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tv   Snapchat Tik Tok You Tube Executives Testify on Kids Online Safety -...  CSPAN  October 29, 2021 5:58pm-6:17pm EDT

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if we can just take a five-minute recess i will come back with some questions. thank you. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] b welcome back everyone. b i was told a couple of my colleagues wanted to come back and ask additional questions but if they had here within the next five minutes will give you an opportunity and thank youop for your patience. i want to give you an aopportunity to answer what i think is probably one of the
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paramount questions hot in the minds of most parents. that is how were you different? you mentioned at the very start that you tried it differentiate yourselflf from facebook. it's not enough to say we are different but i want to give you the opportunity to tell parents why they should be less fearful and scared of snapchat, tik tok and -- ms. stout. >> center thank you for the opportunity. it's important to understand snapchat is a very different platform but it was created by our founders to be an antidote to social media. if founders sought early on what traditional social media can do toia your self-esteem and your
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feeling they have to perform or be perfect for the world at all times. snapchat was decidedly a different platform with that was a space where people can talk to the friends that they have in real life. you aren't being judged on your perfect post and your posts weren't intended to be ephemeral to weigh a real-life conversation is ephemeral and it really strengthens relationships so for parents who may not be sure of snapchat i would tell them get on snapchat and understand what your kids are doing and where going to make it easier for parents through parental controls to understand how their kids can be safe and private on snapchat with special controls which will be rolling out very soonta that will help parents understand who their kids are talking to the most with their children's location settings may be and to start a
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conversation with parents because this is a partnership. parents and children often come together. >> let me interrupt by saying everything is aspirational. in other words facebook says we bring communities together. i understand your goals and for a lot of people it may be so but i'm giving you the opportunity to tell us how would you protect it in a way that facebook doesn't? >> it's something that we process every day and on snapchat you have to be bidirectional friend so there's no following and there's no not being invited into the conversation. these are two ways mutual
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friendships are able to speak to one an average person on snapchat only has 30 friends. we don't push send to create more friends and make more connections with strangers. we want them to be connected to the people that they are connected to in real life. >> thank you senator. let answer that in three ways. first its people first and when it relates to the teens putting their well-being first. as i outlined we have made different cold policies and difficult product choices that put thean well-being of teens first so that's everything from those under 16 in their accounts or private indian family control so with our apps everybody can say trust us but unless you are putting actions in plays such as where they have been constantly
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moving we are talking about the things that we aspirational he want to do but we are talking about the things that we have done enough one. two being open and humble is part of our company culture and that means we are hoping to get feedback from policy experts and parents and we are humble to say we are trying to get it right and implemented in a way that earns trust when it comes to protecting teenagers and the third is i would encourage kids -- parents to have conversations with their kids and how do they feel after using tik tok and what we are seeing in the community is that tik tok is a joyful experience inclusive and it makes kids feel better and then there were difficult times in the pandemic or the school day have a conversation with attained but also facilitate that conversation and
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recognize that tik tok is not just about watching videos it's about creativity and doing fun videos on an app. i think those three would answer yourou questions. i think we missed the beginning. >> can you hear me now? sorry senator. thank you for asking this question. for youtube permissions to give everyone a voice and show them the world and as such when people come to youtube they experience discovering all types of content. as a company we do not
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prioritize profits over safety. we invest heavily in make insure or platforms are safe for our users and we do not wait to act. we put systems and practices and protocols in place that over time we have relied on with the world around us. for example we rolled out our -- and we realized those under 13 were trying to get on youtube's main platform. we. it safe place for them on youtube kids and the addition we are a transparent company. we have rolled outtr her first quarterly transparency report in 2018 and we continue to update that on a quarterly basis are we share additional metrics and we have rolled out a -- statistic earlier this year. we believe being a company where responsibility is the number one party where we are consular
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trying to bounce the freedom of expression and being responsible is something that is ingrained in our dna and we are very proud of the work we have done but we know there is always more for us to do. >> i'm going to leverage of the parents of america and the world they find your answer sufficient. i know for certainty that we need more than just with all due respect the answers that you have given don't persuade meat that we can rely on voluntary actions so i think you are going
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to hear -- and i hope you will be part of the effort and i hope there will be disclosure. i want to read it text that came to my staff and i haven't had the opportunity really to read it myself but i'm going to read it. it comes from one of the families whose story i shared. i've watched the entire hearing and i just heard the senator refer to our experience. mr. beckerman says that her experience is typical and that is not true. my daughter's tik tok profile was inundated with suicide videos and anorexia videos. she was feeling depressed and
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searched for videos on this topic. every time she opened the app it said she could have beenee feelg better but these videos brought her down again and inspired her to spend hours making your own similar videos. i also want them to know that she's an honor student athlete and president of first student council and all ground -- all around great kid. that kind of testimony makes me so angry. i want the folks watching to knowt that we are not taking at face you what you have told us. we certainly want to give you an opportunity to respond but you should know these messages are
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real-life experiences that people are relating to us as we talk to them on the phone or by e-mail and that's what we are hearing and that's why you are here. i think that there are a lot of questions still to be answered here and a lot of facts are disputed. i want to give everyone if you an opportunity to make a closing statement if you wish or not and we will conclude the hearing. >> chairman blumenthal thank you for the opportunity to appear today and i would absolutely agree with you that voluntary measures are not adequate and enough themselves and we have
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never suggested this voluntary regulation is a way forward. we want to partner with this committee and with congress on what those regulations should look like and as i wrote in my testimony we believe it's congress's role pushing forward regulation and it's absolutely necessary so thank you for the opportunity to talk to you today about how snapchat has been prior tours and will continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of young people on their platform. we do see it as our highest priority order and we will continue to press forward. >> mr. beckerman. >> thank you senator. this is one of the most important topics for all of us particularly as parents asked that companies and this congress to address. we all have a responsibility to protect her true teenagers and none of us can do it alone.
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he can just be on the parents and it can't be just on us and it certainly can't be just on congress but we have to come together and solve issues both on and off-linee that exist and it's a responsibility we at tik tok take very seriously and have taken tangible action to assess and will continue to do so and it we did focus today on legislation and we support stronger privacy rules. we have done that practically on our own and support congress acting on age-appropriate content and things we have done practically we like to see congress act on that as well. >> thank you. ms. miller. >> senator thank you very much for inviting me to participate in today's hearing. i will just close by saying what i said at the top in my opening statement which is that there's
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no more important issue than the safety of kids on line that i am personally committed to working with you and stakeholders to make sure the experience that kids have a minus one that is healthy and enjoyable. i very much appreciate the concerns that you and your colleagues have shared with us and we will continue to work to improve and earn the trust of parents and kids and all the other stakeholders working together in this important space. thank you very much. >> i thank each of you for being here today and i hope you have grasped the urgency and the expectations that many of us feel and the time for -- is over. we have seen millions of dollars dollars -- against us and we are determined to overcome them and
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we are going to continue to hold the subcommittee so i thank you for being here today. we will hold the hearing record open for two weeks and any senators who would like to submit questions to the record do so by december night in without objection i'm going to include a letter from the national parent teachers association and i thank you all. [inaudible conversations]
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