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tv   Campaign 2024 Former VP Pence Speaks to Iowa Student Group  CSPAN  November 5, 2021 7:05pm-8:01pm EDT

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journal" where we hear your voices every day. c-span now has you covered. download the app for free today. ♪ >> former vice president mike pence spoke at university of iowa chapter of the young americas foundation. he talked about his time serving in the trump administration and his role in counting electoral votes on january 6th, 2020, the same day protesters attacked the u.s. capitol. this is about an hour. [applause] >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the 48th vice president of the united states, mike pence. [cheers and applause] ♪ taking care of business, we'll be taking care of business. ♪ we be taking care of business and working overtime. ♪
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[applause] >> well, hello, hawkeyes! [cheers and applause] it is great to be at the university of iowa. i want to thank hunter for that wonderful introduction. but he and i were chatting so he knows the introduction i prefer is a little bit shorter. i'm a christian, a conservative and a republican, in that order, and it is my honor to be with you here at the university of iowa tonight. [applause] thank you all for coming out. thank you for coming to this lecture series. sponsored by what i think is the premier campus-based organization in america. for more than 50 years, young americas foundation has been
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advancing the cause of freedom on campuses across america, and it's my great honor to welcome you to this preserving america and freedom lecture series sponsored by young americas of freedom. [applause] i also want to thank keith for sponsoring this wonderful program tonight. and i also want to thank the small but mighty yaf chapter here at university of iowa, because the members of the yaf chapter who are here with usmb today, would you guys mind standing and just taking a bow? this is the team that brought this evening to your campus today. [applause] thank you, team. and i want to thank you all for coming out tonight. i'm actually very humbled to see such a wonderful turnout of so many great americans. so good. we've had a great day in iowa today. i've been so looking forward to being with you tonight and
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talking with you but also hearing from you tonight about the issues that are important to you and in our country. you know, benjamin franklin famously said that our founding fathers had created, as he said, a republic if you can keep it. and i have to tell you as i've travel thed all across this country and met so many of you in this freedom-loving generation, i believe yours is the freedom generation, and your generation will keep everything that's great about our republic. [applause] i believe it. but i was excited, i was excited shortly after we moved back to indiana to be contacted by young americas foundation because, actually, hi journey -- my journey in public life began when i was the age of both most of -- most of you in this room. i want to talk to you about some of the issues that we face and
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maybe leave you with a little bit of a challenge before we get to things that might be on your mind. so for starters, let me tell you that i started in politics as a democrat. in fact, i was the youth democrat party coordinator in bartholomew county in indiana in 1976. we went door to door campaigning for candidates, and that's where my political career really began. but over my high school years, i began to study the constitution and the american founding. i went off to a small college in southern indiana. i took a degree in american history focusing on the same. and it was in that time, also a time that i came to a personal faith in christ, that my politics and my thinking about america began to shift. caand much of that was also impt by the voice is and the values and the optimism of the 40th president of the united states, ronald reagan.
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i have to tell you that when i, when i heard ronald reagan's vision for this country, a vision for a strong national defense, for c a limited federal government, for traditional values, the wordsen of my immigrant grandfather, the words of hi father who built -- my father who built a small business in a small town in indiana resonated this my heart. and by the time i moved up to the few city of indianapolis, i walked into the republican party headquarters, i signed up for thepu reagan revolution, and i'e never lookedd back. [applause] my career would take me into talk c radio. i was actually a talk radio show host in the state of indiana on about 20 radio stations for about seven years. kind of like rush limbaugh on decaf. [laughter] but eventually i'd have the opportunity to represent my hometown in the congress of the united states. i did that for 12 years.
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and i had the privilege of serving as governor of the great state of indiana. and you can imagine how deeply humbling it was for me in january 2017 to raise my if right hand to serve as the 48th vice president of the united40 states. and i want to thank the people of iowa for the great honor of serving you in that office. it was the greatest honor of my life. [applause]as of course, on a personal level, i need to tell you the highest title i'll ever hold is actually spelled d the-a-d -- d-a-d, and i'm the proud father of three people in your generation. my son's a united states marine, currently deployed serving the united states of america in uniform -- [applause] thank you. my daughter charlotte actually writes for the daily wire, a
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fairly well known commentator online. [applause] and on it's. and my -- on television. and my daughter audrey, our youngest, graduated from yale law school and is now living in washington, d.c. with her wonderful husband. all of my kids are off the payroll, all of them are married, and most importantly our son and our incredible daughter-in-law gave us our very first grandchild, little avery is seven months old. and she was an avenued caddo for halloween -- avocado for halloween, just in case you want to know. [laughter] you could give her a round of applause. she might just be watching. [applause] that's who we are. that's our family. that's our journey. but i i have to tell you, you know, when i think of the impact ronald reagan had on my life and the life of this nation, it's accurate to say president reagan was truly one of a kind. while he's nearly universally admired today, those of us who are old enough to remember it
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know that it wasn't always that way. the truth of the matter is before he was the great communicator, ronald reagan was the great disrupter, a conservative outsider who vigorously opposed the moderate republican establishment in his day. reagan's victory in 1980 breathed new life into our party and into conservativism. he changed the course of the nation, and as history reports, he literally changed the course of the world. i think today the we actually find ourselves in a very similar position. president donald trump was also one of a kind. [applause] think about it. he, too, disrupted the status quo, challenged the establishment, invigorated a movement, and once again there is no turning back. under the trump-pence administration, we achieved some things that some republicans had been talking about literally for decades, and we did it all not by backing down, but by standing
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strong. and freedom was the anthem of our administration. under the trump-pence administration, i'm proud to report to you we rebuilt our military the. we restored the arsenal of democracy, and we made the strongest military in the history of the world stronger still. [applause] we cut taxes across the board for working families and businesses. we a rolled back more regulation than any administration in americanre history. we revived our economy, created 7 million good paying jobs. in fact, we had the lowest unemployment ever recorded for african-americans and hispanic-americans, the american dream was working again for every american. [cheers and applause] we unleashed american energy.
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we actually became a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years. >> [inaudible] >> usa! usa! usa! usa! >> we actually became a net exporter of energy for the first time in 70 years. america was energy independent under the trump-pence administration. [cheers and applause] he might not have heard that. we held china accountable, and we reduced illegal immigration at our southern border by 90%. [applause] we crushed the isis caliphate,
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we took down their leader without one american casualty. extraordinary to think. and closer to home, we confirmed nearly 300 conservatives to our courts, 3 supreme court justices, and i couldn't be more proud to have served alongside the most pro-life are president in american history. we stood every day for the sanctity of human life. [applause] in 48 months, trump-pence administration achieved the lowest unemployment, the highest household income, the most pro-american trade deals, the most secure border and the strongest military ever. but how times have changed. i mean, in just a short period of time, just somewhere over nine months, the biden-harris administration has unleashed a tidal wave of left-wing policies that threaten to wipe out all d the progress we made for safe, more prosperous and more secure
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america. you see it every day in the headlines. frankly, democrats have moved so fast on their agenda that sometimes i feel like the left hand doesn't know what the far left hand is doing. [laughter] but all kidding aside, folks, it's heartbreaking to see. having had the most secure border in the history of our country, we now have the worst border crisis in history. having had a growing economy with wages rising, now inflation has hit a 30-year high, impacting american families. where we cut taxes and rolled back regulations, now this administration is planning the largeston tax increase in 50 yes just at a time the american economy's starting to get back on its feet. future generations read that -- you -- will be bearing the burden of trillions of dollars of debtf and more trillions on the way being spent. now, let me just say i'll always be proud of how our nation
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responded in the midst of the worst pan dem nick 100 years -- pandemic. only in america could you have reinvented testing from a standing start, seen to the manufacture and is distribution of billions of supplies to our extraordinary health care workers, seen the development of therapeutics and had not one, but two safe and effective vaccines within nine months. only in america could you have accomplished all that. [applause] but now we see an administration that's bringing forward unconstitutional mandates, the heavy hand of government. coming in and telling americans and telling american enterprises what to do. our country has a ways to go to put the coronavirus entirely in the past. but as we defeat this virus, we should preserve the freedom of every american, every american family and every american
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business. [applause] that means no mandates. [applause] no government directives. it's a free society. but perhaps one of the most troubling developments of this past year in the newed administration has been the biden administration's whole hearted embrace of the radical left's all-encompassing assault on american culture and values. wokism, as we know it. i hardly have to tell conservatives on any campus anywhere in america about the assault on the freedom of speech that's taken place in institutions of higher education. i was very proud to stand in the east room of the white house the day president trump signed an executive order that said to every campus in america you will respect the freedom the of speech of students on your campus, orr you will not receive federal aid from the united states government. [applause]
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but under the biden administration, cancel culture is the order of the day. it's being pushed to new extremes. patriotic education has been replaceds with political they abolished our 1776 commission and authorized the teaching of a doctrine known as critical race theory in our schools. instead of teaching children to be proud of their country, critical race theory actually young ashildren as kindergarten to be ashamed of their skinrt color. let me be clear on this point. just as i said when i was in loudoun county, virginia, just a few short days ago, critical race theory is nothing less than -- [audio difficulty] should be rejected by every parent in every school of every race and creed and color. [applause]
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despite what the woke left would have us believe, i want to say from my heart while we are not yet a perfect union, we are a more % union. and -- more perfect union. and we have strived throughout our history to be a more perfect union. and i can say having traveled to big cities and small towns all across this nation with great conviction america is not a racist country. [applause] america is the most just, noble and inclusive nation ever to exist on the face of the earth. and for that matter, the united states military is the greatest force for good the world has evers known, and the men and women of law enforcement are heros, all, and they deserve the respect of every american every day. ms. . [applause]
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we gather here at the university of iowa, i expect some of you came out tonight because you know as i do we're living in a time of crisis in america. seems that one day after another there's a new headline that tears at the fabric of our country and troubles the hearts of millions of americans. but as the democrats work to advance a big government socialist agenda to respond to the challenges facing our country, i came to say to this freedom-loving generation despite what the left is selling, we will not have a growing economy, safe streets, better schools or stronger families with more government. the antidote is freedom. [applause]
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ronald reagan said freedom is never more than one generation away there ex2006. if -- extinction. so it falls to your generation in so many ways. to do as so many of you are doing tonight, and that is stand on the ram arts for freedom. -- ramparts. be willing to stand up and be counted on behalf of liberty. in a word, we need you to be the freedom generation. and i believe you will. but what does that mean? i think, first and foremost, it means to wrap your mind ask your heart around the founding documents of this country. the declaration of independence and the constitution of the united states were the greatest charters for freedom in human history. and you need to study them. you need to know them. i mean, every american should
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reflect on the words of the constitution's preamble that says that our government was formed to provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, insure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our positiver the city. posterity. because you see what our work is, to provide for the common defend, we need your generation to understand that peace comes through strength. and let me say to each and every one of you here, there's probably no better way to serve your country here after you're done at the university of iowa, men and women, i hope you'll consider putting on the uniform of the united states and serving your country in our great armed forces. secondly, it means recognizing that border security is national security. r a nation without borders is not a nation. to provide for the common defend means to secure our borders and secure our land. to promote general welfare
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doesn't mean growing government, it means promoting the free market economics. the truth of the matter or is we live in a time in the life of our nation where we face a choice between tree market economics and big government socialism. the party that's in power in the white house and in the house and the senate is offering the latter. but, you know, we saw the generations before us create the most prosperous nation in the history of the world. they built that on free market economics. they built that on the principles of freedom. so standing up for the general welfare, i believe, means promoting freedom and free enterprise. it also means standing for trade that is free and fair and puts americanng jobs and american workers first. just like we did in the
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trump-pence administration. [applause] it means standing up to china and insisting that china step forward, open their markets, stop stealing intellectual property, respect basic human rights or not have access to to the economy of the united states of america. [applause] as the constitution charges us to insure the blessings of liberty for ourselves and our posterity, we need to be committed to the ideals enshrined by our bill of rights, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly. and the right to keep and bear arms. wear need to reject cancel culte and wokism and embrace american liberties for every american.
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[applause]ic but being the freedom generation also means we've got to make sure you're a rising generation. has a foundation of education. you know, there's school board races happening all over the country including here in iowa, so we need your generation to work with us. let's put parents back in charge of our local schools and their child's education. [applause] and let's work to give every parent the right to choose where their child c goes to school whether it's public, private, parochial, charter or even home school. [applause] and when it comes to our schools, let's recognize that patriot proic education is essential to the survival -- patrioticth education is essentl to the survival of liberty are.
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we have to be the generation that cherishes our history, our heritage and teaches it to our children. the bible verse i love of says train up a child in the way they should go, and when they're old, they'll not depart from from it. protrain up. to train up. the younger generation of america to understand what's made this country special and unique and prosperous and truly great. i mean, this freedom generation also needs to recognize that you may well be the last line of defense for the constitution of the united states. you know, for most of our history both political parties were committed to the ideal enshrined in the constitution. but, sadly, that's no longer the case. i don't need to tell many of you we live in a time when many on the left routinely demean the american founding. in fact, democrats established a commission to consider packing the supreme court of the united states.
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the radical left actually seeks to rewrite our constitution and the liberties enshrined in our bill of rights. and we see every day efforts to silence or cancel those who take a different view on issues like religious liberty, freedom of speech or the right to life. i mean, let the constitution and declaration be your guide. many of you, i hope, will step forward to serve our nation. if not in uniform, i hope you'll seek to serve in a local office, stateto office or perhaps in our nation's capital. it's important to note that every office holder takes the same oath, to support and defend the constitution of the united states against all enemies, foreign and domestic. you'll be called upon to bear true faith and allegiance to the same and take the obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. and to well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office upon which you are about
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to enter. i recited that office standing at an inauguration in 2017 on a bible that i had used for many years and on the bible of ronald reagan. yours has to be a generation that keeps your oath, keeps our nation's oath to the constitution, and as the good book says, you've got to to be willing to keep your oath even when it hurts. ..
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whatever it was, to tell you. if adversity doesn't create character, adversity reveals character. when hard times, when the pressure comes from a you will bebe in that moment, man or wom. i want to say to you young people aspire to citizenship exercising the citizenship serves the country.
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i want you to use this time in your life to develop qualities of the inner man and a woman that will make you into the leaders our nation will meet. study our constitution, setting our declaration. bro as the bible says in wisdom and stature. people follow people they trust. become a trustworthy man or woman. a mission without a vision, people perish. draw on the vision from the american founding articulated in your own words. to your neighbors and friends, fellow citizens. lastly, i would just say remember the core of the american experiment, the belief that not that we get our rights from sovereigns not that they are given to us by charters or
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documents but we as americans truly astonishing centuries ago. we are endowed by our creator. so i say to you with great respect, the foundation of america is freedom. the foundation of freedom is faith. take time in your life, search your heart. i would say find a way to look into that clear, see what they have. we've all been through a lot the past few years. we are still going through it. global pandemic, civil unrest, cancel culture, silencing
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criticism. tragic date in our nation, and administrationon intent on transforming our nation but i'm more convinced than ever looking at shining faces here for people i meet all across the country, this is a freedom of information. yours will be the freedom generation. [applause] so let's go, let's take a stand for freedom. let's stand for the ideals that make the american dream. i'm absolutely convinced all of us to all we can, preserve us
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best hope, best day for the greatest nation on earth, thank you all for being here tonight thank you for joining us. god bless you all. ♪♪ [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] [applause] >> now time for our q&a session, thank you. here is a green line here. to tf
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iowa. my question is, it seems like big tech and social media and conservative ideas in the republican party, how can we fight back against that? government intervention or is it feasible to trade your own thought forms like people say? >> we can't let big tech come "big brother". we've got to call them out i will call them out. certain cases from certain companies, people with a conservative perspective but i will tell you while there are equal protections put into effect early on in history of the internet to allow the internet, i honestly think the time has come take some of the protections off particularly in cases where there's reckless
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disregard for slander against people on platforms. i think we need accountability in the marketplace. the real answer is always competition. back when everybody said ibm, nothing could ever change and archive was working on a small computer in his garage, microsoft was born everybody said microsoft would never be changed and apple showed up. as an economist by the name of joseph, he pointed the term force of creative destruction and beauty in a free marketplace is when you open to competition, you have this constant turnover, constant change in my ultimate answer to conservatives and freedomto generation, there's rl quick code writers in here i'll bet, start writing code coming up with platforms can't beat
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them, but join them and then peter. create big tech companies of our own. [applause] >> hello my name is nicholas. i'd like to know your biggest regret. >> to beo honest, one of my biggest regrets in my life as i didn't go into the military after college. i had the idea my senior year in high school, signing up for the marine corps, came home with a handful of brochures, i came home and sat down with my dad and said going to sign up. mike dad was a combat veteran. he saw combat korea and came home with a metal put in the drawer and never talked about
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like most combat veterans. my dad looked atos me and it was 1977, if there was something going on in vietnam was over, time of relative ease, if there's something going on that would be one thing but he looked at me and said you're going to college. you want to be a marine, probably a marine after that. i regret, i'm incredibly proud of the fact of the captain in the united states marine corps and serving now, i am proud of my son-in-law, who is a navy pilot. [laughter] honestly, i am transparent, not putting it on on your own and following your own calling. if i had to do it over again, i would put that on, traveling around the country and around the world as a governor and vice
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president, i have to tell you, your generation is amazing. the men and women in the armed forces today, everybody who stepped up from obviously to american history but those whome stepped up that terrible day september 8, 2001, and inspiration to me every time i spent time with our troops. that's an honest answer and i hope it gives you an idea. [applause] what's your name? >> i am connor, nice to meet you. you've made remarks about president ronald reagan tonight. during his administration, the administration supported routines guatemala and el salvador in iran, crucial information knowing full well would use chemical weapons and in nicaragua, if ministration
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was so egregious international court of justice for terrorism so my questionte is, why are you glorifying for an? [applause] >> i think i'd like to head to the library with youe and see f i could give you some different facts. [applause] but i want to be respectful of you for a thoughtful question, thoughtfully recited. when ronald reagan came into office, it was a time of great national challenge. i remember in those days, there is generally a thought the soviet union was on track to dominate the world. most of the intelligence in this country thought the soviet union was unstoppable. ronald reagan had a different
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view, he said if we invested in our military, if we essentially commercial the power of our economy to defend freedom and strengthen democracy the soviet union would collapse. while it would happen a few years after he left office, ronald reagan essentially set into motion in american posture that ended the cold war. we wanted in the soviet union is on that side of history. i think standing up the soviet communism calling out soviet union as the evil empire as did was a contribution that will be remembered for the ages and i think it was for our time right now, i couldn't be more proud under our administration we changed the national consensus on china, people now know the communist chinese party represses its own people,
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subjugate minorities, particularly muslims and christians, suppresses free speech and engages in the kind of action in terms of intellectual property and theft and traderm abusers that america looked the other way on. we didn't, we took a strong stand against china and so far the current f ministration hasn't changed that posture but ronald reagan knew what was looking at when he saw the soviet union president trump knew what he was looking at when we saw china. peace comes through strength and we make progress, we stand up for freedom. [applause] that's what president reagan did. [applause] >> my name is andrew. despite the rollout of safe and effective covid vaccine, people refuse to return to work and we
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have a record number of unfilled jobs. what are republicans do at the federal, local and state levels to fill the jobs and get the economy back on track? >> you make some great points, the microbe august 10 million job openings in the country and that was before formally people with their jobs. something is afoot in the economy and that is, i think there's an old saying in economics what you subsidize, you get more off from what you tax, you get less of an for a long time, we are subsidize people being out of work. i want to be the first one to tell you the increase in unemployment benefits we authorized as part of our covid response nationally, i believe was the right thing to do. in many ways, that's what you have a government for when you face a large national crisis, i am incredibly proud of. the generosity of the american people were we provided direct
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support to families from direct support businesses into people unemployed covid, we did the right thing and got americans through but this administration came in took what was relief efforts, targeted during the worst times of the covid pandemic and turned into extended policy. it ended up subsidizing people into not working. now that on away, the unemployment, other subsidies are still there what you are saying can only be made worse with more spending tax. the truth is, vaccine mandate is going to drive more people out of the workplace. i was talking to a man who runs a trucking company here today, he told me he surveyed truckers and found 15% with their job if
7:46 pm
they were required to take a vaccine.e. i've driven a few trucks in my day, i'm currently in between trucks but people who drive 18 wheel trucks are usually alone most of the day they drop off at the warehouse to me, it makes no sense. we ought to be empowering americans, have access to the medicine from vaccines they want but let that be the american people's choice or you're going to make the situation worse. i believe that with all my heart. [applause]es ,. >> my name is greta my was part of the inaugural -- [applause] >> wow, good for you. >> when i received my account, i
7:47 pm
was i received news the trump administration stopped sending it to eagle scouts which if you don't know, eagle scouts -- over the capitol. [inaudible] i was wondering if i could perhaps -- [inaudible] >> i currently don't work at our nation's capitol but i'm going to send you the flight i flew over my house. i am proud of you. [applause] i want to make sure we get your address, i'm going to send back to you with a letter. congratulations. [applause] >> hello, my name is jared, january 5, you are convinced the election -- and what you have a
7:48 pm
plan on the morning of the sixth, certification pennsylvania president of the senate so working onte an audit, wrote a letter to you to do so. on the night of the fifth for the morning of the sixth in the white house, convinced he would destroy your hopes of becoming president sent it back to the state. what is the name of the person who told you to buck president trump's plan? >> james madison. [laughter] [applause] virtually, everything recited is false. [applause] , i said earlier psalm 15 says piece of but it hurts.
7:49 pm
january i wrote a a letter to congress. i expressed my concerns about irregularities that took place in the election in a number of states and i continue to share the concerns in support states to improve voter integrity. places like georgia and arizona and elsewhere but the constitution is very clear that elections are to be governed at state level. founders made that decision the constitutional convention and the only role the federal government is to open an account the electoral vote sent by the state. i understand the disappointment in thepo election, he might remember i was on the ballot but you've got to be willing to redo do your duty.
7:50 pm
i just have a feeling based on the cases i've seen around here, you do your duty as well and i appreciate affirmation of support tonight. it means a lot to me. [applause] >> i don't have this memorized because i'm a weirdo. [laughter] >> katie, hi. >> post-world war ii -- >> i'm having a little trouble with the mask, would you mind pulling it down? >> the invention of car and post-world war ii, publicans and democrats alike have been building roads and fork roads and now they seem to be crumbly, anyone who drives can tell you that. there have been solutions proposed to the situation continuing to create roads out
7:51 pm
of once we have are not in outbreak of shape. solutions have been included privatizing wrote, we could stop in her roads and what the roads we have caved while investing more public transit or raise taxes to fund road repair so you enter the conservative party have a take on this? >> indiana, when i was governor, i did some innovative things using private capitol to build roads and bridges. we had what was known as the number one public-private project of the year, a bridge across the river and that's where you get private investors to contribute to a public project and realize from that. gasoline prices have gone up, one of the advantages of not being vice president anymore as i get to drive my own car.
7:52 pm
one of the disadvantages, i get to pump my own gas. in indiana, i do know about iowa but indiana, gasoline is up 50%, literally in the last three months and i remember president biden today at the climate change think that high gas prices were a reason to pass have truly dollar green new deal plan which will only increase the cost of energy so i will tell you, i wouldn't want to raise gasoline taxes on working families but i do think there's a way you can harness the private marketplace to make investment in infrastructure. indiana privatized our toll roads years ago and it's been popular and well maintained so there's ways to address that without going to thehe end user, the person pumping there gas the working family out there but i agree with you, i think we got
7:53 pm
to have good roads and infrastructure, roads being jobs and my hope is all congress is doing that somewhere down the road, they will think innovatively again about infrastructure and rebuild america. thank you. good question. [applause] >> this will be our final question of the night. >> good evening, my name is jordan mack you can call me mike, jordan. >> i'd like to thank you for your life of public service and coming to iowa. >> thank you. >> i have two questions from what specific steps does your administration plan to complete to deal with that that inflation prices. >> let me say i am currently out of office. i'd like to say i am between
7:54 pm
jobs but i will tell you, i am proud of the approach we took to the issue of spending because we are about trillion dollars in national debt right now and judging from the coloror of my hair in your hair, you're going to end up paying for that a lot more than me. okay? i think for young americans, you ought to be aware of debt. spending and debt at the federal level is, make no mistake what they are trying to pass in washington d.c. right now, whatever number they attach to it is simply going toum add fuel to the fire, inflation that's raging across the country but our approach from early on was always to say the way you deal with the national debt, first
7:55 pm
get the most powerful economy in the history of the world rolling again. that's why we cut taxes across the board and rollback regulation, why we unleashed y.american energy which is a hue driver and why we negotiated trade deals. when president trump came into office, when he said we want trade deals and put america first, everybody was saying we are not going to trade. no. what are administration fit was say no, it's got to be a level playing field. if you have access to the most prosperous economy in the history of the world, what the same access to yours. united states, canada and mexico agreement was a huge win for american workers, particularly voting workers. he put thatom combination togetr and you saw the economy growing, he saw wages rise for the first time in 15 years, you saw as i
7:56 pm
said, lowest unemployment ever reported for african-americans, hispanic americans, to get the economy rollingic again and as e economy grows, it expands, we naturally incomes rise, send more money to washington d.c. and there's more money there than to bring down the debt so that is a. a lot of times people put on the green eye shades andhe talk abot cutting our way back to aut balanced budget but that's not really the way public systems work, you got to have growth and promote growth and then you got to elect majorities in congress that are going to run up the national debt past big government socialist bills, he got to elect republican majorities to the unitedst stats house and senate in 2022 and i believe we will. i think we are going to win back congress in a year end then went back america after that. then we will fix it.
7:57 pm
[applause] >> let me say thank you to all of you and to the university of iowa, thank you to young americans foundation and especially 15 here on campus. thank you all for coming up i'm deeply humbled by your kindness tonight by thoughtful questions and i look forward to seeing you again soon. thank you and god bless you. [cheering and applauding] ♪♪ ♪♪ >> you can be part of the national conversation by participating in c-span student camp video competition. middle or high school student,
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