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tv   Washington Journal Nancy Mace  CSPAN  November 2, 2021 9:40pm-10:11pm EDT

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the grand prize, $5,000. entries must be received before january 20th, 2022. for the rules or just help to get started, visit the website on student wese are pleased to have representative nancy republican from south carolina. welcome to the washington journal. we look forward to you talking with the viewers in just ast minute. but congresswoman, you probablyr saw this article about you in politico. the curious case, trying to figure out where you stand politically, et cetera. first what did you think of the article itself?
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did you find it accurate and where do you stand politically? >> part of it is accurate and part of it is off the mark. i stand with america and the constitution on january 3rd i swore an oath to that constitution and every decision that i make as a lawmaker, every vote that i take is with the constitution in mind. so for me these aren't difficult votes, it's about what's he doing the right long-term for the country, for the nation, regardless of who's in the white i hope that when i'm in congress people will see my record for what it is, that it is constitutionally consistent and that's the only thing i care about is protecting the foundation of the nation. >> for your party, has donald trump been an asset? >> the policies under president trump and the administration saw
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so many great things while he was president. he saw the first step act which was a bipartisan prison reform bill and very long time it's an issue that i believe republicans should champion more often and not less of. he lowered taxes and we saw folks that were making low wages get higher wages and in my hometown if you were an entry-level employee at a fast food restaurant making $15 an hour about to get a raise to 20 it was happening because the market was so good and have the record unemployment across the entire country whether you are female, asian, hispanic, we had a great employment and salaries andef benefits from every single
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american regardless ofre your political affiliation. then one of the great things was the operation warp speed, where we saw a vaccine go from idea to market in about ten months. vaccinations are helping us fight in places we had high vaccination rates it wasn't as deadly and there were not as manys hospitalizations. there were good things that came out of the administration anyone would support. a. >> so policy wise, yes, but is there a but? >> the administration and the policies, those things are important but it's also important to recognize that every republican district into every part of the country, we are different. for me, i am focused on lowering the temperature in politics i think it's important that we look forward and that we are
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ideologically consistent because there aree a lot of people rigt now that are disenfranchised nethey thought they were voting for somebody that was left of center and moderate and instead to somebody that's taken a sharp left turn. that's why you see virginia totally up in the air in the build back better agenda. i think lowering the temperature on the politics is important and those are the things i'm focused on. we have an exciting midterm election and now that will certainly set up 24 for the future. >> the spending bills are currently being debated on capitol hill as you know i don't need to tell you that it is reconciliation, r there's infrastructure, that is socialer spending. where do you stand on all three of these? >> on the infrastructure bill, everyone calls it the bipartisan infrastructure bill. the only place where there is a
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transportation infrastructure committee is in the house of representatives. the bill is crafted in the senate where they don't have a transportation committee then when the bill came over to the house of representatives, no republicans were allowed to amendli the legislation so i wouldn't consider it bipartisan from that regard. i can't support the bill because in addition to the lack of bipartisanship in the house, there are 42 new taxes within that bill. i don't care if you are taxing corporations were small businesses in particular, mineral or chemical, whatever fees, fines or taxes, those costs get passed down to the consumer. we were given a bill that we were told was paid for and it actually wasn't and you have some competing interests. the electric vehicle market you had the government subsidizing and competing with private
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enterprise. where ii live we have a ton of electric vehicles. we had a businesses with charging stations in their parking lot at the retail locations and condominium and apartment complexes, you name it. we don't need the federal s government to intervene with private businesses and they are just ied think we could have doe a lot more with a lot less. thless than 10% actually goes to infrastructure. so, we've got out of the $1.2 trillion, we've got about 110 billion that is pegged for surface transportation butsp of the 110 billion it's going to public mass transit. that's not to say that it's not an important function in america or many of the cities but that leaves $40 billion in total to go to roadsl and bridges so at the end of the day i think there's a lot of waste and if we were able to get the infrastructure done in that bill, we could have done a lot
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more with significantly less money on the table. and of course youou have the reconciliation package. i think today's election in virginia will determine whether lor not that package goes throuh whether there's any more debate or if a vote comes to the floor because when they win virginia, it is the bellwether. that is going nowhere and it will be dead on arrival. one of the issues in that particular bill is what i praised him about yesterday that he callede it what it was. it's a gimmick so there are many spending programs that are set up with temporary spending in the bill so it's not just the price tag of 1.7 trillion but really it could be two, three or four times that over the longevity of the programs that they want to create within that package. so when you look at the kind of spending we've had so far, a we had to expend resources when
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covariate was happening during the relief packages but coming out of we are seeing record inflation across the country and it is a form of taxation. the cost of goods everywhere is going up. i know when i go to the grocery store now i tell the kids we are only going to the outside aisles, fruits and veggies and meat and malt stuff packaged because the prices are exponentially higher. when i go to the gas station i drive a 2011 chevy. i would love to get a newer vehicle, but i don't want to pay those price tags. you hear about the bidding wars and i went to develop my car and it's twice as much as it was two years ago. we have folks like russia. the economy was in a healthy place and what's going to happen if it continues this kind of
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spending it will be devastating to the economy. >> nancy mace as our guest. we will put the numbers on the screen divided by political affiliation. dial in and we will get to those right away that a little bit about the representative. mace is the first woman to graduate from the college in south carolina. she's a member of the transportation infrastructure committee and represents the charleston and hiltonto head island areas of that state. let's take your calls in arlington, texas on the independent line. you are on with nancy. >> the republican party is nothing more than an accepted fascist movement. people came after the civil war and have nothing invested in the institution of democracy they only use it as an oppressive measure. also i would like to correct the
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congresswoman when she said we received a tax cut under president trump. i never received a tax cut. my taxes were higher than under president obama. twenty-eightht to 62 on the agif $127,000. so she's incorrect when she says that right wing propaganda. >> there is a lot for her to work on there. >> thank you for calling. i talked earlier about lowering the temperature. calling them fascist and getting them these kind of labels that's part of the reason we have this division. did you get more of that content on the far left and calling each
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other names like that truly isn't going to get us anywhere. from south carolina he represented south carolina's first congressional district which is the same district that i represent today. so as a whole in the republican party, we have a very rich history and republican politics. we are not used to being with that regard we would fight for civil rights and work on those issues but as a whole as a party, we are not doing enough on those issues which is why for me those are issues i've taken up on my mantle and i worked on beforeng coming to congress the one and only bill i have signed into law in the short time i was in state politics was a prison reform bill which prohibited
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those in prison while they were giving birth in labor and delivery and the other thing i did is allow women to have their children visit once a week and they are provided feminine hygiene products in today i continue that kind of work. at the first bill that i passed out of the house of representatives was a piece of civil rights legislation regarding due process. so if you are in a federal penitentiary or prison system and have communications with your attorney and protected by phone call but not by e-mail so we wanted to bring. i worked with jeffries on that piece of legislation. i helped pass three pieces of legislation and i i worked with democrats on these bills. i think it's important that when we have so much of the division when the labels are being thrown out like that, we work even
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harder to have a more polite even and lower temperature conversation where we can talk in communicationom and work together. we are not going to agree on everything. it might be 5% or 25% of things but whengh we can work togethere should for the american people, and that is where my focus is today because i represent an area that a civil rights is a big issue for my community and y the district i represent. i'm the ranking member on the oversight committee for the subcommittee on the civil rights and civil liberties. the chair man representing these majority and i represent the minority on that particular subcommittee on oversight. we can't work together when we are fighting. we are picking fights with each other and that includes picking fights with republicans or democrats on democrat. i will be honest with you, a couple of months ago i had to get my concealed carry permit
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because i get threats from the far right and far left and i now carry a gun everywhere i go and i'm back home in my district and partially getting a concealed carry permit for when i'm here in dc to protect myself and my family. think about really how we communicate and talk to one another even when we disagree, because the beauty of the country at the foundation of the american experiment the rination was built upon is thate should have the ability to have these debates and discussionsys without fear of reprisal or threat or fighting. we should be able to have the debate of ideas and then agree to agree or disagree at the end of the day but work together where we can. from bakersfield. as a republican how do you feel about your house leader kevin
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mccarthy, and how do you feel about liz cheney? >> i would hope the republican party is a big ten party. kevin mccarthy is veryha supportive of the efforts that i've done in the house of representatives whether it's legislation, getting elected or reelected. again i want to be part ofn, a party that is accepting of all of us that want to be part of the republican party. you see this on the democratic side and the progressive moderates, but there shouldn't be 100% fatal team. that shouldn't be the litmus test. we should have a diversity of ideaswe because those debates me us better, both as a party and a conference and as a country, quite frankly. >> next call comes from ralph in augusta georgia on the democrats line. >> yes, good morning, representative. i have a question you said how
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we should respect each other but what i see, the representative mccarthy going down and say we are not going to try to help you. if you want anything done, you're going to have to doo itn your own. how can we do this if we all have the attitude that we are not going to work together. and as far as former president trump, i have heard him say so many discouraging things about all races and creeds and in the republican party. how do we work together on the
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policies and investigations going on and i wonder who is going to get that next time because nothing is getting done and there is a stalemate we don't respect each other. when -- >> i think we got the point. let's hear from the congresswoman. >> no doubt that it's extremely difficult right now. i will tell you i think some of that frustration on the republican side comes from being blocked out over the conversations out of negotiations about the 1.9 trillion. i believe it was in february where we had a different committee hearings on how the money would be utilized and republicans were shut if the republicans again were shut out of the infrastructure bill when it came to the u.s. house or debate and amending. we were shut out of the conversation as well. so, not to say that two wrongs
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make a right, i'm not going to say that but the large part of frustration that we have, as a party being blocked out of the conversations in the majority we had a truly bipartisan infrastructure bill where we worked with democrats and provided legislation that everybody got to have input on. the problem is both sides, republicans and democrats on the far right and far left are contributing to the problem that we see today, the stalemate and this digging in of the heels. the crazy things you say on twitter the more money you raise and the followers you get on the social media. but i didn't come to congress to be a social media influencers. influencer.i came to get thingsh is why it's incumbent upon mepo and others here to work
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together. to pass three bills out of the house of representatives and the republican and minority is no small feat. the first one i did was a civil rights of due process bill and the second that i passed i had attached to a democratic bill in the committee of veterans affairs and it was regarding scholarship fundingns for gold starie families. at the third bill that i passed out of the house of representatives is a bill that the congressman, a progressive out of the silicon valley in california, he and i worked on cybersecurity and we will continue to work on those issues but i am willing to find a way if others are willing to join me. >> nancy mace, do you hear from constituents more about the vote to subpoena steve bannon or your efforts to end of testing on puppies? >> the experiments by doctor fauci and the nih certainly
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garnered much more attention in my vote. as i promised i swore the vote on the subpoena power i wouldn't want to waterdown those powers for congress because when republicans are in the majority we want to have hearings and investigations. there has to be a method to hold those individuals responsible and it wasn't long ago that weat had at the hearings into the committee was created in the same manner and even the secretary of state showed up to ignore the subpoena so as somebody that is on oversight and at the ranking member of the civil rights subcommittee, i'm going to protect those rights to call people to testify and if they don't show up hold them in contempt regardless of the political affiliation and regardless of who's in the white house. ..
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>> and now these are areas that bring the country together, and that their calling the doctormu out of the 44 puppies were drugged and the local courts cut out they just couldn't hear the bar, this what it takes to bring our country together, the let's do it printed. >> martha calling from carolina on a republican line pretty good morning martha woody. >> good morning to. you and good morning representative nancy mace, i rarely call on the
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political lines of asia: the tv but representative, nancy mace i followed your independent votes like representative rice from south carolina i really admire the republicans who vote country about party and a belief that both you and rice, and the new kids on the block there, your showing and independence that i admire as a registered republican and you keep saying lowering the temperature which is important for both parties. but especially the republican party and my hope is that we look forward it in the republican party and not back on trump. >> thank you for your call and when he ran for office, everybody knows that a very conservative but i will not vote
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to raise taxes read anything to the deficit i will respect and honor the constitution and i also told the voters my constituents that would be an independent voice. i'm thinking someone nancy pelosi and 90 percent of the time and i want to make sure that i have a record that truly reflect who i am, conservative but also reflect my district, represent a district that equally divided republican and democrat and i represent both sides of the outcome not just one or the other. all off these issues are very important and i talked to the democrats and independents and republicans all of the time and people are frustrated with what they are seeing even those the democrats who voted for president biden, i want to give people a place to call home i want to welcome people who areat like minded that want to look towards the future ofnt our country and where we are headed,
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i've tickets one in high school and one in middle school and this is notom the kind of place but think many of us republican or democrat want to raise our kids this institution that is incumbent upon us, and those who are watching, to think about how we communicate with one another. whether that's at the holiday table think severe christmas dinner, the really thoughtful about how we communicate with one another because it is extreme important. i grew up in ronald reagan back in the 80s and remember watching his speeches honey is to talk about that we are headew toward six events i think we're on the edge of that abyss right now need to be very thoughtful about how we communicate and work and talk to one another. it is not for our sakes, forki kids sake. >> independent line, you are on with representative nancy mace.
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>> good morning representative nancy mace, first off is a shame a that you have to carry a gun o protect yourself and your family. i want to be great when everybody gets a chance to arm themselves, like the wild west anyway the reason why i called, i take issue with your statement that when joe biden took office that he shut down the xo pipeline in the right away spurred corporations big oil to retaliate and right away your side the republican say it's the energy independence is gone. do you know that oil was destined for china, that is the dirty oil which we are seeing, the pipe illinois down to the gulf and taken by ship to china.
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that is the obvious these corporations run the country. >> david did you see the recent hearing in the house with the ceos of some of the larger oil companies. >> yes, i did and the representative of california, what is her name, i? forget her name. katie porter, she took them to task great. >> let's get a response from nancy mace, she serves on the transportation printed. >> so the keystone pipeline that executive order was done to kill all of the jobs, literally it was like that overnight 102,000 jobs went away, 10000 people were immediately put on unemployment and there were contracts, they work lining contracts inin part about within totally cut off. if you're going to make the kind
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of drastic decision overnight, there also be some thought whether you agree or disagree with the pipeline being shut down for automate some sort of transition through the process, is the same thing in the very first thing that president joe biden was sworn into office finding that their executive versioning of building of the border while the southern border. and again that were contracts my understanding they are still paying for the border wall to be built but we are not building any of itno now because of that one executive order. so if you are going to totally reverse the policies of the previous administration, that is your right as president of the united states. we're just should be some thought has how do we do it efficiently, economically, and when the make sense and i've been down to theha border and i know the people, with what the portable will do but when you put in there and you see firsthand you see that there is
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one border patrol agent per mile along the southern border. the wall would certainly be helpful to give them less land to have to cover when they're dealing with a crisis of the border. i just think some pragmatic thoughtful i guess response when you're making and reversing those kinds of policies. now i'm 70 was against the offshore drilling off the coast of my stay in the south carolina and is important that there are differences within the republican party as well. but then i drive a trump so there is that has well there's got to be some on how you transition out of that and up-to-date, were still exporters of the nation on natural gas and oil. but the increase, our policies and regulatory policy shutting of the keystone another set of policies that are increasing the imports that we have in places and countries like russia, russia is not our la and you can go no further than new york
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where you can see this concept of regulation on energy where we have the shell here braided and were importing it from places like russia and why are we giving them a leg up not here in this country. the same thing on the border in these policies and we have the cartels making $64 billion a year, 30 billion of that on drugs and 34 billion on human traffickingg and literally allowing the cartels to make billions of dollars every year becausers of our core border policy will want to fix immigration and there's common sense pragmatic way to do it. it doesn't make sense for most of the country which is why using president of bidens ratings go low right now and why in virginia, stays prior to the midterm same totally offended today pretty. >> that will be less work with our guest r representative nancy
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mace republican of south carolina we appreciate your time pretty. >> cspan's new app and stay up-to-date with live video coverage of the political events and live streams of the house and the senate floor and see the congressional hearings in the white house events and supreme court arguments and even our live interactive learning programs washington journal, we hear your voices every day braided cspan now has you covered demo the app for free today. >> mark houck and his against a democrat wisconsin and he is a former chairman of the congressional progressive caucus predict will you give us a read on where you stand and when the progressive caucus stands when it comes to some of the spending bills on congress right now. >> i think we are ready to go and we just need to put it on the calendar and were ready to vote on it and last week, we


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