, is my six kids my 15 grandkids, and have tied closely but we are and we enjoy our company now printed in of them of raising their kids mess the legacy of the moms and dads the legacy of many moms that will never have because it killed the baby it was told to them that it was cool. they've been taught that is his better to go to abortion sooner than to man up and take care of the child. so for undercoat both for the life and i give back my time.
3:51 am
>> thank you and thank you for being here for such lengthy bit of time to discuss the serious attack on our constitutional rights i can tell you how much this means to me generations of women have fought for their places in society and fought for the right to vote and for the university classrooms in a seat in the boardroom at a seat in our own government and half of the freedom to make our own decisions about her bodies, our health and our family. generations of women securities gain so that we could build on their efforts toward a just and a winnable society and we cannot allow the work to be undone rated an attempt to legislate the women's personal decision time and time again. he suffers always because the greatest harm to women of color
3:52 am
and those without resources that was discussed over and over again today predict those who face the greatest obstacles to travel long distances just to get the care they need it for this attack also poses a great new risk of our constitutional price to become the focus of a strange system of vigilante justice in a system of which the neighbor is pitted against the neighbor and eroding the sacred trust the buying is our communities and i am deeply troubled by what this law could mean for the constitutional right to abortion. and all of these rights if this vigilante scheme is allowed to continue and be replicated. i'm so pleased today that we are able to shed light on the experiences of people in texas that are already happening to the right now and we will continue to see this thread
3:53 am
throughout the country if our courts are not going to uphold the constitution. and before we get started today, i just want to know professor, is there anything the you would like to respond to. >> , god, thank you so much for the opportunity to respond to my would like to respond to some of the comments just made it by representative online then, he speaks about the higher rate of abortions among black people coming doesn't have reasons, are they reason the higher rates of abortion because black people have been talked out of it, it's cool. or the higher rates of abortion are due to poverty or lack of access to contraception due to the fact that they're not being educated about sexual and entered in healthcare so those of the reasons for the higher rates of abortion on black people, and the suggestion that
3:54 am
black people with these pregnancies because that they think that it is cool, suggest that black women are stupid grade and i assure you, black people are not stupid. the reason abortion care to have control over the lives especially when there and a position to make it impossible for them to control their lives otherwise read he didn't mention at all what happens when we restrict abortions. we - people are ignoring throughout this entire hearing, were forcing the breath in particular when you prepare they were forcing black people to give birth, in a country in which we have terrible rates of mortality compared it to our peers we have racial disparities. meaning that three times but expected i through a pregnancy childbirth or shortly
3:55 am
thereafter. so we are forcing black people to engage in task is dangerous to their lives read and finally, with a bit under live in a country which already is being defined as neglect and the black people can expect to have the children get away from them by the child welfare system the regulation system. this is a cruel set of circumstances that we are creating. we force people to engage in an intestate is dangerous to them. and to have them create families that dissolve through the family relation system so i think it's important to understand all that context and attributes to the rate of abortion amongst black people that they think it is cool party. >> thank you fours the nature of what is really happening in the country and it knows that sv nate lab because quizzes for people with highly desired
3:56 am
pregnancies i have publications and can you expand predict even one of pregnancy is wanted. >> so even at 15 or 16 weeks, is on the amniotic fluid separates and this is a condition where treatment - >> the time has expired. >> the next person is recognized for five minutes predict. >> thank you for 35 years, other in a california state legislature or here in the congress and this is a debate is very familiar and been going on throughout the resolution on either side, all those years and i've always been a pro-life. i've always voted that way and i think with respect to the tax bill, i'd prefer to the standard of heart rate and brain activity
3:57 am
but alisa texas gives us a rational and standard basin with that said, my personal opinion is the texas law is by law and things dangerous to enforce criminal law and civil courts to replace public prosecutors with treatments litigators in criminal court is there for a reason they require a higher standard of proof in this important unanimous jury verdict to assure that if we are going to use the government power to injure someone other than deprive them of freedom of property, it has to be done with these standards and safeguards are not entirely some of the attic to the opponents of the bill the enforcement mechanisms of this bill is my eye i have. the supreme court is considering that now and rightly so we may like their decision or we may not like the decision that if we don't like it, where the
3:58 am
congress, it is our job to produce legislation to object are but is not clear to me what we're doing here today, except trying to being in a ring and program pressure to the court to politicize his deliberation. i don't have a question because they appear to be incapable of responding in any other fashion other than repeating predetermined soundbites. >> is the first time my lifetime that i heard that black people think the family is dangerous. the feeling that every race deals with the same issues of overcoming obstacles it is called life and have never i've this dangerous to have a baby braided i think part of this is low expectation the summoning people have in the race, it bots me tremendously.
3:59 am
we just finish up i'm sorry. >> and i want to continue is a no people enough of this, i live in a time where my race was literally one of the best aggressive in progressive of our country the growth in college and marriage and black hole in it but expect to be married and higher rate than white women and that san martin and believe me, abortion is not prevalent in my race and the men were expected to take care of their families. i was there and i know that okay anyway, so sorry didn't mean to have this exchange but when we have the facts, and we have the experiences of people have no clue. in the claim to be experts. i just want to say this, we have options, when is being hopeful overcoming obstacles and having it a belief in her kids are
4:00 am
precious in their legacy be put in place in a way that rain will be a good name we can be found in the cantonal say something else, i find this interesting that hal very wealthy people do not even consider abortion, very wealthy people of the kids will have the kids and then the rest of the society, the poor, obviously stay hopeless in the kill their kids. it comes down to loving the family unit in a society worth the price to do whatever it can to save in the work and sacrifice like every other race that has done before and realizes kids growing up will love themselves because they see this love in the household have to promise her family right now the kids are going to realize that they are told early how easy it is now cruel it is to
4:01 am
have an abortion it and they don't want to really deal with it, and planned parenthood will take that off their shoulders in a heartbeat. let's get back to understanding that our children are gifts from god. and were given an opportunity to work our very best to help them and support them into praise, we will get help from god to do just that. i yield back. >> just a moment to indicate that the highest maternal mortality is among women of color. >> on his time is the chairman speaking. >> you don't have time. >> thank you. and i want to thank our witnesses for joining us here today and your patients with a
4:02 am
longer day appear on capitol hill in testimony today is crucial for the work of this committee and for our congress. every person deserves access to reproductive health care to safe and affordable is a fundamental constitutional right and recognized by the united states supreme court now for nearly 50 years. in a partly since roe versus wade it was decided, too many state governments across our nation it has other sites on eliminating this constitutional right, states like mine and in arizona, legislatures and governors have tipped away at it and starting their own personal views into the conversation between a woman and her doctor and saving up roadblock after roadblock. in arizona, 42 under the state law requires people to visit their doctor twice, 24 hours apart in government mandated scripts and obtain an ultrasound all obstacles that did not
4:03 am
prioritize health or safety and what is more, arizona is one of nine states he still has pre- row abortion bands on the books. now emboldened by justices appointed to the supreme court by the previous administration, some states have gone even further attempting to effectively ban abortion completely that's what's happened in texas was in a bill eight and the fundamental rights away in a mississippi legislature is plastic and constitutional law with the express intent of challenging row in either laws that affect every state night grave concerns and the protections that it may be raised by the supreme court for the reason that i cosponsored the women's health protection act which would enshrine a woman's right to choose and federal statute and what we know that these antichoice laws disproportionately affect some communities and communities of
4:04 am
color and if it were overturned arizona would become one of several states work abortion was outlawed with my constituents would no longer have access to reproductive health or that is their right. and a question for the doctor predict how it to go against their expert medical judgment and prevent them from writing the very best care possible to the patient's pretty. >> thank you so much for the question and so many examples of how these restrictions impact evidence-based so in texas, we have a lot that requires that i provide medication abortion per the fda label and there is no other area of medicine where a state law requires this and it becomes problematic because the second medication needs or can be taken a different ways printed the label said that has week place in the side of the cheek the medication can actually be swallowed or some of
4:05 am
the tongue or in the china and also work in the process. ... or the circuit has upheld a ban on second trimester procedures. so now hopefully it is overturned and the state actually tells me how to operate so there is nowhere else in the
4:06 am
gynecological practice where the state would tell me you need to do a hysterectomy like this that you should put the clamp here and do the incision here. that's not how we practice medicine but now i am at risk for a criminal penalty for doing a procedure in the wrong way that the state doesn't want me to do that doesn't make any sense. >> i have 30 seconds left. i do want to give one additional opportunity to respond to anything one of my colleagues may have said earlier that you would like to respond to. >> thank you for the opportunity. i would encourage the representative to google racial disparities and infant mortality and morbidity. i've written an article in the law review that gives a lot of information about how it's dangerous to undergo childbirth and i would like to dismiss for the record there were a lot of facts that representative owens made to that wealthier people
4:07 am
don't have abortions because wealthy people love their children. the level of his claims were remarkable. >> thank you. i will yield back. >> the gentle lady from pennsylvania is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you madam chair. i want to thank all the test of flyers today and what patience you've chosen with a very difficult topic but we appreciate your personal experience and expertise and value you bring to the conversation. i would like to particularly thank you for your personal story and advocacy and courage that you've shown. i am reminded of a story of my mother-in-law.
4:08 am
she was the youngest of six children growing up in 1930s crandon. her mother became pregnant with a seventh child and the doctors discovered the child would be stillborn and they also knew that mother would likely die in childbirth. but it was the 1930s. it was scranton. it was a catholic community so her family did not have a choice. the choice was with the government and the church. may be the outcome would have been the same, maybe she would have chosen to go forward. we don't know but we will never know because she and her family had no choice. the baby was stillborn and joan's mother died in labor, or fanning six young children. may we never go back to that. this was the 1930s. and yet we are still discussing the merits or the right of a
4:09 am
woman to choose? we should all be alarmed at sba to that follows a long list of restrictions in texas in fact before this de facto ban, texas had enacted a 26 abortion restrictions to a woman's right to choose. these restrictions or rules on abortions include but are not limited to state-mandated counseling to discourage women from having an abortion, a 24 hour waiting period, banning telehealth, requiring women to physically visit their healthcare providers and due to waiting periods and scheduling we know the cause, prevention of health insurance and also as the doctor told us, the offering of bad information to patients. we can no longer say roe v wade is the law of the land. so, doctor, could you elaborate on the impact some of these very years have had on women in your
4:10 am
practice? and i'd like to pick up on a question that my friend and colleague asked you. can you expand on some of the complications, perhaps like the one i told you about my mother-in-law's mom, some of the complications that might lead a doctor to discuss the option of abortion, even when a pregnancy is mounted? >> thank you so long for allowing me to continue. yes, at any point in pregnancy, but for example, at 15 weeks, someone's bag of water can breaks. when that happens, there is no intervention that can help continue that pregnancy. there is no intervention that can assure life for that pregnancy so the recommendation at that point is delivery or a procedure, and abortion to prevent death and that person. but this law prevents us from being able to do that and we have to actually wait until the person is critically ill before we can intervene so that a
4:11 am
situation comes up quite a bit, where someone has pregnancy complication and a highly desired pregnancy but the bag of water breaks or they start hemorrhaging or bleeding very heavily and we need to intervene. there's also conditions that the pregnancy, the fetus itself can develop that actually mirror a condition in the pregnant person. if the fetus develops severe fluid in its body there is a condition that can happen in a pregnant person and cause death in them as well so these are a few examples but there are hundreds and thousands of things that can go wrong during pregnancy so every pregnant person needs the option, the availability did any patient to say i would like an abortion because it's cool? >> never. >> i wouldn't think so.
4:12 am
it would be insulting to hear that about women but particularly about black women. i have no time left. in any event i would love to have more conversation with you and i apologize. i will submit my question to you privately. i will yield back. >> i want to thank the panelists for sticking it out and being with us for a very long day here in the nation's capital and also apologize for the incredibly shocking and disrespectful comments that have come from some of my republican colleagues. as a native and lifelong texan it's been heartbreaking to see my state lead the way and eroding decades of gains in
4:13 am
voting rights, civil rights, human rights and women's rights. we have talked at great length and rightfully so about the dangers and impact that this law has on women and on texans but it also has a dangerous impact on providers. throughout today's hearing, my colleagues across the aisle have cut you off and asked you questions in very bad taste. one of my colleagues went so far as to dismiss your concern about how the language of that he uses in dangers you and the rest of the witnesses on the panel. i'd like for you to please explain to the public and to the committee the kind of danger that this rhetoric puts you and other abortion service providers and advocates. >> thank you for the question representative and for your service to the state. anytime there is a hearing like this federally or locally in our
4:14 am
legislature, we see an increase in protesting and harassment outside of the clinics. i see personally and increase in letters, threats, and harassment online and by mail. when the representatives engage in this sort of conduct that they equated me or my colleagues here as murderers, right now i've been receiving messages on instagram and twitter saying i'm an evil person and i deserve to die. i am a mom. i am a person and i deeply care for my community. i am not in dc today because last night i was delivering babies here in my community. so i find it deeply troubling as a mom, as an ob/gyn and as a servant to my community people but to speak about me in this way and put me in danger this is
4:15 am
into someone that cares about children at all. >> i think representing a community, el paso texas, that understands the power of words and the consequences of words i think what we have seen here on this committee is the use of words that are intended to fuel anger and possibly dangerous consequences so thank you for sharing that with me. i have a follow-up question for you. throughout the hearing you have been interrupted. things have been said that you've wanted to respond to but you've not been able to respond to. is there anything you've heard about pregnancy, abortion care or the impact that you would
4:16 am
like to clarify for the record using the remainder of my time? >> yes, i would love to. i want to start by saying that abortions have always existed as long as people have given birth, they've had abortions, and abortion is a necessary part of our reproductive lives. without access to abortion care, maternal health and mortality is extremely in danger. i also want to clarify that abortion is not always a tragic decision that many people are resolute in their decisions and it's okay to have one abortion. it's okay to have more than one. abortion is not dangerous. it's incredibly safe and in a state like texas it is ten to 13 times safer than childbirth. every single person in the state deserves the right to become pregnant. they deserve the right to not to be pregnant and the right to
4:17 am
parent their children in a safe and healthy environment. if the representatives here truly care about children and families, i would love to work with them on policies that truly elevate our community. right now we are talking about paid parental leave and so many representatives here don't want to support parents after they give birth. that's one of the best things you can do to prevent infant mortality and to prevent postpartum depression. i don't understand at all why they don't care about house and our families. >> thank you so much. there is clearly a difference between being pro-life and being pro- birth. thank you for your testimony. >> madam chair, i asked -- mr. chair i ask unanimous consent to insert into the record testimony from the texas women's health caucus that was
4:18 am
submitted. >> the time is expired. ms. ross. >> thank you very much, mr. chair man and so much to the witnesses for your patience and for your dedication to the women of texas and to the women of this country. i want to start with a couple of quotes from justice ginsburg i know the chair man started but i think it is a nice way to remind us why we are here today and why this is so pernicious. i want to remind what was written in the 2007 dissent. legal challenges to under restrictions do not seek to vindicate a generalized notion of privacy. rather they center on a woman's autonomy to determine her life's
4:19 am
course and thus to enjoy equal citizenship stature. justice ginsburg argued at the point in her 1993 senate confirmation as well explaining that the decision whether or not to bear a child her well-being and her dignity. it's a decision she must make for herself and when the government controls that decision for her she's treated less than a human adult responsible for her choices. this holds true for today and the same issues are under threat and women are under threat. eight is appalling for many reasons including its unconstitutionality and private citizens as bounty hunters but the focus must be on the simple fact that this is a law that
4:20 am
hurts women. in the end of that is the only thing that matters. forced parenthood threatens a physical and mental health and restricts economic freedom, it makes women of color poor and in particular second-class citizens. there is plenty of data that you shared with us to support these findings. the only proof that we really need that this law hurts women comes from the stories that you shared today. i'd like to go back to what we just heard. i love the point that you are making that if we are truly profamily we need to connect policies that make it easier for people who have children to give those children a good life and that involves the health and
4:21 am
healthcare of women. in texas, like in my home state of north carolina, there hasn't been medicaid expansion. that means that women are not able to get critical healthcare preconception and take care of themselves and also not able to get health services postpartum when they are finding care for the new baby. so, doctor, please share with us how the decision to deputize people to prevent abortions was contrary to a woman's health when texas cannot find it in it's hard to provide medicaid to poor women. >> thank you for the question, representative. it brings to mind a story of a patient i took care of several years ago.
4:22 am
this person was a mother of five or six children. i can't remember at this point, but had several children and recently had a child as well and she developed a severe heart failure after the pregnancy and was told don't become pregnant again. you will die. in texas prior to the last session your medicaid expired up to six weeks and so there was no way for her to get her cardiac drugs. there was no way for her to get birth control afterwards to keep yourself healthy. the end of course, she became pregnant again and continuing that would have killed her. so this person was struggling to be a good mom and had to scrape together everything to be able to get abortion care so she wouldn't die and leave her children without a parent. i feel with those situations every single week in texas. we need a better healthcare in
4:23 am
our state, desperately and that includes removing restrictions on abortion care and expanding medicaid. >> thank you so much for helping women, and i will yield back. >> the gentle lady yields back. the gentle lady from texas is recognized for unanimous consent statement. >> i would like to ask unanimous consent to enter into the record articles from the san francisco chronicle the women's abortion from the california doctor here are their stories. texas abortion law could worsen the states maternal mortality rate dated 2021 texas abortion doctors the food in the first known challenges of bbc news september 21. my body is not their property, the texas woman's journey that aligned to the abortion october 15, 2021 and finally, texas extreme abortion law 2021
4:24 am
i ask unanimous consent to insert the disk into the record. >> without objection. >> ms. lewis. >> thank you, chair man, for convening this today. my plea today is with the american public watching. take a walk in the shoes of an 18-year-old girl from st. louis, a black girl, a girl who is uninsured and suffering from asthma, a health condition she likely got from the burning of fossil fuels in her community. she can't afford rent, she works a minimum wage job and her friends consider her fortunate because at least she has a job. but even in this a job, she is making less than her white counterparts. she's also nine weeks pregnant, feeling alone and afraid. that girl is me. we don't live in a world that nurtures the care for black
4:25 am
girls and if the world doesn't care about a black girl like me then what will happen to the black babies that grow up to become black children and black adults? professor bridges, you talked about the high mortality rates among black pregnant people and in a world in which rowe was overturned, what role would this hold? >> it would be coercing them to give birth, the dangerous composition that is something that should be embarrassing to the united states. the united states is the only industrialized nation that has a maternal mortality rate that is increasing. racial disparities and mortality main three to four times as many black people should expect to die while attempting a birth. so to coerce the abortion bans and regulations is to coerce black people to engage in a task that is dangerous to them. >> thank you, professor bridges.
4:26 am
some scholars have compared this bounty system to the fugitive slave act that offered a bounty for capturing and returning fugitive slaves and provided for fines up to $1,000 against anyone that held a fugitive enslaved person. i agree. can you describe the root of that links the sba and the fugitive slave act? >> the fugitive slave act is an effort to ensure people of color, black people specifically were human property and it would be perpetuated and the people that purported to own those people would not lose their property and so essentially, the fugitive slave act allowed others to control the body. private actors to control the bodies of other human beings that is precisely what is happening in texas today and deputizing private citizens to
4:27 am
seek a bounty or other private citizen, we are allowing private citizens to control, terrorize and regulate the body of other human beings. >> thank you. thank you for explaining that, professor. the sba and those 64 days clinics of closed resources have been permanently erased. what is the permanent impact on people of color and people living in poverty? >> thank you for that question, representative thank you again for sharing your story. it moves me every single time and it's the core of why i provided this care. when i first started working in abortion care and realized the desperate need for women of color to take care of other women of color that is what
4:28 am
inspired me. so, this issue is very dear to my heart. this ban is disastrous for communities of color especially the ones that i serve. many of the people i take care of have never left the north texas area so traveling to oklahoma city even is very challenging for them. last week i took care of someone from the coast area in texas that was coming to oklahoma city, but because they've never left the state either, their friends made them a reservation in tolls instead of oklahoma city because they didn't really understand where it would go so that is just one small story of how challenging and insurmountable getting out of the states for care can be. what is frightening for me is what we are going to see in the next seven to eight months as far as maternal totality in the communities they serve. >> thank you for sharing that.
4:29 am
i want to make clear today as the first a path would be devastating for all people. abortion care would still exist but it would be deadly name in m world where people die four times more often and a world where black women are disproportionate and more likely to turn for survival it is destined for the neighbors, the coworkers and family. we cannot afford to go back on the reproductive rights. we must legislate justice for black girls and non-binary folks and guarantee reproductive rights for everyone. thank you and i will yield back. >> i think the witnesses for participating and their patients. without objection all members of legislative days to submit additional written questions or
4:30 am
additional material for the record and without objection, the hearing is adjourned [inaudible conversations]
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