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tv   The Presidency Cleveland- Mc Kinley Descendant  CSPAN  October 30, 2021 1:32pm-1:51pm EDT

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historic moment, the fate of the work on the balance and that who will be commanding and you see these two men realize that they gave everything for the country. and this is a moment that really captures it. thank you very much for joining us and i can't wait to get out and see you. >> please do rated. >> sees bismarck in history to be continues now, even for the full schedule for the weekend on your program guide our >> we are talking to you at the white house with a residential site here in washington dc and you're here because you work with the organization but also to presidents and tell me your family story. >> glover cleveland was a 22nd and 24th united states presidents and i'm related to them on my father side, the
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paternal side, to william mckinley in the great great nephew of william mckinley in the great great get grandson of glover cleveland. >> side of the families get together. >> and have a chance because my parents. the two became one and interestingly, - >> were your parents aware of their lineage when they married. >> no had no clue in my father was long time for history professor so over the course of time, at the breakfast table we talked about the presidential politics and we talked about presidential descendents i learned so many stories about both families from those conversations that have them predict. >> they are very different printed so let's start with family names you bear, so would he want people to know about them and you study some of his legacy in his life and what you think about william mckinley.
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>> i think everybody remembers that he was assassinated in buffalo but i think the most important thing and i think that this book has brought that to life and how powerful of an impact has presidency gave the country because we had industrial revolution and we had expansion around the world and we had tremendous growth and i think a lot of times sell enough, grover cleveland and william mckinley are often forgotten but through books written about both especially about mckinley and of course you remember all rows but that he wrote about william mckinley and i think he's always been revered in times past so i think he's often been forgotten. my hope is in the course of the time and great efforts that which jacqueline kennedy founded in 19 c1 some of those efforts
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with education and the preservation and legacy, learning about those president since that they will certainly be remembered and i'm trying very hard to do that. >> we visited the memorial a lot of structure in the story of how i came to be. >> so the bully of mckinley memorial be back in the day people revered him and of course you know the significance about the roses that they were back in the day when he was assassinated predict the. they thought it would be fitting to actually come together and create a memorial for his legacy and his memory of course probably in my opinion, ohio persevered the united states presidency because suddenly house number but also susan, the last u.s. civil war front, so i think that the legacy that produced and this in addition to
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the fact that he was assassinated, probably contributed to him having this wonderful memorial and really truly is. >> i understood the first lady was there. and the first lady, the memorial museum and also on the same campus so you talk a little bit about this and her legacy and her role in the white house. >> wonderful supportive wife of william and a portion of the story story about her having epilepsy and the fact that in mckinley was such a wonderful husband it and when she had the epilepsy seizures, he just graciously would put a napkin over her face and she would recover and then they would go on with the dinner.
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but because they lost both children and that's reason he had no direct descendents, the young daughters died in infancy but i think that she because of the deaths of both daughters in the death and certainly the assassination of william mckinley, caused her to really want to memorialize mckinley and that the white house first lady's home was actually her home, did you know that an absolutely is, the first lady's museum is actually mckinley's home and it is a beautiful beautiful structure and then hillary clinton inaugurated that home back in the day. >> that was a time of great destruction and technological change and a lot of parallels to today so going through the digital revolution and challenges with immigration is a
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were back in the time. so the purpose of studying history is under center time today and so what would you take away from that era to understand the time going through. >> i think the technological advances and expanding it and rub his feet and money was being poured into the country for industrial sanctions and i think that we can learn from that and that today, we can take the strides to make sure that we have the infrastructure to be able to proceed and to understand how important it that is because i think they were doing it by happenstance they were open to the boston sometimes that did not work out and i think we can learn from the past and from those mistakes that were made than. especially being in that particular time because it was a
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radical change. >> you're actually more closely related to global glover and people remember that he bismarck is only nonsequential president and what else we know. >> they should know that he had a beautiful wife and there's a great story that is been passed down to my family for many many years. francis and grover were so sad that they were defeated after the first election so she told the white house staff who she dearly loved, she said we will be back in four years to take care of the china they were back in four years. so the romance they had prior to them getting married in the white house, a love story that will endure and she was married in the white house, in a beautiful gown, is headed by george cleveland, is the grandson of grover.
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this is printed and also marion cleveland, they found that actual dress that actually exist, the wedding dress that actually exists in white house collection and the first lady's collection. that is a powerful display of how wonderful and elegant she was and i think the people will certainly learn from history from that predict. >> there was an age difference between the two and how's the family take that in pretty. >> i think that was a love story that was killed by francis' father and he was a dear friend of grover and i think upon his death, i think it grover felt the need to make sure that francis was taken care of for the rest of her life and they love each other. he was definitely older, 25 - 30
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years and i think that she trusted him and i think that he was the guardian for many many years and even prior to the death and i definitely think that she had complete trust and they loved each other and a wonderful family. >> they really did not like inside of the white house and wanted to protect their family and how did they do that. >> francis would actually take the children by carriage to some of the sites off-campus and unbeknownst to the press or anybody that was around and they would actually secretly do that. it might be admitted day or sometimes probably in the evenings when no one be suspect if they would be around i think that she is just very much, controlled how her children would be seen.
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>> they also built their house in the clayman section, used as an office. >> of the time, that exists from that particular time because he was a voracious reader and writer and at the time as you will know, we didn't have the archives like we do today printed 70 left office, all of those letters and documents were taken by him and i was talking to george, just yesterday about how much they still exist and ty to give this to the museum and institutions like princeton to preserve and keep those that is a lot of information. >> where's the book, president was a connection and what happened in their lives predict. >> suffer in silence the actual
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place that grover and francis retired to and never will forget the story, so great story susan, but i have been told this many many times that grover did not like woodrow wilson and at the time woodrow wilson was the president at that time and he did not allow his children or them to play together because there's so they did not play together and he actually retired to princeton. >> and they had a child the best way and 80 ruth and they also had a candy bar named after baby ruth and tell us about the stories about baby ruth. >> so the actual candy company contacted the cleveland the family to put the images of the baby and also francis on that and we have actual times of
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political memorabilia and souvenirs and actually contacted the family and allowed both images on the candy bar. the sadly passed away in sadly she was with the child at the time and both happened at the same time so she did not get a chance to say goodbye before she passed away. >> so i think with an american early times - >> and they were afraid that thing is diphtheria, that these point is certainly effect the child. >> she had gone through this pretty. >> and yes everybody think that candy bar was named after babe ruth but that was long past that time in any this you hear that you hear from the candy county,
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they will actually say, it was name for baby ruth in his likeness a lot of the candy wrappers. both were beautiful and she was a beautiful child and francis was a beautiful woman so why not put that on the display for sure. >> was signed by you and your interest in politics and you mentioned that the family talk about missing on the kitchen table and when you take a serious interest in the american lit under politics. >> i would say probably not insulting heart because my dad always talked about it because i have two other brothers. he always talked about politics and the presidency and presidential's descendents but i think in junior high of peaks my interest in cognitive took a greater look at him and the fact that i had the legacy to both families and i certainly wanted to do the research and read as much as possible.
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so junior high years on the timeframe and dad showed a greater interest and we actually went through a lot of the historical sites with mckinley museum in the library and of course grover cleveland this gravesite and in new jersey but i think that i would say i really was not familiar with it in early years but i think junior high and high school and college the interest that i had probably i had a greater interest in college. >> is it any surprise where your interest is pretty. >> i have been privileged right for great people, john maynard in new green great and also speaker, paul and very specific
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speeches i don't do that stuff it is been a thrill to be able to write on the policy things and i've thoroughly enjoyed about most of my work is corporate communications. >> when is it like to be a descendent and is there a lot of interaction among you. >> essay of years ago we attended the new york mayors presidential descendents luncheons they used to have this was probably 20 - 25 years ago and probably the last i would say, kind of the last five years, people have become more interested it and i approached the president of the associate and drug association probably about six months ago about wanting to create an event for the presidential descendents because i think that is something that kind of is often done. but hopefully going forward we will actually have more
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reunions. i have hope that we will have dinners around the country and i hope that we will because they supported because you learn so much and you share experiences and you share stories about the presidential families and just love to be around people that are a lot like. >> you say is different than folks who don't have this history because of what you know your families are different have a different appreciation do you think. >> i think i do and i think the greatest word would be respect, william mckinley and grover cleveland to aspire to greater office and i will tell you, want to sacrifice especially during periods of time network you said, quite strenuous for this
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country. and i think i do have greater respect for the office and for the people that occupy the office and the sacrifices they definitely make each and every day and you miss family time a lot of time and i know for a fact, that william mckinley because of the way they had to travel back then, lost a lot of that time with his young daughters because they traveled by rail. and it was he was apart from his wife and that was kind of traumatic because of the illness. >> will thank you for joining with us and it is so nice to meet you. >> explained the people and events until the american story, un-american history tv, on lectures of history, discussions about american discussion professor john and presidential speeches in public opinion since
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1970s - 2090s is commute occasion shifted from network television to cable and the internet and then dickinson's college professor david o'connell, presidential legacies and what factors contribute to making this successful presidential term in the residency, former assistant attorney general for the district of columbia, discusses her book, the german court, limits of loyalty. whether president truman established a presidency the politicization of the supreme court much american history tv every weekend and find a full schedule new program guide or watch online anytime at >> i think fdr used this place as a place to bring these world leaders up and kinda let the guards down and really focused on


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